Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/19/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/19/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Chez Rouge:

Brady kisses Chloe’s hand and considers the fact that Isabella’s ring fits Chloe perfectly is a sign that they are meant to be together. Chloe takes off her band-aid and asks Brady if he can honestly spend the rest of his life looking at her scarred face. Brady quickly answers yes and suggests that Chloe should call Dr. Travis if her face bothers her that much. Chloe is agreeing with Brady when she suddenly gasps and puts her hand to her throat.

Belle and Shawn continue kissing until Philip wheels himself outside and makes his presence known.

Lucas walks up to the bar and Maggie walks up to him to question if he is planning on having a drink. Lucas assures Maggie that he has no plans of falling off the wagon. Maggie apologizes and explains that she hasn’t seen Lucas at any meetings lately. Lucas assures Maggie that he is okay but Maggie notices the concerned look on Lucas’ face. Lucas admits that he is worried because he can’t find Sami and is afraid that she is up to no good.

Eugenia’s apartment:

Sami sorts through Eugenia’s papers and finds an open envelope. Sami is reading the letter inside when Eugenia walks in. Eugenia threatens to call the cops but Sami grabs her hand and warns that Eugenia better be careful or she’ll end up in the cell next to her.

Chez Rouge:

Rex tells Mimi that he heard everything she said to Marlena and is shocked to learn that Mimi has been lying to him all this time. However, Rex talks as if he believes Mimi to be currently pregnant after he believed that she couldn’t have kids. Rex demands to know the truth.

Bo and Hope snuggle as they wait for the party to be over as they are anxious to go back to the Fancy Face III. Billie rushes up and informs Bo of her PDA message from Tony.

Marlena starts to talk to John but Brady walks up and interrupts. Brady pulls John away to talk privately. Brady tells John that he has bad news about Chloe.

Roman starts to talk to Kate but Lucas walks up and interrupts to ask to speak to Kate alone. Kate and Lucas step away. Marlena rushes up to Roman to ask if he was able to tell Kate. Roman explains that Lucas interrupted them and Marlena adds that she and John were interrupted too. Marlena worries over how to tell John and Kate about the baby.

Rex questions Mimi about lying when she said she couldn’t have any more children. Mimi emphatically says no and asks to speak somewhere more private.

Brady tells John that Chloe can’t sing for John and Marlena’s ceremony. John thinks that Chloe is backing out after agreeing but Brady explains that Chloe can’t sing because she strained her voice when she sang for Maggie and Mickey. John understands but is disappointed. Brady says he is going to take Chloe back to the cottage and John is disappointed that it means Brady will miss the ceremony too. Brady apologizes but John tells him that he understands. Brady asks if John will be able to pull off the surprise and John feels confident that Marlena has no clue and will be blown away.

Roman questions whether Marlena is having second thoughts about telling John and Kate. Marlena feels that one way or another; the pregnancy cannot remain a secret. Roman wants to tell John and Kate and get it over with. Marlena doesn’t want to spring the news while at the party and wants to wait but Roman thinks they waited long enough.

Lucas has pulled Kate aside to tell her that he can’t stay for the ceremony because he has to go find Sami. Kate is completely against the idea of Lucas running off after Sami. Lucas insists that he must make sure Sami is all right and leaves. Roman comes up and is upset with Kate because he heard her objections to Lucas taking care of Sami. Roman tells Kate that she must let Lucas take care of Sami if that’s what he wants to do.

Eugenia’s apartment:

Sami explains that the letter she found is a letter from the IRS informing Eugenia that she owes two years worth of back taxes. Eugenia claims that her owing back taxes is Sami’s fault and Sami wants to know how. Eugenia claims that she had set up a payment plan just before Sami got her fired from the hospital but Sami doesn’t buy her excuses. Eugenia shows Sami the proof that she is working three jobs to make good on her taxes, nullifying Sami’s threat. Eugenia threatens to call Roman to haul Sami off to jail for breaking and entering. Sami fumes as Eugenia starts to dial the phone.

Chez Rouge:

Belle claims to Philip that she only came out to get the bouquet. Philip decides not to confront Shawn and Belle and claims that he only came outside to tell them that Roman thinks he can find Victor. Shawn suggests that they should go back in and they head inside.

Bo asks Hope to let him handle it and walks outside with Billie. Billie shows Bo the message on her PDA. Bo agrees that it’s a message from Dimera but Billie says she can’t figure out what the numbers mean. Billie wants to go somewhere and figure it out but Hope walks up and insists that Bo is going nowhere with Billie.

Mimi leads Rex into the kitchen and explains that he misunderstood. Mimi makes Rex promise not to say anything as she tells him that they were talking about Marlena being pregnant. Rex explains that he mistook the information as Mimi saying she was pregnant. Rex apologizes to Mimi for accusing her of lying to him and pulls her close as he asks for her forgiveness.

Chloe paces the room as she drinks and hums to try and soothe her voice. Chloe looks at her scars in the mirror and then dials Dr. Travis to make an appointment. Chloe is surprised that she was able to get an appointment so soon but tells the doctor’s office that she’ll be there. Chloe looks over her scars in the mirror.

