Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/8/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/8/05


By Emily 
Pictures by Juanita

Max is with Chelsea at the same spot they were when they made out. Max asks her if she wants to full around or if she is saving herself for her dream guy. Max asks her if she is saving herself for Patrick and Chelsea tells her that she is not saving herself for him because he is too old. Max tells her that the whole town things there is something wrong with the guy. Chelsea tells her that Patrick has been nothing but nice to Jennifer and her family. Max tells him that Jack does not think so. Max tells Chelsea that he came up here to have a good time but they are not doing it. Chelsea tells him that she will go half way with him just so he backs off. Patrick sees a car on his way home and thinks that it might have broke down so he goes to lend a helping hand only to see Max and Chelsea. Chelsea asks Patrick not to say anything. Patrick pulls Max aside and tells him that Chelsea is still in high school and asks him what is wrong with him. Patrick tells him that she needs someone to look over her but it should not be him. Chelsea agrees to go home with Patrick. Patrick tells her that she is making a big mistake with him. Patrick tells her that she should stay away from Max Brady and she should starting thinking about what she is doing. She tells him that she gets lonely and that she needs someone and she is so glad that she has him as a friend. Abby sees Max and asks where Chelsea is. He tells her that she is out with Patrick now.

Belle and Shawn bring Phillip home from to their house. Phillip tells her that he never thought that he would see this place again. John and Kate join them and John wants to know where he can drop Phillip’s bag, Phillip informs them that he will be sleeping on the couch because he can not go up the stairs. Belle tells him that he will be up and walking again in no time. Shawn tells her that the only way that he can deal with this is knowing that Belle and Phillip are not in the same bed. Shawn tells her that it is only going to be harder on Phillip when she leaves him. She tells him that she is never going to leave Phillip because she is her husband. Kate tells Shawn that they do not need Shawn her and that he should go home and that he lost Belle forever.

John tells Kate that Shawn under estimated Belle taking her wedding vows.

Roman figures out that Marlena is pregnant and Marlena tells him that she is a few months along. Roman puts two and two together and figures out that it is his baby. Marlena then confirm that it is true. Marlena apologizes that she did not tell him sooner but she was in shock. She tells him that it must have happened the time that they were held captive with Tony. Roman tells her that he will stand by her with what ver she decides to do. Marlena tells him that she does not know what she is going to do. John goes home to Marlena’s house and brings flowers home for her. Marlena is torn between tells John the truth. John tells Roman that his wife is over at Phillip’s and that he might be anxious to see her, that was his way of kicking Roman out of the house. Roman thinks that they should tell John. Marlena makes up the story that Sami will do anything to get Lucas back. Roman agrees and then heads over to see his wife. John tells her that it is there time to concentrate on their anniversary. He tells her that nothing will separate them again. Marlena starts to cry knowing that this pregnancy will tare them apart. Marlena tells him that she is crying because she is worried at how Belle will be able to handle everything. John tells her that she would be proud of her little girl because she is being faithful to her wedding vows. He tells her that Phillip is a better man for her. Marlena tells him that she does not think that Belle will ever get over Shawn. John tells her that Belle choose Phillip for a reason. John and Marlena start to celebrate but when she does not drink the whine John figures out something is wrong. Marlena tells him that nothing is wrong.

Patrick and Rex go to pick up Mimi at the jail because she was released. Mimi tells them that she never felt so good to change out of those clothes. Rex tells her that he can not wait to get her home. Patrick aks her if she is going to tell Rex the truth. Mimi tells Patrick that she needs some time alone with Rex right now that she is not up to a party with her mother. When they get to their apartment Rex has a surprise for her he prepared a nice table set for her. They make a tose to her freedom and their rest of their life. He sits her down and wants to pick out wedding date but first she has to tell him the secret that Jan over her. Belle calls over to Mimi’s house and tells her to go over because she wants to see them. Rex tells her that they can not have any more secrets. The pair greet Phillip again. Kate tells them that she is happy to see them again and that she wants nothing but a happy ending for everyone. Mimi asks if she is with Phillip or is she with Shawn. Mimi and Belle talk about the wedding day tragedy and how what Shawn did was out of love. Shawn comes over and Belle tells him that it is time to leave. Mimi asks Belle if her relationship is really over with Shawn.

Roman finds Kate outside of Phillip’s apartment, she tells him that she is glad that he is back. Kate asks him what is wrong because he confess that he was over at Marlena’s when John came home. Roman tells her that they will talk about this later because he does not what to ruin her homecoming.

Jack and Jennifer asks Frankie if he was watch the girls. Frankie tells him that he just took Chelsea out for a spin in his car they should be back soon. Jack goes to put ice cream in the freezer and Jennifer and Frankie start to talk. Frankie tells her that Jack is lucky to have her. He also tells her that Jack is a wonderful guy and that their daughter is wonderful. Jennifer tells him that he makes her laugh so much. She tells him that Salem is her life, its where she meet Jack, and it is where she raised her children. She tells him that life can not get any better. She tells him that there is something wrong but she does not know what it is. Frankie tells him that she should just ask him. She tells him that she has but he denies that anything is wrong. She tells him that she feels that he is in trouble. She wishes that he would tell him and get it out in the open. Jack rejoins them and tells him that he would change his tune if Jennifer was still available. Jennifer tells him that she will never be available because she will be with him for the rest of his life. She tells Frankie that she is happy that he has come back to Salem right now and she welcomes him home.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Jack suffers from back pain again but this time Abby walks in to see him in pain and asks what is wrong with him. He tells her that he tried to move the fridge and he stained his back. She tells him that she is just paranoid. Jack tells her that if anything should happen to him that she has to promise never to let Patrick ever in the house again. Jack tells him self that he wants the time that he has left to be spent wisely and for him to be happy.

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