Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/6/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/6/05



By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe’s clinic room:

Nicole feels that there is no chance of stopping Brady now that he realizes there is a chance that Chloe is alive but Chloe suddenly thinks of what she should do.

Basic Black jet:

Brady is anxious for the plane to take off so they can get back to Salem. Brady flashes back to encountering Tony and his using Chloe as a bargaining chip. Brady is sure that Chloe is alive and that Nicole knows where she is. Brady wonders why Nicole would lie to him. Sami worries that Brady might find out that it was her who got Nicole to botch Chloe’s surgery. Lucas senses that Sami is upset and asks to know what is bothering her.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Kate grows anxious, as there is still no word from Philip. Roman tries to calm her by suggesting that the reason for no contact could be as a simple as a destroyed satellite phone signal. Kate isn’t deterred however, rather choosing to assume the worst no matter what Roman suggests. Roman explains that he brought Kate here to help them both relax because Kate’s fight with Belle at the penthouse wasn’t doing anyone any good. Kate is still angry that Belle is in love with Shawn while Philip is fighting for his country. Roman tries to defend Belle by pointing out that she can’t help how she feels but Kate would rather focus on the fact that Belle knew that Philip was off fighting in the war and was alive but being held hostage and she still lusted after Shawn. Roman flashes back to convincing Marlena that they shouldn’t tell Kate and John about their lovemaking. Roman turns to Kate and tells her that he must tell her something.


Marlena brings Belle some tea to try and help calm her nerves. Belle asks about news but Marlena informs her that John is in the den still working on it. Mimi arrives and Belle tearfully fills her in on what happened to Shawn and Philip. Mimi hugs Belle.


Sami tells Lucas that she isn’t hiding anything. Shawn boards the plane and fills Sami, Lucas, Brady, and Rex in on what happened with Philip. Captain Owens comes on board the jet and Brady, Shawn, and Lucas grill him about Philip.

Owens informs them that Philip was airlifted out for treatment but can’t release information on his condition because he’s only allowed to tell that to Belle since she is his next of kin. Shawn asks if Owens has been in touch with Belle yet but he says he hasn’t. Owens gives Shawn a note for him that was dictated by Philip while he was in Medevac. Everyone is anxious to hear what the note says and Shawn reads it aloud. In the note, Philip commends Shawn and the others and thanks them for rescuing him. Philip goes on to tell Shawn to be there for Belle when she gets the news that he was hurt and to assure her that he loves her and can’t wait to be with her. Philip ends the note by vowing that nothing will ever come between him and Belle again.


Mimi tries to console Belle by having her think positively and ends by mentioning that once Philip comes home, Belle and Shawn can be together. Belle doesn’t even want to think about being with Shawn right now. Marlena rushes in to tell Belle that she’s just received news that all the former hostages are on board the Basic Black jet that just took off. Belle is relieved that this means that Shawn is okay and then asks about Philip. Marlena reiterates that the message said “all the former hostages.” Mimi points out that if something bad happened to Philip, Belle would have heard since she is his wife. Belle decides that Mimi is right and rejoices that Philip is coming home!

Belle’s loft:

Belle’s phone rings and the answering machine picks up. Reverend Chris Canton, U.S. Marine Corps Chaplain leaves a message telling Belle to call him to talk about Philip and leaves the number.


Belle feels that Mimi is right, since she hasn’t heard anything about Philip, he must be safe. The phone rings and Belle fears that she’s spoken too soon. Marlena assures her that everything is fine and answers the phone.

Penthouse & Chloe’s clinic room:

The caller turns out to be Chloe. Chloe asks Marlena not to tell anyone that it’s her calling and then asks Marlena for her advice as a psychiatrist since Nancy is busy and it is an emergency. Marlena asks if they can talk on the phone but Chloe insists that they talk in person. Nicole fumes. Marlena agrees and hangs up. Marlena asks Mimi if she will stay with Belle since she has to go see a patient and Mimi agrees to stay. Marlena reassuringly hugs Belle.

