Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/15/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/15/05


By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Lockhart House:

Chelsea ignores Abby’s warnings and heads into the bathroom. Chelsea drops her towel and pulls the shower curtain back with a flourish. Instead of Patrick, she finds a very surprised Billie.

Deveraux House:

Patrick stops by to pick up the last of Billie’s things and makes small talk with Jennifer in the entryway. Jack comes downstairs and is angry that Patrick is in his house and alone with Jennifer. Jennifer refers to Patrick as a friend but Jack insists that Patrick was no friend except to Tony.

Frankie and Max pass by the front door on the way to their apartment. Frankie notices Patrick and Max teases him about having to compete for with Patrick for Jennifer’s affections. Frankie denies his desire for Jennifer.

Jack pokes Patrick in the chest as he orders him to get Billie’s things and get out. Jennifer steps in between them, and declares that she has an idea for getting Jack and Patrick to get along as well as celebrate Chelsea and Billie’s new start.


Philip asks to go to his physical therapy session alone and Belle agrees. Belle kisses Philip goodbye and he wheels away. Mimi rushes up to Belle and is shocked when Belle didn’t automatically guess that Mimi was at the jail because she was visiting Shawn. Belle defends her decision to stay with Philip. Mimi begs Belle to go visit Shawn.


The guard brings Lucas back to see Shawn and gives them five minutes to talk. Lucas can’t believe the bad deal that Shawn got after the reason he missed his court date and Shawn tells Lucas to talk to Kate about that.

Kate’s office:

Kate gives Judge Karen Fitzpatrick a generous donation for her re-election campaign. Kate defends the amount by pointing out that they have the same ethics when it comes to Shawn even though Kate is adamant that the contribution and Shawn’s arrest have nothing to do with each other. Kate is determined to give Philip the chance to have happiness with Belle.

Eugenia’s apartment:

Sami sneaks onto Eugenia’s fire escape and watches Eugenia through the window. Eugenia hears the noise Sami makes when she bumps against a potted plant and grabs a bat to check it out. Sami cowers against the wall in hopes of not being seen from the window.

Kate’s office:

Kate scoffs when Karen claims she can’t guarantee that Shawn will go to jail for life.

Eugenia’s apartment:

Eugenia throws open the window to the fire escape, armed and ready with the baseball bat but sees no one. Sami hangs from the bottom of the stairs leading up to the floor about Eugenia’s place. Sami barely holds on as Eugenia checks on her plants before closing the window. Sami drops down with a loud clang and Eugenia decides, this time, to simply lock the window. Sami now wonders how she will be able to get into the apartment.


Mimi continues to beg Belle to see Shawn. Belle sticks to her decision but Mimi persists. Belle steps away to lean against the counter in pain and tells Mimi that she might have an ulcer. Belle becomes angry when Mimi suggests that it is her body’s way of telling her she made the wrong decision. Mimi asks Belle to at least be Shawn’s friend and go see him.

Philip returns and spots Mimi but not Belle, because as Mimi tells him, Belle went off to run errands. Philip tells a surprised Mimi that he doesn’t like the idea of Shawn being in jail and wants to use his connection as part of the Kiriakis family support to talk to Judge Fitzpatrick.


The guard brings Belle back to see Shawn.

Deveraux house:

Frankie denies that he wants Jennifer. Max uses a boxing analogy to urge Frankie to win the fight by taking the first punch and bounces around like a boxer in the ring. Max is surprised when Frankie actually hits him.

Jennifer tries to convince Jack that throwing Chelsea and Billie a housewarming party is a good idea. Frankie and Max walk in and Jennifer announces to them that it’s party time. All the men exchange angry glances.

Lockhart House:

Billie has now shut off the shower and both she and Chelsea wrap themselves in towels. Billie apologizes for being in the way when Chelsea wanted to take a shower. Chelsea defends throwing open the curtain by explaining that she thought Patrick was in there. Billie guesses that Chelsea planned to hop in with Patrick but Chelsea claims she didn’t hear the shower and thought she was alone. Billie doesn’t believe her and explains that she and Patrick decided to switch rooms so that Patrick, as the only guy in the house, could have his own bathroom. Chelsea and Billie try to appease the situation by joking about how Patrick wouldn’t want to come in to use the bathroom and have to deal with all of their clothes sitting around. Chelsea heads back into her bedroom, instantly changing her expression to a scowl. Billie does the same once alone.

Abby notes Chelsea’s expression. Chelsea explains that Billie switched rooms and Abby agrees that it makes sense. Chelsea is now convinced that Billie did it on purpose so that she can have Patrick for herself. Abby worries as Chelsea vows that Billie will get hurt if she keeps coming between her and Patrick.

