Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/22/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/22/05


By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Lockhart house:

Chelsea sits on the pool ladder as Max pops up from underwater. Max tells Chelsea that the best part of a summer night is that no one can see what happens underwater. Max lifts Chelsea up off the ladder and into the water where they kiss.

Billie and Patrick walk up to the pool with plans to cool off since Bonnie never saved up the money for air conditioning inside the house. The mood changes when they spot Chelsea and Max already in the pool. Patrick becomes angry and wants to fight Max since Max hasn’t been listening to his verbal warnings but Billie stops him. Billie whispers an alternative idea in Patrick’s ear.

Deveraux home:

Frankie dons work gloves and cuts open a box. He smiles as he dusts off an old picture of Jennifer.

Jennifer comes downstairs as Jack returns from giving his parents a ride home since they babysat for Jack Patrick. Jack notices Jennifer’s sad mood and realizes that she is still upset about what happened on the Fancy Face III. Jack tries unsuccessfully to calm Jennifer’s fears about Bo and Hope’s safety in their quest for Tony. Jennifer becomes angry when Jack admits that he volunteered to go with Hope and Bo. Jennifer feels relieved for a moment when Jack explains that he no longer wants to join the quest and that Bo said no. Jennifer then realizes that it isn’t in Jack’s nature to accept when anyone says no to him. Jack flashes back to hearing of his prognosis but claims to Jennifer that he’s glad Bo said no because it gives him more time to spend at home with his family. Jennifer doesn’t buy his excuse and practically yelling in his ear, demands to know what is going on with him.


John walks in with the paramedics as they wheel Marlena in. Lexie rushes off and John informs her that Marlena fell down the stairs. John wants to go in with her but Lexie makes him wait in the waiting area while she rushes in to the exam room. John grabs Lexie’s arm to inform her that Marlena is pregnant. Lexie looks shocked and promises that they’ll do everything they can before rushing back into the exam room. John smacks his fist into his other hand in frustration. Roman and Kate rush in and Roman wants John to tell him what Lexie said about Marlena’s condition. John looks at Roman in disgust and tells Kate to get him out. Roman believes that he has every right to be here but John repeats his warning. Kate drags Roman across the room.

Kate tries to defend John’s attitude but their conversation is interrupted when Sami bursts in. Sami explains to Roman that Belle called and informed her that Marlena fell down the stairs. Roman tells Sami that they don’t know anything yet. Sami looks over at Kate and recalls that Belle told her that Kate was there as well so she accuses Kate of pushing Marlena down the stairs. Kate takes offense at the accusation and Roman defends Kate’s innocence. Roman declares to a shocked Sami that what happened to Marlena was his fault.

Belle rushes in and hugs John.

Philip thanks Shawn for driving them to the hospital since Belle is such a wreck. Philip relays how he woke up because of Kate’s call and then as he realized Belle wasn’t there with him, she bursts through the door and runs into the bathroom. Shawn recalls that Belle was sick and Philip mentions how Belle told him about being on the roof with Shawn but not why.

Belle asks John about Marlena and John explains that they don’t know anything yet and that Lexie is in with Marlena now.

Hospital exam room:

Lexie checks Marlena’s pupils Lexie tells a still unconscious Marlena that they are going to help her and urges her to hang in there. The monitors begin to beep rapidly and the nurse notes that Marlena’s blood pressure is high. Lexie worries that it puts Marlena at risk for a heart attack, stroke or seizures. Marlena’s eyes fly open and she starts to seize.

Lockhart house:

Max and Chelsea are making out in the pool when Max looks up and notices Billie has just entered the pool. Chelsea complains but Max promises to get rid of her as he swims over to Billie. Chelsea hears Patrick come up behind her and tap the side of the pool so she quietly tells Max to take his time. Patrick asks to join Chelsea and Chelsea is more than happy to oblige.

