Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/21/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/21/05


By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes to visit Lucas and Will and brings breakfast. Will tells her that the only reason that she is doing this is because she wants to have a breakfast with her family. Roman stops in to ask Sami some questions about Toni. Roman came to find out if he was hold her grandmother or Victor but Sami said that she didn’t. Lucas vows that he will not rest until he finds Stan. Sami tells them that she doesn’t think that they will ever find Stan. Roman tells Sami that she is going to question Nicole because she might have something to do with her husband disappearance. Sami tells Roman that Tony promised that her mother and father would be back together. Sami tells them that Tony told her to go back to Salem and do bad things. Sami tells her dad that Tony asks for her help to make sure that her dad and her mother would get back together.

Marlena has a flash back about her and Roman. Her thoughts are disturbed when Mimi come to visit. Mimi asks Marlena if she is still keeping her secret to. Mimi tells her that she was going to tell Rex yesterday but she couldn’t because he keep going on about how a perfect mother she would be. She tells Marlena that she can not face him anymore. Marlena tells her that it is not to late to change her plea. Marlena tells Mimi that she has to tell Rex the truth so that she will feel better. Mimi tells her that she should go to jail for all the bad things that she did. Marlena tells her that she will regret not telling Rex the truth. Mimi tells her that Rex will find someone else to love. Outside Marlena’s office Rex finds her and tells her that she is keeping a secret from her and that she is going to tell him right now.

Rex goes to see Tec and tells him that he will do anything to prove that she is innocent. Tec tells Rex that he can not tell Rex anymore information. Rex vows not to give up, but Tec tells her that he can not do anything because she is going to jail today.

Rex is still confused at why Mimi will not change her plea bargain there has to be something going on.

Kate tells John that Phillip is going to make a great comeback with Shawn millions of miles away sot that he will not be able to interfere. John tells Kate that they would not have let anything happen between them if they thought that their spouses were alive. Kate tells her that she is worried that something might develop between Roman and Marlena because they are back in Salem. Kate is worried that Belle’s feelings for Shawn will hurt Phillip. John is convinced that Marlena would never break their vows either. Kate and John find Shawn outside of Phillip’s hospital door.

Belle is a sleep by her grooms bedside dreaming of Phillip when Shawn comes and wakes her up. Belle yells at Shawn to leave the room and that she can not leave her husband. Belle even tells Shawn that he should leave the hospital. Belle tells him that Phillip has to have a great attitude to get better. Belle tells Shawn about the DVD issue. Belle tells Shawn that him being here that it is not the smartest move on his part. Belle tells him that all she can think about it Phillip’s recovery. Shawn asks Belle if she would ever want to be his wife.

Chloe dreams that Brady comes and finds her and tells her that he loves her for the way that she is and that he does not care what she looks like. When she awakes she is worried that Nancy might have told Brady the truth.

Brady on the other hand wakes up to find a naked Nicole in his bed. He thinks that it is Chloe and even calls out her name. They start to make love when he realizes that it is Nicole and has a cow. Brady tells Nicole that he still loves Chloe and that she is always on her mind. Nicole asks him why can’t they make love. Brady tells her that if Victor is alive there is no way that they can be together. Nicole tells him that they were planning to get a divorce. Brady still tells her “no” and not to come into his room again anymore. Brady thinks that Nicole will lead him right to Chloe. Brady after getting out of the shower finds Nicole on the phone and wonders who she might be talking to. He picks up the phone and starts to listen to the conversation on the other line. &# 9;

After getting dressed Nicole calls Chloe to tell her that Brady thinks that she is dead. She tells him that Brady seems at peace with her death. Chloe tells her that she has not changed her mind and that it is better that she thinks she is dead. Nicole tells her that she should back her bags to leave Salem and never come back. Nicole tells her that she set something up in Switzerland so that she can recover. Nicole tells her of the plans and tells her this is the only way that it can be.

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