Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/18/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/18/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Eugenia’s apartment & Basic Black:

Sami listens through Eugenia’s front door but hides when Eugenia walks out to take out the trash. Sami’s attempt to sneak in while Eugenia is out is thwarted by Lucas’ call, wanting to know if she got an invitation to Maggie’s restaurant opening. Sami says she did, and even though John really wants her to go, she doesn’t plan on attending and quickly ends the call. Eugenia returns to her apartment, never knowing that Sami was there.

Basic Black:

Lucas and Billie question Kate about why the opening of Maggie’s new restaurant is so important to her and Kate confides in them the plans for the double ceremony. Kate finishes by explaining that the bride can’t see the groom before the ceremony moments before Roman walks in. Kate, upset, runs into her office and slams the door, leaving Roman wondering what he said that was so wrong.

Chez Rouge:

Mickey leads a blindfolded Maggie; both dressed in modern wedding attire, into her new restaurant, Chez Rouge (Red’s Place). Hope and Bo walk up behind them but Mickey motions for them to be quiet. Hope and Bo kiss while they wait outside. Mickey takes off Maggie’s blindfold and Maggie delights in surveying her new elegant bar and dining room. Mickey tells Maggie that he also hired her favorite chef from Paris. Maggie hugs Mickey as she becomes excited at the idea of renewing their vows and beginning their new life together. Maggie drags Mickey through the restaurant so he can show her everything. While they are gone, Mimi and Bonnie arrive and survey the place. Bonnie still believes it to be a divorce-parting gift from Mickey to Maggie instead of a wedding gift. Maggie and Mickey return to the main room, surprised to see Mimi and Bonnie there. Bonnie quips that Maggie is overdressed but Maggie retorts that Bonnie is the one who is overdressed especially because she wasn’t invited.


John and Marlena come downstairs as John, carrying a lady’s garment bag, gushes about how he hopes Marlena has her appetite back because Mickey hired a 5 star chef. Marlena rubs her stomach as she agrees that the thought of a great chef would be great for Maggie. John tells Marlena that he has a new outfit for her to wear at the opening and unzips the garment bag so that only Marlena can see the outfit inside. John is taken aback when Marlena’s eyes go wide and she proclaims that she can’t wear it.

Hallway outside penthouse:

Belle steps off the elevator carrying a bouquet of flowers and is surprised to see Shawn standing outside the penthouse door. Shawn explains that he’s been looking for Belle and needs to talk to her. Belle scoffs at the thought of Shawn planning on knocking on her parents’ front door to inquire about her knowing how they feel about Shawn. Belle reiterates that she is with Philip and there is nothing Shawn can do to change that. Shawn senses that something else is wrong and asks Belle to talk to him. Belle refers to the wedding bouquet in her hand as she tells Shawn of John’s plans to surprise Marlena but adds that she fears it will be a huge disaster. Belle starts to cry and Shawn pulls her close for a hug.

Chez Rouge:

Bonnie scoffs at Maggie’s comment about not being invited. Mickey starts to explain that he is giving Maggie Chez Rouge as a wedding present and complains that he couldn’t talk to Bonnie because she never came home or returned his calls. Bonnie quips that she didn’t come home because the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the wedding. Maggie points out that she is the bride. Mickey explains to Bonnie that Maggie’s death certificate has been rescinded and therefore his marriage to Bonnie is no longer legal. Mickey announces his plans to renew his vows with Maggie today. Bonnie runs off in tears with Mimi running after her. Mickey feels bad about how he broke the news but Maggie feels no remorse for Bonnie.

Hallway outside penthouse:

Shawn starts to talk but Belle interrupts as she pulls away from the hug. Belle is angry that Shawn keeps trying to get close to her. Shawn defends his actions as simply comforting Belle while she was upset but Belle quips that she’s been upset a lot lately and has gotten through it just fine by herself. Shawn explains that he’s going to want to try and help if he perceives her to be in trouble because he wants to make up for time lost. Belle hands Shawn the bouquet, rethinking the choice to bring them up where Marlena will see them, and tells Shawn to go put the flowers back in her car.


Marlena fingers a white with silver beading spaghetti strap gown as John inquires as to why she can’t wear it. Marlena claims it’s because she can’t wear white on Maggie’s wedding day. John buys her explanation but tosses the garment bag onto the couch as he declares that Maggie will simply have to understand. Marlena laughs as John kisses her. Belle walks in casually, spots Marlena and John kissing and apologizes for interrupting. John brushes off the apology, thinking it good that Belle got to see how in love her parents are. Belle and Marlena exchange looks while John greets Belle with a kiss. John notes the time and suggests that he and Marlena head upstairs to get dressed. John heads upstairs but Marlena stays in the living room with Belle. Belle is surprised that Marlena hasn’t told John about the baby yet. Marlena admits that she hasn’t told John because she is scared and afraid that it’s going to mean the end of their marriage. Belle insists that Marlena be honest with John before they go to the restaurant. Marlena doesn’t understand why it matters but Belle asks Marlena to trust that she can’t put it off.

