Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/25/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/25/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Deveraux home:

Jennifer and Frankie continue to reminisce in the garage as they listen to the tape of old songs. Jack walks up and now feels better having seen how close Frankie and Jennifer are. Jack makes his presence known and Jennifer quickly explains what they were doing. Frankie is worried that Jack might be upset but Jack wraps his arms around both of them as he insists that it’s okay to reminisce because they were old friends and he hopes they will continue as to be as close.


Rex and Mimi stop for a bite in the cafeteria. Rex is in shock that he’s going to have a new little brother or sister and Mimi apologizes again for not telling Rex sooner that Roman was the father. Rex hopes that Marlena won’t lose the baby. Mimi flashes back to telling the counselor about how Rex doesn’t know she was pregnant prior to her abortion. Rex guesses that Mimi has something else on her mind besides Marlena and the baby.

Belle steps behind the curtain as the nurse checks on Marlena to hug John. Belle walks past Kate, Roman, and Sami to talk to Philip and Shawn. Belle shares her worries that Marlena could lose the baby and Philip urges her to stay positive. Shawn suggests that Belle sit down and offers to get her anything but Philip takes offense and insists that he can take care of Belle.

Sami, near tears, shares her worries about the baby as well. Roman tries to keep Sami calm. Kate tells Sami to stop because Roman’s already upset but Sami accuses Kate of joining with John in hopes that Marlena will lose the baby. Roman yells at Sami but Sami complains she can’t help it. Roman suggests that Sami go to the chapel and say a prayer. Before Sami can protest, Lexie walks up to them and everyone gathers around. Lexie announces that they were unable to save the baby. John asks about Marlena but Lexie hesitates to answer. The nurse tends to an unconscious Marlena as Sami asks Lexie if Marlena is going to die. Sami holds onto Roman as Belle hides her tears in John’s arms.

Deveraux home:

Jack and Jennifer calm Frankie’s fears that he’s intruding or giving off the wrong message by staying in the garage apartment. Jennifer looks at Jack in shock as he suggests that they bring the music inside and he’ll make his famous jalapeno dip. Jennifer hides her face as Jack dances backwards out of the garage. Jennifer and Frankie note once alone that the behavior displayed a moment ago by Jack wasn’t his true self. Frankie assures Jennifer that he’s made sure that the trouble with Jack is not legal trouble or another woman. Jennifer wishes she knew what was wrong with Jack.

Jack feels that Frankie is a perfect replacement for Jennifer when he dies. Jack imagines how Frankie will comfort Jennifer once he dies as well as banishing Patrick from Jennifer’s life.


Rex asks Mimi to tell him what she and Jan were arguing about. Mimi reiterates her story about how she and Jan were fighting because Jan considered it Mimi’s fault that Mimi couldn’t get pregnant. Rex doesn’t believe the story because he wouldn’t have broken up with Mimi simply on Jan’s word.

Belle and John walk up close to Lexie as she tries to find the words. Lexie warns that Marlena’s condition is critical because she’s got hemorrhaging from the miscarriage and head trauma from the fall. John asks again if Marlena will be okay and Lexie insists that they are doing everything they can. Sami yells at Lexie to do more. Lexie explains that they are waiting for Marlena to regain consciousness before they can access the extent of her injuries. Lexie apologizes for not having more news for the family and turns to go back to Marlena. John grabs Lexie’s arm to ask to see Marlena. Lexie tells John to give them a few more minutes and heads back behind the curtain. Belle once again turns to John for comfort.

Roman comforts Sami as she cries and complains that things were going so well for them and they could have gotten back together as a family with this baby. Kate rolls her eyes and walks away from them.

Kate complains to Philip about Sami but Philip tells Kate to go be with Roman. Kate doesn’t feel that Roman needs her help right now. Philip tries to persuade Kate but Kate points out that Roman is busy right now mourning the child he had with his ex-wife and tells Philip that if Roman decides he does need her, she’ll be in the cafeteria. Kate ignores Philip’s calls after her and leaves. Belle walks over to Philip in tears and Philip offers his condolences. Shawn looks on as Belle insists on staying strong for Marlena and John. Belle tells Philip she’ll be okay and Philip leaves to go check on Kate.