Max greets Billie and she guesses that he came over to get rid of her. Billie points out to Max that Chelsea is now preoccupied with talking to Patrick. Billie pretends to be willing to leave by mentioning plans to take a cold shower. Max looks back at Chelsea and Patrick and tells Billie that now is a good time to get to know each other.

Hospital exam room:

Marlena continues to seize but now wears an oxygen mask. Lexie orders the nurse to give her four grams of magnesium sulfate.


The paramedics step out of the exam room and John and Belle grill them for answers. One of the paramedics tells them that they are doing everything they can and Lexie will be out to talk to them soon. The paramedics walk away and John goes back to comforting Belle.

Roman tells Sami that he is the father of Marlena’s baby. Sami accuses Kate again of trying to harm Marlena because she was jealous. Sami tells Kate that if Marlena loses the baby, the blood will be on Kate’s hands.

Philip grills Shawn about why he and Belle were alone on the roof. Shawn starts off by claiming that he simply went up there for some air and saw Belle already upset while on the phone. Philip wants to know what Belle was upset about but Shawn claims he doesn’t know. Philip doesn’t believe him and demands to know what is going on with Belle. Shawn tells Philip to talk to Belle because it isn’t his place to say.

Belle confirms with John the circumstances leading up to Marlena’s fall. Belle, figuring she already knows the answer, asks John why he and Roman were arguing. John, thinking that Belle doesn’t know the truth, tells her that the baby is Roman’s. John is shocked to learn that Belle already knew. Belle defends Marlena’s reasoning for not telling John right away. John finds it absurd that Marlena didn’t feel that it was okay to tell him anything. Belle points out that none of that matters now, it only matters that Marlena and the baby are okay. John pulls Belle close.

Exam room:

Marlena, her seizures now calmed, quietly calls out John’s name as the nurse removes her oxygen mask. Lexie tells the nurse to bring John in. The nurse shows John in and she and Lexie leave John alone with Marlena. John takes Marlena’s hand and lets her know that he is here. Marlena opens her eyes to look up at John and tearfully apologizes to him.

Deveraux house:

Jack pretends that nothing is going on but Jennifer persists. Jack insists that nothing is wrong. During Jack’s rambling, he suddenly becomes short of breath and leans back against the couch. Jennifer expresses concern and Jack claims it’s a migraine coming on. Jennifer rushes into the kitchen to get Jack some aspirin and while she is gone, Jack downs one of the pills Lexie gave him. Jennifer returns and Jack downs the aspirin. Jennifer suggests going in to see Lexie again but Jack quickly negates that suggestion. Jack, physically exhausted, continues to breathe heavily as he leans against the back of the couch. Jennifer covers him with a blanket but then she rushes to the window with a look of fear. Jennifer voices her worry that there is someone in the garage. Jennifer looks over at Jack, who has now fallen asleep, and grabs the fireplace poker before silently slipping out the back door.

Frankie dusts off the rest of the picture to reveal that it is a picture of him and Jennifer. Frankie talks to the picture as he tells it that he’s glad it didn’t get ruined. Frankie flashes back to when he and Jennifer first professed their feelings for each other. Frankie hears the noise of Jennifer approaching and opens the door. Jennifer sneaks up behind Frankie, not realizing who he is and hits him with the poker, sending him to the ground. Frankie identifies himself and Jennifer is thoroughly apologetic as she rushes to his side.

Lockhart house:

Chelsea makes small talk with Patrick by asking what he and Billie are up to tonight. Patrick explains that they were working on a project but decided to take a break and cool off. Chelsea claims that was the idea with her and Max as well but then admits that she had something else in mind when she invited Max over.

Billie pretends to flirt with Max by asking why a big shot like him is with a nobody like Chelsea. Max insists he likes Chelsea but then tells Billie that he wouldn’t mind being with someone older, like her.

