Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/7/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/7/05



By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alice’s Bar:

Brady steps out onto the patio and spots Nicole. Nicole turns and spots him and rushes to him glad he is alive. Nicole wraps her arms around Brady but Brady pulls her off of him and demands to know where Chloe is. Nicole agrees to tell Brady.

Alice’s Bar office:

Marlena and Chloe, her head covered with a shawl, make their way through the hallway and into the office. Chloe worries that someone saw them but Marlena assures her that no one did. Chloe takes her shawl off once inside the office and Marlena closes the door behind them. Chloe starts to doubt her decision to come but Marlena points out that Chloe can’t back out now because Brady knows she is alive and will find her one way or another. Chloe understands but hates to have Brady see her like this. Marlena repeats the speech about Brady loving Chloe no matter what she looks like but Chloe is having a hard time believing that. Marlena wants to give Chloe time alone while she goes to see if Sami has arrived yet. Chloe wants to know if Brady has arrived yet and Marlena promises to come let her know. Marlena assures Chloe that Brady loves her and they will be reunited tonight. Marlena leaves the office.

Alice’s Bar main room:

Sami and Lucas walk in and spot Roman and Kate across the room. Sami runs over to Roman and they embrace while Sami sobs.

Lucas and Kate embrace more solemnly. Kate is grateful that Lucas is safe.

Sami gushes about how good it is to see Roman and Roman promises never to go away again. Sami asks about Marlena and Roman points behind her. Sami turns around and sees Marlena standing there, also starting to cry. Sami rushes over and she and Marlena embrace. Marlena and Sami are very happy to see each other and Sami is extremely happy to see both parents after believing that they were dead. Roman adds that their death is what Tony wanted everyone to believe. Marlena brings up how they left when they got home only to find that Sami wasn’t there and Roman adds how it felt when they realized where Sami was. Sami explains that so many horrible things have happened since they’ve been gone but it doesn’t matter now because they are back. Sami proclaims that her life is now going to be different.

Kate is extremely relieved that Lucas is all right and that the rest of her sons are all right and safe. Lucas realizes by Kate’s reaction that she hasn’t heard about Philip.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Belle and Mimi hold hands as they wait outside for their loved ones to arrive. Mimi looks over, sees Rex walking up, and calls out to him. Belle smiles as Mimi lets go of her hand to run over and hug Rex. Rex kisses Mimi’s forehead as he tells her that he can’t wait to marry her. Rex waves to Belle as he and Mimi head inside. Shawn walks up behind Belle and holds a single rose over her shoulder. Belle looks at the rose and instantly knows that it’s Shawn. Belle turns around and starts to cry as she wraps her arms around Shawn. Belle asks about Philip and Shawn realizes that Belle hasn’t heard. Shawn tells Belle about Philip being injured and Belle wants to know how bad it is. Shawn says he doesn’t know how bad it is but tells her about Philip’s letter and how it mentions that Philip was going to do whatever it took to come home to Belle and how he was never going to let anything come between them again. Hope calling out Shawn’s name as she and Bo rush up to them interrupts their conversation. Hope hugs Shawn, thankful he’s home safe and Shawn apologizes for worrying them. Shawn asks if Bo is angry with him and Bo says that he’ll be angry later and pulls Shawn close for a hug. Hope wraps her arms around both Shawn and Bo.

John walks up next and Belle rushes to tearfully hug him as she tells him the news about Philip. John wipes away Belle’s tears as he explains that he just found out as well. Shawn angrily watches Belle ask John what she’s going to do if she loses Philip.

Medevac helicopter:

Two pilots are flying the helicopter as a medic works on an unconscious Philip. The medic insists that they get to a military jet right away and the main pilot assures the medic that they are almost there and the jet is ready and waiting to take Philip to a military hospital in Germany. The medic checks Philip’s vital signs as he hopes it isn’t too late.

