Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/27/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/27/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Deveraux home:

Maggie and Alice have joined the Deveraux barbeque. Marlena also arrives at the party. Jack asks to speak privately with Marlena later. Everyone wonders what is keeping Chelsea and Max while Abby secretly hopes that Chelsea didn’t try to seduce Max.

Deveraux garage:

Jack is anxious to get Patrick out so Jennifer offers to go talk to Patrick while he is packing his things. While they are talking, Jennifer leans too far back and knocks over some boxes. Patrick leaps up to keep her from falling back just as Jack, dressed in a funny chef’s outfit, walks in. Jack demands that Patrick get his hands off Jennifer. Jennifer defends Patrick by explaining that he was keeping her from getting flattened by boxes. Patrick apologizes for piling the boxes so high. Jack yells at Patrick to put his shirt back on and accuses him of using any chance he can to put his arms around Jennifer. Jennifer apologizes to Patrick for Jack’s remarks. Jack yells at Jennifer because she can’t see Patrick’s true intentions and Patrick yells at Jack for speaking to Jennifer that way. Jack tells Patrick not to tell him how to be with his wife and Patrick grabs his shirt and storms out. Jennifer understands that Jack doesn’t like Patrick but reiterates that Patrick was a big help when they thought Jack was dead. Jack says he hated the thought of Patrick being here in his place. Jennifer assures Jack that no one can take his place and promises that Patrick is moving out. Jack and Jennifer hug. Jack flashes back to hearing his prognosis from Lexie and starts to cry. Jack quickly wipes away his tears and covers it up by kissing Jennifer. Jack looks sad as Jennifer hugs him and gushes about all they have to look forward to.

Deveraux home:

Patrick leaves a message on Bonnie’s phone to check in about Mimi. Abby comes outside to complain that Max and Chelsea aren’t back yet. Patrick suggests that Chelsea simply made Max take the long way home so the town could see her riding in Max’s convertible.

Maggie and Marlena bring up how close Jennifer and Frankie used to be. Abby asks if they were that serious and Jennifer tells her that it was all innocent. Maggie remembers that Max had problems when he was young and Marlena remembers that Max didn’t speak until Shawn Sr. and Caroline adopted him. Jennifer realizes that she forgot to give Jack the hamburger buns to toast and Marlena seizes the opportunity to take them out to Jack for some alone time. Jennifer promises Abby that she won’t let Jack leave them ever again.

Deveraux garage:

Marlena brings the buns out to Jack as he fans the smoke that is billowing up from the grill. Marlena reminds Jack that he wanted to talk to her and Jack bluntly announces that he’s dying. Marlena is taken aback and then offers her condolences. Marlena notes that Jennifer doesn’t seem too upset about it and Jack explains that he hasn’t told Jennifer and can’t tell her. Jack explains that he has a rare blood disorder that there is very little options for treatment. Jack recalls that while he hated being away from his family, at least Marlena had Roman. Marlena reiterates Roman’s advice to keep hanging on but Jack refuses to tell Jennifer and Abby the truth. Marlena tearfully tells Jack that he is making a mistake. Jack shows Marlena a wallet size photo of a recent family portrait and explains that he wants to keep his family as happy as they were then. Marlena urges Jack to tell Jennifer the truth but Jack doesn’t want to spoil Jennifer’s positive outlook. Marlena points out that it will also be hard for Jennifer if Jack were to die suddenly and she wasn’t prepared for it. Marlena reminds Jack that he and Jennifer chose to spend their lives together through the good and the bad times. Jack tries to rationalize his decision by suggesting he could come back as an angel but then realizes he sounds ridiculous. Marlena begins to cry as she notes that Jack merely sounds like a man who loves his family. Jack tries to end the topic by turning his attention to the burgers but Marlena steps between him and the grill. Marlena advises Jack that the longer he waits, the harder it’ll be to tell his family.

Deveraux home:

Marlena and Jack return with the last of the food and everyone digs in. Patrick walks through the living room on his way out but Jennifer drags him to the food and forces Jack to serve him. Abby complains that Chelsea and Max still aren’t back yet. Alice teases Jennifer about how she and Frankie were the same way at that age. Everyone has finished eating and Jennifer walks around collecting the trash. Alice mentions leaving room for ice cream but Jennifer tells her that she’ll have to settle for brownies because Chelsea and Max are not back yet. The doorbell rings and Abby jumps up to answer it, thinking it is finally Chelsea and Max. Jennifer comes up behind Abby to see who it is and happily screams when she sees that it’s Frankie. Patrick, scowling, watches Jennifer and Frankie hug.

