Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/14/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/14/05


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Chloe wakes from a nap on the couch and calls out to Brady. When there is no answer, Chloe finds a note from Brady explaining that he ran out to pick up a surprise for her. Chloe looks at her scars in the mirror as she wonders whether the magic of the cottage will wear off, allowing Brady to see her scars and thus not love her anymore. Chloe smiles as she sees Brady walk up behind her. Brady, who can still only see the unblemished Chloe, hands her a bouquet of wildflowers as he assures her that he’ll only love her more. Brady and Chloe kiss. Chloe commends Brady for being able to see past her scars. Brady likens the current situation to how he still loved Chloe after she lost all her hair during chemotherapy. Chloe insists that now is different because she sees others who look at her with pity. Chloe doesn’t believe Brady’s insistence that he’ll never stop loving her. Chloe suddenly decides that she can’t sing at the renewal ceremony after all and locks herself in the bedroom.

Brady is standing outside on the phone with Marlena. Brady thanks Marlena, ends the call, and heads back inside. Brady knocks on the bedroom door so Chloe will come out. Chloe opens the door and apologizes for getting upset but wants Brady to understand how she feels. Brady leads Chloe out to the living room to talk. Chloe explains to Brady about how the scars have set her back to feeling sad and lonely like she did in high school. Chloe explains that she doesn’t want to be singing tomorrow and have all of their friends nudging each other and whispering about her looks. Brady tries to convince Chloe that what she looks like doesn’t matter but Chloe insists that it does when it comes to things like her career. Brady offers to get another plastic surgeon but Chloe complains that her case is hopeless. Brady insists that he can help if Chloe would trust him. Chloe is skeptical that she can be cured. Brady reveals that he called Marlena because she is friends with Dr. Travis, who is the best plastic surgeon in the world. Brady agrees to contact Dr. Travis as long as Chloe doesn’t do the surgery for him. Chloe agrees to Brady’s request to never stop loving her and they head to the bedroom to make love. Brady and Chloe have finished making love. Brady recalls that he has a surprise for Chloe and tells her to go look out the window. Chloe rushes to the window and spots a horse and carriage. Chloe flashes back to riding in a horse drawn carriage with Brady in Colorado. Brady pats the pillow next to him and Chloe jumps back into bed for another round of lovemaking.

Patrick’s house:

Chelsea puts down a box and collapses onto the bed, frustrated. Abby, also carrying a box, laughs. Chelsea is angry that Abby is laughing while she’s annoyed that she’s stuck doing manual labor instead of making out with Max. Abby reminds Chelsea that she’s working toward her dream of moving in with Patrick. Chelsea reiterates that she and Billie are the ones moving in with Patrick. Chelsea complains that she has to do all the work while Patrick isn’t here and Abby reminds her that Patrick is out getting keys made for them. Abby asks Chelsea what she thinks of her new room, which used to belong to Connor. Chelsea is willing to put up with the depressing digs since it means sharing a bathroom with Patrick. Chelsea explains to Abby that she worked out sharing a bathroom with Patrick because Billie took Bonnie’s old room that has a bathroom attached and Patrick is using Mimi’s old room. Chelsea shares her plan to pretend to accidentally slip into the shower while Patrick is already in there and Abby tries to talk her out of it. Chelsea tells Abby that she should leave if she keeps thinking that everything Chelsea does is stupid. Chelsea grabs a box and forces a fake smile before heading into the bathroom and slamming the door in Abby’s face. Abby knocks on the bathroom door and apologizes to Chelsea. When Chelsea doesn’t respond, Abby opens the door and catches Chelsea sniffing Patrick’s robe and spraying his cologne. Chelsea tells Abby to sit back, watch and learn how to seduce a man.

Billie works on unpacking boxes downstairs. Billie pulls a stuffed animal out of one box and wonders if she is doing the right thing. Patrick returns from having the keys made and Billie shares her fears with him. Patrick wants to know why moving doesn’t feel right to Billie. Billie explains that now with Chelsea to think about, staying with friends seems too temporary. Patrick convinces Billie to stay because it would mean that Chelsea might go off to college soon and that it means not having to deal with a mortgage. Patrick gives Billie her key. Patrick and Billie bring in the last of the boxes. Patrick jokes about how most of this stuff belongs to Chelsea as he holds up two stuffed animals. Billie thanks Patrick for helping her make Chelsea feel that she has a home. Patrick commends Billie for taking on the task of looking after Chelsea. Billie hopes that she can get Chelsea to trust her enough to enable her to keep Chelsea out of trouble.