Belle heads over to comfort John and John tells her that having her here means the world to him. Belle pulls away from their hug when her stomach starts to hurt again. Belle brushes off John’s concern and uses calling Brady as an excuse to leave. Lexie comes back around the curtain and both Roman and John ask to see Marlena. Lexie explains that Marlena is still unconscious but it might help to hear a familiar voice and chooses John to come see Marlena first. John heads behind the curtain.

Sami starts to protest that John shouldn’t be near Marlena right now because she blames John and thinks Marlena wouldn’t want to see him as the first person she sees when she wakes up. Roman tells Sami to stop, insisting that there is enough blame to go around for everybody.

Lexie stands by Marlena’s bedside as John holds Marlena’s hand and urges her to fight and come back to them. Marlena opens her eyes and calls out for John. John assures Marlena that he is there and Marlena asks about the baby.

Deveraux home:

Frankie and Jennifer laugh at the old picture of them together as Jack comes back into the living room with his jalapeno dip. They are shocked when Jack suggests playing truth or dare with the dare being that they have to try some of his dip. Frankie agrees to go first and chooses truth. Jack asks Frankie for his idea of the perfect woman. Jennifer listens intently as Frankie lists that the perfect woman has to be intelligent, kind, beautiful and have a great sense of humor. Jennifer sarcastically teases Frankie about how he doesn’t ask for much but laughs when Frankie explains that he isn’t’ finished. Frankie adds that the woman has to be a good wife and mother and be able to put up with him. Jennifer takes offense when Jack refers to Jennifer as the perfect woman Frankie just described. Frankie tries to change the focus by piling a huge amount of dip onto a chip and eating it all in one bite. Jack and Jennifer rush over in alarm as Frankie dashes for a drink. Frankie insists he is fine as he shakes off the effect of the jalapenos and downs more drink. Frankie asks Jack next and Jack chooses truth. Jennifer is appalled when Jack easily answers heaven when Frankie asks where Jack sees himself in five years. Jack claims he meant that being with Jennifer is heaven. Jennifer declares that they are now going to play a game that she always wins and storms out.


Marlena now sits up in bed, in obvious pain. John tries to give her something to drink but Marlena pushes it away, insisting on knowing about her baby. Belle and John exchange looks before John tells Marlena that the baby didn’t make it. Marlena is in disbelief as she sobs. Belle and John comfort Marlena as Roman listens to Marlena’s sobs through the curtain.

Kate walks past Rex and Mimi in the cafeteria. Rex demands to know what Mimi is keeping from him. Mimi avoids answering by noticing that Philip has come into the cafeteria. Philip informs Mimi and Rex about the miscarriage and Rex promises to make sure that Belle is okay as he and Mimi head back to the ER. Philip wheels over to Kate’s table to check on her. Kate hates that she doesn’t feel like comforting Roman and Philip assures her that Roman understands. Kate starts to cry as she confides in Philip that things might have been worse had Marlena not lost the baby. Unfortunately, Sami overhears her and confronts Kate. Philip tries to tell Sami to stop but Sami ignores his attempt. Sami threatens to expose Kate to Roman as evil.

Sami continues to insult Kate and ignore Philip’s attempts to stop her. Sami taunts the fact that Kate isn’t replying with her own insults but is caught by Roman. Roman pulls Sami aside to yell at her for not abiding by his wishes and stay away from Kate. Kate tells Philip to go check on Belle and Philip leaves. Roman and Sami turn back to Kate and Roman notes that Sami and Kate shouldn’t be together. Kate agrees and tells Sami to leave. Sami refuses to leave before telling Roman what Kate just said. Roman asks Kate to clarify but Kate doesn’t reply. Sami tells Roman that Kate claimed she was glad that Marlena lost the baby. Kate scoffs at the way Sami phrased her comment. Sami, to Roman, refers to Kate as pure evil and demands that Roman tell Kate that he wants a divorce.

