Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/22/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/22/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Deveraux house:

Abby, Chelsea, Jennifer, and Jack prepare for a day at the Salem 500 races. Jennifer packs the picnic basket while Abby and Chelsea gush over the drivers in the brochure. Jack is suddenly overcome with pain in his side and winces when Jennifer touches his back. Jack changes the plans to meet Jennifer at the racetrack and uses the time to visit Lexie at the hospital for more tests.


The tests reveal that Jack’s white blood cell count is dangerously low and Lexie reluctantly tells him that he has three months to live. Lexie tries to convince Jack to tell Jennifer about his prognosis but Jack insists that no one know.

Abe walks up on Tek complaining to Lexie about how Abe treats her. Tek decides to walk away rather than stand there and be subjected to Abe’s accusations. Lexie and Abe argue about whether Lexie and Tek are having an affair. Lexie convinces a reluctant Abe to see more specialists for more tests. Officer Adams meets Abe at the hospital to give him the results of Abe’s requested background check on Tek. The results confirm Abe’s suspicions that Tek is a womanizer. Officer Adams tries to sneak past Tek without being seen but when Tek spots him, Adams accuses Tek of being at the hospital to catch some face time with Lexie. Later, after Lexie becomes upset at having to tell Jack of his prognosis, Adams spots Lexie giving in to Tek’s offer for comfort.

Kiriakis mansion:

Brady rethinks listening in on Nicole’s conversation and hangs up the phone. Nicole enters his bedroom and Brady demands to know whom she was talking to. Nicole questions how Brady knew she was on the phone and Brady claims he picked up the phone to make a call but hung up as soon as he realized she was on the line. Nicole claims she was leaving a message for her assistant. Brady calls Nancy over to grill her about Chloe but Nancy flashes back to Chloe’s threat of disappearing from Nancy’s life if she tells. Nancy uses vague wording to avoid having to lie to Brady yet still not having to say the exact truth. Nicole eavesdrops on the conversation. After Nancy leaves, Nicole questions whether Brady now believes that Chloe is alive but Brady keeps up his claim that he now believes that Chloe is dead even though he truthfully still wants to find Chloe. Nicole decides that she must make sure Chloe and Nancy get on the jet and heads for the clinic. Brady follows her in hopes that she’ll lead him right to Chloe.


Chloe tells Nancy of Nicole’s offer and decides that she must take the offer but Nancy refuses to let Nicole steal Brady from Chloe.

German hospital:

Philip wakes up screaming from phantom pain. Belle insists that Shawn leave before Philip sees him but Shawn refuses. Belle rushes in to be with Philip as well as the doctor who explains about the phantom pain. Philip becomes frustrated at the thought of Belle spending her life waiting on him but Belle promises to stay by his side. The staff comes to take Philip to X-ray and once out of the room, Belle allows herself to take advantage of Shawn’s comfort. While waiting for X-ray, Philip meets another patient who warns Philip from his own experience that Belle will not want to stay very long with him now that he’s not the same man. Philip vows to Dr. Gage that Belle will stay faithful and decides to wheel himself into his room as a surprise to Belle. Instead, Philip reaches his room and finds Belle in Shawn’s arms.


Abby and Chelsea immediately leave Jennifer alone to set up the picnic. Abby and Chelsea spot a lot of commotion around one of the young drivers and become giddy when they realize it is Max Brady. Abby and Chelsea are finally able to get through the group of girls surrounding Max to ask for autographs. Abby gets her magazine signed and Chelsea gets the back of her shirt signed. Chelsea tries to give Max her phone number but the other girls step in between them clamoring for Max’s attention. Jennifer comes over to see what everyone is screaming about and Abby and Chelsea show off their autographs. Abby and Chelsea roll their eyes at the thought of Jennifer being their age once and head back into the group of girls. Jennifer finally realizes who everyone is gushing over and calls out Max’s name. Max recognizes Jennifer’s voice and looks out over the girls to spot Jennifer. Upon seeing her, Max pushes past his fans and spins Jennifer around, greeting her like an old friend as Abby and Chelsea are amazed.

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