Chloe’s clinic room:

Nicole doesn’t think that calling Marlena was a good idea. Nicole fears that Brady will hate her for not telling him that Chloe was alive. Chloe unsuccessfully tries to reassure Nicole by pointing out that Nicole only knew about her being alive after Brady left. Chloe says she is the one who made Nicole and everyone else keep her secret and she is willing to take all the blame. Nicole talks about how Brady will love Chloe no matter what she looks like but becomes uneasy when Chloe mentions how Brady is going to want to go after the nurse that gave her the infection. Nicole flashes back to researching surgery procedures. Nicole thinks that Chloe is right about Brady wanting to kill her if he ever finds out what she did.


The pilot announces that they are ready for takeoff. Everyone sits down and fastens their seatbelts. Brady remarks that he can’t wait to get home and find out the truth about Chloe including what Nicole has to do with it. Sami flashes back to telling Nicole what to do to Chloe while disguised as Stan. Lucas asks Sami what is wrong and then declares that he knows what she’s afraid of.

Rex asks Shawn if Philip’s note changed his mind about him and Belle. Rex tries to convince Shawn that Belle belongs with Philip.

Alice’s Bar:

Kate folds up her phone after checking that there are no messages about Philip. Roman brings up how this was the place, then called Tuscany, that they exchanged wedding vows. Kate also points out that this is the place where the Salem Stalker “killed” Roman. Roman brings up how Kate was able to recover from that because she got engaged to John. Kate claims that she and John helped each other through a very painful time. Roman admits that he overheard John while on the phone with Kate and heard how he was saying he still cares for her. Kate flusters as she tries to answer. Roman asks Kate to truthfully tell him whether she still has feelings for John. Kate turns the tables by agreeing to be honest about John if he agrees to be honest about his feelings for Marlena.

Roman admits to Kate that Marlena is one of the great loves of his life and it weren’t for Stefano, they probably would still be together. Kate points out that being at the castle with Marlena must have stirred up old feelings. Roman flashes back to making love with Marlena. Roman likens his situation with Marlena to Kate and John’s situation. Kate points out that since Roman and Marlena knew that they were alive, it’s a completely different situation. Roman asks Kate what she really wants to know and Kate asks how close he and Marlena got. Before Roman can answer, Roman’s cell phone rings. Roman ends the call and tells Kate that the hostages are on their way home. Kate asks if that includes Philip and Roman believes that to be true. Kate enthusiastically hugs Roman. Roman decides that they should celebrate their kids’ homecoming.


Belle shares what it was like to be on the phone during the explosion. Belle questions whether Philip is injured or not since she believes that he is coming home with everyone else. Mimi agrees but then brings up how Philip won’t be fine when he comes home and hears that Belle wants to be with Shawn. Belle still does not want to talk about that. Mimi likens Belle’s situation to hers, not wanting to break Rex’s heart with the news that she is going to jail. Mimi’s cell phone rings and Belle becomes worried when Mimi seems disappointed by what the caller is saying.


Sami insists she isn’t afraid to go home. Lucas points out that Sami will have a lot of explaining to do about how she ended up with Tony in a war zone once they get home but Sami maintains her innocent prisoner cover. Sami likens the situation to how she has no idea how she ended up in bed with Brandon and vows that Kate set her up. Lucas promises to also get to the bottom of that when they get home. Sami fears that Kate will only lie to him and that Lucas shouldn’t believe a word Kate says. Lucas retorts that the same could be said about Sami but promises to get to the bottom of it.

Rex continues to try and convince Shawn that Philip is the man for Belle just like he plans to spend the rest of his life with Mimi. Shawn claims he feels the same about Belle as Rex does for Mimi. Rex is angry that Shawn and Belle plan to break Philip’s heart after all he’s been through. Shawn would rather focus on Philip coming home alive and hopes that he isn’t hurt. Rex claims that if Philip is seriously injured, there is no way Belle would leave him for Shawn. Shawn would rather hope that Philip isn’t injured. Rex reminds Shawn that Philip asked him to look after Belle and chastises him for even thinking of spending the rest of his life with Belle.