Belle holds her stomach as she and John stand by Marlena’s bedside. They become concerned when Marlena doesn’t show any response but instead sits motionless with a stoic expression. John calls Lexie over. Lexie checks Marlena’s pupils and then tests her reflexes by lifting up Marlena’s arm only to have it fall right back down. Lexie becomes alarmed and checks Marlena’s vitals as she has John and Belle wait behind the curtain.

Shawn steps away from where he, Rex, and Mimi are talking and walks over to ask Belle about Marlena. Belle starts to tell Shawn that Marlena isn’t okay when the monitors start to beep wildly and everyone whips around as Lexie calls for a code blue on Marlena. Belle doubles over in pain and when Shawn asks what is wrong, she faints into his arms just as Philip returns.

Deveraux home:

Jennifer, Jack, and Frankie are now playing Scrabble. Jack commends Frankie on spelling a long word. Jennifer is glad that they have Scrabble to keep them from playing “Truth or dip” and Jack calls them jalapeno wimps. Jack complains that Jennifer only likes to play Scrabble because it means she can dazzle everyone with her word tricks. Jack asks Frankie if he’s ever heard of a certain word and Jennifer gloats when Frankie recalls the correct definition of the word. Jack teases Jennifer about her using suffixes to make words and Jennifer teases him about his tactic of using prefixes. Jack tells Frankie to hang around for more fun. Jack imagines Jennifer and Frankie playing Scrabble and including him via a picture next to the board while they talk about how Frankie is with the kids. In the fantasy, Jack appears as an angel and his picture winks at him as he watches Jennifer and Frankie play. Back in reality, Jack announces that Jennifer and Frankie tied for the best score and Jennifer protests that Jack must not have added right until she checks the math for herself. Jack takes both Frankie and Jennifer’s hand as he does a three-way handshake. Jack rushes off with an idea for celebrating the co-winners. Jennifer and Frankie look at each in shock.


Lexie makes sure that Belle, now conscious, is okay enough to leave as Belle sits on another exam bed. Lexie steps outside of the curtain to tell John, Philip, Rex, Mimi, and Shawn that Belle is fine and they’ve drawn more blood for more tests. Lexie then tells them that Marlena went into cardiac arrest but now her heart rate and breathing have stabilized even though Marlena remains unconscious. Lexie warns that Marlena’s injuries are worse than they thought and John tells Lexie to do her best. Lexie tells everyone to keep praying and tells John that they’ve called in two specialists for Marlena. Philip asks Lexie if more tests for Belle means something more serious than an ulcer. Lexie tells Philip not to worry for now because Belle is stable. Lexie grants Philip’s request to see Belle and then leaves to put a rush on Belle’s test results. John tells Philip to take care of Belle and to relay to her that Marlena is going to be fine before stepping away. Shawn walks in front of Philip to ask to see Belle with Philip and Philip reluctantly grants his wish.

Shawn pulls back the curtain so Philip can wheel his chair up to the bed. Belle apologizes for scaring everyone and asks about Marlena. Philip tells her that Marlena is going to be okay but Philip blames himself for Belle’s stress. Shawn adds that he hasn’t made things any better which makes Philip question him.

Sami grows impatient, as Roman doesn’t automatically tell Kate off. Sami suggests that they instead just head back to Marlena’ s room but Roman yells at Sami to not tell him what to do. Roman reiterates to Sami that Kate is his wife even though Sami doesn’t like it. Roman mentions how he and Kate have a lot to discuss and Kate tells Sami to listen to her daddy. Sami refuses to butt out of Kate’s life. Their conversation is interrupted when Rex rushes up to inform them about Marlena’s recent condition and Kate looks appalled as Sami and Roman rush back up to Marlena’s room with Rex.

John strokes Marlena’s hand as Marlena remains in a catatonic state. John promises to find a way to make things work out if Marlena will come back to them.