Basic Black:

Roman questions Billie and Lucas as to why Kate ran into her office. Lucas and Billie pretend to have no idea. Roman suggests going in to check on Kate and Kate sighs as she listens from the other side of the door. Billie and Lucas rush over at the last minute and quickly claim that Kate is dealing with a work emergency and will meet Roman at the restaurant. Lucas hands Roman the tuxedo that Kate wanted him to wear but Roman thinks he’ll be overdressed. Lucas chalks it up to Maggie’s desire to go all out and that it is a formal restaurant. Roman agrees, takes the tuxedo, and leaves. Lucas and Billie breathe a sigh of relief. Billie heads in to check on Kate.

Basic Black & Eugenia’s apartment:

Lucas stays out in the lobby and calls Sami. Sami is listening at Eugenia’s door and rushes to answer her phone, angry that it is Lucas calling again. Lucas tries to convince Sami to come to the opening, now knowing the real reason that John wanted her there but doesn’t fill Sami in. Sami admits that she is stalking Eugenia and if Lucas ruins it, he ruins their chance to be together. Lucas understands and promises not to call again only if Sami promises to attend the opening. Sami promises and hangs up. Sami watches Eugenia leave her apartment dressed in an evening gown and deduces that Eugenia must also be going to the opening. Sami heads back to her apartment to change for the opening.

Chez Rouge:

The bulk of the guests has now arrived for the restaurant opening and are milling about. Hope hugs Shawn, glad that he is out on bail. Shawn acknowledges that his release was thanks to Philip’s good word and Bo suggests that Shawn should pay Philip back by staying away from Belle. Shawn implores Hope to understand his feelings and Hope acknowledges Shawn’s motivation but advises him to be careful about hurting Philip. Bo reminds Shawn that he has a trial coming up that they don’t know how it will turn out. Bo asks Shawn what kind of future he can provide for Belle if he’s behind bars. Shawn can only focus on his belief that he and Belle belong together just like Bo and Hope. Shawn walks away. Bo worries that Shawn will get his heart broken but Hope would rather pray that true love does conquer all.

Belle greets Brady and makes small talk about the restaurant. Brady asks Belle to go find Mimi because he has a surprise for them both.

Mimi comes back out into the main room looking very sad. Rex approaches her and inquires as to why she is here alone. Mimi apologizes and explains that Bonnie just got some terrible news. Rex inquires as to what happened but Belle interrupts to drag Mimi away for Brady’s surprise.

Bonnie makes her way into the kitchen as she tries to catch her breath. Maggie and Mickey follow her and Maggie corrects Bonnie by saying that Alice’s Bar is her divorce settlement, not the other way around. Mickey reiterates how Maggie was never really dead so his and Bonnie’s marriage was never legal and that he and Maggie plan to renew their vows today. Bonnie explains that she thought this wedding was for her and now wonders where she is going to live. Bonnie asks to keep the house but Maggie insists that the house is hers. Maggie tells Bonnie that it’s always been her house and always will be. Maggie tells Bonnie to get her stuff and get out of the house because she doesn’t belong, as she is no longer Mrs. Mickey Horton. Alice, having just walked up to overhear Maggie’s speech, proclaims “Hallelujah!”

Brady leads Belle and Mimi to a back room where he throws open the door and reveals Chloe to them. Belle and Mimi gasp and scream and rush to hug Chloe. Chloe promises to explain everything and sneaks a peek over at Brady who is joyfully laughing at the girls’ reaction.

Alice is glad to hear that Mickey has finally come to his senses. Mickey now feels that choosing Maggie was the only thing to do. Alice tells Mickey and Maggie that it’s a happy ending that they both deserve. Bonnie stamps her foot and inquires what will happen to her. Mickey tells Bonnie that he has chosen Maggie and that his father taught him that marriage is forever. Bonnie suggests that the Hortons owe her some kind of payoff and promises not to hold a grudge as long as she gets a 6-figure income. Maggie steps up to get in Bonnie’s face.

Belle and Mimi are full of questions for Chloe. Belle is glad that Chloe is back because Brady missed her. Mimi asks how Brady feels about Chloe having another operation and Chloe answers that Brady is happy for whatever she wants to do. Chloe tells them that Brady can’t see her scars and Belle claims that that is a sign of true love. Chloe guesses that Belle understands, given what Philip went through. Brady interrupts them to allow Shawn and Philip to come in and see Chloe.

