Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/15/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/15/05


By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas tells Brady that Nicole is only out for herself, and that Nicole is no good. Lucas tells Brady that if he believes what Nicole is saying then he is masking the biggest mistake of his life. Brady is even more determined to find out what is keeping Chloe from him. Lucas tells Brady that Nicole is really only the thing that she wants is his money. Brady tries to convince Lucas that Sami was working with Tony and she did not give them good enough reason why she was in the war zone.

Nicole threatens Sami that she is going to tell people that she was Stan. Nicole threatens also to tell Sami parents all about it. Sami then admits that she was Stan and that she did it because she wanted to get back at Kate, but then when she found out that Tony but Lucas in trouble she double crossed him. Sami tells her that if she tells anybody that she will tell Brady about how she screwed up Chloe's surgery. The girls make a truce to keep the things that they want is if they work together and never let anybody know about Tony's schemes.

Mean while Marlena goes to the doctor to see why she is feeling nausea and dizzy. Mimi then goes to talk to Marlena about Rex and her. Mimi then confesses to Marlena that she had an abortion with out telling Rex about the baby and that she can never have children of her own. Mimi believes that it is too late to tell Rex the truth. Marlena tells Mimi that she has to fight for herself but Mimi tells her that she can't because then in court the truth will come out about her having an abortion. Mimi then asks if she will help Rex move on with his life while Kate is away. Marlena tells her that she should tell Rex the truth but Mimi disagrees that this truth will hurt Rex even more. Marlena after speaking with Mimi decides that he has to John that when she was held captive that she and Roman made love. Marlena then receives word that she is pregnant.

Rex flashes back to when Mimi tells them that they can not be together, but while he is daydreaming he hears Shawn throwing things on the upper patio and goes to calm him down. Shawn asks if Rex would fight for the person that he loves, if he was in the same situation as Shawn. Rex then tells Shawn that he lost Mimi because she is going to jail to killing Jan. Rex tells Shawn that he might be just loose Belle to Phillip. Shawn tells Rex that he has to fight for Mimi if he loves her. Rex tries to stop Shawn when he bring up that he has to fly over
to be with Belle, because she needs to be with her husband.

Kate, John, and Belle are now at the hospital where Phillip is staying. Phillip tells that he missed Belle so much and then he goes on how he is going to carry her over the threshold, when Belle realizes that Phillip doesn't know about the condition that he is in. The doctor tells Kate, John, and Belle that Phillip does not know about his leg, the doctor planned to tell him after the first 24 hours wear off after the surgery but Belle tells her that she has to be the one to tell him about his leg.

When Phillip finds out that he doesn't have a leg anymore he breaks down and cries. Belle tries to tell him that if they didn't remove the leg, that she would not have him in her life anymore. Phillip tells Belle that his life is over because he is not able to use his leg again. Phillip tells Belle that her face was the first thing that he wanted to see when he woke up and it was the only thing that keep him alive when he was held captive. Phillip asks Belle if she could ever be with him now that he has lost his leg. Belle promises that she will never leave him. John tells Kate not to give up on Phillip because he has Belle. John tells her that she is not going to leave him and that she will do the right thing.

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