Belle is worried that Mimi has just received bad news about the guys but Mimi explains that she was talking to Mickey who just informed her that they moved up her sentencing date. Belle tries to talk Mimi out of going to jail but Mimi feels that is where she belongs. Mimi realizes that her sentencing date is the same date as she and Rex planned for their wedding. Belle tries to convince Mimi to change her mind again but Mimi refuses.

Penthouse & Alice’s Bar:

Belle’s phone rings and it is Roman making sure that she heard the good news about the guys. Roman tells Belle about the plan to have a reunion bash at Alice’s. Roman offers to have him and Kate make all the arrangements and Belle promises that she and Mimi will help spread the word before heading over to help. They end the call.

Alice’s Bar:

Roman rejoices in the fact that all the guys and Sami are coming home. Kate wants to know why Sami was over there. Roman tells Kate that he is grateful that she was true to her word about trying to get along with Sami and looking after her. Roman believes that it was despite Kate’s help that Sami managed to still get into trouble.


Lucas notes Sami’s track record for weddings as reason not to believe her. Sami admits that going to Brandon’s hotel room was a mistake but Kate must have been the one to do the rest and becomes convinced that Kate drugged them. Lucas vows to find out the truth. Sami, thinking, tells Lucas not to find out too much of the truth or he’ll find out about how she was Stan. Lucas wants to know what Sami is still thinking about. Rex who asks Lucas to be his best man since they will be arriving home just in time for his wedding interrupts their conversation. Lucas agrees to be the best man and congratulates Rex. Sami congratulates Rex but also adds that she hopes Rex can trust Mimi. Sami flashes back to confronting Mimi about her abortion. Rex tells Sami that he loves Mimi and there are no secrets between them. Sami thinks that Rex is in for a rude awakening.

Brady, thinking, looks at Chloe’s picture and vows to find Chloe and when he does, he will dump Nicole.

Chloe’s clinic room:

Marlena has arrived at Chloe’s room and been filled in on Brady’s call. Marlena urges Chloe to end the secrecy and tell Brady where she is. Nicole suggests giving Chloe some time to think about it and asks to talk to Marlena out in the hall to talk privately.

Clinic hallway:

Nicole tells Marlena that she is here to make sure Chloe makes the right decision. Marlena asks if that means making sure a secret is kept from the one you love. Nicole turns the tables on Marlena by confronting her about keeping her love making with Roman a secret from John. Marlena looks at Nicole with a piercing glare.

Alice’s Bar:

Roman is confident that Kate wasn’t responsible for the fall of Sami’s wedding. Kate scoffs and notes that Sami is her own worst enemy. Roman plans to ask Sami how she wound up with Tony in a war zone.


Lucas asks Sami what exactly Tony threatened to do to her to get her to go with him. Sami flashes back to when Tony threatened to expose her as Stan. Sami tells Lucas that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and Lucas desires for Tony to be caught and punished. Sami says that Tony is probably not going to get caught and may already be dead since he escaped into a war zone. Sami suggests that they just forget about Tony. Lucas is confident that the authorities won’t rest until Tony is caught.

Rex gushes about how he hopes Philip will get better quick enough to share best man duties with Lucas and since Belle will probably be Mimi’s matron of honor, Belle and Philip can walk down the aisle together. Shawn becomes angry that Rex keeps throwing Belle and Philip being together in his face. Shawn gets up and walks away.


Mimi wants Belle to promise that she’ll make Rex forget about her and find someone else. Belle doesn’t think that Rex will be able to forget his feelings but Mimi plans to refuse to see or talk to Rex while in prison so that Rex will realize that he was in love with a killer. Belle points out that Mimi isn’t a killer but Mimi feels that it’ll be easier for Rex if he thinks she is a killer. Belle tells Mimi that Rex will never get over her but Mimi likens that sentiment to Belle and Philip.

