Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/4/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/4/05


By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Bo takes Hope to her surprise. Hope hears the water and tells Bo that if he thinks that he is going to sneak into another man’s boat then he has something coming to him. Bo tells her that it is their boat. He tells her that this is their “Fancy Face”. Hope is shocked and asks him if this is really their boat. Hope tells him that this surprise reminds her of when he first bought the first Fancy Face. Hope then flashes back to when Bo and Hope were younger and sailing on “Fancy Face” and tells her that he bought the boat and Bo tells her that they were going to sail off in the sunset. Bo tells Hope that back then she wanted a house and he wanted a boat so they had to compromise. Hope tells him that she compromised, and he tells her that they bought a house and then they had to sell the boat so he compromised too. He tells Bo that they can afford both the house and the boat. Bo tells him that once he found out about the awesome deal on the boat that he couldn’t pass it up. Hope asks him how he is going to pay for this and he tells her that when he use to be the Police Commander. He tells her that they deserves this and that this will be there sanctuary. He tells her that their life has gotten off track lately but they will have this place to come to focus on their marriage and how much they love each other. She tells him that he loves her. Bo tells he that he could not have asked for a better mate. They flash back to when they were sailing the ocean and Bo was teaching her all about boats. In the present Bo takes Hope down inside the boat. Hope is excited when she finds out that everything is just like it use to be in his old boat. Hope flashes back to when they talked about the bell in the boat and that when it is rung that it means that “all is well”. In the present Hope rings the bell to tell them that all is well with them. Bo also shows her that he got a bottle of whine and when they finish drinking the whine that they will smack it across the back of the boat to symbolize the christening of a new boat. Bo and Hope celebrate their new boat over desert and a dance. Hope thanks him for buying the boat, and then they move into the bedroom when they make love on the boat.

At the Black airport; Chloe tells Brady that she still loves him and Brady wants to know why she wants to leave Salem and never come back. Chloe tells him that if she tells him it will only hurt him more. She also tells him that it was her idea to leave not Nicole’s. Brady asks Chloe how he is suppose to take the new that the woman that he loves is alive and that she is going to leave him all over again and asks her if he is suppose to pretend that this is not happening and then he tells her that he can’t do that. He tells her that her being a live is a miracle and that ever since Nancy told him that Chloe was in a car accident all he dreamed about was being with Chloe. Brady then asks Chloe if the car accident is even true, and Chloe admits that the car accident is true but her being dead is the lie. Brady does not understand how she could give up her life and her career to be “dead”. Chloe tells him that she did not have a choose in the matter of her career because in the accident a piece of glass shared her vocal cords and she will never be able to sing the way that she use too. Chloe tells him that she lost everything she ever worked for and that this was a way of fate telling her that this was what she got when she left Salem. She tells him that she put her personal life on hold for this career and she wonders at the time what she was thinking. Brady chimes in and tells her that it was him that told her to go and pursue her career. It then flashes back to when Brady and Chloe are in bed and Brady tells her that she has to go, and then at the airport when they said their goodbyes and how neither of them could say goodbye, just “see you later”. Chloe tells him that he was willing to let her go and pursue her dreams because he loved her so much. Brady tells her that she succeed in fulfilling her wildest dreams, and Chloe tells him but those dreams were over in a second. She tells him that when she was told that she would never sing again that is when she decided that she would disappear. Brady tells her that he is not buying this. Chloe tells him that if she had to do it all over again that she would, and that she wishes right now that he would go away and pretend that he never saw her. Brady tells her that it is impossible to do because she is right in front of him and all he wants to do is hold her and Chloe tells him to not touch her when Brady starts to embrace her. He asks her why she is afraid of him touching her. Chloe tells him that she is not afraid of anything but she just wants him to stay away. He tells her that they can fix this. Chloe tells him that nothing can fix this. Brady tells her that he did not just fall in love with her voice that there was something more. He tells her that they got through her being sick and that they can get through anything else. Brady tells her that they will get her singing again, and Chloe tells him that she can already sing he even heard her sing. Brady is shocked and dumbfounded and wants to know when this all happened. Chloe tells him that at the memorial service they had a problem with the CD with Chloe’s singing so she sang for her own memorial service. Brady thought that she was really there and she was. He can not believe that Nancy went through all this and Chloe tells him that the reason that she did this was because she made her do it. Brady tells Chloe he never stopped loving her. Brady asks her that if she was there them she know what he did then. Chloe tells him that she saw him put his mother’s ring in her urn and asked her to marry her in heaven. Chloe tells him that he saw and heard but yet he was right beside Nicole the whole time. Brady asks her if she was jealous of Nicole. Brady tells her that Nicole was there for him when he thought that he lost her. Chloe tells him that she is not upset that he moved on but that she would have thought that he would have picked a better person. Brady tells her that he thought that Nicole changed her ways but he was wrong and that it was the biggest mistake of his life. He tells her that Nicole helped him through the roughest time of his life. Chloe tells him that as much as she tried that she could not stay away from him and there was some times when she was even in the mansion. Brady puts two and two together and remembers Nicole telling him that she thought that she saw Chloe. Brady asks her if that is when Nicole started to manipulate her. Chloe tells him that Nicole did nothing. Nicole’s only crime was loving Brady and that she was just afraid of losing Brady as she was. Brady tells her that Nicole did not tell him when she first found out too, and that if Nicole really loved him that he would have told him when she found out. Chloe tells him that if he hates Nicole for lying that he should hate her too. Brady tells her that there is a different between their lies, she was doing it to protect me and Nicole was doing it for selfish reasons. Brady asks her why she would ever want to hide herself from him. Chloe tells him that this is not just about her voice that the accident also damaged her face. Brady tells her that nothing could ever change the way that he feels for her. Chloe tells him that she never wanted to burden Brady with this.

