Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/20/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/20/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami’s apartment:

Sami is going through her mail when she spots a letter from Will. Sami excitedly opens it and tears up as she reads it. There is a knock on the door and Sami wipes away her tears. Sami looks through the peephole and rushes to open the door when she sees that it’s Lucas. Lucas has stopped by to bring Sami back her shampoo bottles that she left in his shower. Sami suggests that he keep them in case her hot water ever goes out again but Lucas tells her that he wants her out of his apartment and out of his life, permanently. Sami starts to object but Lucas tells her to just go to the ‘Y” next time her shower is out.

Chez Rouge:

Bo and Hope walk outside in shock as they talk about the sudden announcement about Marlena’s pregnancy. Bo asks Hope to make a deal in that she won’t tell him about any future pregnancies in such a dramatic way as just happened with Marlena. Hope asks if the time like while they’re walking outside alone would be okay and Bo agrees but then questions whether Hope said that because she’s pregnant. Hope reveals that she was only kidding but jokes about how one more Brady might happen while they are on the Fancy Face III. Bo suggests that they go ahead and slip off to the marina now that the party is winding down and Hope likes that idea. They kiss and start to walk away. Billie stops them as they walk by to accuse Bo of deserting her and their daughter.

Roman and John help Marlena sit down at a table. Belle leaves Philip to go check on Marlena and turns down his offer to accompany her. Rex, Mimi, and Philip share their shock and reactions to the news. Philip thinks the news is wonderful because he can’t wait to start having a family with Belle. Shawn silently shows his displeasure at hearing that.

Belle, John, and Roman gush over Marlena, wanting to either take her to the hospital or have Lexie come look at her. Marlena assures them all that she is fine and Kate stands up for Marlena’s wishes. John delights in the idea that he’s going to be a father again and walks away from the table. Marlena and Roman glare at each other. Belle angrily chastises Marlena for not telling John the truth. John turns back, having overheard Belle, and comes to a realization.

Shawn questions Philip about whether Belle is ready to have kids. Philip doesn’t understand why Belle wouldn’t be ready and Mimi says it is for the same reason she isn’t ready which makes Rex question her. Mimi explains that she’d rather get married and have some time as just the two of them before bringing a baby into the mix. Philip is confident that Belle feels the same he does in that he doesn’t want to wait because he’s seen how there are no guarantees in life. Shawn still voices his opposition but Philip is confident that Belle will want children when she holds her new baby sibling for the first time.

Everyone worries as they expect John to have realized the true parentage of Marlena’s baby but he only talks about how he now understands the earlier signs like the morning sickness and Marlena turning down her favorite champagne. Roman hopes that it doesn’t bother John that he knew before John did and John understands that after she tried to tell him so many times and he wouldn’t listen, she had to tell someone. John turns to Belle and acknowledges that she knew before him. Belle explains that Marlena wanted to be the one to tell him. John jokes about how the husband is always the last to know and Kate quips that it’s only true as long as it’s not the wife, which makes Roman nervous. Belle is worried that Marlena still looks pale and should be taken home and John makes sure that Marlena doesn’t want to swing by the hospital first. John mentions calling Brady and Chloe and informing them but Belle suggests that John take Marlena home first. John leaves to bring the car around. Kate and Roman walk away as well. Belle seizes the opportunity to urge Marlena to tell John that the baby isn’t his. Marlena promises to tell John later so he won’t be humiliated at the party. Belle agrees to that rationale and Marlena apologizes to Belle for putting her in this predicament. Belle makes Marlena promise to tell John as soon as they get home. Marlena fears it will be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

Kate considers having a baby a great way for a couple to reconnect and Roman, knowing the true meaning of that statement in this case, reluctantly agrees. Marlena exchanges looks with Roman as John and Belle help her to the car.

Bo defends his decision to go away alone with Hope to Billie. Billie is outraged, convinced that they are so close to finding Georgia and now Bo is deserting her. Bo and Hope try to convince Billie that if they really were that close to finding Georgia, they wouldn’t be going away. Bo is confident that the ISA cryptographers will have an easier time working on the clue than they would and assures Billie that he will remain reachable should the ISA uncover anything. Billie retorts that they’ll waste time waiting on Bo to return home which tests Bo’s patience. Bo tries to make Billie see that there is no point in sitting around waiting until they know something for sure. Hope speaks up to ask if Billie is upset simply because Bo is going away with her and not Billie.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami tries to convince Lucas that he doesn’t mean what he’s saying but Lucas insists that he wants Sami out of his life right now. Sami asks about Will and Lucas says they will continue to share custody. Sami reads Lucas the letter from Will where Will writes about how he had a dream that Sami promised to change and Lucas believed her and they all became a family again. Lucas grabs the letter and reads the rest of it where Will writes that he woke up and knew it all had to be a dream because Sami will never change and Lucas will never forgive her. Sami swears that Kate and Eugenia set her up and that Eugenia admitted it. Lucas still believes that he caught Sami lying and trying to bribe Eugenia. Sami insists that her version is true but Lucas doesn’t believe her since she couldn’t show proof.