Bonnie has bought a large above ground pool for the backyard and fights with the salesman over the phone about waiting to pay for it until she’s sure she likes it. Jennifer, Jack, Max, Frankie and Patrick arrive with tons of food and Jennifer introduces Bonnie to Frankie and Max. Chelsea and Abby join them, now in swimsuits as well as everyone else. Max offers them a drink and Billie walks up to insist that Abby and Chelsea will not be doing any underage drinking and hands them each a soda can. Patrick carries over a cooler and Chelsea rushes to help him as well as suggesting that he cool off by removing his shirt. Max pulls Abby aside to note how obvious it is that Chelsea has a crush on Patrick.

Jennifer shares her hopes with Frankie that this party will be relaxing for Jack. Frankie tries to calm Jennifer’s fears. Jack pulls Billie aside to criticize her for moving in with Patrick. Jack then decides that it’s okay as long as Patrick stays away from his family. Billie doesn’t see why Jack doesn’t like Patrick. Jack complains that anyone, even Frankie, would be better for Jennifer than Patrick. Billie scoffs at Jack’s commentary because he’s talking like he won’t be around and alarms Jack when she jokingly asks if there is something seriously wrong with him.

Basic Black:

Lucas stops by to see Kate but Joelle tells him that Kate is in a meeting so Lucas decides to wait. Sami walks in and while Joelle is in earshot, claims to Lucas that she is only hear to clean out her desk. Joelle continues to watch them as Sami pulls Lucas aside to admit that she’s really here to find evidence that Kate set her up. Lucas refuses to believe that Kate would stoop that low but Sami insists that she never slept with Brandon. Sami tells Lucas about overhearing Eugenia’s phone call but Lucas doesn’t consider that proof. Sami convinces Joelle to go to lunch and then Lucas watches Sami as she sorts through the papers on Joelle’s desk.

Kate’s office & Hospital:

Kate writes out another check to Karen as payment for a conviction in Shawn’s case. Before Karen can react, her cell phone rings and it is Philip asking her to consider releasing Shawn on bail. Karen puts Philip on hold while she tells Kate what Philip wants her to do. Kate angrily whispers that Karen can’t do that.


Belle stands close to the bars but then backs up. Shawn is confident that Belle wants him too. Belle starts to object but Shawn reaches through the bars and pulls Belle close for a passionate kiss.

Hospital & Kate’s office:

Philip commends Shawn for rescuing him as incentive for Karen to change her mind and offers to make appearances on her behalf if she helps Shawn. Kate listens in shock as Karen reacts to Philip’s threat to pull Kiriakis support from her campaign.

Basic Black:

Sami shows Lucas the phone log that shows the multiple calls between Eugenia and Kate. Sami asks Lucas if he now believes her.

Lockhart house:

The adults duck as Max cannonball dives into the pool for a big splash. Frankie promises Jennifer that he’ll be subtle in his surveillance of Jack and Jennifer hugs him in thanks. Jennifer leads Frankie over to talk to Bonnie.

Max helps Chelsea out of the pool but then suddenly confronts her about her feelings for Patrick. Chelsea worries that everyone will hear about their encounters in Max’s car but then acts like she doesn’t care when Max calls her on it. Max heads back into the pool.

Abby tells Chelsea to forget about Patrick because he’ll never want to be with her but Chelsea doesn’t like hearing that. Chelsea notices that Patrick is no longer around and heads off to look for him. Abby quickly climbs out of the pool, dons a towel, and follows Chelsea.

Patrick fills a basket with cold drinks from the fridge when Frankie walks in. Frankie claims he’s there trying to figure out how he knows Patrick but Patrick insists that Frankie doesn’t know him. Frankie vows to solve the mystery and heads back outside. Abby, Chelsea, and Max walk in and Chelsea tells Patrick that she is taking Max up to see her new room. Patrick vetoes the idea and sends Chelsea and Abby up to Chelsea’s room so he and Max can talk. Patrick orders Max to stop using Chelsea. Max tells Patrick that whatever he and Chelsea do or don’t do is none of his business and walks away.

Bonnie finishes her drink and tosses the can into the pool. Jennifer walks up to object but Bonnie, slightly inebriated, takes her hand and starts going on about how she and Mickey will be renewing their vows and how devastated Maggie must be. Bonnie pats Jennifer’s shoulder and walks away.

Jack walks up and Jennifer says she almost feels sorry for Bonnie. Jack criticizes Jennifer for throwing this party because Lockharts and Hortons should never mix. Patrick grabs Jack’s arm, frustrated that Jack keeps insulting him and his family, and suggests that they have it out right here and now.


The guard walks up and breaks up the kiss, yelling at Belle for breaking the no physical contact with a prisoner rule. Belle suddenly claims she can’t be kissing Shawn because of her marriage to Philip but Shawn claims that her actions during the kiss prove that Belle’s heart is with Shawn.