Billie and Patrick knock on the door to Chelsea’s room and Chelsea and Abby rush back into Chelsea’s room to answer the door. Billie offers to help unpack but they turn her down. Patrick smells his cologne in the air. Patrick leans in close to smell Chelsea for signs of his cologne. Chelsea claims she knocked some over while making room for her things in the bathroom. Patrick mentions that he is going to show Billie her room and then take a shower before he and Billie leave. Chelsea is giddy that Patrick leaned in close to her, seeing it as a sign that Patrick loves her. Chelsea also thinks that Patrick’s mention of his plan to shower was an invitation for Chelsea to join him. Abby calls Chelsea insane as they both hear the shower come on. Chelsea smiles at Abby before turning toward the bathroom and stripping off her shirt. Chelsea is now wearing only a towel and slips off the last of her jewelry in preparation for slipping into the shower. Abby once again tries to be the voice of reason. Chelsea admires herself in the mirror as she insists that Patrick will consider himself lucky to be with her. Chelsea grins and heads into the bathroom. Abby sighs in exasperation.

Chelsea heads for the shower and drops her towel.


Shawn curses the fact that he’s stuck behind bars while Belle remains married to Philip. Shawn flashes back to his jet bathroom conversation with Belle. Shawn knocks over his food tray and sends it flying across the cell, anxious to keep Belle from making a big mistake. Mimi walks up, having overheard him, and asks Shawn why he thinks Belle’s choice was a mistake. Mimi asks Shawn to consider the possibility that Belle wants to be with Philip. Shawn is angry that Mimi would even consider the idea. Mimi explains that she now thinks they should at least respect Belle’s decision. Shawn starts to object but calms down when Mimi says she doesn’t want to fight. Mimi explains that she came by to offer her support as someone who has been in his shoes. Shawn thanks her and apologizes for yelling. Mimi offers to get Shawn anything but Shawn says all he wants is Belle. Shawn complains of feeling helpless and Mimi wishes she were able to make both Shawn and Belle happy. Shawn asks how Mimi was able to come back to see him and Mimi admits that she claimed to be Shawn’s girlfriend. Mimi and Shawn reminisce about a trip to Paris. Mimi becomes sad when Shawn talks about how great it is that Rex and Mimi can now be together again. Mimi shares her fears about the risk of that future and tells Shawn about her abortion. Mimi explains her reasoning for the abortion and how Jan was blackmailing her. Even though Shawn thinks Rex would understand, he advisees Mimi not to tell Rex. Mimi is shocked that Shawn would suggest not telling Rex the truth. Shawn explains that he wishes he and Belle could just put everything in the past and move on. Mimi is glad she came to see Shawn. Shawn is sure Mimi and Rex will have a future just like him and Belle but Mimi points out that that decision will be up to Rex and Belle.

University Hospital:

Belle accompanies Philip to his appointment for getting his prosthesis fitted. Philip talks with Belle about his fear, nerves, and his determination to get back to a normal life. Belle becomes lost in thought and as Philip calls her attention back, Belle flashes back to hearing about Marlena’s pregnancy. Belle starts to tell Philip about John’s decision to have the ceremony tomorrow but suddenly doubles over. Philip calls the nurse over and the nurse has Belle lower her head, as she quickly looks Belle over. The nurse runs out of the room to get Lexie. Belle tries to keep herself from vomiting as she wonders aloud what is wrong with her. Lexie returns to the room with the nurse. Lexie checks on Belle because the nurse has informed her that Belle is feeling lightheaded. Belle blames it on stress and Lexie offers to check her out after Philip’s appointment. Lexie sends the nurse out of the room to prepare an exam room for Belle. Belle assures Lexie that she’ll be fine for a few minutes and Lexie leaves to see if she can find the specialist. Belle apologizes to Philip for making him worry but Philip assures her that he’s only doing what she’s been doing for him. Philip tells Belle that she is his whole world and he wouldn’t know what to do if anything ever happened to her.

Philip is now lying on the exam table and the specialist determines that Philip is a good candidate for prosthesis. Philip tells the specialist about Heather Mills McCartney’s visit and how he is determined to get to her level of a normal life again. The specialist commends Philip’s attitude and then asks Belle and Lexie to leave them alone to finish up. The specialist finishes examining Philip and makes his final notes. Philip is skeptical that having prosthesis truly will return him to an almost normal lifestyle until the specialist reveals that he too has a prosthetic leg that he’s had for six years. Philip is glad to hear that the loss of a leg won’t prevent him from supporting and protecting Belle. Philip vows to never let Belle go now that he’s home.

Belle and Lexie head over to the other exam room. While Belle is changing into a gown, Lexie fires off a list of questions to Belle about her recent medical status including whether she feels nauseous, has cramping, and about the date of her last period. Belle becomes alarmed when the line of questioning and her responses lead to the idea that Belle could be pregnant. Lexie makes notes on Belle’s chart as she confirms that her symptoms could be pregnancy but could be something else and should just wait for the test results. Lexie notes Belle’s preoccupied nature and offers to talk. Belle complains that between Philip’s recovery and Shawn being in jail, there’s so much to worry about and Belle feels she isn’t doing a good job of it. Philip opens the door and claims that Belle’s fears are his fault. Belle tries to convince Philip that her condition is not his fault. Lexie leaves Philip and Belle alone to talk. Philip acknowledges Belle’s worries about Shawn but Belle simply asks him to hold her and climbs into his lap.

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