Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/13/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/13/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie’s house:

Maggie talks with Alice about her stress of having to compete with Bonnie for Mickey’s love.

Mickey arrives home in a great mood and carrying a bouquet of red roses. Mickey checks his reflection in the toaster and gushes about how “she” will love the flowers before heading out of the kitchen.

Bonnie comes in through the kitchen door, having been shopping. Bonnie complains about her stiff neck from having to sleep on the pull out sofa bed and declares that tonight will be the night that Maggie is gone because she plans to seduce Mickey. Mimi stops by to ask Bonnie for help in telling Rex the truth. Bonnie advises Mimi to now go ahead and tell Rex the truth. Bonnie finds a folder on the counter that contains papers mentioning plans for Mickey to buy Maggie a new restaurant. Bonnie assumes that it is because Mickey plans on divorcing Maggie. Bonnie starts to call Mickey’s assistant for more information but ends up talking to Father Jansen who happened to call at the same time. Father Jansen has called to confirm wedding vow renewal plans for “Mr. and Mrs. Horton” tomorrow and Bonnie confirms the plans, believing her to be the “Mrs. Horton” in question.

Maggie comes back downstairs and almost runs into Mickey who is coming to talk to her. Mickey hides the bouquet behind his back and starts to talk to Maggie about their future. Maggie interrupts to declare that she’s leaving him. Maggie tears up when Mickey reveals the roses from behind his back, hits one knee, and asks Maggie to re-marry him. Mickey explains to Maggie that he chose her a while ago but didn’t want to spring the news on Bonnie while she was dealing with Mimi going to jail. Maggie commends Mickey for always being a gentleman and helps him stand up. Maggie points out that Mickey also professed to love Bonnie and Mickey explains that he mistook gratitude for love in Bonnie’s case and now realizes that it was wrong to make them both wait. Mickey asks Maggie to wait to give her answer and pulls out a key to Maggie’s new restaurant. Maggie sobs at this news. Mickey begs Maggie to say yes and Alice cautions Mickey not to push, as Maggie may need time to decide. Maggie insists she needs no time and accepts his proposal.

Bonnie walks in on Mickey talking to Maggie and Mickey starts to explain. Bonnie admits that she saw the papers about the restaurant and has talked to Father Jansen. Bonnie announces that she is going to give them time alone and that she will be heading down to Alice’s Bar and leaves. Maggie worries that Bonnie took the news a little too well and Mickey agrees. Maggie wonders whether Bonnie only reacted that way because she’s under the impression that Mickey chose her.

On her way out through the kitchen, Bonnie gushes about how Mickey is letting Maggie down easy but delights in how it must be killing Maggie to hear she’s getting the boot. Bonnie picks up a picture of Maggie and pretends to air kiss Maggie goodbye before heading out to plan “her” wedding.

Basketball court part of the park:

Chelsea brings Abby to watch a group of young adult shirtless males play basketball. Chelsea pretends that her intimate moment with Max was no big deal but delights in Abby’s shocked reaction. Max arrives to join the game and Chelsea flashes him a big smile when he strips off his shirt. Chelsea is confident in her plan to use Max to get Patrick. Chelsea ignores Abby’s warnings and goes off again with Max after the game.


Patrick has Billie meet him to inform her of catching Chelsea with Max. Patrick also tells Billie that Chelsea didn’t seem to think she was being taken advantage of. Billie thanks Patrick as she realizes that she now must step in in a more parental role to keep Chelsea from following in her footsteps. Billie complains to Patrick that Chelsea has to be out of her own house by tomorrow but that Billie doesn’t even have a place for Chelsea to move into. Patrick offers to have them move in with him. Billie is skeptical at first but decides to accept the offer. Chelsea, with a scowl, walks up with Max as Billie hugs Patrick to thank him. Chelsea and Max make their presence known and Billie drags Chelsea away to talk while Patrick and Max talk alone.

Hearing that Patrick is to their new landlord, Chelsea is all for the idea of moving in with him and Billie. Abby walks up and masks her disapproval in front of Billie when Chelsea happily informs her of their new living arrangements. Billie mentions Patrick’s offer of helping them move and Chelsea happily cancels her plans with Max after fantasizing about concluding an afternoon of moving by sleeping with Patrick.

Max offers to settle his dispute with Patrick about Chelsea over a basketball game. The deal is that the winner is the first person to score three baskets and if Max wins, he gets to do as he pleases with Chelsea.

Basketball court part of the park:

Patrick agrees to the game. Each of them scores two baskets and Max pushes Patrick out of the way so he can score a third basket. As the winner, Max can now do as he pleases with Chelsea. Patrick repeats his warning but Max ignores him. Chelsea, Billie, and Abby walk up and both Max and Patrick claim they were only playing a friendly game. Chelsea tells Max that she can’t go with him because she’s moving and Max leaves. Patrick tells Chelsea to call when she’s ready to move and leaves. Billie tells Chelsea that she’ll meet her and Abby at Chelsea’s house after running an errand and leaves. Abby points out to Chelsea that Patrick also asked Billie to move in but Chelsea claims Patrick only did that because he had to. Chelsea proclaims that it won’t be long before she and Patrick will not only be under the same roof but in the same bed.


Belle and Mimi stroll through the park as they talk about Shawn going to jail and Mimi’s need to tell Rex the truth. Belle spots Marlena across the park and says goodbye to Mimi.

Roman comes across Marlena first and stops to ask if she has told John about the pregnancy yet. Marlena admits she hasn’t and Roman cautions that it’s only a matter of time before she can no longer wait to tell John about the baby. Belle overhears Roman’s last remark as she walks up and confronts Marlena. Belle is ecstatic to hear the news that Marlena is pregnant. Roman excuses himself to allow Belle and Marlena to talk. Belle gushes about how John must be excited but is surprised to learn that John doesn’t know. Marlena admits to Belle that she hasn’t told John about the pregnancy because the baby isn’t his but Roman’s baby. Belle is upset with Marlena for her infidelity. Marlena defends her infidelity to Belle by blaming it on Tony’s manipulations. Marlena explains that she waited to tell John until he was stronger and then discovered that she was pregnant. Belle sees how distraught Marlena is and assures her that what happened isn’t Marlena’s fault. Marlena is relieved that Belle doesn’t hate her and asks Belle not to tell anyone until she can tell John. Belle is confident that John will understand. Belle steps away when her cell phone rings but it turns out to be John calling to ask for her help with the vow renewal ceremony. Belle questions John’s decision to schedule the renewal for tomorrow and looks over at Marlena, who is rubbing her stomach and sighing, as John insists that he wants to be able to give Marlena good news and show her that she’s the only woman for him and that nothing is ever going to change that.

Basic Black:

John and Kate talk about the progress of their plans for renewing their vows. John informs Kate about Chloe and hopes that he was able to convince Chloe to sing at the ceremony. Kate cries as she and John talk about their love while Roman and Marlena were gone. John kisses Kate’s hand and tells her she is as beautiful inside as she is outside and Roman, having just walked in, makes his presence known by agreeing with John. John starts to explain but Roman dismisses his concern. John leaves Roman and Kate alone. Kate locks the door and she and Roman make love on the office couch.

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