Patrick isn’t sure he wants to hear what Chelsea had in mind but Chelsea quickly negates his line of thinking. Chelsea explains that there is a dance contest tonight at Alice’s Bar and in an effort to convince Max to help her win the prize of a new car, she told him she was willing to do anything if he would. Patrick is shocked and outraged at this news.


Sami refuses to believe Kate’s denial of harming Marlena. Sami ignores Roman’s calmer attempts to quiet her and accuses Kate of being jealous because the baby proves that Marlena and Roman still love each other and belong together. Roman finally gets Sami’s attention and insists that Marlena’s fall was only an accident. Sami starts to protest but Roman shuts her up. Sami storms off in tears. Roman apologizes to Kate but Kate points out that she’s usually the one Sami blames. Roman wants to talk about the baby but Kate blatantly lists Roman and Marlena’s indiscretions as she claims that the worst part was that they kept it a secret. Roman starts to explain but Kate interrupts him to say that she needs time and walks off. Sami smirks as she eavesdrops just outside the door.

Philip wheels over to Belle to ask about Marlena and Belle tells him that John is in with her now. Philip assures Belle that she just needs to keep faith that Marlena will be okay and expresses concern when Belle looks ill. Belle blames it on her ulcer but looks shocked when Philip questions whether Belle is sick from something else. Philip tells Belle that Shawn told him something happened on the roof and asks Belle to fill him in.

Exam room:

John tells Marlena not to apologize or worry because they will sort it all out later. John tells Marlena to focus on getting well for him, the kids, and the baby. Marlena smiles through her tears but then suddenly closes her eyes and her hand drops from John’s hand. The monitors start to go off and John calls out Marlena’s name but Marlena doesn’t respond. Lexie and the nurse rush back in and Lexie pushes John out of the way.

Deveraux home:

Jennifer leads Frankie back into the garage as she dotes on him but Frankie insists that he’s fine. Jennifer explains her crazed mood as she tells Frankie about the explosion. Frankie is amazed that Tony is still around causing havoc. Jennifer gets upset as she vows not to let Tony take Jack away from her again but Frankie assures her that Jack isn’t going anywhere. Jennifer notes all the boxes and Frankie explains that he brought some things over from the Brady’s to look through and apologizes for the clutter. Jennifer jokes about how Jack is the king of clutter so Frankie’s boxes won’t make a difference. Jennifer offers to help and starts going through the boxes despite Frankie’s attempts to stop her. Frankie looks embarrassed as Jennifer finds the old photograph.

Jack continues to nap on the couch. In his dream, Jack returns home and walks in on his own wake. Jack walks among the guests as he listens in on how they felt about him. Jack becomes enraged when he spots Patrick hitting on Jennifer and confronts Patrick. Patrick taunts Jack by pointing out that he can’t do anything about it because he’s dead.

Lockhart house:

Billie continues to purposefully flirt with Max, pretending to be surprised that he wants to go out with her. Max suggests that they could teach each other a few new things.

Chelsea places her hand on Patrick’s shoulder as she tells him to relax. Patrick removes Chelsea’s hand and tells her that she doesn’t have to do that to get a guy to go out with her. Chelsea claims she has no choice because she’s been left with nothing since her parents died and winning the contest is her only way to get the car she needs to drive to school and work. Patrick offers to loan Chelsea money for the car but Chelsea refuses to take his money. Chelsea proclaims that she is going to the dance with Max and nothing Patrick can do will change her mind.


Sami returns with a glass of water for Roman and apologizes for her behavior with Kate. Roman tells Sami to apologize to Kate too and Sami agrees since it is for Roman. Roman walks away to check on Marlena. Sami walks over to Kate and apologizes for accusing her of trying to kill Marlena’s baby. Kate doesn’t buy Sami’s apology because she knows Roman asked her to do it. Sami agrees, claiming she’d do anything for Roman. Kate scoffs and Sami returns to being vindictive as she vows to prove that Kate set her up. Kate tells Sami that she really needs to work on her idea of an apology. Sami reiterates that she said she was sorry and tells Kate to go to hell before storming off.