The medic warns the pilots that it’ll be a miracle if Philip makes it to Germany. The medic sighs as he adds that it’ll be even more of a miracle if Philip makes it home. The medic continues to monitor Philip’s vitals. Philip dreams of reuniting with Belle and having Shawn watch from the sidelines.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Shawn steps away from Bo and Hope to talk to Belle. John asks Shawn for more information about Philip but Shawn can only relay that Philip was airlifted off the battlefield. Belle becomes worried when Shawn can’t tell her whether the medics are confident that Philip will make it or not. Shawn urges Belle not to worry because Philip promised her he would make it. John asks if Shawn talked to Philip after he was hurt and Shawn explains about Philip dictating a letter to him. Shawn decides to give the letter to Belle.

Hope sympathizes with Belle and then with Bo as she recalls that Philip is his half brother. Bo tells Hope how his first thought was to call Victor and then thought better of it. Hope reminds Bo that they don’t know for sure that Caroline and Victor didn’t survive and Bo begins to consider the possibility. Hope suggests that Caroline and Victor could still be alive.

Deserted island:

Caroline and Victor are once again confined to the same room and being held prisoner. Caroline wants to focus on the fact that if they have to be held against their will, this is a much nicer place and Victor adds that since they are on a deserted island, they’d have nowhere to go even if they did escape. Bart enters, wheeling in a table holding several covered dishes. Caroline pretends to be happy to see that Bart has brought dinner but Victor isn’t amused. Bart uses a fake French accent as he describes the chocolate fondue and strawberries. Bart lifts another cover and reveals a couple packs of Listerine breath strips, referring to them as an after-dinner breath freshalizer for that romantic moment. Bart chuckles and winks. Caroline objects and Bart explains that he thought given Caroline and Victor’s history, they might wish to indulge in the romantic setting. Caroline asks what they are celebrating and Bart gushes about how Tony is finally coming back. Caroline looks away in disgust as she complains that she’s just lost her appetite. Bart warns that Caroline can’t refuse to eat because she is going to be here a very long time. Caroline wants to know what the point is and Bart explains that just because Tony is down to his two final hostages, he isn’t going to throw in the towel. Bart adds that Tony has big plans for them. Caroline looks up at Victor and Victor looks back and forth between Bart and Caroline.

Alice’s Bar main room:

Lucas has told Kate about Philip. Kate sighs and Lucas assures her that Philip is going to be fine because after all he survived being held captive by Tony. Kate adds how Lucas and Rex risked their lives to save him. Lucas points out that Brady and Shawn helped too by leading the marines to Tony’s secret bunker. Kate is surprised when Lucas says that the real hero was Sami.

Roman and Marlena question Sami about how she ended up in a war zone with Tony. Sami asks that they talk about that later so that she can spend this time focusing on spending time with her parents and Roman and Marlena agree. Marlena asks if they’ve seen Belle and mentions how she was worried about Shawn and Philip because of the explosion. Sami realizes that Roman and Marlena have yet to hear about Philip and fill them in. Marlena is shocked and explains that they thought all of the hostages were okay and on the plane. Roman apologizes for having to leave them and heads over to check on Kate. Sami asks Marlena why she and Roman aren’t together after their ordeal and Marlena explains that Kate is Roman’s wife and she needs him right now. John walks up and welcomes Sami home. Sami happy expression falls when she turns and sees John. Sami wraps her arms around Marlena as she tells John about how happy she is to have her mom and dad home. Sami adds that it must have been a shock for John and Kate to see Roman and Marlena come home. John mentions how Kate must be upset and relays the news about Philip. Marlena tells him that Sami just told her and Roman. John suggests checking on Kate. Sami glares at John and rolls her eyes. Marlena points out that Roman is with Kate now. Marlena asks John if he’s seen Brady but John is also wondering where Brady is. Marlena suggests looking for Brady with John and then finding Belle. Marlena checks to make sure Sami understands their need to leave her and she and John walk away.

Sami begins to cry and turns away. Lucas walks up and tries to calm Sami down. Sami is upset that after all they’ve been through, everyone would rather talk about Philip.

Roman is holding Kate as she tries to understand how after all they’ve already been through, Philip wasn’t rescued and coming home. Kate worries that Philip never will come home.