Belle’s loft:

Belle, Philip, Mimi, Rex, and Shawn return to Belle’s loft. Philip thinks it is wonderful that Marlena is having another baby and Belle pretends that she’s thrilled. Philip says the fact that Marlena and John didn’t expect this at this point in their lives, it doesn’t matter and Rex adds that a baby is great for any relationship, especially since this kid will have the two most amazing parents. Rex explains that he wants to have a baby so he can give it the love and attention he never got. Philip likens Rex’s comment to the kids he plans to have with Belle. Rex helps Belle lift Philip onto the couch.

Mimi heads into the kitchen to make tea and Shawn seizes the opportunity to urge Mimi to now tell Rex the truth about her abortion. Mimi is shocked that Shawn has now changed his mind but Shawn admits that he was wrong because secrets destroy relationships and he likens the situation to how Belle must tell Philip that she loves him instead. Mimi insists that it isn’t the same thing.

Mimi tries to make conversation by asking Rex how it feels to be having a new little half-sibling and Rex doesn’t understand why Mimi would ask him because in order to be his sibling, Roman would have to be the father.


John unlocks the door and leads Marlena over to the couch while Kate pours her a glass of water. Marlena laughs and jokes that she’s only pregnant, not an invalid as John makes her put her feet up on the couch. John insists that while Marlena is carrying his baby, she will be pampered and Marlena asks if that means that she’ll be out on her own once the baby is born. Kate brings Marlena the water as she assures Marlena that she’d do fine on her own. John starts to object but Kate explains that she was kidding. Marlena tells John that she once had a patient whose husband gained one pound for every pound she gained and then they both had babies. John insists he isn’t going to go that far, he’s just a guy who happens to love his wife and the baby they’re going to have together. Marlena glances over at Roman. John tells Roman and Kate that they didn’t have to come back with them and Roman claims they came in case there was something they could do to help. John mimics Marlena’s earlier statement about how she’s only pregnant, not an invalid. John continues to dote on Marlena as Roman and Kate step away.

Roman and Kate talk about how it could be them having a baby and Roman insists that he would definitely want another baby.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami insists that she didn’t bribe Eugenia but Lucas doesn’t believe her. Sami wants to know why Lucas won’t believe her and Lucas points out that she has a long history of lying. Sami wants to know why Lucas can’t be different and give her another chance. Lucas insists he did give Sami another chance but instead he was repaid by walking in on her and Brandon. Sami insists she didn’t do it but Lucas doesn’t believe her claim that Kate set her up or that she’s changed.

Chez Rouge:

Billie questions Bo about why he didn’t pass the clue on to John because he is ISA. Bo points out that John is a little preoccupied right now. Bo points out that Billie is also ISA and is perfectly capable of passing along the information herself. Hope repeats her question of why Billie is against Bo leaving with her. Billie claims it’s because she wants Bo to be available the minute any information comes in. Hope doesn’t believe her and Billie isn’t surprised. Billie insists that this isn’t about her being jealous; it’s only about Georgia and bringing her home. Hope asks where home is and Billie tells her about moving in with Patrick, which angers Bo. Billie insists that she is living in Patrick’s house platonically, not romantically so that they can take care of Chelsea. Hope thinks the choice is admirable but Bo is still against it. Billie complains that she’s now realizing what a handful a teenage daughter could be and Bo points out that Georgia is about the same age as Chelsea. Billie explains that being around Chelsea reminds her of how Georgia needs her and how much she must follow up this clue no matter how true it may be. Billie vows that she understands that Bo belongs with Hope but she can’t forget that their love created Georgia and must find her. Hope promises that if the clue turns out to be legit, they’ll deal with it all together. Billie says she has a strong feeling that this clue is real. Hope calls her on the fact that she says that every time and every time she and Bo end up in some life-threatening predicament. Hope recalls how last time; Billie used the situation to rape Bo.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami claims that she would have never cheated on Lucas because she wanted to be a family with him and Will. Lucas insists that they must give Will a better life then he had. Sami insults Kate by referring to her as Lucas having a hooker for a mother who left him alone while she was out turning tricks. Lucas defends Kate’s past by pointing out that it was what Kate had to do to give him a better life, especially since he and Kate haven’t had the best track record when it comes to love. Lucas calls Sami on the fact that she isn’t making a snide comment about Kate’s marriage to Roman. Lucas brings up how he first loved Carrie but the problem was that she was in love with Austin. Sami reminds Lucas that he didn’t seem to mind her when they worked together to break up Carrie and Austin. Lucas considers the time they slept together a mistake that he has to pay for for the rest of his life, which offends Sami. Lucas complains that he’s lost time with Will from all those years Sami kept Will from him. Lucas refuses to put himself and Will through the pain of thinking Sami has changed only to be disappointed again. Sami cries as she profusely apologizes to Lucas and professes her love before collapsing into sobs. Lucas doesn’t like seeing Sami cry and comforts her. Being so close leads to passionate kissing.

