Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/26/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/26/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alice’s Bar:

Patrick and Chelsea and Billie and Max dance among the crowd to recorded music. Maggie storms in, spots Bonnie behind the bar, and rushes over. Bonnie complains that Maggie is there to gloat about stealing Mickey. Maggie segways into how since Bonnie mentioned stealing and shows her Mickey’s credit card bill. Bonnie pouts as Maggie proclaims that she is busted.

Jennifer, Jack, and Frankie arrive at the bar. Jennifer jokes about how silly they look in western garb and Jack tries to point out how everyone else is also dressed that way but stops when he spots Chelsea dancing with Patrick. Jack then notices Billie dancing with Max and turns to Frankie for an explanation. Frankie just shrugs his shoulders.


Rex leans up against the wall on the roof. Rex then begins to pace in disbelief. Mimi walks onto the roof and begs to be able to explain. Mimi confirms that she was arguing with Jan about the abortion when Jan fell. Rex complains to Mimi that if she had just been honest, Jan wouldn’t be in a coma and their baby might still be alive.

Lucas arrives at the hospital and Philip fills him in on everything that happened up to the point of Marlena losing the baby when she fell down the stairs.

Marlena pushes John’s hand away as she looks around confused. Marlena asks why everyone (John, Lexie, Roman, Sami, and Kate) is staring at her. Marlena jumps when Lexie touches her arm and cautions her to stay calm. Marlena whispers to Lexie (calling her “doctor”) to ask whom all these people are. Sami complains to Roman that Marlena doesn’t recognize them. Lexie explains to Marlena that everyone is here because they love you. John calls Marlena by name as he explains that he doesn’t want to upset her but Marlena asks who is this Marlena. Roman and Sami exchange glances and John looks from Lexie to Marlena as Marlena continues to look around bewildered.

Shawn is overjoyed that Belle has decided to tell Philip the truth. Shawn and Belle kiss. The nurse walks in and confirms with Belle that she is feeling better. Belle asks about Marlena and the nurse tells her that Lexie is in with Marlena now. The nurse mentions how Marlena will be happy to hear Belle’s news but Belle doesn’t know what the nurse is talking about. The nurse explains that Lexie has been too busy to come and tell Belle herself. The nurse reveals to Belle that she is pregnant.

Mimi tries to defend her decision by reiterating that every time she’d bring it up, Rex would say he didn’t want to have a baby at that time. Rex insists that his feelings would have changed the minute he found out about the pregnancy. Mimi points out that she had no way of knowing that’s how Rex would feel and explains that she feared Rex would stay trapped into raising a child he didn’t want and Rex considers it absurd that Mimi would think he wouldn’t stay with the woman he loves. Mimi claims she didn’t want to be responsible for ruining their happy lives and Rex proclaims that now she is responsible.

Sami calls Marlena “mom” and Marlena has no idea why she would be being called mom. Sami tells Marlena that she is “Marlena Evans Brady” and introduces Roman but John interrupts to point out to Marlena that her real name is “Marlena Evans Black” and she is his wife. Marlena starts to cry as she asks Lexie (still referring to her as “doctor”) to make everyone leave. Lexie tries to make Marlena see that her family is only trying to help her but Marlena complains that they aren’t helping. Sami says that they must find a way to get through to her. John tells Sami that she is right and says he might have a way to do that.

Belle is in shock from the news as she clutches her stomach but Shawn insists that this won’t change anything. Philip comes in, having been told by the nurse that Belle has some important news.

Alice’s Bar:

Bonnie claims she only bought a few things since learning that her credit card would be cut off tomorrow. Maggie scoffs at the claim, pointing out that from what the credit card company faxed over, Bonnie bought out half the Internet, several department stores, and a car dealership. Bonnie pretends to sob as she complains of her heart being broken when Mickey chose Maggie and insists that she deserves a little something for her pain and suffering. Maggie rolls her eyes and fans herself with the credit card statement.