Marlena and John stop in their search for Brady and Belle to listen to Kate. John sympathizes with Kate and Marlena sympathizes with Belle. John tells Marlena that Shawn is with Belle right now and how Shawn got a letter from Philip. John suggests that he and Marlena give Shawn and Belle some time alone. Marlena prays that Philip is all right.

Alice’s Bar Patio:

Brady believes that Nicole is finally going to tell him the truth about Chloe. Nicole answers Brady’s question about Chloe’s whereabouts by claiming that Chloe’s ashes are in an urn because she is dead. Brady becomes angry and demands that Nicole stop lying to him and tell him where Chloe is.

Nicole defends her lie by claiming that if Chloe were alive, she would have contacted Brady. Brady insists that he knows Chloe’s voice and threatens that he knows when Nicole is hiding something. Their conversation is interrupted when John comes out onto the patio and greets Brady. John and Brady embrace. John tells Brady that he isn’t going to lecture him on the risk but tells him that he is proud of him. Nicole fumes as she watches them. Brady tells John that Chloe is alive.

Alice’s Bar office:

Marlena, having spotted Brady on the patio, ducks into the office to talk to Chloe. Chloe is anxious to hear about Brady and Marlena tells her that Brady looks fine and is anxious to see her. Marlena asks Chloe if she is ready but Chloe says she needs more time and asks Marlena not to tell him that she is here yet. Marlena assures her that she won’t but warns that Brady was talking to Nicole and is probably demanding answers. Chloe doesn’t think Nicole will tell Brady anything. Marlena repeats that Brady won’t rest until he finds her and advises Chloe not to make Brady wait any longer.

Alice’s Bar main room:

Lucas is appalled that Sami would say such a thing and is adamant that Sami cares about Philip too. Sami insists she cares about Philip but is upset that instead of spending the evening with her parents, they are off spending time with their respective spouses. Lucas claims that Marlena is married to John and Roman to Kate and there is nothing Sami can do about it. Lucas turns away. Sami, under her breath, remarks that she plans to do something to change that.

Roman makes Kate look at him as he urges her to believe that Philip will be okay and to hang on to her faith. Kate insists that she is trying. Roman suggests they use looking for Rex as a distraction. Kate agrees and they walk off.

Rex and Mimi are hugging tightly. Rex gushes about how great it is to hold Mimi in his arms and how he spent the entire time while he was gone thinking about getting back and getting married. Mimi sighs and Rex asks what is wrong. Mimi covers by claiming that she was thinking about how Belle must be feeling considering the news about Philip and wants to go check on her. Rex decides that he should check on how Kate is handling the news. Rex and Mimi kiss and Mimi heads off to look for Belle. Kate walks up and hugs Rex. Rex apologizes for not bringing Philip back with him. Kate assures him that he did his best and surprises Rex with the news about Roman being alive. Roman walks up and Rex, completely but happily shocked and surprised, hugs Roman.

Hope and Bo watch Rex reunite with Roman. Bo is happy that Roman is finally getting his family back and Hope is glad that they have their family back together as well. Bo wants to find Tony and get the truth about Caroline and Victor. Shawn Sr. walks up behind Bo, having overheard Bo’s last statement.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Belle finishes reading the letter. Belle, now realizing how much Philip loves her, begins to wonder how she can turn her back on him now that he’s hurt.

Military jet:

Philip is now on the military jet along with the medic who continues to tend to him. Philip is now hooked up to monitors. The medic urges Philip to hang on as they are almost at the hospital. Philip continues to dream about his return home to Belle. In the dream, Shawn tells Philip that he is a hero and deserves to be with Belle. As Belle is leading Philip to the couch, Philip stops and seems bewildered. Belle seems concerned but Philip insists he is fine. Moments later, Philip passes out and Belle calls on Shawn to help her keep Philip from falling.

Alice’s Bar main room:

Shawn Sr. asks Bo to confirm that Caroline could still be alive. Bo cautions Shawn Sr. not to get his hopes up, as they don’t know for sure. Shawn Sr. confirms that it could be true and Bo points out that since Tony didn’t die at the castle, he might have kept Caroline and Victor as prisoners. Shawn Sr. is anxious to find them.