Kate arrives and spots Eugenia sitting at the bar. Eugenia insists she got an invitation and Kate curses Joelle for obviously sending an invitation to everyone in Kate’s Rolodex. Sami walks in and doesn’t hide her surprise at seeing Eugenia with Kate. Kate claims that they were discussing Eugenia’s job prospects and tries to get Eugenia to go along with that story. Kate and Eugenia glare at Sami as they walk away. Sami, to herself, questions whether Eugenia has been working for Kate all along. Lucas walks up and greets Sami, glad that she decided to come. Sami vows to Lucas that Kate and Eugenia are up to something and that she is going to prove it. Sami walks over to where Kate and Eugenia are talking as Lucas wonders whether Sami could be right. Sami clears her throat to announce her presence and Kate and Eugenia walk away from her. Sami trails after them.

Hope and Bo watch Kate and Eugenia walk off and decide that the two of them make an interesting pair who is probably up to something. Hope is still convinced that if Philip hadn’t convinced the judge to let Shawn out, Kate would have let him rot in jail. Bo says he doesn’t disagree with Hope but still wants to make sure Shawn takes responsibility for his own actions. Hope agrees but also adds that they need to be responsible as parents. Bo promises to never turn his back on his son. Billie, having overheard Bo’s statement, asks if the same applies to Georgia.

Belle heads back out into the main room, obviously still in shock. John stops her to ask if she is okay and Belle explains that she just saw Chloe. Belle is surprised that John doesn’t seem more shocked and John admits that he and Marlena already knew and that he was the one who asked Chloe to sing at the ceremony today. Belle asks John if Marlena has talked to him yet and John says no because he came over early and will meet up with Marlena later. John asks if there is anything important.

Marlena, now dressed in John’s choice of outfit, rubs her stomach as Roman walks up. Roman quips that Marlena looks like she was the bride and Marlena explains that John bought her the gown and wanted her to wear it today. Roman asks if Marlena has told John about the baby yet but Marlena says she is waiting for the right moment. Roman warns that if she keeps stalling, there won’t be a right moment and complains that he can’t tell Kate until Marlena tells John. Marlena insists that this party is not the right time or place. Roman warns that this secret will come out before too long and Sami overhears him, now demanding to know about the secret.

Shawn tells Chloe that he is glad she is back as he and Philip gets some time on their own to visit with Chloe. Shawn leaves Philip and Chloe alone to catch up. Chloe reminds Philip of his promise not to die when he left for the marines and Philip points out that he didn’t die, only didn’t come home the same. Chloe is still grateful that Philip is alive. Chloe apologizes for putting Philip through her alleged death, explaining that she couldn’t face being ghoul girl again. Philip chuckles and insists that Chloe was never ghoul girl. Chloe tells Philip that him asking her to the Last Blast in high school changed her life and hopes that his recovery hasn’t been as bad as hers. Philip is confident that he will be a better person and that Chloe will too. Philip points out that while Chloe have Brady, he has Belle and they will be okay. Brady walks up and agrees with Philip. Brady asks Chloe if she is ready to make her singing debut and Chloe says she is.

Sami wants to know the big secret. Marlena looks at Roman before claiming to Sami that the big secret is that Chloe is alive. Sami is disappointed but explains it away by claiming that she hoped it was that Roman and Marlena were the ones renewing their vows today. Sami walks away and Marlena avoids Roman’s stare.

Maggie insists to Mickey that he doesn’t owe Bonnie a cent. Bonnie protests and Mickey points out that he’s leaving her with Alice’s Bar. Bonnie doesn’t consider that to be fair. Maggie is appalled that Bonnie feels like she should be rewarded for stealing her husband. Maggie tells Bonnie to go back to Alice’s Bar and never call here for reservations. Bonnie scoffs at the notion that she’d even want to dine at Chez Rouge. Maggie retorts that Bonnie wouldn’t know class if it bit her and then relays that she took Bonnie’s name off of the Horton Foundation. Mickey adds that as of tomorrow, Bonnie’s credit cards and bank account will be frozen. Maggie gloats that after tomorrow Bonnie won’t even have enough money to fill up the peanut bowl at Alice’s Bar. Maggie and Mickey head out of the kitchen. Bonnie decides that she should then use today to spend, spend, spend.

Mickey and Maggie head back out into the dining room and Lucas offers his congratulations as they pass by. Sami tells Lucas that she wishes they were in Mickey and Maggie’s place right now. Lucas insists that Sami prove to him first that she can be trusted but he doubts that to be possible. Sami vows that she’ll prove that Kate is the one not to be trusted. Lucas walks away. Eugenia walks up to Sami and gloats that Lucas thinks of Sami as a liar. Eugenia walks away. Sami vows to get Lucas back and leave Kate and Eugenia to rot in hell.

