Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/6/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/6/05


By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer tells Frankie that she is looking forward to his brother Max and him staying the night and now that the garage is open since Patrick no longer lives there. After she mentions Patrick last name Frankie reveals that it sounds familiar. Frankie picks up that Jack does not like Patrick but Jennifer jumps in to tell him that Jack does not know him and that Patrick is a good man. Patrick is with her when Jack was missing and he deliver her baby when she was in the jungle and that she would not be alive with out him. Jack comes and joins them after shopping and tells Frankie that they are welcome to stay and help them selves to what ever is in the kitchen. He then tells Jennifer that he has surprise for her whisks her away. While working on his car, Chelsea approaches Max and starts to flirt with him. Seeing this Frankie pulls his brother aside. Abby tells Chelsea that she is acting like a slut because first she was hung up by Patrick and now she is hung up by Max and it is disgusting. Chelsea tells her that to make Patrick jealous is that she has to appear that she is with Max. Abby tells her that she is going about this the wrong way. Abby asks her what her mother would think about this if she knew. Abby tells her that she is sorry that she brought them up. Chelsea tells her that she doesn’t know what tomorrow holds so that she is going to go for Max. Frankie pulls Max aside and tells him that Jen and Jack are trusting him to watch the girls. Max tells him that he has gone through year with a broken heart over Jennifer. Max decides to prove his point so he pulls Frankie’s wallet out of his pants to find a picture of Jennifer. Max tells him that it is too late with Jennifer. Chelsea prepares water balloons and throws them at Max who then rebels with donning her in water with the hose. Mean while Frankie calls to take some time off to keep an eye on his brother but while on the phone he asks somebody to find out any information that they can find on Patrick. Frankie has a hunch that Patrick is hiding something and he is going to find out what it is. Max and Chelsea take off for the lake with out Abby.

Jack and Jennifer go and sit on top of their car at the airport to see planes take off. Jennifer tells her that this is a sweet idea and asks him if she remembers when they were last here. They flash back to when they first were there. Jennifer loves that he got so romantic but wants to know what got into him. Jack flashes back to when Lexi tells him that he doesn’t have much time left. Jack tells Jennifer that all he wants to do is cherish every moment. Jennifer tells him that she thinks that Frankie and Max are his real reason for acting like this. Jack tells her that they are not the reason that he is acting like that. Jack tells Jennifer that he does not think that there are words ever written to described for he feels for her. Jennifer tells him that he is her favorite poet and that she saved everything that he ever gave her. She tells him that she knows what it feels like to loose him and she doesn’t want to do that for a really long time. Jennifer tells him that Frankie and max are practically her family and that she is going to have time for these people. She tells him that she loves her family and watching them grow up. Jennifer wants to know why Jack is talking that he is not going to be here on earth. Jennifer figures out that there is something wrong with Jack.&# 9;Jack tells her that it is nothing and that he loves her so much and that he does not want to loose her. Jennifer tells him that he will not loose her.

Rex and Patrick join Bonnie at her restaurant to tell her that she has an idea that might get Mimi out of prison. They think that there might be a surveillance video proving everything. Bonnie tells them that after the accident that the cops got all the surveillance videos but the one thing that they didn’t do with them is watch them because Mimi plead guilty so there was no reason to watch them. It seems that there is something wrong with their strategy in finding evidence in the videos. Bonnie tells him that there was no cameras where Jan and Mimi were fighting so they can not prove anything. Rex tells him that he is not going to give up. Rex goes out side and tells him that this one camera is out of focus and that it might be the one that caught the whole thing on camera. Rex, Patrick, and Bonnie search the office to find the video tape to prove that Mimi is really innocent. Rex finds in the video of what really happen to Jan that night and now they have the proof to free Mimi.

Sami starts to straiten up her house while she thinks of ways to get her parents back together. Nicole interrupts Sami’s thoughts by knocking on her door crying about Brady. She tells he that he life is over. Nicole tells Sami all about Brady finding them right before the Titan jet was set to take off and that Brady hates her even though it was Chloe’s idea. She begs Sami to help her find a away to keep Brady away from Chloe. Sami turns her down. Nicole tells her that they could plaster her scared face all over the place so that people will realize ugly she is. Sami tells Nicole that she lost and that she can not do this and that she knows what she is going through. That all she wants is to be good so that she can get back together with Lucas. Nicole asks her what she is going to do when Lucas find out that she is Stan. Sami tells her that they are not going to find out that she was Stan. Sami tells her that there are no evidence that there is a Stan and that they have not associated Stan with her. She tells her that she does not have a choose. Sami tells her not to threaten her because she can Brady that she is the reason that Chloe has the skin infection. Nicole searches Sami’s house for alcohol to drink her sorrows away. Sami tells Nicole that her father is convinced that Victor is alive and if he comes back that he will tell them that she tried to kill him before. Sami tells her that her best bet is to pack her bags and get out of town. Nicole tells her that she is not leaving town and that she hopes that they never find Victor. Sami tells Nicole that Lucas finds their friendship suspicious enough. Nicole tells her that they have to find away to keep Brady from Chloe and that could have to do something with Stan.

Brady blind folds Chloe to take her to her special place. Brady reveals to her the special place is the perfect spot for a romantic reunion. Chloe is in awl of how he managed to get this place looking like this. He tells her that he got the care giver down the street to help him. He then tells her that this place is secluded and that this use to be his mother’s house and after she died his father gave him the house. Brady then tells her that all the painting in the house were his mother’s. Chloe sees so amazed by this. Brady tells her that after she got sick she would come to this house because it seemed magical to her. Chloe tells him that this house is not going to change the truth about what she looks like. Brady does not understand why she keeps saying that her face is scared. He tells her that she is beautiful. Chloe tells him that he must be dreaming. Brady tells her that he thought that he might never get to bring Chloe to this place because he was saving it for their honeymoon. Chloe tells him that she thinks Brady putting his mother’s ring in her urn was the most beautiful thing that anyone could have done. Brady tells her that his love for her will never die and that he wants this night to be special for the two of them.&# 9;Brady tells her that he bought all new clothes for her and that this was suppose to be with they got married. Chloe thinks that Brady did is incredible. Brady tells her that she is the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen and that she will always be perfect in his eyes no matter what.

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