Rex marvels at how Roman is alive and standing next to him. Rex adds that he wishes Cassie were here with them. Roman steps aside to reveal that Cassie is also there. Rex and Cassie run into each other’s arms. Mimi watches Rex and Cassie reunite and wonders how she can break his heart by telling him that she plans to go to jail on the day that they’re supposed to get married.

Sami is anxious to see Will and Lucas tells her that Shawn Sr. is supposed to be bringing him. Lucas jokes about how Shawn Sr. and Will could be here already and they wouldn’t be able to tell because it is so crowded. They hear Will calling out to them as he approaches them. Sami and Will both cry as they hug. Sami is happily surprised to hear Will say that he missed her. Will echoes the sentiment to Lucas and they hug. Lucas apologizes for worrying Will. Will says he understands their reasons for going but then turns to Sami to ask how she got involved with Tony. Sami quickly dismisses the question by reiterating her vague story about Tony getting her over there and then escaping before rescuing the guys. Lucas commends Sami to Will. Sami explains that she did it to prove to Lucas that she can be trusted and still wants to be a family. Will turns to Lucas and asks if Sami’s plan worked and if Lucas can trust Sami again.

Alice’s Bar office:

Chloe confides in Marlena that her biggest fear is that Brady will stay with her out of pity and obligation, which she doesn’t want. Marlena insists that Brady will stay with her out of love and nothing else for once she is back in his arms, it’ll feel like it always did. Chloe asks for more time to get her courage up. Marlena says she understands but urges Chloe not to take too long. Marlena leaves. Chloe promises that she won’t.

Alice’s Bar patio:

John questions whether he heard Brady right. Nicole rushes up to them to claim that Brady only thinks Chloe’s alive. Brady becomes angry and asks Nicole to leave him and John alone to talk. Nicole agrees, quipping that she could use a drink anyway. Brady warns her not to go far because he isn’t finished with her yet. Nicole heads inside. Brady sighs. John questions Brady’s reasoning for thinking that Chloe is alive and Brady tells him about hearing Chloe’s voice on the phone. Brady then tells John about how Nicole came on the phone and claimed that Chloe wasn’t alive. John advises Brady not to trust Nicole for she has every reason to lie. Brady is disappointed that Nicole hasn’t really changed and John feels that Nicole never will change. Brady wants to know why Chloe didn’t try to contact him or talk to him while they were on the phone. John says he doesn’t know and Brady vows to find out tonight.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Belle uses her cell phone to check her messages for news. Belle’s face falls as she hears the answering machine message left by the marine chaplain. Shawn asks what is wrong and Belle tells him that it is worth than she thought.


Chaplain Canton and the fellow marine continue their car ride into Salem. Canton ends his phone call and informs the marine that Belle is at a welcome home party at Alice’s Bar. The marine remarks that after she hears the news, she won’t be celebrating anymore tonight. Canton agrees.

Military jet:

The medic twists several dials as he checks Philip’s monitors. Philip continues to dream. In the dream, Philip remains unconscious as Belle and Shawn frantically try to figure out what is wrong as they hold him up. Belle shakes Philip to rouse him and Philip comes to so Belle smiles. Philip places his hand on Belle’s face but then his eyes roll back and he falls to the floor as he passes out again. On the jet, Philip’s monitors start to flat line and the medic curses the fact that he can’t find a pulse on Philip.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Belle begins to cry and Shawn asks what the message was about. Belle explains that the caller was the Marine chaplain who said he had something important and urgent. Belle is convinced that this means that the Marine chaplain is coming to tell her that Philip is dead. Shawn tries to calm Belle down and convince her otherwise but Belle is adamant. Mimi walks up and tries to help Shawn convince Belle that it’s not a sign that Philip is dead. Mimi holds out her arms to hug Belle as Belle asks why this is happening to Philip. Shawn heads inside to get Belle some water.