Philip repeats his question to Belle about why she is upset over what happened on the roof. Belle flashes back to Shawn’s promise to wait. Belle tells Philip about Shawn overhearing her talking about the baby being Roman’s and not John’s.

Exam room:

Marlena is now stabilized. John asks for an update and Lexie informs him that Marlena’s blood pressure is elevated but the seizures have stopped and the baby’s heart rate is normal. Lexie warns that they’ll have to watch Marlena very closely and she and the nurse step away. John takes Marlena’s hand and assures her, as Roman listens from behind the curtain, that she is going to be okay and that they’ll get through this together.

Deveraux home:

Frankie takes the picture back from Jennifer and claims that he was only going through the boxes because Shawn Sr. warned that there might be some water damage to the boxes while they were stored in the attic. Jennifer is amazed that Frankie held on to everything. Jennifer admits that she has some stuff stored away from their time together too. Frankie surprises Jennifer by pulling out his part of their matching mood rings and they joke about how the fact that it’s black can’t be good. Jennifer complains that she lost her ring senior year and Frankie offers her his ring. Jennifer slips it on after Frankie insists that she take it and they reminisce about the night they got those rings. Jennifer is touched when Frankie admits that he kept all of this stuff because at the time he thought he’d be giving it all to Jennifer when she became his wife. They agree that the stuff brings back great memories. Frankie now allows Jennifer to sort through the boxes herself and she is shocked at what she finds. Frankie ominously mentions that if something is worth holding onto, he never lets it go.

Jack continues to dream. His objections to Patrick consoling Jennifer go unheard as Jennifer and Patrick walk away. Jack begs Roman and Sami not to leave for he needs them to help fight against Patrick but they leave anyway, having never heard him. Jack notices that Celeste is sensing something and begs her to realize that he is there but Celeste doesn’t realize he is there. Patrick gloats to Jack about how he can’t stop him from going after Jennifer now.

Lockhart house:

Billie turns down Max at first. Max invites Billie to the dance at Alice’s Bar and Billie turns him down until Max mentions asking Chelsea instead.

Patrick asks Chelsea to reconsider letting him help her get a car instead and Chelsea suggests that he go with her to the dance instead of Max. Patrick objects until Chelsea mentions going with Max. Patrick agrees and Chelsea is overjoyed.

Deveraux home:

Jack feels confident that Jennifer will see Patrick for the fraud he is but Patrick points out that either way, Jennifer will wind up with someone and it isn’t going to be him. Jack wakes up and calls out to Jennifer. When there is no answer, Jack searches the house for her.

Jennifer pulls out the tape they made of their favorite songs. Jennifer wants to play it and finds an old tape player. They laugh as the music of old songs starts to play. Jack walks up to the garage and watches Frankie and Jennifer.


Shawn watches Philip and Belle talk. Belle defends Marlena and John’s marriage to Philip but excuses herself to get some water for her stomach. Philip stops her to express his concern but Belle insists she is fine as she rushes off.

Belle stops to sit on a couch in the hallway and while clutching her stomach, wonders what is wrong with her.

Exam room:

John stands over Marlena as Lexie stands by the bedside. Kate walks past Roman to ask Lexie if she can come in. Lexie agrees and leaves to check on lab results. Kate asks John about Marlena and he tells her that she’s stable. Sami walks up and yells at John and Kate for being there when she believes Roman should be the one standing by Marlena’s side. Roman steps up to tell Sami to stop but Sami persists. John yells at Sami to get out and the bickering continues. Marlena comes to and breathlessly yells to stop the fighting as her monitors go off. John tries to calm Marlena down as Sami becomes hysterical. Lexie rushes over and orders everyone out. John grabs Sami as she walks by and accuses her of being the one to aggravate Marlena’s condition. Sami protests until John, yelling, vows that if anything happens to Marlena, he’ll hold Sami personally responsible.

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