Belle’s loft:

Belle covers for Mimi’s slip by claiming that Mimi considers Marlena as a relative of Rex because she did give birth to him. Belle has Mimi come to the kitchen to help get drinks. Philip, Rex, and Shawn talk about how weird it is to be sitting around talking about wanting to have kids. Philip asks Shawn if he wants to have his own kids because he is so good with Zach and Shawn says he would as he looks over at Belle.

Belle tries to convince Mimi that she was confused earlier when she thought the baby would be Rex’s half sibling but Mimi insists that she wasn’t confused and realizes that Belle knows too. Belle is shocked that Mimi knows that Roman is the baby’s father and Mimi explains that Marlena told her when she came to visit her in jail. Belle worries that if Marlena doesn’t tell John before he figures it out for himself, it could destroy their marriage.


John continues to dote on Marlena. Roman tells Kate that he would have loved to have another child and Kate says she would too.

John asks Marlena when she found out she was pregnant and Marlena claims she hasn’t known that long. John apologizes for always interrupting Marlena and not letting her tell him. They joke about how Marlena was waiting to tell John when he was sitting down and then she fainted instead of him. Marlena tells John that Roman knew first because he guessed it. Roman explains that he guessed because when Marlena mentioned using herbal tea and crackers to settle her stomach, he remembered that she used that combination with Eric, Sami and Belle. Roman goes on to explain that John wouldn’t have caught on like he did because with Belle, he was still taking care of Marlena because then she was still his wife when John got her pregnant. John and Kate look at Roman in shock that he would bring that up but Marlena looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Chez Rouge:

Billie accuses Hope of dragging Bo off on the boat because she wants to get back at Billie for making love to Bo. Hope points out that Billie didn’t make love to Bo she raped him. Hope accuses Billie of using Georgia to come between her and Bo. Bo steps in when Billie becomes offended and insists to her that she was wrong to take advantage of him and that it won’t happen again because they won’t be falling into any more traps. Billie is hurt that Hope and the boys are who Bo considers his priority. Hope tears up at hearing Bo tell Billie that Hope is his priority and Billie fumes with tears running down her face as well. Billie proclaims that she will find Georgia no matter the danger with or without Bo. Hope accuses Billie of using the danger as a way of getting Bo. Bo insists that they work as a team and not go running off alone on any leads, especially since Georgia isn’t the only victim they are looking for as he reminds everyone of Caroline and Victor also being missing. Bo suddenly proclaims that they should have never gone off looking for Georgia.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas pulls away from the kiss so his heart doesn’t lead his actions for right now he can’t tell the difference between the truthful and the lying Sami. Sami swears on her and Will’s life that Kate set her up and Lucas notes that Kate claims that she is innocent. Lucas complains that the two women he loves most in this world are lying to him and right now all the evidence points to Sami.

Chez Rouge:

Bo calms Billie’s offended reaction by explaining that he meant they should have been going after Tony instead of following the bogus leads looking for Georgia. Billie fears that even finding Tony doesn’t mean that he’ll tell them where Georgia is but Bo vows to make Tony tell them where all three people are.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami acknowledges that all evidence points to her but claims that it’s because she underestimated Kate. Lucas repeats that Sami doesn’t have any proof. Sami claims that if Lucas loved her, he wouldn’t need proof. Lucas refuses to risk getting burned again. Lucas leaves. Sami vows to find the proof and make Kate and Eugenia pay.

Belle’s loft and Penthouse:

Belle talks to Marlena on the phone. Marlena assures Belle that she is fine. Belle asks if Marlena has told John yet but to cover up since everyone is listening to her side of the conversation, tells Belle that Roman and Kate came home with them. Belle insists that Marlena tell John the truth and Marlena agrees but whispers how she hates how this is going to hurt John. Belle assures Marlena that John loves her and Marlena hopes that will be enough to forgive her.

Belle’s loft:

Belle ends the call and is spooked when she turns around to see Shawn standing right there. Shawn confirms that Marlena will be fine and claims that Belle shouldn’t be worried because it is a great time for John and Marlena. Shawn guesses that Belle is actually worried about Mimi and Belle pretends that Mimi is happy. Shawn tells her she can drop the act because he knows about the abortion. Belle is shocked until Shawn explains that Mimi was the one who told him. Belle criticizes Mimi for her actions in not telling Rex the truth and Shawn calls Belle on doing the same thing with Philip. Shawn walks away as Mimi walks back into the kitchen. Belle suddenly bends over clutching her stomach and Mimi asks what is wrong. Belle blames it on her ulcer but Mimi questions whether it’s more than just her stomach.


Kate confirms with Marlena that Belle and Philip made it home all right and suggests that she and Roman leave now. John stops them to ask Roman why he brought up how Belle was conceived while he and Marlena were still married. Roman claims he was only stating a fact as he was answering John’s question. Marlena asks John to come sit down with her and John jokes about how he’s not having a sympathetic pregnancy. Marlena tells John that she has something to tell him that she’s been too much of a coward to say before. Kate suggests that she and Roman leave but Marlena tells them to stay. John wants to know what is going on and Marlena declares that she has something to tell him about the baby.

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