Alice’s Bar main room:

Roman and Kate look over and see that Shawn Sr. is talking with Bo and Hope. Roman wonders whether Shawn Sr. has been told about Tony and Caroline and Victor. Kate notices Shawn Sr.’s expression and correctly guesses that they’ve already told him the news. Kate suggests that Roman go be with his family and after ensuring that Kate will be okay, Roman gives Kate a kiss and hug and promises to be right back.

Will again asks Lucas if he can trust Sami again. Lucas says he would like to trust Sami but he still has serious questions for her to answer. Lucas adds that for now he is willing to give Sami the benefit of the doubt. Sami becomes excited at the prospect that Lucas is giving her another chance.

Hope and Roman each grab two drinks from the bar and hand one of their drinks to Bo and Shawn Sr. respectively. Shawn Sr. proposes a toast to Caroline and the hope that she and Victor may still be alive and coming home soon. Everyone echoes the sentiment and clinks glasses.

Nicole, who is drinking at the other end of the bar, has overheard the toast. Nicole complains that if Victor comes back alive, he’ll tell Brady that she tried to have him killed. Nicole wants to know why these people can’t just stay dead. Nicole starts to take a sip from her drink but Brady grabs it out of her hand. Nicole starts to object but Brady declares that the lies stop right now.

Alice’s Bar office:

Chloe looks at Brady’s picture and then at her reflection in the mirror. Chloe wonders how she will be able to face Brady and wonders what she’ll say to him. Chloe wonders whether Brady will still love her as the new Chloe when she looks like this. Chloe chokes back tears as she touches her face.

Alice’s Bar main room:

Brady slams Nicole’s drink on the bar and demands to know where Chloe is. Nicole starts to complain about how this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life because Brady said he was going to propose when he came back but now she should have known that she couldn’t compete with Chloe, even dead. Nicole walks away. Brady curses and slams his hand down on the edge of the bar before chasing after her.

John and Marlena have witnessed the exchange between Nicole and Brady. John notes that Brady is finally seeing Nicole for who she is. Marlena agrees. John hopes that now Brady can find someone who wouldn’t lie to him and he can trust. Marlena is surprised when John says he hopes Brady finds someone just like her. Marlena flashes back to making love to Roman.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Mimi urges Belle to stay positive and not assume anything until she talks to the chaplain. Belle decides that Mimi is right. Belle realizes that she didn’t ask how Mimi’s reunion with Rex went and wants to know if Mimi told him about her current situation. Mimi says she couldn’t ruin Rex’s happiness at seeing his dad and sister alive and Belle insists that Mimi has to tell Rex sometime. Belle urges Mimi to tell Rex that she is innocent so that they can get married and be happy. Mimi says she lost all hope for that when she had the abortion and now her only hope is that Rex never finds out what she did, even if it means going to jail.

Alice’s Bar main room:

Rex marvels at how this is one of the happiest days of his life and how getting the news that Philip is okay would make the day. Cassie hopes that Philip is okay and pulls Rex close for another hug. Kate, having heard their conversation, hopes that their words travel to God’s ears.

Military jet:

The pilot uses the intercom to tell the medic that they are approaching the airport now. The medic rips open Philip’s shirt and shocks him with the defibrillator.

Deserted island:

Victor and Caroline are now enjoying their dinner. Victor admits that he’d miss their times together if they were ever rescued. Caroline agrees but insists that they can’t give up trying to get home for she has a lot of people who depend on her. Caroline asks Victor if he worries about Philip being in the military and Brady being with Nicole. Victor decides that Caroline is right about needing to get home but warns that since they are Tony’s last two hostages, the only way he’d be willing to part with them is over his dead body.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Brady and Belle are hugging, as Belle is thankful that Brady is back home safe. Brady apologizes for not being able to bring Philip home. Belle acknowledges that they almost brought Philip home and tells Brady that she is grateful. Brady assures Belle that Philip will pull through. Belle walks away to check her messages for more news. John walks up just in time to see Belle walking away so he asks Brady how Belle is holding up. Brady replies that Belle is holding up as good as expected so John then asks about Nicole. Brady is confident that Nicole knows that Chloe is alive but isn’t talking. John asks what Brady plans to do next and Brady announces that he is now planning on calling Nancy. Brady walks off.