Kate apologizes to Roman but explains that she can’t stand the thought of Lucas and Sami together again. Roman wants to know what kind of marriage they can have if Kate hates his daughter. Kate insists she doesn’t hate Sami, only that they’ll never get along. Kate points out that lying to Roman about how she feels about Sami won’t be a good marriage either. Kate asks Roman not to make the fact that they both have children by other people a source of friction. Roman uses the comment to bring up how they still have to talk. Kate gets nervous when Roman says it is important.


Brady and Chloe return to the cottage after the appointment with Dr. Travis. Chloe confirms that she liked the doctor but isn’t sure about going through with the surgery yet because of the risks. Brady tries to convince her to go for the surgery and Chloe complains that she is tired and will think about it later. Chloe talks about how she felt bad for making Belle, Mimi, Shawn, and Philip think she was dead but was conscious of how much they kept staring at her face. Brady tries to insist that they weren’t but Chloe likens it to how she kept trying not to stare at Philip’s leg. Chloe feels bad that while her scars can be fixed, plastic surgery won’t help Philip. Brady is confident that Philip will be on his feet in no time and Chloe thinks that if Philip can go through it, then she shouldn’t feel afraid. Brady tells Chloe that while he can’t guarantee what the doctors will be able to do, she will always look beautiful in his eyes.

Eugenia’s apartment:

Sami claims that if Eugenia turns her in to Roman, Eugenia will be in more trouble than her because of how she and Kate drugged her and Brandon. Eugenia denies it at first until Sami points out that she overheard Eugenia talking about the plan on the phone, leading Eugenia to realize that this is the second time Sami has broken in to her apartment. Eugenia decides to finally admit it as she gloats about how well the plan worked. Sami now insists that Eugenia help her to bring Kate down. Eugenia scoffs at the idea but Sami is confident that Eugenia will tell Lucas everything because it means saving herself. Sami can’t wait to see Lucas and Roman dump Kate. Lucas walks in and demands to know what is going on.

Chez Rouge:

Bo tells Hope that he isn’t going anywhere. Hope says that if this could be something to lead them to Georgia, she doesn’t want to stand in their way. Hope offers to help try to find Georgia and asks to see the message. Bo and Hope talk about how this very well could be another Dimera trick but Billie is anxious to figure it out either way. Hope suggests turning it over to ISA cryptologists and Bo likes that idea. Hope tells Bo that she wants him to do everything possible to find Georgia as long as Bo doesn’t forget about her and their sons. Billie thanks Hope for understanding and they all head back inside.

John walks up and asks to steal Kate away for a moment and they walk away from Roman. John confirms that Kate is ready and then calls for everyone’s attention. John starts off by explaining that he and Kate have a surprise for Roman and Marlena.

Marlena rushes up to Roman and informs him that she didn’t have a chance to tell John and he adds that he and Kate kept getting interrupted too.

John brings up Mickey and Maggie and everyone cheers for them. John mentions that they aren’t the only ones getting remarried today and turns the floor over to Kate. Kate explains that Mickey and Maggie have agreed to share their day with two other couples and tells Roman and Marlena to brace themselves. Kate pulls Roman aside to ask if he’ll marry her again. John walks up to Marlena and asks her to become his bride again. Marlena is speechless so John takes that as a yes and announces that they are going to have a double wedding ceremony. Everyone cheers including Belle even though her face shows sadness. Marlena turns to Roman and shares her shock with him. Roman insists that they tell John and Kate the truth before they go through with the ceremony.

Rex wants Mimi to now be honest with him about Jan. Mimi claims Jan wanted Rex to think it was her fault that they can’t have children because Mimi didn’t go to the doctor soon enough after getting the infection. Mimi begs Rex to tell her that he doesn’t blame her. Rex declares that he now knows what is going on.

Eugenia’s apartment:

Sami wants to know why Lucas is there but Lucas asks why Sami is there and what she and Eugenia were arguing about. Sami tells him that Eugenia admitted to working with Kate to set her up but when Lucas asks Eugenia to confirm it, Eugenia denies everything.

Chez Rouge:

Shawn watches Belle and Philip doting on each other and orders a drink at the bar. Hope walks up and tells Shawn not to do it because drinking isn’t going to help.

Belle steps away from Philip to give the flowers to Marlena. Marlena realizes that Belle knew all along and wishes that Belle had said something earlier. Belle explains that John swore her to secrecy. Belle urges Marlena to tell John the truth before the ceremony starts.

John confirms with Father Jansen that he is ready and he and Kate plan to round up their spouses.

Roman urges Marlena to tell the truth now but Marlena doesn’t want to publicly humiliate John and Kate after all the trouble they’ve gone to. Roman warns that they can’t take vows knowing what they know and keeping the secret won’t be good for Marlena or the baby. John and Kate walk up and John asks if they are ready to get hitched.

