Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/1/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/1/05



By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Hospital exam room:

Lexie tells Jack that his tests were inconclusive and the bad news is that they must draw more blood. Jack becomes angry and insists that he is fine and only slipped and cut his head. Lexie points out that Jack lost consciousness twice in a short period of time. Jack begins to object again but Lexie asks him to allow her to find out what is wrong for the sake of Jennifer and the kids.

Hospital waiting room:

Jennifer calls Abby on the phone to fill her in on Jack’s condition. Jennifer tells Abby about the plans for a family vacation at the Horton cabin. Jennifer puts on a brave face and assures Abby that Jack is going to be fine.


Sami paces the bunker as she tries to convince herself that everything is fine and as long as Tony stays gone, no one will find out that she was Stan. Sami plans to stick to her story of being one of Tony’s prisoners. Sami sighs and proclaims that when she gets back to Salem, she is going to focus on putting her life back together, including putting Will’s needs first. Lucas, having overheard Sami’s last remark announces his presence by saying that he couldn’t agree more.

Chloe’s clinic room:

Chloe is sitting up in bed, clipping pictures to put in her scrapbook. Chloe’s bandages now only cover the portion of her face that was originally scarred. There is a knock on the door and Chloe is surprised to see Nicole walk in. Nicole explains that she was checking on Clara and thought she’d pop her head in to see how Chloe was doing. Nicole asks about Chloe’s scrap booking and Chloe explains that she decided to finish it instead of just sitting here staring at the walls. Nicole picks up a picture and asks where it was taken. Chloe explains that the picture is from a performance of “Aida” in Vienna with Sicilia Marin. Nicole asks to see the rest of the scrapbook and Chloe hands it over. Nicole compliments Chloe on the scrapbook. Nicole flips through the pages until she gets to one that is decorated in a romantic style but has no pictures. Nicole guesses correctly that the page was meant for Brady and Chloe explains that it was supposed to be for their reunion but if the scars are permanent, then that’s never going to happen. Chloe decides that she might as well forget it and tears out the page meant for Brady. Nicole looks shocked and happy to see Chloe ball up the page and toss it across the room.

Bunker command:

Brady still holds his gun on Tony. Tony continues his attempt to bargain with Brady to be set free in exchange for Brady reuniting with Chloe. Brady, enraged by Tony’s offer, smacks Tony across the mouth with the gun and calls him a lying son of a bitch. Brady chastises Tony for using Chloe’s memory to save himself and vows that Tony is finished.

Base camp & Belle’s loft:

Shawn uses the satellite phone to call Belle again. Belle asks about Philip Shawn tells her about being at the base camp now and that Philip and Jake haven’t checked in yet. Belle worries that something has happened.


Philip uses a flashlight to look behind him in an effort to retrace his steps and back away from the minefield area. Jake creeps up to Philip from the minefield side, not knowing what he’s walking into. Philip tries to caution him and get him to stop but Jake doesn’t listen. A blast goes off.


A tech draws more blood from Jack. Jack jokes about how vampires don’t need this much blood and asks why Lexie can’t just reuse the blood from the last test. Lexie explains that they need more samples and tells the tech to put a rush on the tests. The tech leaves. Jack asks Lexie what he expects to find since she gave him a clean bill of health during his physical upon returning from the castle. Lexie prefers to err on the side of caution as they try to find out what is causing Jack’s dizzy spells. Jack is confident that he’s simply overtired and senses Lexie’s hesitation to agree. Lexie says that if there is a problem, she wants to get to the bottom of it. Jennifer, having walked up and overheard that last statement, fears that Lexie is indicating that there is something wrong with Jack.


Sami is glad that she and Lucas still agree on something and Lucas declares that when it comes to Will, neither of them has had a problem putting their son first. Sami asks about Will and doesn’t readily believe Lucas when he claims that Will is okay. Sami agrees that she wants them all to be a family like Will does. Lucas admits that Will is feeling guilty right now because he blames his treatment of Sami post wedding as her reason for leaving. Sami is sorry for putting Will through that. Lucas assures Sami that it isn’t her fault because Tony took her prisoner and gave her no choice. Sami flashes back to agreeing to work with Tony in exchange for seeing her parents again. Lucas sets up equipment to enable him and Sami to contact Will and let him know that they are both okay.

Base camp & Belle’s loft:

Shawn tries to assure Belle that Philip is only busy and hasn’t had time to check in. Belle can’t understand why the marines would let Philip go back out. Shawn commends Philip on his ability to fight and hang tough and then tells Belle to do the same. Shawn puts Belle on hold so he can talk to Barrett, another soldier, about Philip’s situation. Barrett explains that Philip was last reported at his post near checkpoint 32. Barrett offers to let Shawn listen in while he radios Philip. Shawn tells Belle what is going on and Belle wants to stay on the phone but the phone cuts out and Shawn loses the connection.