Jack remarks to Frankie how it looks like Billie and Max are on a date. Abby walks up to confirm that they are and Jennifer and Jack are shocked to see Abby in a bar. Abby explains that she is here because Chelsea wanted to enter the dance contest to win the new car. Jack wants to cancel those plans and complains that Chelsea can’t understand that Patrick is too old for her. Abby points out that Chelsea originally planned to go with Max and Frankie guesses that Billie and Patrick vetoed that idea. Abby explains that instead, Patrick brought Chelsea and Billie let Max take her. Jack still doesn’t like the idea of Patrick dancing with Chelsea and is shocked when Frankie credits Billie and Patrick for doing the right thing. Frankie explains that Max is nothing but trouble, especially when it comes to impressionable young women.

Chelsea and Patrick glare at Max and Billie as they all dance. Max tries to flirt with Billie by claiming that holding her is making it hard to concentrate on dancing and Billie laughs at the cheap line. Max says he is up for a new challenge. Billie rolls her eyes.

Chelsea complains to Patrick that Billie is the one hitting on Max. Patrick explains that Billie is keeping Max preoccupied to protect Chelsea from him. Chelsea insists she doesn’t need protecting. Chelsea wants to know what Patrick has against Max and Patrick says he doesn’t like seeing grown men take advantage of young girls. Chelsea claims she isn’t a girl because she is 18 now and reminds Patrick that she isn’t innocent considering what Patrick found her doing in Max’s car. Patrick tries to make Chelsea see that what she was doing was nothing to brag about and shouldn’t be done again. Chelsea asks Patrick if he’s saying that because he’s worried about her or because he is jealous.

Jack directs Jennifer, Abby, and Frankie over to a table.

Maggie quips that Bonnie deserves something although it may not be something purchased with a credit card. Bonnie starts to call Maggie “red” but Maggie warns her not to use that nickname. Bonnie insults Maggie by referring to her as “grey with a henna rinse” and points out that’s she too busy running the dance contest for a new car to stand there and talk about little purchases. Maggie points out, as Bonnie walks away, that the car being given away was charged to Mickey’s credit card. Maggie is offended when Bonnie motions for Maggie to kiss her butt.

Bonnie takes the stage and starts the dance contest. Everyone cheers and then Bonnie mentions that the prize is the convertible sports car parked out front and everyone cheers again. Bonnie explains that the rules to the contest are that she’ll walk around, put her hand over a couple and let the crowd decide if they should stay or go, adding that all decisions are final. Bonnie adds that once they have a winner, she’ll be the one to decide which half of the couple keeps the car. Bonnie mentions having Trick Pony there to perform and everyone cheers again as Trick Pony takes the stage. Bonnie high fives Heidi (lead singer of Trick Pony) and steps off the stage. Patrick leads Chelsea back onto the dance floor and Max leads Billie onto the dance floor by promising to win her the car since he doesn’t need another one. Billie asks if Max is doing that so she’ll owe him. Jack drags Jennifer to the dance floor and Frankie and Abby take his suggestion of becoming dance partners. Everyone cheers and begins dancing as Trick Pony starts singing their first single, “Pour Me.” Heidi steps off the stage and walks among the crowd as she sings.

Jack stops dancing with Jennifer when he becomes winded. Jennifer at first good-naturedly teases him until Jack runs off and tries to catch his breath while leaning against the wall. Jennifer catches up to him and expresses her concern.


Rex is near tears as he complains to Mimi that while growing up as a Dimera, everything about who he was was kept from him. Rex adds that he thought that once he got involved with Mimi his life was going to be normal because he now knew what true love was and looked forward to getting married and starting a family. Rex says he was wrong about their relationship being based on trust and faith but Mimi tries to claim otherwise. Rex says he doesn’t know if he can trust Mimi with anything ever again.

Belle asks Philip about Marlena and is shocked to learn from him that Marlena has amnesia. Philip mentions that John’s idea for sparking Marlena’s memory is to see Belle and Belle is ready to head over to see Marlena right away.

