Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/20/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/20/05


By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi tells Rex that of Jan dies that she will be facing a death sentence if Jan dies, she has lost hope so she tells Rex that everything is over. Rex does not what to accept Mimi’s jail time. Mimi tells him to forget and move on because she will be old when she gets out of jail. When Rex is about to hock her engagement ring Mimi seems upset and Rex knows that Mimi in her heart is not ready to give up on them either. Rex makes Mimi a nice elegant breakfast to show her what she will be missing when she goes to jail. Rex and Mimi share a dance to “I got you Babe”. Rex begs her not to give up on each other. Rex tells her that he wants to adopt kids because she will be a great mother. Mimi can’t take is anymore and walks out when they are talking about kids.

Billy goes on to website in order to find her daughter. Billy finds some interesting facts and races over to tell Bo. Hope gives Billy a hard time when she goes to tell Bo that something is important. Billy found a site where kids who are 18 belong to a website that are adopted in hope to search for their birth parents. Billy explodes when she finds out that Shawn is going over to Germany because Phillip is her brother. Billy vows that she will not let Shawn get between Phillip and Belle.

Bo yells at Hope for giving money to their son so that he could go over to be with Belle. Hope tells Bo that Shawn and Belle were meant to be together, while Bo tells her that Belle took vows to Phillip and they should mean more then just peaty love. Bo tells her that he wants to see Shawn happy but not at the Belle and Phillip’s marriage. Hope is worried about when Shawn will be rejected from Belle. Hope tells Bo that since he has Belle his attitude has been better and he stopped drinking. Bo tells Hope that she will never loose him to Billy. Hope tells Bo that the only reason that he did not try as hard to keep Shawn from going to Germany was because he would have done the same thing.

Kate tells her son that she is so happy that her son is going to do his recovery back in Salem. Phillip is upset that he will never be able to join his troops again. Phillip thanks John for pulling some strings so that he is able to do some recovery back in Salem. John tells Belle that he has not told Marlena that they are going to renew their vows it will be a surprise. Belle brings up the John and Kate relationship in front of Phillip who is now more confused then ever. John skims over what Belle brought up and tells Phillip that they are going to have a double wedding. When Phillip tells his mother that he asked Shawn to look over Belle while he was over at war Kate has a cow. Phillip tells Kate that he forgive Shawn for running his bike into the church because Shawn has done a lot for him. He risked his life to go into a mine field and bring him back to Belle. Phillip tells her that he has been a great friend for both of us.

John asks Belle if Shawn is going to be a problem. She is using her parents as a guideline to stay away from Shawn.

Marlena calls an OB/GYN to talk to her. The other doctor is happy to see her friends and they talk about her being away with Roman. Marlena tells the doctor that her patient (aka her) wants to keep the test results confidential. The doctor tells the Marlena that this is a high risk pregnancy and that this women will have to be on bed rest most of her pregnancy. The doctor is worried that this patient might have a miscarriage. Marlena tells the doctor that she is the one that is pregnant. The doctor promises that she will not tell anyone and gives her word of encouragement to her. Marlena tells her that the reason that she did not tell John is because it is Roman’s baby.

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