Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/29/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/29/05


By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Kiriakis Mansion:

In Bradyís bedroom, Chloe and Brady awake in each others arms. Chloe canít believe they are together, she thought it was a dream. When she sees herself in the mirror, she becomes sad again and looks away. Brady reminds her that she has an appointment with the doctor today and pretty soon she will feel as perfect to herself as she is to him. The two of them kiss and enjoy being in each others arms again. Chloe tells him that she never wants to leave this place. Brady agrees that would be wonderful but reminds her there is a real world out there. She has an appointment with the doctor and he has to get to work. He tells her that he loves her and canít wait to be married to her. He asks her to trust in their love. She tells him that she is trying before he takes off to get the shower started. He asks her to join him in the shower. Once Brady has taken off, Chloe sees herself in the mirror again and thinks to herself that she can never marry Brady if her scars canít be fixed.

Downstairs in the front room, Nicole is already hitting a pitcher of Cosmopolitans pretty heavy. She tries to figure out how she is going to get rid of Chloe. Sami prances in complaining about how long it takes Henderson to get around now a days. Nicole tells her to leave, but Sami is there for a reason. She needs Nicoleís help in bringing Kate and Eugenia down. Nicole tells her to just break into their places and find the evidence that she needs. Sami grabs Nicoleís drink from her hand and throws it out the door. She needs Nicole to focus. She needs help in getting Lucas back. Sami tells her that she did break into Eugeniaís place and overheard her saying that she has proof, but Sami was unable to find it. Nicole tells her that she will not help her hang Kate and Eugenia unless Sami agrees to help her get Brady back. Nicole wants Sami to get rid of Chloe. Sami has no idea how she is supposed to do that. Nicole screams at her that she has to get Brady back just as Brady walks into the room. He tells her that isnít going to happen as Sami quickly hides on the patio without Brady seeing her. Brady comments on how pathetic it is that Nicole is drinking this early in the morning and talking to herself. She tells him that she is lonely and she misses him. Brady tells her that the feelings are not returned. She knew Chloe was alive and didnít tell him. That is unforgivable in Bradyís eyes. Nicole asks him how he can stand to be with Chloe when he could be with her. Chloe is hideous looking with those scars. Brady thinks that Chloe is the most beautiful woman in the world and she always will be. Brady tells her that he wants her out of the house, and out of Salem. Nicole is shocked and reminds him that it is her house. Brady tells her that once Bo finds his grandfather, Victor will be back and then she will be on the street where she belongs. He then informs her that there has been a vote taken at Titan and she is also out of a job. Sami continues to listen to the conversation from the patio. Nicole asks if he really hates her that much. He tells her that he hates her even more. He canít believe that he ever loved her. He grew up with Sami Brady as a step sister, he should have known an evil bitch when he saw one. (Sami doesnít like that statement too much, but keeps quiet.)Brady also lets Nicole know that he knows about the nurse that didnít sterilize the utensils during Chloeís last surgery. Nicole canít believe that he is accusing her of that. She tries to talk her way out of that and convince him that it wasnít her, but Brady isnít buying it. He tells her that he has hired a private detective to find that nurse and warns her that if it was her, she will be sorry. When he slams out of the house, Sami comes out of hiding and wonders why Nicole wants him back. Nicole is freaked out a little now, but still continues to slam down the drinks. She reminds Sami that it was her that gave Nicole the idea to make sure the utensils were not sterilized. Sami reminds her that it was Stan, not her, who gave her the idea. Nicole threatens to go to Kate with the information. Sami tries to bluff her way through it at first, but finally gives in and canít believe that she is always forced to work with people she hates. Nicole pours another drink and Sami objects. Nicole claims that she does her best thinking when she is drinking. Suddenly, Nicole comes up with an idea. She pours another drink and the two sit on the couch as Nicole spells out the plan. Sami is delighted with the plan. It is a perfect plan and will accomplish everything she wants to do. Nicole reminds her that she needs to hold up her end of the deal, and come up with a plan for her to get Brady back. Sami tries to talk some sense into Nicole. There is no way she can get Brady back. Brady hates her. She advices Nicole to leave town now, before Brady finds out she was the nurse. Nicole is pretty drunk now and tells her that she is going to get Brady back and Sami is going to help her. Nicole reminds her of what she knows about Stan and Sami agrees again to help. She insists that Nicole help her get the goods on Kate first. Nicole agrees and Sami tries to guide a drunken Nicole up to her room so they can get her dressed. Nicole keeps running into the furniture and the doors on the way out of the room.

Kateís place:

Roman is on the phone with Lexie getting an update on Marlenaís condition when Kate comes into the room. She isnít happy to hear who he is talking to. Roman tells Lexie that he will be to the hospital soon before he hangs up. Kate tells him that she thinks he is like a junkie, only his drug of choice is his ex-wife. Roman tells her that he isnít going to fight with her again about this. Kate isnít quieted so easily though and she continues to complain. Roman tells her to have some compassion, since Marlena is in the hospital. Kate reminds him that Marlena has John, she doesnít need him too. Roman tells her that if she continues to make a big deal over this, their marriage will not last long. Kate thinks she has every right to be upset about him getting another manís wife pregnant. Roman tries again to explain to her that he and Marlena thought they were never going to get away from Tony and they needed someone. Kate is still not sympathetic and she continues to fight with him. Roman reminds her that she was engaged to John when he came back. Kate blows up at him for having the nerve to bring that up. Her and John thought he and Marlena were dead. They were trying to work through a paralyzing grief. Roman pushes a few more buttons where John is concerned before Kate tells him that he isnít going to turn the conversation back around on her. The real question here is if he is still in love with Marlena. Roman tells her that he does love her, but worries that she will never be able to forgive him. Kate tells him that it is a hard thing to forget. Roman didnít ask her if she could forget, he asked if she could forgive. He tells her that he doesnít know if she will ever believe how much he loves her. Kate tells him that Marlena may have lost the baby, but all of them could lose their marriages. John and Marlena as well as her and Roman.