Base camp & battlefield:

Barrett tries to reach Philip via the radio. Jake lies motionless on the ground by the minefield sign. Philip calls out to him but Jake doesn’t answer. Philip covers his head as explosions go off around him. Philip finally acknowledges Barrett by relaying that Jake is down and needs a medic. Barrett repeats his request to know Philip’s location. Philip reports that he’s southeast of coordinate 32, taking enemy fire. Barrett orders Philip to fall back but Philip reports that he can’t because they are in the middle of a minefield. Barrett looks over at Shawn who looks scared.

Bunker command:

Tony warns that Brady just made a big mistake and Brady feels that he should have killed Tony. Tony feels confident that he is too valuable alive to be killed because of all the information he has, some including Chloe that he’s willing to give Brady only if they make a deal. Brady laughs, wishing he were taping the conversation so he can show everyone in Salem how desperate Tony is and doesn’t believe anything Tony is saying. Tony insists that he isn’t bluffing and Chloe is still among the living. Brady asks why Chloe didn’t tell him that she’s alive if that is truly the case.

Chloe’s clinic room:

Nicole pretends to try and brighten Chloe’s spirits with the hope that Dr. Weiss will fix her face. Chloe scoffs, unable to believe that Dr. Weiss can fix her face since after the last surgery, her scars are even worse and now she has an infection. Nicole flashes back to being asked to sterilize the instruments by Dr. Weiss. Nicole tries to offer hope by suggesting that the infection can be treated but Chloe feels that the damage is already done and she will look like this forever. Nicole tries to convince Chloe that Brady would love her no matter what she looked like and repeats that she won’t stand in the way should Chloe decide to tell Brady that she is alive. Chloe sticks to her decision not to tell Brady and insists that Nicole say nothing as well. Nicole suggests not making rushed decisions and refers to Brady’s return to the country. Chloe interrupts to ask why Brady is out of the country. Nicole tells Chloe about Brady leaving on a rescue mission to find Philip.

Jack’s exam room:

Jack assures Jennifer that there is nothing to worry about because the tests are inconclusive. Lexie confirms that Jack is right and she only ordered new blood work to be on the safe side. Jack tells Jennifer that Lexie is just being overly cautious considering all he went through on the island and then in the castle. Jennifer is hopeful that that is all it is. Jennifer’s PDA goes off and she remarks that it’s a message from Abby about getting their camping supplies together for the trip. Jack asks about the change in plans from a romantic getaway for two to including Abby and Jennifer fills him in on the plan to have an extended family vacation. Jennifer worries that Abby is tearing up the garage looking for Jack’s tackle box and turns to leave to call Abby. Jack stops her to tell her to tell Abby not to mess with his prize-winning lures. Jennifer asks what he is talking about and Jack jokes that his lures will be prize winning as soon as he catches the biggest fish on Smith Island. Jennifer jokes about how Jack is definitely back to his old self and heads back into the waiting area. Lexie tells Jack that she refuses to lie to Jennifer. Jack declares that as his doctor, Lexie has no choice.


Lucas sets up a web cam on top of a laptop. Sami asks about the camera and Lucas explains that he got it from Tony. Lucas explains that after talking to Shawn Sr., he learned that Will was on his computer so they are going to set up a videoconference for him. Lucas gloats at how this is going to blow Will away and Sami quips that if Lucas can pull that off, she’ll be blown away too. Lucas places a mike on Sami’s shirt. Sami worries that she doesn’t look okay but Lucas assures her that she looks fine.

Shawn Sr.’s house & bunker:

Will is working on his computer, also equipped with web cam when he gets an alert. He reads it aloud as "Live video stream from birthstonekitty and onerobbers request turn on camera." Will realizes that the aliases belong to Sami and Lucas and accepts the transmission. Sami and Lucas’ faces appear on Will’s computer. Sami, crying, and Lucas are ecstatic to see Will and vice versa. Will says he wouldn’t have believed that they were okay until he could see them. Lucas explains that this kind of contact will have to do for now and Will asks Sami why she is over there with Lucas.

Base camp & Belle’s loft:

Shawn urges Barrett to do something but Barrett cautions that for now Philip must stay put so he won’t risk stepping on a mine. Belle calls Shawn’s phone and asks about Philip. Shawn tells Belle that they’ve located Philip but he hasn’t come back because he’s come under enemy fire and is trapped. Belle wants to know how Philip is trapped and Shawn truthfully tells Belle that Philip is in the middle of a minefield. Belle is shocked.


