Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/13/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/13/05


By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

John declared that Tony has hurt his family for the last time and that Tony could not hide from him. John tells Kate that she has to let Phillip and Belle live their own lives and she can not interfere with them. Kate doesn't like what she said and promises that she would not let Shawn come in between Belle and Phillip. Kate then calls Judge Patrick to have Shawn charged with driving into the chapel when Belle and Phillip got married.

Kate attacked Shawn and Belle about what she thought was going on between the two of them. Marlena tells Kate that Belle was in the same place, that Belle did nothing wrong, because Kate was still in love with Roman when she accepted John marriage proposal. Belle tries to tell Kate that she never betrayed Phillip, but Kate fights her even more since she walked in and Shawn was there. Kate tells Marlena and John that Belle is responsible for everything that is happening to Phillip. Marlena tells her daughter that she should think about what Phillip lost and think what would be the best for everything.

Shawn then tells Belle that he wants to go to Germany with her, but Belle tells him no, she has to do this on her own.

Rex tell her that thinking of her is what got him through the war. Mimi has trouble telling Rex about going to jail and about the baby that she once carried. Rex wants to know why Mimi wanted to cancel their wedding. Rex tells Mimi that he is ready to get on with their future, he has her, his sister, his job, and he can not wait to have her as his wife. Mimi can't take any more talk about the future knowing that she is going to prison. Rex tells Mimi that if Belle, Shawn, and Phillip were more honest with each other that they would not be in the situation that they are in. Mimi then runs out of the room, not able to take what Rex is saying about honest. Mimi then blurts out that they can not be together because she is going to jail.

Nicole puts the clues together that Tony gave her about who is the true identity of Stan. Nicole flashes back to when Stan helped arrange Chloe's operation, in order to figure out who is the one behind black mailing her. Nicole knows that even if Chloe doesn't come out of hiding, she knows that Tony will tell Brady how she messed up Chloe's surgery.

Brady now feels that if Chloe was alive she would be there to tell him. he starts to give up that what he heard was Chloe's voice. Chloe feels that it might be time to tell him that she is alive. Judge Patrick sees Brady on Alice's terrace and tells her that the hospital had to amputate one of his legs. Just when Chloe comes up with the nerve to tell Brady, he turns and leaves to find more about Phillip. Chloe is then even more convinced that she might never find the right time to tell Brady.

Nicole sees then that Sami is in deed Stan. Lucas pulls Nicole over to the side and tells her that she has to mind her own business. Nicole tell him that Sami does not mind her own business, why should she. Lucas then gets a phone call and leaves Sami and Nicole together. Since Nicole knows the real identity of Sami she is then even more determined to use it to win Brady back. Nicole's suspicion about Sami being Stan is then confirmed when she confronts Sami.

When Marlena tells John about to let them go, John tells her that she as not here when Shawn turn bad. John tells her about the wedding, and then Marlena confesses that she saw the whole thing because Tony would bring in monitors and they were able to see what was going on in Salem.

Chloe rushes back to the hospital and sees her dad and confesses that she chicken out about telling Brady that she was alive. Chloe then tells Craig the whole story about the phone call.

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