Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/12/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/12/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Isabella’s cottage:

Brady, who still cannot see Chloe’s scars, shares breakfast with Chloe. Chloe becomes uncomfortable when Brady continues to stare at her but Brady insists he’s only staring because Chloe is beautiful. Brady wants to go out and face the world but Chloe refuses. Chloe does agree to allow John and Marlena to come over. Chloe admits to Brady that Marlena knew she was alive but kept it a secret because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Chloe also admits to Brady that she was there the night he confronted Nicole at Alice’s Bar.


Marlena has to hurry away from breakfast with John because his constant offers of food make her sick. Marlena returns to John and starts to tell him about the baby but they are interrupted by Brady’s call to invite them over to see Chloe. Marlena lets it slip that she knew Chloe was alive. Marlena explains to John that she kept Chloe’s secret because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Marlena is surprised to learn that John kept Isabella’s cottage but forgives John for neglecting to tell her. Marlena starts to tell John about the baby again but Roman stops by and interrupts them. While John is upstairs, Roman confronts Marlena about not telling John about the baby yet. Marlena insists that she will tell John right away but turns down Roman’s offer to stick around and be there for Marlena if she wants to tell John right now.

Isabella’s cottage:

John and Marlena arrive at the cottage. John tries to mask his reaction upon seeing Chloe but is shocked to hear Brady gush about Chloe’s beauty. Brady and John leave Chloe and Marlena alone to talk. Chloe questions Marlena about Brady’s inability to see her scars and Marlena explains that Brady can only see Chloe’s inner beauty because that is what is more important to him. John then pulls Chloe aside to ask her to sing at the wedding vow renewal ceremony but Chloe hesitates. John asks Chloe to at least think about attending since Brady will be there and they all consider Chloe to be family. While Chloe and John are talking, Brady asks Marlena to continue to counsel Chloe and Marlena agrees on the condition that Brady be part of the therapy.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Roman explains to Bo over the phone that he thought Bo would rather be the one to bring Shawn in and Bo agrees. Bo insists he must fulfill his police duty but Hope is against the idea of arresting Shawn.

Belle’s loft:

Shawn bursts in and tells Kate not to talk to Belle like that. Kate becomes angry when not only does Shawn ignore her command to leave, but when Belle refuses to throw Shawn out herself. Philip stands up for Shawn and insists that he stay. Lucas questions Kate since this is the second time this morning that Kate has tried to throw someone out of someone else’s apartment, pointing out to Kate that she must respect the decisions of her children because they are all adults now. Kate gets a call from Roman informing her that Bo and Hope are on their way over to arrest Shawn but neglects to tell Shawn. Kate suddenly announces to everyone that she will respect their wish to allow Shawn to stay. Kate smirks as Bo and Hope arrive to arrest Shawn. Belle blames herself for Shawn’s predicament and Hope and Bo become suspicious of Kate when Philip asks Kate to pull strings since she is a friend of Judge Fitzpatrick. Belle and Philip both offer to vouch for Shawn but Shawn turns them down. Bo yells at Shawn for reacting on impulse and Shawn accuses Bo of doing the same thing. Hope accuses Kate of convincing the judge to move up Shawn’s court date but Kate denies it. Roman arrives and Hope declares to him that Kate is trying to ruin Shawn’s life. Hope hugs Shawn and promises to get him out soon as Bo escorts him to jail. Roman defends Kate but Lucas pulls Hope aside to discuss her and his own suspicions about what Kate would do for her children.

Eugenia’s apartment:

Sami searches Eugenia’s apartment just as Eugenia returns. Sami hides under the bed when she hears Eugenia start to unlock her door and fears being found when Eugenia mentions looking for her slippers under the bed. Sami sticks Eugenia’s slippers within Eugenia’s reach and then ducks out of the way of Eugenia’s grasp. Eugenia overhears Sami cry out when Eugenia sits on the bed and makes the bottom of the mattress hit Sami. Eugenia pushes down on the mattress but chalks it up to an old mattress creaking when she doesn’t hear any more noise. Sami listens in on Eugenia’s call to Marguerite (the phony phone psychic), as they talk about Marguerite taking care of Dino and Eugenia gloats to Marguerite about how she and Kate took care of Sami. Eugenia shakes the fake book and returns it to the shelf as she gloats to Marguerite about how she has proof on Kate. Sami sneaks out of the apartment while Eugenia is in the bathroom.

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