Jake continues to lie motionless. Philip uses his headset to call into base camp and warn that he is taking enemy fire and surrounded by mines. Philip pulls out his knife and tells base camp that he doesn’t have the proper gear but will try to disable the mines. Barrett urges Philip to stay put but Philip is intent on getting to Jake. Philip tells Barrett that he’ll radio him when he reaches Jake and ends the transmission.

Base camp & Belle’s loft:

Shawn and Barrett listen to the end of Philip’s transmission. Shawn urges Belle not to worry. Belle asks Shawn to set up a way for her to talk to Philip so she can tell him something that might save his life.

Chloe’s clinic room:

Nicole has filled Chloe in on Tony being alive and having held everyone captive. Chloe can’t believe that the Salem Squad got involved because while it is brave, it is incredibly dangerous. Nicole tells Chloe about how she tried to persuade Brady not to go but he was determined and as it turns out was right about being able to pull it off. Chloe suddenly exclaims and then explains that she just got a feeling that Brady is in trouble. Nicole looks worried as Chloe looks at Brady’s picture.

Bunker command:

Tony continues to taunt Brady about Chloe being alive. Brady becomes angry, still not believing that Chloe could be alive and thinking that Tony is only trying to mess with him. Tony insists he is telling the truth but Brady refuses to believe him. Tony realizes that Brady needs proof and suggests calling Chloe.

Jack’s exam room:

Lexie tries to persuade Jack to tell Jennifer about his condition but Jack refuses to worry Jennifer. Lexie is concerned that Jack is not taking his condition seriously but when Jack confirms with Lexie that his dizzy spells are not life threatening he decides that he is going to live his life with his family and everything will be fine. Jennifer returns and assures Jack that Abby has promised not to touch his prize-winning lures. Jack gets up to put his jacket on and prepares to leave. Jennifer asks Lexie if they can go and Lexie starts to talk about Jack’s condition but then after exchanging glances with Jack, complains that Jack can go but he’s being impossible. Jennifer asks Jack if he is giving Lexie a hard time and Jack jokes about how he’s questioning whether Lexie went to medical school. Lexie orders Jack to get out and Jennifer agrees to take him out. Lexie promises to be in touch with the results and Jack and Jennifer head out.

Hospital exam area & lab:

Lexie uses the exam area phone to call the lab. Ryan, the lab tech, answers the phone. Lexie asks about the status of Jack’s lab work and Ryan says he was just about to call Lexie. Lexie asks what is wrong and Ryan tells her to come down and see for herself. Lexie says she is on her way and hangs up the phone. Lexie heads for the lab.

Bunker & Shawn Sr.’s house:

Sami and Lucas continue their videoconference with Will. Sami tells Will that one minute she was planning to leave town and take a break when the next minute she wound up as Tony’s prisoner. Will asks if Sami and Lucas are back together now and Sami defers the question to Lucas. Lucas tells Will that they both love him and don’t want to disappoint him again so now is not the time to be making those kind of decisions. Sami looks sad. Lucas asks Sami if she agrees.

Battlefield & Base camp & Belle’s loft:

Gunfire rages all around. Philip lays his knife down beside the mine and carefully lifts the top off. Philip urges a still motionless Jake to hang in there because he is coming. Philip pulls two wires apart and breathes a sigh of relief when the mine doesn’t explode. Philip grabs his knife and starts to get up when he hears Belle’s voice. Shawn listens as Barrett patches Shawn’s phone connection through to Philip’s headset. Belle explains to Philip how Barrett organized their connection and how she knows he is in trouble. Philip tells Belle not to worry about that and to only think about how much he loves her.

Bunker command:

Brady questions the validity of a call to Chloe, believing that Tony could have set up a computerized voice to sound like Chloe. Tony claims he doesn’t have enough DiMera magic to replicate such a beautiful and loving soul. Brady questions Tony’s knowledge of love and Tony reminds Brady about his love for Kristen and how John took her away. Brady tells Tony to get over the loss of Kristen but Tony yells that he will never get over it! Tony asks Brady if he wants to talk to Chloe or not. Brady flashes back through romantic outings with Chloe and then to Chloe’s memorial service at the church. Brady threatens Tony that if this is one of his sick jokes, then he is a dead man. Tony tells Brady to have no fear. Brady hands Tony his phone.

