Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/17/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/17/05


By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

John gives Kate a rose to cheer her up. Kate tells John that she did not sleep last night because she could not stop thinking about Phillip. Kate tells John that she thinks that Belle will remain faithful to Phillip and stay by his side. John tells Kate that Shawn still loves Belle and that he would do anything to get her back. John tells her that the reason that he needs to renew his vows to Marlena because he need to reform his love. John tells Kate that he is glad that Roman was there when they were held hostage so that she would not be alone. Kate tells him that technically that Marlena is not his wife because she was declared dead. Kate then goes into be with her son and tells her that when they get back to Salem that Marlena and John and her and Roman are going to renew their marriage vows. Phillip tells her that the only thing that is going to help him get threw this is his wife. Kate tells Phillip that he is going to be doing his recovery back in Salem.

Belle is asleep in Phillip’s room when she calls out Shawn’s name, and Phillip hears it. Belle tells Phillip that she did not want to leave his side because he needs her. Phillip asks Belle why she called out Shawn’s name in her sleep. Belle tells him that the reason that she calls out his name is because she was thinking of him because when she got the word about Phillip she was with him. Phillip asks her if it was because Shawn is a whole man. Belle tells him that she is going to stay right by his side because she is his wife and that Phillip has to stay strong and help her.

When Bo got the mail today he found a letter in their from the Salem’s Court system. Bo wants to open the letter to know what is going on so that Shawn will not be able to ignore it. When Bo opens the letter he finds out

Mimi goes to see Rex to tell him the truth. Mimi doesn’t know if she can do that with out hurting him any more. Mimi tries to picture in her head when she tells Rex the truth. Rex tells Mimi that he is not going to ask her any more what Jan had over Mimi. Mimi tells him that she is not hiding anything and the reason that they fought is because she is a mean person. Mimi tells Rex that a lot of things happen between Jan and her but that is not a secret.

Shawn’s credit card got rejected so he could not leave for Germany and asked to borrow money from Rex but Rex would not lend him any money. Rex tells her that Belle needs to be with her husband in his time of need. They find out that his court day has been moved out. Shawn come to see his parents to ask for money to go to Germany and his parents tell him “no”. Bo tells him that he does not have the right to go over there because she has a husband. Bo also tells them that he can not go over there because if he does not get back in time then he can go to jail. Shawn tells his mother that he has to be with Belle and that she has to help him. Hope gives Shawn her debit card and her password as long as he agreed that he would not interfere with Belle and Phillip and be back in time to go to court.

Brady goes and visits Lucas and tells him that he told Nicole that he believes that Chloe is alive. Lucas thinks that he is allowing Nicole to manipulate him. Brady tries to explain he agrees with him and that their has to be more people to keeping the secret that Chloe is alive. Brady tells that Chloe’s parents lied to him too, so there has to be more people knowing that Chloe is alive. Brady is allowing Nicole to lead him to Chloe. Lucas tells Brady that if he ever sees Tony again that he will tear him limb for limb.

Sami goes to visit Nicole that she could have told Brady about Nicole’s schemes but she didn’t so Nicole knows that she wants something. Nicole tells Sami that Brady believes that Chloe is dead, and that Sami still needs help. Sami tells her that she needs to help her because one wrong move and she and Brady could end up in the wrong spot. Brady then comes in and tells Nicole that he believes her that Chloe is dead and tells her sorry that he did not trust her. Nicole tells her that he should not call Nancy because she is still grieving over her daughter’s death.

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