Alice’s Bar office:

Chloe paces the office as she talks to Brady’s picture. Chloe decides that she can’t let Brady see her like this and that she shouldn’t have come here.

Outside of Alice’s Bar office:

Brady walks through the hall with his cell phone in hand. He decides that he needs someplace quiet to make the call.

Alice’s Bar patio:

Nicole sobs as she paces the patio. Nicole, aloud, wonders what she is going to do. Marlena walks up and tells Nicole to tell Brady the truth. Nicole gasps and wipes away her tears as she complains that Marlena scared her. Marlena asks Nicole why she didn’t tell Brady that Chloe is alive when he asked. Nicole replies that she is not ready to give Brady up. Marlena tells Nicole that she doesn’t have a choice because it is already over. Nicole starts to sob.

Alice’s Bar main room:

Shawn Sr. hugs Sami, glad to have her home. Sami wants Caroline to be alive so that everything will be perfect. Shawn Sr. tells her to keep the faith and suggests to Will that they head back to the Pub. Will begs Lucas to stay but Lucas tells him to with Shawn Sr. back to the Pub. Sami suggests that they could spend tomorrow helping Will move back in with her but Lucas wants to wait and talk about that later since Will has school tomorrow. Will agrees and Sami hugs Will goodbye. Will and Shawn Sr. leave. Sami tells Lucas that she hopes that someday soon, the three of them can go home together as a family. Lucas replies that it depends on one condition and Sami says she is willing to do anything.

Hope sympathizes with Belle while talking with Bo. Bo points out that no news is good news. Hope notes that it’s getting late and suggests they go pick up Zack from Doug and Julie. Bo reveals that Doug and Julie are keeping Zack overnight and Hope wants to know why. Bo explains that it’s so he and Hope can have some time together and asks if she is up to going to a special place that he wants to take her to. Hope and Bo smile and Hope kisses and hugs Bo.

Deserted island:

Caroline fears that getting off the island may be impossible. Victor vows to get Caroline home to her family even if it means he dies trying. Bart watches Victor and Caroline’s conversation on his PDA and smirks as he declares that the boss, Tony, has other plans for Victor and Caroline.

Alice’s Bar main room:

Hope and Bo continue to kiss as Hope jokes about how Bo’s lips are very persuasive. Hope wants to know where Bo is taking her but Bo insists it is a surprise. Hope kisses Bo again and they walk away.

Sami begs Lucas to tell her what she has to do to get him back. Lucas demands that Sami be honest with him about everything including what’s really going on between her and Tony.

Mimi, aloud, remarks that she must tell Rex the truth before he finds out that she’s going to jail. Rex walks up and says that he now knows what Mimi has been keeping from him.

Alice’s Bar patio:

Nicole wipes away her tears. Marlena admits that Chloe is here which shocks Nicole. Marlena tells Nicole that she should have told Brady the truth when she had the chance because now it may already be too late.

Alice’s Bar office:

Chloe, crying, decides that she can’t do this to Brady for he doesn’t deserve to be stuck with someone who looks like her for the rest of his life. Brady decides that the office would be a quiet place to make his phone call and knocks as he opens the door. Brady is shocked at what he sees.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Shawn is outside with Belle when John walks up to check on her. Belle is getting more and more worried. Shawn tries to help by telling Belle that if anything bad had happened, Belle would have heard by now. Kate and Roman rush up and Kate tearfully yells at Shawn for trying to steal Belle while Philip’s life hangs in the balance. Belle insists that that isn’t true and John tries to calm Kate down. The marine and the chaplain approach them and greet Belle, proclaiming to have news about Philip. Belle demands to know what happened and if Philip is going to be okay.

Wiesbaden, Germany:

The medic rushes Philip into the hospital ER where the staff starts to work on him. The ER doctor asks the medic for Philip’s blood pressure and the medic answers that it is 70/50. The doctor checks Philip’s vitals and fears that they may be too late.

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