Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/23/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/23/05


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Deveraux house:

Tek catches Patrick outside of Jennifer’s house and accuses him of trying to rob the place. Patrick claims he is only there to get the remainder of his things but Tek is still wary of Patrick’s intentions. Patrick scoffs at the suggestion and Tek notes his defensive attitude. Tek warns that he’ll be watching Patrick and leaves.

Lexie’s office:

Jack drops by Lexie’s office to have her sign insurance papers. Lexie offers to allow Jack time to talk about his condition but Jack would rather spend the time making memories with his family. Lexie tells Jack that he’ll have his existing symptoms until the day he dies and that his death will be quick but Jack doesn’t want to talk about such morbid things. Lexie suggests he talk to Marlena but Jack refuses to spend his time talking instead of living. Lexie looks sad as Jack pretends to care more about having forgotten his favorite relish for the picnic. Jack leaves the office.

Lexie flashes back to Jack’s explanation of how he doesn’t want to tell his family because he doesn’t want them living in fear, having to worry that the next minute, Jack will be dead. Tek lets himself into Lexie’s office and attempts to console her. Lexie explains that she was upset about a “patient” and relays the patient’s wishes to not tell his family about his prognosis. Tek sympathizes with the reasoning and likens the situation to Lexie’s life. Tek steps in close to Lexie and professes his feelings for her. Lexie kisses him lightly at first but then gives in to more passionate kissing. Lexie stops but Tek convinces her to give in to her true feelings and they begin to make love on Lexie’s desk.


Abby and Chelsea watch in shock as Jennifer explains that she’s known Max Brady since he was a kid when she’d patch him up after he’d fall while riding his toy race car. Max jokes about bringing his own bandages now, depending on the place. Jennifer laughs and Max winks at Abby and Chelsea. Max explains to Abby and Chelsea that he is related to the Salem Brady family because Shawn Sr. and Caroline adopted him and his older brother Frankie as kids. Max offers his condolences about Caroline to Jennifer and Jennifer’s explanation of how Caroline could still be alive is interrupted by two women who ask for Max’s autograph. Chelsea rolls her eyes as Max openly flirts with the women. Once they leave, Jennifer asks Max about Frankie but she doesn’t appreciate it when Max hints in front of Abby and Chelsea how close she and Frankie used to be. After simply answering that she and Frankie dated in high school doesn’t help brush off the subject, Jennifer changes the topic to asking about what is keeping Jack. Max offers to show off his car and the pit area and leads Chelsea and Abby away on each arm. Jennifer decides to stay and wait for Jack.

Pit area:

Max shows Abby and Chelsea his car and Chelsea is reminded of her accident as she recalls a recent stock car accident. Max relays how much work he puts into his own body to prepare for a race but openly flirts with Chelsea as he describes the thrills he enjoys after a race. Max gives Abby and Chelsea passes to enable them to sit behind the pit area during the race and kisses them each on the cheek before they leave. A pit crewmember teases Max about his ability to have a harem of women willing to do anything for him no matter what town they visit.

Deveraux house:

Jack returns home and runs into Patrick as he is coming out of the kitchen. Jack accuses Patrick of robbing the place. Patrick tells Jack about Tek’s earlier accusations and explains that he’s only in the house now to get garbage bags to pack his things. Jack complains that Patrick was told to move out days ago but Patrick explains that Jennifer gave him a little more time. Jack follows Patrick out of the house, without ever getting the relish, and warns Patrick to be completely gone by the end of the day before leaving.


Jack arrives at the track but realizes that he forgot the relish. Jack tries to avoid explaining to Jennifer why he was so distracted. Jennifer continues to grill Jack about forgetting the relish and just as Jack is about to mention running into Patrick, Abby and Chelsea run up dragging Patrick with them.


Chloe signs papers and hands them back to the nurse. Nancy tries to talk Chloe out of leaving but Chloe insists. The nurse agrees to Chloe’s wishes of telling no one that she was ever here but advises that Chloe should return to her former life for it will help her heal emotionally. Nicole stops by to check if Chloe is ready to go. Nancy steps up to yell at Nicole but Nicole claims that she is only abiding by Chloe’s wishes. Nicole gloats as Chloe adamantly insists on leaving Salem right away. Nicole helps Chloe pack but Nancy refuses to help at all. Nancy and Chloe argue about Nicole’s intentions. Chloe acknowledges that Nicole is only doing this so she can keep Brady but since Chloe can’t have him, she’d rather Brady be with someone who makes him happy. Nancy starts toward Nicole but Chloe steps between them. Nancy advises Chloe to have the courage to take back her old life.

Brady follows Chloe to the clinic and narrowly misses seeing Chloe’s file when he reaches for a brochure about the newly built mall next door. Brady decides that Nicole must be shopping and walks away. Brady calls Nicole’s cell phone and Nicole gladly takes Chloe’s request against answering the phone once she sees that it’s Brady calling. When Nicole doesn’t pickup, Brady becomes confident that Nicole is up to something.

The nurse comes back in to have Chloe sign her final discharge papers and informs Nicole that Brady was asking about her but that she told Brady that she hadn’t seen Nicole. Chloe makes the nurse and Nancy promise not to tell Brady that she is there. Nicole tries to bribe the nurse with a wad of cash but the nurse insists that she doesn’t need to be bribed to keep a patient’s privacy. The nurse wishes Chloe good luck and leaves.

Brady tries to sneak a peek at patient files but is surprised by the nurse. Brady deduces that Chloe could have been only injured in the car wreck and has been spending this time recuperating. Brady asks the nurse if she has a patient by the name of Chloe Lane but the nurse claims that patient names are confidential. Brady, frustrated, implores to the nurse’s sense of true love for help and the nurse tells Brady that while she can’t help him, someone in room 206 might. Brady rushes to room 206 but finds it empty. He turns to go but then throws open the closet door and finds Nancy hiding inside. Brady drags Nancy out into the room and demands to know where Chloe is.

Nicole rushes to her car where Chloe is waiting to be taken to the jet.

German hospital:

Philip fumes at the sight of Belle and Shawn together. Belle turns around and realizes that Philip has spotted them. Shawn suggests that now is the time to reveal their true feelings. Philip is cordial when he greets Shawn but when Shawn inadvertently refers to Philip’s condition as “one foot in the grave,” Philip delights in seeing Belle’s offended reaction. Shawn continues to slip up as he refers to his previous slip as “putting his foot in his mouth.” Philip laughs and thanks Shawn for making him laugh. Belle groans as Shawn jokes about giving Philip “a leg up on his recovery.” Philip asks Shawn why he came but doesn’t buy his excuse of trying to come help. Philip asks Shawn if he is there to come between him and Belle.

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