Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/16/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/16/05


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John tries to cheer up Kate by feeding her and explaining that Belle is going to take care of him. John tells Kate this has been a stressful time for the whole family, not just with Phillip but with Marlena and Roman. Kate tells John that it feels awkward between her and Roman. John tells Kate that he thinks that something happened between Roman and Marlena when Tony had them captive. John tells Kate that he has to be an understand man because of everything that his wife went though. Kate tells them when they get back to Salem that they have to tell them spouse how much they mean to them. John tells Kate that he is going to ask Marlena to renew her vowels.

The General that visits Phillip goes and visits Kate and tells him that she must be proud of her son. He gives her his number if she needs anything with Phillip. Kate agrees that he will leave a full life if Shawn goes to jail and stays away from Phillip and Belle.

Belle tells Phillip that he has to understand that his life will go on. Phillip still has problems accepting that it will move on with his life. Phillip tells her that he would not hate her if she did not want to take care of him. Belle tells Phillip that she will never leave his side. Phillip tells Belle that he is happy to hear that she calls herself his wife. Phillip then receives a visit from a General in the Army and tells him that he is a “hero” and that he might have a future in the marines.

Belle has a surprise for Phillip and it turns out to be a DVD that Rex made. On the DVD is pictures that Rex made on Belle and Phillip as a couple along with pictures of their friends. Phillip discouraged at the movie throws the DVD player on the floor. Belle tells Phillip that he will get past this. Phillip tells Belle that he is upset that he will never be the man that he use to be and that he will never get to dance with each other again. Belle tells the doctor that she will do anything to help Phillip get through his anger. The doctor tells her that she has to help Phillip learn to do anything all over again.

Sami and Nicole share a hand shake on making a pack to protect each other. The boys then join the girls, telling them that they don’t believe that they could be friends. The girls tell the boys that they have an alliance because Sami needs a job. Nicole tells her that she will not give her a job. Brady then puts two and two together that Sami might be Stan. Brady then tells Nicole that he has to find Chloe but Nicole tells her that she is not alive.

Lucas tells Sami that he doesn’t believe that she was asking Nicole for a job. Sami then has a flashback of when she became Stan. Lucas then asks her how she got into the desert.

Brady then tells Nicole that he agrees with her that Chloe might not be alive. Nicole tells her that she is happy that she and Brady can be together. Brady tells himself that Nicole would do anything to keep him but that is not going to stop him from looking for Chloe.

Marlena flashes back after hearing the news that she is pregnant to the night that her and Roman made love. Roman pays her a visit at her office to tell her that he might have some clues on his mother and Victor. Roman comes across Marlena’s pregnancy test but does not know it is her. Roman tells her that she might be the key to bring home his mother and Victor. Roman thinks that if he goes to see Lexi that she might know more about her brother and allow her in to the Damira mansion. Marlena then receives a call from John apologizing for the way he left them, but Roman screams in the background and John hears his voice. Marlena tells John the truth about why Roman is there.

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