In Germany Shawn tells Belle that he knows that she still loves him. He tells her that the only reason that he is staying with Phillip is because she made promises to him. Shawn tells her that she could not tell Phillip that she loves him more then she loves Phillip. Shawn tells belle that she has to admit that she loves him more then Phillip and that they agreed back in Salem to tell Phillip the truth. She tells Shawn that she stood before God and made a promise to Phillip and that he needs Belle right now. Shawn asks her how long she is going to be with Phillip and Belle tells him that he does not know. Shawn asks if it will be forever, and Belle tells him that she doesn’t want to think about forever right now. She is going to have to take one day at a time and that Shawn should go home because by staying her right now that the person that he is really hurting right now is her. Shawn tells her that is the last thing that he wants to do. He tells her that he is going to leave but that does not mean that he is going to accept what has happened here today and that he will find away for them to be together.

Phillip tells Heather that he can not burden his wife with taking care of him. He tells her that he might not want his life back the way that it use to be. Heather tells him that she can do anything that she could do before she lost her leg. She tells him that she still has a great career and that he can do anything that he can set his mind to. He tells her that he can handle the pain, but what he can’t handle is other people pitying him. Heather tells him that as long as he does not pity himself. She tells him that he will be an inspiration to the people around him. He tells her that he is afraid that Belle is only staying around because she pities him, he then goes on to tell her that Belle deserves better then him because she is the type on woman that puts people before herself. She tells him that one day down the road that no one will even know that he is missing a leg unless he decides to tell them. She tells him that she has moved on with her life; she is married, has a child and a career. Heather tells him that as long as he takes one step at a time that he eventually will be hole again. Phillip thanks Heather for what she has done for him. Heather tells him that he is the only one in charge of his recovery.

Belle meets Heather outside of Phillip’s room. Belle tells her that it is nice to meet her and thanks for her taking the time out of her schedule for trying to help Phillip. Heather tells Belle that all she needs to be there for him and massage his leg it will help them bond again. Heather tells her that Phillips needs her right now and that she needs to be strong for him, and that they need to be honest with each other. She also tells Belle that it is possible for them to get their life back the way that it use to be.

While the ladies are talking the doctor and Shawn are in Phillip’s room. The doctor tells Phillip that the phantom pain will stay for a while and that it will eventually go away. Phillip tells the doctor that he is excited to go home. The doctor warns him that taking care of him is going to be stressful and a lot of work. Phillip tells the doctor that Belle is capable of taking care of him. Phillip tells Shawn that he does not want any hard feeling between the too because of Belle’s decision today. Shawn tells Phillip that he respects him but to tell him that there is no hard feelings is hard for him to do. Shawn tells him that he has to promise that he would never hurt Belle ever. Phillip tells Shawn that if he had a choice of losing Belle or losing his leg he would lose his leg all over again.

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