Sami points out how Kate and Eugenia keep talking solely with each other when they have nothing in common except their hatred for Sami.

Kate warns Eugenia that Sami is getting suspicious and that Eugenia took a big risk in coming here. Eugenia insists that she needs a job and wasn’t about to turn down a party with free food. Kate promises to send Eugenia money and get her a job if Eugenia will leave right now before Sami figures anything out. Kate doesn’t want anything to ruin the day.

Roman curses the fact that he didn’t listen to Marlena originally and convinced her to keep their secret. Marlena decides that she must tell John right now. Marlena heads over to John to tell him but the chamber music starts and John grabs Marlena to lead her to their seats. Chloe begins to sing and each respective couple shows corresponding affection for their loved ones. Everyone applauds at the end of her song. Father Jansen commends Chloe’s singing and welcomes her home. Chloe joins Brady and they take their seats. Father Jansen announces that they are there to celebrate the remarriage of Mickey and Maggie and everyone cheers. Maggie takes her bouquet and they stand in front of Father Jansen. Bonnie silently sobs as she watches the ceremony, insisting to Mimi that she really did love Mickey. Maggie tears up as she expresses her love for Mickey and Mickey promises to love Maggie forever as they kiss. Hope and Bo share a kiss as well. Bonnie, still sobbing, compliments the emotional ceremony. Marlena is taken aback when John proclaims that they are next.

Bo and Hope walk away from the crowd. Bo tells Hope that he loves her and promises her that nothing and no one will ever come between them. Bo and Hope kiss. As Billie watches them, her PDA rings. The message solely contains a red symbol of the Dimera Phoenix.

Marlena grills John about what he meant by “we’re next.” John only plays into her curiosity by making her wait without answers. Marlena wants to talk to John first but John says they’ll have time to talk later and gets up. Marlena and Belle exchange glances. John walks over to Belle and tells her its time. Belle tries to stall but John doesn’t understand why Belle is questioning him. John asks for the bouquet and Belle rushes off to get it. Shawn watches Belle walk past and after a quick glance at John, follows her outside. John walks up to Kate to make sure she is ready. John delights in the thought of how Roman and Marlena are going to be so surprised.

Marlena calls Roman over to insist that they can’t put it off any longer and must tell John and Kate the truth.

Belle is walking back into the restaurant with the bouquet when Shawn grabs her hand arm to stop her. Shawn pulls Belle close for a kiss. Belle fights him off at first but then gives in.

Lucas searches the restaurant for Sami.

Sami sneaks off to Eugenia’s apartment while Eugenia is still at the restaurant and uses her hairpin to break into the apartment. Sami searches through piles of papers in the desk drawers until she finds an open envelope. Sami is reading the letter when Eugenia walks in.

Philip opens the door and spots Belle and Shawn kissing.

Chloe is admiring Isabella’s wedding ring when Brady walks in on her. Chloe explains that she took the ring from the urn and has been wearing it on a necklace ever since the memorial service when Brady asked her to marry him in heaven. Brady takes the ring, puts it on Chloe’s finger and asks her to marry him. Chloe starts to turn him down but Brady looks her in the eye and repeats his request, adding that he wants Chloe to marry him now.

Billie reads the rest of the message aloud from her PDA, “solve this puzzle and you’ll get your daughter back.” Billie rushes off with a smile.

John and Kate check with Father Jansen to make sure he is ready. Father Jansen says he is ready to start when they are and John says they are only waiting on the bouquet.

Roman confirms that Marlena isn’t going to change her mind and Roman steps away to go find Kate so they can tell their spouses together. Mimi walks up to Marlena and ignores Marlena’s attempts to convince Mimi that now isn’t a good time to talk. Mimi asks Marlena for advice about Rex’s constant demands to know her secret. Marlena advises Mimi to tell the truth as she spots John and Kate talking to Father Jansen but Mimi worries that it’ll be more horrible than keeping this secret once Rex learns the truth. Rex walks up and Marlena excuses herself.

Rex tells Mimi that he heard everything that Mimi was saying about the baby and is shocked to learn that Mimi has been lying to him all along.

Roman walks up and greets Kate.

John walks up to Marlena and proclaims that it’s time but Marlena asks John to wait.

Roman tells Kate that he has to talk to her.

Marlena warns John that after they talk, things between them might never be the same.

The screen splits into 4 thin rectangles, Marlena on the left followed by Roman, Kate, and then John each in their own segment.

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