Belle greets John and asks for confirmation about Marlena’s condition.

Sami walks away from Marlena’s bedside and spots Lucas. Sami hugs Lucas, glad to see him. Lucas tries to comfort Sami but Sami isn’t convinced because Marlena can’t remember anything or anyone. Kate rolls her eyes and grows aggravated as she watches Sami talk with Lucas.

John confirms with Lexie that they can go back in to see Marlena now and John, Belle, Philip, Sami, Lucas, and Kate head back to Marlena’s bedside. Shawn starts to join them but Kate stops him to insist that it’s family only. Belle greets Marlena and introduces herself as Marlena’s daughter. Belle tries to fight back the tears as Marlena looks at her quizzically and apologizes for not knowing her.

Alice’s Bar:

Jack continues to try and catch his breath as Jennifer shows her concern. Jennifer follows Jack over to a table. Billie and Max stop dancing and rush over as well. Abby and Frankie also rush over to Jack. Everyone else continues to dance, including Chelsea and Patrick, as Trick Pony finishes the song.

Everyone dotes on Jack but Jack insists that he is fine. Jack checks with Abby first and then insists that Jennifer and Frankie continue with the contest as partners. Jennifer protests until Billie offers to sit with Jack and then come get Jennifer if Jack isn’t 100% better in a few minutes. Jennifer kisses Jack and she and Frankie head back out on the dance floor. Max suggests to Abby that they pair up and Abby insists that they’ll only be partners on the condition that if they win, the car goes to Chelsea. Max agrees and they lock arms as they head for the dance floor. Jack suggests that Billie go out on the floor to keep an eye on Abby and Max but Jack gives up when Billie shakes her head no.

Frankie asks Jennifer if she thinks Jack might be sick but Jennifer insists that Jack can’t be because Lexie just gave him a complete physical. Frankie promises to keep trying to find out what is up with Jack. Jennifer offers him a weak smile.

Billie brings Jack a glass of water. Jack uses the water to take an aspirin. Billie pushes the glass back in front of Jack, insisting that he drink more but Jack turns it down. Billie calls Jack on the fact that he looks pale and is out of breath and suggests going to the hospital. Billie is taken aback when Jack admits that he’s already been checked out at the hospital. Billie looks over in Jennifer’s direction before leaning in close to ask Jack if something is really wrong with him. Jack breathlessly admits to Billie that he is dying and doesn’t have much time left.


Rex can’t understand how Mimi could continue to lie to him while she spent her time living with him and sleeping with him. Rex calls Mimi on the fact that she had to know the truth would come out eventually and Mimi starts to say that everyone kept telling her to tell Rex the truth. Rex picks up on Mimi’s use of the word everyone and asks who else knew. Mimi tells Rex that Bonnie, Patrick, Tek, Marlena, and Shawn knew. Rex is hurt that Mimi would tell all these other people and not him and Mimi cries as she explains that it was easier to tell everyone else because it didn’t matter what they thought. Rex cries as he assures Mimi that he doesn’t hate that she had an abortion or hate her as a person, he hates that she kept this from him. Mimi acknowledges that it was a huge mistake and Rex realizes that this is why Mimi can’t have kids now. Rex complains to Mimi about how he had plans to marry her and adopt kids so their kids could have the love and security he never had. Mimi wants to still have those things but says he doesn’t see how they can now that Mimi has betrayed everything their relationship was based on. Mimi hangs her head in shame.