Chloe’s clinic room & bunker command:

Nicole tries to assure Chloe that Brady is fine but Chloe isn’t so sure. Nicole is confident judging by her experience with Brady on the island that Brady can take care of himself. Chloe brings up how Brady saved the day when Nicole’s father, Paul kidnapped Philip, Shawn, and Belle in Puerto Rico. Nicole doesn’t want to talk about Paul and suggests thinking good thoughts like everyone being on a plane headed for home right now. Chloe wishes she knew for sure. The phone rings and Chloe answers it. Once Chloe picks up, Tony hands the phone to Brady. Brady says nothing but is shocked as Chloe repeatedly asks if anyone is there. Brady says “oh my God” into the phone and stares in shock at Tony. The screen splits into three blocks, one containing Brady’s shocked expression, one containing Tony’s gloating smile, and the third containing Chloe’s shocked expression.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer and Jack return home and find that all of their camping supplies are spread out in the living room. Jack grabs his open tackle box, as he can’t wait to get up to the cabin. Jennifer stops Jack’s rant to make sure that he really feels okay. Jack insists that he’s fine and he is taking his family to Smith Island to have a wonderful time. Jennifer expresses hope that it doesn’t rain and Jack tells her to bite her tongue. Jennifer grimaces when Jack gets his finger caught on a tool in the tackle box but Jack pulls his finger out safely assuring Jennifer that everything is going to be fine. Jack gushes about how he is going to catch lots of fish and then give them to Jennifer to clean and cook. Jennifer interrupts to insist that Jack clean the fish but she’s still willing to cook them and Jack sucks on his sore finger before agreeing to the deal. Jack puts his arm around Jennifer as he suggests that they plan to have Bo and Hope look after Jack Patrick while they take the double bag to disappear into the woods to do a little “stargazing.” Jennifer laughs and lays her head on Jack’s chest, happy with that idea. While Jennifer isn’t looking, Jack’s smile fades.

Hospital lab:

Ryan is looking at Jack’s blood work through a microscope when Lexie arrives. Lexie asks about the blood work and Ryan warns that it’s highly unusual before returning to the microscope. Lexie doesn’t like the sound of that and Ryan tells her that it doesn’t look good either. Lexie takes her turn at the microscope and confirms that Jack’s blood work doesn’t look normal. Lexie wonders what is going on with Jack.

Bunker & Shawn Sr.’s house:

Sami tells Will not to get upset because Lucas is right about the important thing being for them to get home safely first. Will admits that he had hoped that Lucas and Sami’s situation would have caused them to become closer and remind them of how much they mean to each other. Lucas and Sami sigh and exchange glances.

Bunker command & Chloe’s clinic room:

Tony smirks as he listens to Brady talk to Chloe. Nicole whispers to Chloe to ask who it is. When Chloe takes the phone down to whisper that it’s Brady, Nicole asks for the phone and Chloe urges her not to tell Brady that it was her. Brady demands that Chloe answer him but isn’t happy when Nicole greets him instead. Brady demands that Chloe be put back on the phone. Nicole looks over at Chloe, who shakes her head no, and tells Brady that Chloe is dead. Brady complains to Tony that Nicole is on the phone saying that Chloe is dead. Tony insists that it was Chloe on the phone and that Brady heard her voice first. Nicole asks Brady why she thinks Chloe is alive and Brady explains that Tony told him she was. Nicole repeats Tony’s name and asks how Brady can trust anything Tony says. Brady tries to quickly fill Nicole in on his current situation but while he’s distracted, Tony slips through the panel to the outside. Brady drops the phone and tries to open the panel to go after Tony. Nicole calls after Brady but receiving no answer, hands the phone back to Chloe and Chloe hangs it up. Chloe asks if Brady believed her but Nicole isn’t sure what Brady believes. Nicole tells Chloe that Tony told Brady that she’s alive.

Battlefield & Base camp & Belle’s loft:

Gunfire litters the minefield. Philip tells Belle that he is going to get through this tight spot because he knows that Belle is at home waiting for him. Shawn and Barrett listen via the connection at the base camp. Philip tells Belle that he loves her and Belle cries as she tells Philip that she loves him too. Philip tells Belle goodbye for he must get to Jake. Philip’s radio connection is still intact as he stands and runs over to Jake. A blast goes off and Philip is thrown back. Shawn cries out as he realizes that something went wrong and Belle desperately cries out to Philip, having heard the same sounds.

Base camp & Belle’s loft:

Belle begs to know what is happening so Shawn grabs the phone from the radio connection to talk to her. Shawn tells Belle that they lost the transmission. An explosion occurs right outside the base camp. An armed marine arrives at the opening to the tent to warn everyone to get down and take cover as he and other marines fire at the enemy from right outside the tent. Belle, still listening through her connection with Shawn’s phone, cries out.

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