Rex recalls that when Jan gave him the baby doll, it was her way of torturing Mimi. Mimi recalls how Jan went nuts when Shawn and Belle got back together. Mimi tells Rex that she and Jan were fighting about him when Jan fell. Rex feels bad that he almost fell for Jan’s attempt to get him not to trust Mimi. Mimi feels relieved that Jan can hurt no one else now and claims that she no longer is keeping any secrets from him. Rex asks Mimi to forgive him for doubting her and Mimi promises that she will never keep anything from him again.

Hope reminds Shawn that it was his drinking that got him in trouble. Shawn doesn’t like being reminded of it as Hope takes the glass from him. Shawn claims he doesn’t just need a glass, he needs the whole bottle because it hurts seeing Belle with Philip. Hope sympathizes with Shawn but points out that alcohol is not the answer. Shawn hates feeling that Philip is the enemy when Philip has done nothing but be nice and helpful to Shawn. Hope advises Shawn to give Belle some time because Belle feels the need to be there for Philip right now. Hope wants Shawn to get his life back on track but Shawn says he doesn’t have a life without Belle. Hope suggests that in time, Philip will feel better and Belle won’t feel as guilty and the thought gives Shawn hope. Hope adds that if things are meant to be between him and Belle, then it will happen. Shawn wants to know for sure but Hope points out that no one knows what the future holds.

Billie uploads the PDA message to Bo’s PDA and he uses his PDA to send it to Tek. Bo is expecting it to be a dead end but Billie believes that Hope was right about the ISA being able to help them. Bo insists he isn’t giving up but doesn’t want to end up in another pit. Hope comes out, agrees with Bo and reiterates her offer to help. Bo and Billie express their appreciation. Hope suggests that she and Bo should get back to the boat if they plan on sailing off tonight. Hope asks Bo if he’d rather stay in town now.

Marlena tries to stop John so she can talk to him before the ceremony but John insists on doing this right now because Father Jansen has another appointment. John wants to find Belle so she can be there for the ceremony and has Kate help him go find her. While they are gone, Roman and Marlena talk about how they can’t go through with the ceremony until they tell the truth but don’t want to do it front of everyone. John and Kate return, having found Belle in the back with Philip. John leads Marlena to Father Jansen and Roman and Kate join them. Maggie brings Kate her bouquet to hold. John notices that Marlena doesn’t look well and asks if she is all right. Marlena flashes back to Belle and Roman urging her to tell the truth but then tells John that she is fine. Father Jansen begins the ceremony by talking about how great it is to be gathered here today celebrating two marriages that have stood the test of time because they were based on honor, respect, and truth. Belle glances between Philip and Shawn as she listens to Father Jansen’s words. John watches Marlena as Roman and Marlena exchange side glances at each other.


Chloe looks at herself in the mirror. Brady kisses Chloe’s hand and promises to be there for her no matter what. Chloe is unnerved by the fact that Brady keeps seeing her as a flawless beauty but is glad that he of all people is the one who can see past her scars. They kiss.

Eugenia’s apartment:

Sami desperately tries to convince Lucas that Eugenia truly confessed. Eugenia insists that Sami is lying and claims that Sami came here to bribe her to claim that she and Kate set her up. Sami is shocked and begs Lucas not to believe Eugenia but Lucas isn’t sure what to believe. Eugenia pretends to be offended at Sami’s accusations and asks for proof. Since Sami can’t produce any proof, Lucas starts to think that Sami is only dragging Eugenia into the attempt to get back at Kate. Sami swears on Will’s and her life that Eugenia set her up, which angers Lucas. Sami begs Eugenia to tell the truth but Lucas becomes furious and declares that he and Sami are through. Lucas storms out and Eugenia gloats about how seeing this happen to Sami was better than having her hauled off to jail.


Brady and Chloe make love. Brady can still only see a flawless Chloe. Chloe announces that she has made up her mind and will have the surgery. Chloe tells Brady that she’s not afraid anymore and even if Dr. Travis can’t fix her face, she still wants to marry Brady. Chloe is now confident because she knows now that whatever happens, she’ll still have Brady’s love. They start to make love again.

Chez Rouge:

Billie tries to convince Bo that he should stay in town. Bo insists on fulfilling his promise of going away with Hope and promises to keep his cell phone with him so Billie can keep in touch. Hope tells Billie that she’ll also have her cell phone and if the ISA can crack the code, they’ll come back and help find Georgia.

Father Jansen continues the ceremony. Rex and Mimi watch the ceremony and Rex wishes that it were them up there. Rex is anxious for them to adopt and start a family because he knows that Mimi will be a great role model for kids since she is so smart, loving, and honest. Belle watches the ceremony as Father Jansen continues and wishes that Marlena had told John about the pregnancy already. Father Jansen starts with Roman and Kate and gives Kate a chance to speak. Kate pledges to Roman that she’ll honor and care for him and share with him everything that life has to offer. Roman acknowledges that there will be good and bad times along the road but is confident that together they can get through the rough spots. Roman and Kate kiss. Father Jansen then turns to Marlena and tells her that it is now her turn to reaffirm her vows to John. Marlena looks at John. Her eyes roll back and she faints. John catches her and Roman rushes over to warn John to be careful because Marlena is pregnant.

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