Alice’s Bar:

Roman finishes talking to Bo on the phone and confirming him and Hope for the party. Belle and Mimi arrive and ask what they can do to help. Kate tells Belle she can help by caring more about reuniting with Philip than with Shawn. Belle insists she cares about Philip and is glad that he wasn’t hurt. Kate isn’t so sure that Philip wasn’t hurt but Belle claims that she would have heard from the marines if Philip had been hurt.

Belle’s loft:

Reverend Canton leaves another message on Belle’s machine. In the message he adds that he needs to speak to Belle about Philip in person and is on his way to Salem.

Alice’s Bar:

Belle tells Kate that she hopes they can be civil when everyone gets here because she is confident that Philip is fine and doesn’t want anything to spoil this night. Belle and Mimi head inside to set up. Kate mocks Belle’s desire not to spoil the night as she complains that as soon as Philip comes home, Belle plans to break his heart.


Sami would rather focus on getting home to Will and hopefully a future with Lucas. Lucas repeats his earlier comment about saving that to talk about later since there are still unanswered questions. The pilot announces that they are descending into Salem and Sami and Rex cheer. Brady tells Chloe’s picture that he’ll see her soon.

Chloe’s clinic room:

Marlena and Nicole walk back into Chloe’s room and Marlena tells Chloe about having just heard about the party from Roman and how tonight would be a good time for Chloe to reveal herself to Brady. Nicole tries to intercede Marlena’s attempts by putting the pressure of the decision entirely on Chloe. Marlena points out that Brady already knows that she is alive and won’t stop searching until he finds her. Nicole proclaims that Marlena is right and that there is nothing she can do. Nicole wishes Chloe good luck and leaves the room. Marlena asks Chloe if she is ready for Brady is coming home tonight and will be coming home to her.

Chloe decides that Marlena is right and grabs clothes from the dresser. Marlena is pleased and surprised at Chloe’s reaction. Chloe tells Marlena that if Brady is so determined to see her, she won’t make him keep searching for she wants to see him as soon as possible. Chloe heads into the bathroom to get dressed.

Patio of Alice’s Bar:

Nicole has now changed clothes for the party and paces outside the bar. Nicole tries to think of a way to stop Chloe from reuniting with Brady. Brady walks out onto the patio and stops Nicole’s joyful reaction at seeing him by demanding to know where Chloe is.

Inside Alice’s Bar:

The inside of Alice’s Bar is decorated in a patriotic theme. Roman and Kate admire a banner that says, “Welcome home to Salem’s Heroes.” Sami and Lucas walk in the door. Sami spots Roman and runs over to him and they hug. Kate hugs Lucas as she reunites with him and asks about Philip and Rex. Lucas is surprised that Kate hasn’t heard about Philip.

Outside front of Alice’s Bar:

Mimi and Belle wait anxiously on the front steps of the bar. Mimi runs over and wraps her arms around Rex as he walks up. Mimi forces a smile as Rex gushes about how he can’t wait to marry her. Mimi and Rex walk arm in arm into Alice’s Bar. Belle has her back turned when a single rose is placed over her shoulder. Belle turns and wraps her arms around Shawn, glad to see him. Belle asks about Philip and Shawn tells Belle that Philip was seriously injured but they don’t know how bad it is. Shawn tells Belle about Philip’s letter and relays how Philip promised to come home to her and how he’d never let anything come between them again.


Chaplain Canton and a fellow marine arrive in Salem. The marine verifies with Canton the name of Philip’s wife and Canton warns that it’s going to be a long hard night for Belle.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Belle desperately wants to know if Philip is still alive or going to live. Shawn tells her that he doesn’t know how badly Philip was hurt or if he’s even going to make it. Belle cries out that Philip can’t die because she can’t lose him.

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