Max’s car:

Chelsea stops Max from going any farther and reties her blouse closed. Even though Max agrees to stop and they slip back into the car seats to drive to the ice cream store, he complains to Chelsea that he read her wrong thinking she wanted to have a good time. Max returns from the store with the ice cream. Chelsea wonders why she is acting like a little kid. Max makes sure there are no hard feelings about before and Chelsea wants to ask Max a personal question. Chelsea asks Max how many girlfriends he’s had and Max says he’s had a lot but none serious. Max asks the same question of Chelsea and Chelsea says she has her eye on one guy but he doesn’t know she exists because he’s older. Chelsea takes offense when Max calls her a kid, insisting that at 18, she’s a woman. Max claims she was acting like a kid earlier and suggests that she was afraid. Chelsea takes offense to the suggestion and tells Max to keep driving straight until he dead ends at the lake, also known as Salem’s other make out spot, the Petting Zoo. Max parks at the lake and Chelsea comes on to him. Chelsea and Max passionately kiss. Max pulls away to make sure this is what Chelsea really wants. Chelsea looks Max in the eye as she unhooks his seatbelt. They continue kissing passionately.


It is Mimi’s sentencing day. Mimi complains that Bonnie and Mickey are there to witness her humiliation. Mimi thanks God that Rex isn’t here too just as Rex walks in. Bonnie is happy to see Rex even though Mimi isn’t. Rex refuses to give up on Mimi and vows to wait for her. Judge Fitzpatrick takes the bench and announces that after considering the DA’s recommendations and letters from Mimi’s family and friends conveying her innocence, Mimi did plead guilty so she has made her decision. Judge Fitzpatrick refers to the situation as the loss of two young lives, Jan and Mimi’s, and everyone gasps as the judge sentences Mimi to 15-20 years in prison. Judge Fitzpatrick calls for order and Mimi faints. Mimi comes to, thinking it was all a dream until she notices the sad expressions on everyone’s faces. Mickey tries to convince the judge to lighten the sentence but Judge Fitzpatrick refuses to alter the sentence at all. The judge gives Mimi a chance to speak and Mimi tearfully apologizes for hurting everyone. The bailiff steps up to take Mimi away and Mickey promises to keep trying to get her out of jail. Mimi apologizes to Bonnie as she hugs her goodbye and tries to speak to Rex but the bailiff takes her away. Rex calls after her to vow that he loves her and will always love her.

Jail cell:

Mimi has now changed into her orange jumpsuit and curses herself for already sobbing after being in jail for just five minutes. The guard closes the cell door, locking Mimi inside. Mimi spreads out face down on the cot and sobs. The guard comes back to announce that Mimi has a visitor and Mimi, thinking it’s Bonnie, tells the guard to turn her mother away. The guard asks if Bonnie is a guy and Rex walks in. The guard gives Mimi and Rex ten minutes to visit. Mimi yanks her hand from Rex’s grasp through the bars and turns away in tears.

Outside of the courtroom:

Mickey and Bonnie talk about the sentence. Bonnie blames herself but is glad that she has Mickey to turn to. Mickey comforts her.

German hospital:

Kate and John rush into Philip’s room. Kate yells at Shawn to get out before Philip sees him. Shawn explains that he’s already talked to Philip but before he could say why he is here, Philip had to go for tests. Belle tries to help Kate convince Shawn to go but Shawn insists on staying to tell Philip the truth when he comes back. Kate turns to John for help but John proclaims that he agrees with Shawn. John answer’s Kate’s look of disbelief by explaining that he’s still on Philip’s side but it’s not doing Philip any good to see them all walking on eggshells around him. John is for Shawn and Philip having it out right now. Kate asks to speak to John outside of the room.

John sticks to his feelings but Kate begs him to continue seeing eye to eye with her like they have been since Marlena and Roman left and get Shawn out before Philip comes back. John tries to convince Kate that they should stay out of it. John agrees to at least get Shawn out of the room before Philip comes back.

Shawn admits to Belle that he must tell Philip here and now because if he gets back on the plane to Salem, he fears he’ll lose Belle forever. Belle refuses to hurt Philip. Belle turns away and Shawn asks her to talk to him.

John tries to get Shawn to go with him to the airport but Shawn refuses. Philip returns to the room and tells Shawn that he wants him to stay and answer questions about him and Belle. Kate and Belle try to convince Philip to put off talking with Shawn but Philip insists. Shawn admits that he organized the rescue mission because he wanted Belle back. Kate yells at Shawn on behalf of Philip but Philip insists that she and John leave.

Banished to the waiting room, Kate vows to never forgive Shawn and Belle if they break Philip’s heart.

Shawn explains that he thought having Philip back home would get him Belle back and refuses to apologize for having never stopped loving Belle.

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