Phillip & Belleís place:

Belle comes downstairs to find that Phillip has called and had a huge breakfast delivered for them. Phillip tells her to get used to it because he is going to spoil her the entire time she is pregnant. He offers her a strawberry, but she tells him she canít do it. She runs off to the bathroom, and comes back apologizing for not being able to appreciate the wonderful breakfast that he ordered for them. Phillip sympathizes with her for a bit, and then brings up what happened with Mimi. He found it really weird that Mimi would say Ďpay backís a bitchí and asks Belle why she thinks that Mimi would say that. Belle remembers the conversation with Mimi when Mimi threatened to tell Rex that she had planned on annulling her marriage. She explains to Phillip that Mimi is just upset and doesnít know what she is saying. Phillip thinks it must be hard on Mimi, losing Rex and all. He tells Belle that he thinks Mimi must be feeling a bit of jealousy too, since she canít have children. She sees Belle pregnant and happily married. This upsets Belle and she walks away from the table. Phillip realizes he has upset her and apologizes. She tells him she is just upset because she doesnít want to loose Mimi as a friend. Mimi has been her best friend for so long. Phillip understands and tells her that he has figured out a way to distract her. He sits her on the couch and gives her a present. As she opens it, he tells her he is going to give her a present every day of her pregnancy. The present is a baby book, which Phillip has already put a picture of the parents in the front and written "Our new baby -- a Belle and Philip Kiriakis production." This upsets Belle too, and she starts to cry. Phillip tells her that he knows what is wrong. Belle is relieved when she hears that Phillip thinks she is upset because she is thinking of her motherís miscarriage. Belle tells him he is right and he tries to cheer her up by telling her to remember that in a few months, all the grandparents will be able to spoil their beautiful little baby.

Mimiís place:

Shawn comes out of the back to find Mimi sitting on the couch with a picture of Rex and crying again. He sits beside her and hands her a roll of paper towels. They both chuckle over the implications of the big roll of paper towels. Shawn canít believe what is going on. Mimi tells him that it is all Belleís fault. Shawn tries to stand up for Belle but Mimi will hear none of it. She tells him that now that Belle is pregnant with the next Kiriakis baby, things are going to change. She tells him that she wouldnít be surprised if Belle didnít get pregnant on purpose so that she would have an excuse to stay married to Phillip. Shawn doesnít want to hear anymore. He knows that he and Belle will be together soon. Mimi continues to try to make Shawn see things the way she sees them until Shawn gets worked up into a tizzy. Mimi tells him that she saw the delivery man delivering a wonderful breakfast and that Phillip is pulling out all the stops for his new bride. When she wonders what they will be doing after breakfast, that is all Shawn can hear. He starts to head over there to put a stop to all of it right now. Mimi stops him by telling him that is exactly what Phillip is counting on, for Shawn to show up and cause a scene. She tells him that Phillip will think it proves that he is a loser. Shawn tells her that he is no loser, but it is hard being just across the hall from them. He canít stand the thought that Phillip is over there seducing the woman that he loves. Mimi tells him to face facts, it is over between him and Belle. Shawn refuses to believe that. He tells her that he and Belle talked about all of this and she promised that she would come clean with Phillip and tell him that she really loves him. Mimi points out that they talked about all of that before she found out she is pregnant with Phillips baby. Mimi tells him that she knows, a baby changes everything. She knows that Belle always tries to be perfect, and a perfect wife would never leave her husband when she is pregnant. Shawn is frustrated and canít take it anymore. He leaves the room telling her that he knows he will be with Belle soon and slams the door. Inside the room, Shawn beats the crap out of a punching bag. Alone in the front room, Mimi curses Belle, swearing to make her suffer.

Doctorís office:

Chloe has arrived for her appointment with the doctor. She tells him about her worries and how many times she has been told that there is no hope for her. He explains that there are doctors, and then there are doctors like him. If there is any chance that he can erase her scars like a chalkboard, he will do just that. He tells her that he has a few more tests that he wants to run, and shows her into the exam room.

Later, Chloe sits looking at a bride magazine and dreaming of her wedding when the doctor returns with the test results. She tells him that Brady wants to marry her, but she doesnít want to get married looking like this. The doctor looks at the magazine briefly and tells her what kind of dress his daughter wore, and offers his advice on what kind of dress she would look good in. He asks what kind of music she sings and tells her that his daughter used to dance. Finally, he gets down to the business at hand. He tells her that the results werenít perfect and he canít promise anything, but he is hopeful. He offers her time to think about it.

Chloeís place:

Brady has given Chloe a ride home from the doctorís appointment and comments on how quiet she has been on the ride home. She tells him all that the doctor and her talked about and that she thinks that she reminds the doctor of his daughter. She tells him that she hasnít made up her mind about the surgery yet, but she will soon. She has made a decision about something else though. She asks him if he will marry her, no mater if she has the surgery or not. He answers her by pulling her into a very passionate kiss.

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