Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/24/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/24/05


By Emily 
Pictures by Juanita


Max brings the entire Deveraux clan plus Patrick and Chelsea to the upgraded seats. Jack pulls Patrick aside to warn him that if Patrick doesn’t stay away from his family, he’ll kill him. Patrick reluctantly agrees to abide by Jack’s wishes and tells everyone that he is choosing to sit in his original seat. Max looks at Patrick’s ticket and can’t believe that he is willing to go sit in such bad seats. Chelsea also tries to convince Patrick to stay. Jennifer joins Jack and they argue about Patrick’s intentions. Jennifer convinces Jack that Patrick can stay. Jack becomes alarmed when Max recognizes Patrick. Patrick tells Max that they met briefly years ago when Patrick was looking to back a team. Max has Abby, Chelsea, and Jennifer kiss him for luck before leaving to start the race. Jack jokes about getting a racing jumpsuit so he can look buff in a reporter sort of way. Patrick gets up to grab a program and Chelsea and Abby gawk at how Max and Patrick would look in a racing suit.

The race is underway. Everyone cheers and Jack holds Jennifer back as she gets too excited. Suddenly everyone stands and gasps and Jennifer cries out to Max as his car spins. Max pulls out of the spin and goes on to win the race. Max comes back over to the group and everyone congratulates him. Jack calls for everyone to move to the tailgate area but there is a sudden clap of thunder. Jennifer and Abby convince Jack to not cancel the cookout but to move it indoors. Abby asks Max to come and upon learning that Max’s only other plans were for take out and cable back at the motel, Jennifer insists that he join the fun. Chelsea invites Patrick to join them and Jack reluctantly gives in to Jennifer’s prodding and allows Patrick to join the cookout. Everyone rushes to the car to beat the rain and Jack hangs back to warn Patrick that after one beer and one burger, he will be no longer welcome.

Deveraux home:

The Deveraux clan plus Max, Chelsea, and Patrick arrive home and Abby complains that the rain had already passed through Salem. Jack insists that they stay home and still have the cookout here. Max offers to go pick up dessert and Abby concedes to allow Chelsea to go with Max since his car is just a two-seater. Everyone shouts out his or her favorite flavors of ice cream for Max to pick up and Jack jokingly speaks over them to insist that everyone really means to ask for his favorite, strawberry. Max and Chelsea leave for the homemade ice cream shop. Patrick offers to help get the food out of the car but Jack insists that he and Abby can do that and they head to the car. Abby and Jack return with arms full of food filled Tupperware. Jennifer tears up as Patrick repeatedly offers to help and is turned down every time by Jack. Jack sends Jennifer and Abby into the kitchen to start preparing the food. Jack threatens Patrick that nothing gets between him and his family ever again before heading into the kitchen.

Lookout Point:

Max drives Chelsea to lookout point and parks in front of the view of Salem. After openly flirting, Chelsea welcomes Max’s advances and they kiss. Max reaches to undo Chelsea’s blouse.

German hospital:

Shawn tells Philip that he came because of Belle. Belle defends Shawn by claiming that he came only to help. Shawn repeats that he did everything, including the rescue mission, for Belle. Shawn defends his reasoning for the rescue mission but hesitates to answer when Philip demands to know why Shawn was holding Belle when he wheeled up to his room. Belle insists that Shawn was only comforting her as a friend. Shawn ignores Belle’s pleas and refutes her claim. An outranking nurse who comes in to take Philip away to be measured for his prosthesis interrupts the conversation. Once Philip’s gone, Belle is adamant that they must keep up this life but Shawn refuses. Belle starts to cry as she and Shawn argue about whether to tell Philip the truth. Shawn forces Belle to choose between him and Philip. Belle proclaims she chooses Shawn and wraps her arms around him. Belle pulls away, feeling that she is breaking her vows. Shawn says he is only asking Belle to acknowledge their feelings to Philip. Belle and Shawn argue again about whether to tell Philip.

Titan jet:

Nicole and Chloe are sitting on the Titan jet, waiting for it to take off. Chloe worries that Brady will find out she is alive but Nicole downs yet another drink as she assures Chloe that no one at the clinic will tell Brady anything. Nicole becomes anxious that Nancy hasn’t shown up yet.


Brady doesn’t believe Nancy’s attempts to stick to the “Chloe is dead” story. Brady begs Nancy to tell him where Chloe is. Nancy remembers Chloe’s wishes and pretends to be hurt that Brady keeps claiming that Chloe is alive. Brady finds a bag of Chloe’s things and demands to know the truth. Nancy claims that the clothes were for a less fortunate patient who is out of the room having tests run. Brady doesn’t buy this story either but Nancy refuses to admit that the patient in question is Chloe. Nancy starts to cry as Brady becomes frustrated.

Clinic & Titan Jet:

Nancy’s cell phone rings and it is Chloe wanting to know why she isn’t on the plane yet. Nancy tries to be vague in telling Chloe that she can’t talk right now but Brady grabs the phone from her and demands that Chloe tell him where she is. Chloe hangs up the phone without saying a word. Nancy tries to claim that it was Craig calling but Brady notes that the caller ID didn’t show a New York area code. Brady tries to remember why he recognizes the number.

Titan Jet:

Chloe tells Nicole about Brady getting on the phone and they argue about whether Nancy will keep her promise not to tell. Nicole calls the pilot and tells him to forget waiting for Nancy and to take off now.

Titan Jet & Clinic:

Nicole uses her cell phone to call Brady and claim that she left her phone in her car while at the mall and just now got his message. Brady doesn’t buy her story and demands that she put Chloe on the phone. Nicole tries to convince Brady that Chloe is dead and that she is in her car driving home from shopping but Brady doesn’t believe her. Nicole pretends that the conversation is too upsetting to continue while she is driving and hangs up on Brady. Chloe worries that Brady is too suspicious but Nicole demands that the pilot get the jet in the air now.


Nancy tries to point out that if Chloe were alive, she wouldn’t be confiding solely in Nicole. Brady vows to find out what is going on and tells Nancy to save him the trouble by going ahead and telling the truth. Nancy brushes off the question by mentioning having to catch a plane. The mention of a plane reminds Brady that the number on the caller ID was from the Titan Jet.

Titan Jet:

The plane begins to slow down and turn around. The pilot explains to Nicole that the FAA has ordered the plane to return to the hanger. Chloe looks out the window and spots Brady, fearing that she now has no place to hide. Chloe and Nicole look out the window as Brady repeatedly calls out Chloe’s name from the other side of the fence.

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