Belle claims to Philip that Shawn’s only been bugging her about taking better care of herself. Belle asks to speak to Mimi and Shawn; uncomfortable with Philip’s comment about how he and Belle are going to spend a long life together, offers to go get Mimi. Philip tells Belle to relax before wheeling away. Belle quickly masks her reaction to the pain when Mimi walks up. Belle asks for the real truth about Marlena and Mimi tells her about the specialists. Belle laments about the toll losing the baby will take on Marlena and Mimi grows quiet for a moment. Belle guesses that Mimi is thinking about her lost baby. Mimi regrets not listening to Belle originally. Belle likens Mimi’s secret keeping to what is happening to Marlena and warns her to not wait any longer to tell Rex the truth. Mimi, worried that Rex might overhear, asks to have this conversation later. Belle, now almost yelling, insists that Rex has to know that Mimi was pregnant with his baby. Rex is listening just outside the door and hears Belle reveal the truth. Rex walks up and his expression an obvious sign that he’s overheard. Mimi tries to blame Belle’s declaration on an illness but Belle tells her to stop because it is good that Rex finally knows the truth. Rex walks away in disgust without saying a word. Mimi lashes out at Belle, accusing her of not being a friend. Belle defends her outburst by claiming that she was being a friend by telling the truth. Mimi curses Belle and runs out after Rex.

Deveraux house:

Jack returns to the living room dressed in cowboy garb and hands Jennifer and Frankie their own outfits. Jennifer and Frankie stare at Jack in amazement as Jack suggests going out and painting the town red.


Shawn walks up to Belle to ask what is wrong and Belle relays that Rex overheard her telling Mimi to tell Rex the truth about the baby. Shawn tries to make Belle feel better by claiming that Mimi won’t be mad at her long and that Marlena will be all right. Shawn adds that soon Philip will be walking again and then they can get an annulment and tell him the truth about their relationship. Belle starts to cry as she tells Shawn that she feels awful for dreaming about that happening all the time. Shawn tells Belle that it isn’t awful and Belle hugs him as she tells Shawn that she wants her future to be with him. Belle regrets making such a mess of her life.

Mimi catches up with Rex as he waits for the elevator. Mimi begs to talk to him but can’t find the words to say. Rex yells at Mimi for never planning on telling him the truth.

Marlena now lies back with her eyes closed but remains motionless. John continues to hold her hand. Sami and Roman walk up and when Roman asks John about Marlena, John coldly replies that Marlena is the same. Sami tells Marlena that she loves her and says that she and Roman need her as Sami begs her to wake up and Marlena opens her eyes.

Deveraux home:

Jack shows Jennifer and Frankie the flyer about the dance contest from Alice’s Bar. Jennifer and Frankie remain in shock as Jack makes them do-si-do into such a position that Frankie ends up with his arms around Jennifer.


Mimi confirms through her tears that she was pregnant and apologizes for not telling Rex. Rex asks why Mimi didn’t tell him and Mimi explains that every time she tried, Rex would say he wanted kids someday but not now. Rex then realizes that Mimi had an abortion.

Belle defends her decision to tell the truth but hates that Mimi hates her now. Shawn agrees that it was the right thing to do. Belle notes how lies destroy so many lives and refers to her parents. Shawn has Belle promise that she won’t let anyone else come between them. Belle tells Shawn that she has decided to stay with Philip only until he is strong enough to learn that her heart really belongs to Shawn. Shawn, happy to hear this, tells her to let him know if there’s anything he can do. Belle insists on doing this on her own. Belle feels confident that once she tells Philip the truth, he’ll give her the annulment. Shawn and Belle hug and kiss.

The nurse talks with another hospital worker about Belle’s lab results. The results show that Belle doesn’t have an ulcer but is pregnant. The nurse heads for the nurses’ station while the other staff member walks away.

Philip uses his desire to stick things out with Belle to try to encourage Kate to stick things out with Roman. Kate excuses herself to head back into the exam room.

Kate joins the crowd of Roman, Sami, John, and Lexie that now surround Marlena. Sami is ecstatic that Marlena is now awake and no longer catatonic but becomes worried when Marlena doesn’t say anything and looks confused. Marlena jumps when Lexie calls her by name to ask how she is feeling. Marlena looks around at everyone and asks what he or she is doing there and whom he or she is.

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