Belle tries to jog Marlena’s memory but it is no use. Marlena becomes upset as she once again asks everyone to leave. John refers to Marlena as “doc” as he urges her to calm down. Marlena doesn’t respond until she realizes that everyone is still watching her so she asks if John was talking to her or the doctor (Lexie.) John explains that he was speaking to Marlena because she is a psychiatrist and that they are only here to help her. Marlena asks for things to be kept simple and asks to be told whom she is and whom everyone else is. John tells Marlena that her name is Marlena Evans Black, that he is John Black, her husband, and introduces Belle as their daughter. Sami then introduces herself as Marlena’s daughter, mentions Eric as her twin, and introduces Roman as their dad. Marlena is confused because the mention of a second father to her children makes her question whom she’s really married to. Sami tries to convince Marlena that while she’s currently married to John, she’s really in love with Roman. John calmly yells at Sami not to confuse Marlena. Sami fires back that Marlena should know the truth. Marlena becomes upset again and asks everyone to leave and Lexie sends everyone out. Sami says goodbye to Marlena by telling her she loves her but Marlena pulls back when Sami tries to hug her. Lexie excuses herself from Marlena and leaves to talk to John.

John asks Lexie what could have brought the amnesia on and Lexie suggests that it could be a result of the fall but also could be psychological. John asks what they can do and Lexie says they must wait and see if the body can heal itself. John asks Lexie how long the amnesia can last and Lexie warns that it could be temporary or it could be permanent. Lexie assures John that Marlena is recovering well from the miscarriage and the fall and informs John that she’ll move Marlena to a private room soon. Lexie steps away, leaving Roman and John standing alone. Even though they exchange angry glances, they agree not to vent their anger right now.

Sami confronts Kate as she is helping herself to a cup of coffee. Sami accuses Kate of this being all her fault because if it weren’t for her, Marlena would still have her baby and Marlena and Roman would be back together. Kate calls Sami a broken record that as usual, has everything wrong. Sami accuses Kate of trying to come between Marlena and Roman just like she came between her and Lucas. Lucas rushes up and yells at Sami to stop.

Alice’s Bar:

Jack insists that he’s dying and is making peace with it. Billie doesn’t want to believe it and cries as she begs Jack to get another opinion. Jack insists that Lexie already sent his tests everywhere and they all came back with the same result. Billie sympathizes with Jennifer and Abby and is shocked when Jack admits that Abby and Jennifer don’t know. Billie urges Jack to tell his family the truth but Jack refuses to make his last days be a deathwatch. Jack begs Billie not to tell his secret.

Trick Pony continues the live entertainment by singing “It’s A Heartache” as everyone continues to dance. Bonnie moves among the crowd and upon putting her hand over a couple, sends them off the floor when the crowd boos.

Billie reluctantly promises to keep Jack’s secret. Billie is shocked to hear of Jack’s plan to get Frankie to replace him. Billie doesn’t think that Jack can simply orchestrate a romance between two people but Jack refers to Jennifer and Frankie dancing as he points out that they already have feelings for each other. Jack insists that Frankie is perfect for Jennifer because Frankie never married because he was never able to find a replacement for his true love, Jennifer.

Bonnie then puts her hand over Jennifer and Frankie but they are booed as well.

Billie points out that Jack would go ballistic if Patrick were looking at Jennifer like that and Jack vows to keep Jennifer from falling into Patrick’s hands. Jennifer and Frankie return to Jack and Billie and explain that they got eliminated. Abby and Max return as well because they were eliminated and Max complains that they could have won had Abby let him hold her closer. Jack compliments Abby on her restraint. Jennifer still worries about how pale Jack looks but Jack insists he is fine. Jennifer asks for Billie’s opinion and Billie forces a fake smile.

The dancing floor has now thinned considerably as several couples have been eliminated. Everyone cheers as Patrick and Chelsea go over the top as Patrick flips Chelsea around as they are dancing. Another couple does a spin resulting in the man’s hat falling off. Bonnie uses the opportunity to put her hand over the couple and the crowd boos them off the floor.

Jennifer asks Billie if Jack is telling the truth but Billie pretends to be more interested in the music.

