Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/28/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/28/05


By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Jack, Jennifer, Alice, Abby, Marlena, Maggie, and Patrick are celebrating at the Deveraux house when they are surprised to see Frankie arrive at the door. He is so happy to see so many faces that he feels at home and Jennifer tells him that he is at home. Frankie turns out to be Max’s brother. Jennifer and Jack talk to Frankie about his brother and that he has been behaving since he has been in Salem. Jack tells him that Max and a friend of Abby’s went for ice cream. Marlena tells him that a lot of things have changed since he has been gone. Jennifer tells him that those who have been kidnapped last year are not going anywhere.
After hearing that jack flashes back to when he told Marlena that he only had a few months to live. Jack tells her that he has not told Jennifer yet. Max tells jack that he envies him and that he wants what he has.

Frankie then complements Abby and the rest of the family. Jack asks Frankie if he is married. Frankie tells him that he has not meet the right women and that he is not married. Abby pulls Maggie aside and asks her about her mother and Frankie. Maggie tells her that they were once close and that they were at one time suppose to have gotten married. Frankie tells the gang that he did receive Abby’s baby pictures and tells Jack that he is great to see him have a second chance at life. Jack asks what brings him to town, and Frankie tells them that he is a lawyer. Patrick over hears this and gets a worried look on his face. Frankie tells them that Max likes to get into trouble. Jack goes into the kitchen to make Frankie something and Frankie tells Jennifer that she is a lucky gal to have Jack. Jennifer tells her that she had a lot of fun in high school thanks to Frankie.

Alice tells Abby that Frankie and her mother use to be quite a pair. It then flashes back to when they were in high school and their sink broke and Frankie helps to fix it. Jennifer washes his wet clothes while is in only in a towel. After he goes to put on his dry clothes Jennifer gets Frankie to dance with her. Jennifer asks him if he is going to stay in Salem enough for them to catch up on things. Jennifer and Jack tells Frankie that he is welcome to stay over the garage because it is now open. Abby confides in her dad that it is weird to think of her mother with any body else. Jennifer introduces Frankie to Patrick and Frankie thinks that Patrick last name sounds familiar.

At the Deveraux’s, Marlena approaches Jack and tells him that he has to tell Jennifer about his condition and that it can’t wait to long. Jack tells her that he can’t do it now because there are too many people here.

Meanwhile Max and Chelsea are sitting in his car talking about what they just did. Chelsea sits there staring out the window and Max wonders what is wrong with her. Max asks her if everything is okay and tells her that she is a great kisser. Chelsea tells Max that she is saving herself for the person that she is going to marry. Max asks about the guy that she is seeing and she tells him that he might be the one.

Max and Chelsea arrive at the house with the ice cream and use the excuse that they got caught in traffic. Abby knows that something is up and pulls Chelsea off to the side and asks her what took so long. Chelsea tells her that they stopped at the lake and that Max wanted to have sex. Chelsea tells Abby that she is saving herself for Patrick. Frankie asks Max what happen with the girl and that nothing better have happen sexually with her because he would be in big trouble. Max asks his brother why he followed him to Salem, and Frankie tells him that he followed him to make sure that he did not get in anymore trouble. Frankie tells him that he doesn’t want them to hurt any of the people in Salem.

While at the Deveraux’s, Maggie tells Marlena that Mickey could not come to day because he had to stay home with Bonnie because Mimi got sentenced today for attempted murder. Patrick over hears and phone’s his mother from the Deveraux house before heading out to find what is up with Mimi’s situation. Marlena tells Maggie that Shawn is Belle’s one true love and that they belong together. When she thinks of true love she flashes back to her and Roman.

Rex goes to see Mimi in jail and tells her that they are going to see each other again. Mimi tells that they wont because she just got sentenced to 15 years in prison and there is no way that they are going to have the life that they dreamed about. Rex tells her that he only wants to be with her, but Mimi insists that he has to move on with her life. Mimi tells him that he deserves better. Mimi tells them that they have to say goodbye. Rex tells her that she will wait for her, and that he loves her and that he needs her. He wants to know the real reason that she plead guilty and he is going to do anything to find out the real reason. Mimi tells him to let everything go. Rex asks Mimi why she he should not investigate further. Rex tells her that he can not forget about her because he loves her too much. Mimi tells him that she does not want to see him any more. The guard comes into tell him that his time is up with Mimi. Mimi tells him that she is a lost cause and that he deserves someone better and then he leans in for a kiss and tells her never to forget how much he loves her. After Rex goes she tells her self that this was the last time that she will see Rex again. Mimi then calls the guard over and ask if there was a way that she could refuse to see a guest, and then asks if she could put Rex Brady’s name on the list. The guard tells her that this is not going to get easier.

Rex goes home to investigate, and Patrick goes to see him. Rex tells him that the reason that he did not hear anything about the sentencing is because Mimi did not want anybody there including Rex. He tells him that Mimi has stopped fighting even though he knows that she is innocent. The agree that they are going to work together to free Mimi. Rex comes up with a time line of that night to prove that she is innocent.

In Germany Shawn tells Phillip and Belle that some of his reasons for seeing Belle were selfish. Shawn tells him that when he saw Phillip on TV beaten up and that if he brought Phillip home that he might have a chance with Belle. Phillip tells him that Belle and him are married, and Shawn tells them that they shouldn’t be married. Shawn tells Phillip that he will not apologize for wanting Belle back. Belle yells at Shawn for treating Phillip that way. She tells him that Phillip has been though enough he doesn’t need him there. Phillip thanks him for being honest, and tries to clarify that the only reason that he came to save him was to win Belle back, and then tells him that he knows what he is going through and agrees with it. Shawn asks if Phillip will stand aside and let Belle go with him. Phillip tells Shawn that he wants Belle back too. Phillip tells Shawn that he can handle another man after his wife, but then he asks Belle who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Phillip tells Belle that he is not the same man that she married and that he life is not going to be the same if she stays with him and that he will always love her. He asks her if she would be able to love him as the man that he is now. Phillip tells them that he has loved Belle along time before. He would never want to come between them, but when he went away for a year with Jan and then came back engaged he thought things were over and confessed his love to Belle. Phillip tells her that he will let her go if she wants to because it is harder to be married to someone if they love someone else.

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