Hospital & Kate’s office:

Philip wants to know if Karen will grant his request. Karen puts Philip on hold again to relay what Philip is offering, adding that Philip’s offer and threat to take away the family support is a better offer than Kate’s money. Karen is angry that Kate didn’t tell her the real reason that Shawn left the country. Karen tells Philip that Shawn will soon be released on bail. Mimi is proud of Philip and hugs his neck.

Basic Black:

Sami shows Lucas that the calls between Eugenia and Kate go on for months and sometimes were as frequent as several times a day. Sami quickly drops the phone log when Joelle returns. Sami makes small talk with Joelle before she and Lucas step away to talk privately. Lucas and Sami argue in hushed tones about whether there is a logical explanation for those calls. Kate steps out of her office, already ticked, and upon seeing Sami tells Joelle to call security. Sami claims that she’s only here to clean out her desk. Lucas questions Kate about having so many calls from Eugenia and Kate claims, after glaring at Joelle, that she’s been helping Eugenia ever since Sami got her fired but Sami doesn’t buy it. Sami and Lucas exchange glances when Joelle interrupts to tell Kate that she has a call from Eugenia on line one. Karen steps out of Kate’s office, says goodbye to Kate, and leaves. Lucas realizes that Shawn was right about Kate coercing the judge.


Shawn urges Belle not to deny love. Another guard wheels Philip in to see Shawn and Philip is shocked to see Belle there.

Basic Black:

Kate denies having influence on the judge. Joelle reminds Kate that Eugenia is still holding and Kate heads to her office to take the call. Sami wants Kate to stay and talk in front of them but Kate refuses and heads into her office. Sami pulls Lucas aside and begs him to believe her about Kate.

Kate’s office & Eugenia’s apartment:

Eugenia demands that Kate either gives her a job or support her so Kate promises to give Eugenia money as long as Sami doesn’t find out.

Basic Black:

Lucas is having a hard time believing that Kate would ruin their wedding since it would mean hurting him and Will. Kate walks out of her office just as Sami insists that Kate would do exactly that.

Lockhart house:

Jennifer steps in between Patrick and Jack to try to keep the peace as they trash talk each other. Jennifer pushes Jack away and Jack suddenly looks ill and leans against the pool after bumping up against one of the support beams. Jennifer notices the sudden change in Jack’s demeanor and has him sit down. Jennifer demands to know what is wrong with Jack.

Frankie calls his contact to check on the search for information on Patrick.

Patrick fumes to Billie about Jack. Billie consoles him but then realizes that Chelsea isn’t around. Patrick tells her that Chelsea and Abby went to Chelsea’s room but they both become alarmed when they realize that Max isn’t around either.

Max helps Chelsea hang a poster of him over her bed. Chelsea stands on her bed while she has Max kneel down on the bed to sign the poster. Max then jokingly signs Chelsea’s exposed midriff and they both collapse on the bed laughing. Abby tries to change the mood by commenting on the room and Chelsea suggests that the room is too crowded. Max suggests that three may not be a crowd after all.

Mimi has stopped by the party. Bonnie, now even more inebriated, gushes about plans to redecorate once she is the sole woman in Mickey’s life. Suddenly, Bonnie falls backward to the ground. Mimi runs to her side.

Jack blames his symptoms on the sun and starts to get up. Jennifer makes Jack sit back down and leaves to get him some water. Frankie sits down to ask Jack if he is okay and Jack says it’s nothing getting rid of Patrick won’t cure. Frankie assures him that he’s working on it.

Abby tries to get Max to leave and opens the door only to come face to face with Billie and Patrick. Billie tells them that the only party is down at the pool and tells Max to come help flip the burgers. Max agrees and leaves with Billie. Patrick tells Abby and Chelsea to come with him back to the pool and heads out. Abby looks back at Chelsea before following Patrick. Chelsea curses Billie and vows to find a way to get Billie out of the house and out of her life.


Belle starts to explain but Philip understands why Belle is there. Philip tells Shawn about talking to the judge. Belle thanks Philip with a kiss. Shawn thanks Philip and shakes his hand.

Basic Black:

Kate claims that she was meeting with Karen to try and convince her to release Shawn on bail. Sami scoffs and walks across the room. Kate gives Lucas an invitation to Maggie’s new restaurant opening tomorrow and tells him not to bring Sami. Kate tells Sami to get her things and get out before heading back into her office.

Sami tells Lucas that she understands his reluctance to believe Kate could be that vengeful. Lucas walks away. Sami mentally vows to find proof that Kate set her up. The screen splits in two and Kate is shown (in her office) next to Sami as she vows to keep Sami from reuniting with Lucas.

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