Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/29/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/29/05


By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Bo, Zack, and Hope settle into the couch to watch a movie. Before watching the movie Hope wanted to call Germany to check on Belle and Shawn. Bo tells her that he does not think that it is a good idea to call over there. Hope asks why she shouldn’t call Shawn. Bo tells Hope that Shawn reason for going is so that she does not bond too much with her husband. Hope tells her husband that Shawn loves Belle too much. Bo tells her that Shawn left Belle and Belle moved on and Shawn should respect that. Hope tells that Belle made a mistake when she married Phillip because she always loved Shawn. Bo tells Hope that he wants their son to be as happy as she wants him to be too but that Shawn is going about this the wrong way. Bo tells her that he does not want to fight with her anymore and tells her that their love can get them through anything. Bo tells Hope that he has a surprise for her and Hope tells him that he should do it now but rushes out the door to work on her surprise. Bo comes back to house with blue paint on his clothes and hope wants to know how it got there. Bo tells it is part of her surprise. Bo tells Hope to get Zack’s things together because he is going to stay at his grandparents for the night so that he can show her the surprise.

In Germany John is on the phone with Marlena and tells her that he was able to pull a few string to get Phillip to do his therapy in Salem. John also shares with her the bad news that Shawn is over here in Germany. John tells Marlena that would be surprised if Belle left Phillip for Shawn. After getting off the phone with his wife, Shawn burst through the door fuming. John tries to stop him, but Shawn only tells him to let go unless he wants to fight. John asks Shawn why he is looking for a fight but puts the pieces together and figures that Belle dumped Shawn for Phillip. John tells Shawn that when he was gone last summer she has a chance to fall in love with a different kind of man. Shawn tells John that she feel in love with Phillip because she was on the rebound from their relationship. Shawn tells him that the only reason that Phillip one was because he used sympathy to get her. John tells him that Belle needs Phillip and not him. Shawn tells him that Belle is his life. John tells him that if he interferes with them that he will have to answer to him. Shawn tells him that she does not love Phillip. John tells him that Belle is going to live up to her wedding vows. Shawn tells John that Belle is making the biggest mistake of her life. John tells him that he has no say in what Belle chooses and neither does he.&# 9;John tells him that Belle’s biggest mistake would have been if she would have choose him.

Phillip tells Belle and Shawn that he would not hate her if she would choose Shawn over her. They both declare that they love her but Shawn tells Phillip that he swooned in when Shawn was away. Phillip tells her that he will walk away if that is what she want. Phillip wants to know if he will back away if she chooses him over Shawn. Belle yells for them to stop arguing and that she made her decision. Shawn tells her that she should not feel pressured into making this decision. Belle tells them that one of them is going to be really hurt when she makes this decision and she starts crying because she feels sorry for having to do this to both of them. She tells Shawn that she is sorry and then stands by her husband. Shawn tells her that she has to think of her future not just at the moment. Belle tells him that she has and that she choose Phillip. Shawn tells her that he will never accept that. Shawn tells Belle that she doesn’t know what she is doing and what they have is what people build their lives upon. Phillip tells him to leave her alone. Belle tells Shawn that he flew across the country so that it would turn out the way that he wanted it to turn out. Bell reminds him that she told him that she wanted him to stay in Salem and that she didn’t want Phillip to know that they had feelings for one another so now this is the way things turned out. Belle tells them that she made her decision and that she is going to stand by it. Phillip tells her that if she wants in this that she has to be sure that she is not going to back out later. He asks her if she is ready to commit to him for the rest of their lives. Belle tells him that she made the right decision and tells Shawn to go home. Shawn tells her that he loves her and that he always will. Shawn leaves the room upset. Belle tells Phillip that he should never have to worry that she would ever leave him. Phillip tells her that he his the reason that he wants to live. Belle agrees with him. Phillip tells Belle that living with a husband with out a leg is not going to be easy and that she deserves better. Belle pushes his comments aside and when he thinks that he is ready for bed she asks if she can stay to learn what the nurse does so that she can do it when they get home. Phillip seems in pain and Belle asks him if she hurt him when she put him in the bed. Phillip tells her that he is just tied and to go get her something to drink in the café.

While Belle is at the café, Phillip has a guest and tells him that she has been through the same thing that he went through. She also lost her leg. Phillip tells her that you can’t even tell that she lost a leg. She said that it changed her life for the better, and Phillip wants to know how that could happen. She tells them now since she knows what it is like to go through it that she is able to help other people that are going through it. She then gives him a prosthetic leg and gives him hope for what his future might hold.

Shawn then confronts Belle outside of Phillip’s room and tells him that she lied to Phillip.

Brady arrives when the Titan jet is about to take off. He starts calling Chloe’s name. Inside Nicole and Chloe are freaking out about Brady’s arrival. Chloe tells Nicole that she can not let Brady see her like this. Chloe exits the plan dressed in a black dress and cape that covers her whole body. Nicole hides behind some boxes while Brady approaches Chloe. Chloe for the other side tells her that it is her, but when he tries to run to her she tells him to stop. Brady tells Chloe that she has been so long that all he wants to do is hold her. Chloe refuses to let him hold her so she tells him that she was not coming back to him that she was trying to run away from him. Brady then thinks that Nicole is some how involved so he starts shouting her name and then Nicole reveals herself that she is been hiding behind a box. Brady tells Nicole to shut up, and starts yelling at her that he lied to her about her being with her and knowing that she was alive. And then he accuses her of trying to keep Chloe from getting to Brady, and Nicole can’t take it anymore and starts to cry and confesses that she knew that Chloe was alive. Nicole tells Brady that Chloe told him that she had to keep this a secret because that it what Chloe wanted. Brady tells her that he does not believe her and that Chloe and Nancy wanted to keep this a secret. Nicole then tells Brady that Nancy hates her why would she work with her. Nicole then accuses Nancy of telling Brady that Chloe was alive, but Brady tells her that he recognized the Titan phone on Nancy’s phone and put things together that way. Brady tells her that he does not blame Nicole but that he blames himself for not seeing Nicole as a the real person that she really is. Nicole tells Chloe that she needs to tell him the truth. Chloe then tells Brady that she forced her mother and Nicole to lie to him.&# 9;Brady tells Nicole that she would never lie to him unless she was forced into it. Chloe tells Brady that everything that happened she is responsible. Brady tells them that Chloe is a great person and that she was tricked into it. Brady then tells Nicole that this would be the only way that she could keep him and the money that he has. He then asks her if she ever loved his grandfather and tells her that a women after money would stop at nothing to get it. He tells her that he had no doubt in his mind that she forced Nancy and Chloe into this. Brady tells Nicole that he does not want to hear anything out of her to go home and get out of his life. He tells her that she better be moved out of the mansion while he is gone because if he finds her when he gets back he will sell the house and she will be homeless. He tells her that he never wants to see her again. After Nicole storms out he turns to Chloe and tells her that Nicole does not have power over her anymore and that everyday that she was gone that he wished he could be with her even more. He tells her that he wants to hold her and she turns him down again. Brady is hurt by this and asks her if she still wants to be with him.&# 9;Nicole tells her self that when Brady sees Chloe’s scars that he will come back to her. Brady tells Chloe that she should be honest with him now. Brady tells him that he thought that he would never see her again and that she is going to have to tell him what happened for him to understand. Chloe tells him that she was running away from him and that she was leaving Salem and never coming back. Brady asks her if she still loves him.

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