Trick Pony finishes the song and Bonnie jumps up on stage to thank them as everyone cheers. Bonnie jumps off stage to judge the remaining two couples, Chelsea and Patrick and another couple. Bonnie places her hand over the other couple and the crowd modestly cheers. Bonnie places her hand over Chelsea and Patrick and the crowd enthusiastically cheers. Bonnie declares Chelsea and Patrick the winner and Chelsea wraps her arms around Patrick’s neck in excitement. Max yells from the bar that the contest is fixed because Patrick is Bonnie’s son and to prove that the contest wasn’t fixed, Bonnie chooses Chelsea to receive the car. Maggie fumes as she watches Bonnie give away the car and then announce that everyone gets a round of drinks on the house.

Chelsea runs over to share the good news with Abby and everyone congratulates her. Max walks up to flirt with Chelsea by offering to show her “how to handle the stick” and Chelsea flirts back until Patrick comes up with the car keys. Chelsea suddenly claims that Max was trying to lure her away again. Patrick warns Max to leave Chelsea alone or deal with him, which delights Chelsea. Chelsea and Patrick head off to check out the car.

Maggie insists to Bonnie that she is going to pay for everything she bought but Bonnie refuses, threatening to sue for fraud, breach of contract, alienation of affection and anything else she can think of. Maggie warns that this isn’t over and Bonnie agrees by playing on Maggie’s last name in calling her “hor-ton.”

Jack tries to prove to Jennifer that he is fine by asking Billie to dance. Jennifer protests, insisting that she’ll dance with him but Jack refuses. Instead, Jack insists that Jennifer dance with Frankie while he dances with Billie. Jennifer realizes that it’s better to just humor Jack and the group heads to the dance floor.

Max dances with another girl as Jack dances with Billie but watches Frankie dance with Jennifer. Jennifer glances over at Jack occasionally as Jack tries to prove to Billie how great Frankie and Jennifer look together. Billie tears up as she watches them dance.

The runner up couple compliments Chelsea on her win as they walk by. Chelsea thanks them as she tests out the convertible top. Chelsea asks Patrick to teach her how to drive a stick and Patrick agrees. Chelsea profusely thanks Patrick by hugging him and then taking him by surprise as she kisses him.


Rex can’t believe that Mimi was willing to spend 20 years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit rather than tell him the truth. Mimi asks if Rex would have forgiven her had she told him sooner but Rex says that isn’t the point and asks if Mimi ever planned to tell him the truth. Mimi profusely apologizes and Rex complains that Mimi didn’t learn from how lies killed Shawn and Belle’s relationship. Mimi insists she only lied because she loves Rex but Rex can’t deal with this anymore. Mimi thinks Rex would rather talk after the shock wears off but Rex declares that he’s leaving Salem and has decided to take the job in Chicago that he was offered. Rex kisses Mimi on the cheek, takes her face in his hands and sobs as he tells her that he really did love her. Rex leaves the roof and Mimi calls after him.

Kate tells Sami that she needs to be locked up in a padded cell but Lucas tells Kate that he’ll handle this and sends Kate away to be with Roman. Lucas tells Sami that he is sick and tired of her blaming everyone else for her actions and tells her that she needs to take responsibility for her actions just like her parents need to. Lucas walks off. Sami turns to see Kate smirk at her before walking away. Sami vows to wipe the smug smirk off Kate’s face by destroying her.

Kate and Lucas walk up as John insists to Roman that the reason Marlena fell down was because she heard them fighting. Roman insists that it was John’s ridiculous jealousy that started the fight. John inhales sharply as he defends his jealous reaction by pointing out that Roman did sleep with his wife. Roman fires back by saying that John now knows how that feels. Their conversation is interrupted as Lexie directs an orderly to wheel Marlena to her private room as Belle and Philip look on. John asks Lexie to go with Marlena but Lexie turns him down, offering to let him know when Marlena gets settled. Belle prays that Marlena will be okay and Philip lets her know that he is praying for that too. Philip is glad that Belle is okay and pulls her close. Shawn looks away as Belle and Philip kiss. Belle casts quick glances at Shawn as she and Philip walk off. Kate watches the interaction between Shawn and Belle and realizes that something is going on between them. Kate vows to put a stop to it once and for all.

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