Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/26/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/26/05



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Marlena is still talking to Chloe at the clinic as we begin today. Of course, Nicole is also still there, and she has really done a great job of convincing Chloe that to never let Brady know that she is alive. Marlena tried to get Chloe to change her mind, but she won’t budge. She asks to speak privately with Nicole where she questions Nicky K’s motives. “I believe you are telling Chloe these thing because you want Brady all for yourself,” Marlena says to her. &# 9;Nicole swears her innocence and says that she tried her best to convince Chloe to tell Brady she was alive, “I even told her that Brady would always love her - no matter how she looked.” Right - Nicole put her own spin on this as she reminded Chloe of all the functions she would be required to attend with Brady and such.

Marlena won’t give it up with Nicole and Nicole turns the tables on her as she talks about Marlena being locked up with Roman all those months... Marlena tells her that her personal life is none of her business. Nicole asks if when she and Roman were locked up together, did she stay true to John? Marlena doesn’t respond as Nicole asks, “Did I strike a nerve?”. Marlena leaves in a huff, telling Nicole she will talk to Chloe later. Nicole goes back in to see Chloe and keeps assuring her she is doing the right thing. Chloe says she wants to do what is best for Brady and doesn’t want to be a burden to him. She asks Nicole to promise her something, “Always be true to him and never hurt him,” she says. Nicole tells her not to worry; she never will.

At the penthouse, John and Roman are there as John is working on his laptop. They talk about the guy helping Tony, as Roman asks if he knows who he is. John has flashbacks of meeting Stan on the pier, along with assorted drug flashbacks. He finally tells Roman that he saw the guy once dealing drugs down on the pier, but he ran away. Now, they both wonder just how and why he is overseas and involved with the guys. John brings up the fact that Roman and Marlena were held prisoner together and tells Roman he knows what happened. But, we discover he is talking about what a comfort Roman was to her. Roman tells John he knows how close he and Kate got as well. The conversation moves to Sami, as Roman wants to know if his daughter behaved as badly as Kate said. John confirms that she did indeed.

As they continue to discuss Sami, John notices something on the computer screen. He walks over and sits down and stammers, “what in the hell is he doing here?” Roman comes over to take a look and his is also stunned and unbelieving. Marlena arrives outside the penthouse, remembering Nicole’s insinuations and decided that she must tell John the truth; she cannot live a lie. She goes in and says, “John, I have something to tell you.” But John interrupts her, telling her that Tony is alive, and is the one holding the guys hostage.

In the holding room, Tony and his goons gather the guys as Sami watches from the other side of the mirror. Bart warns her not to try anything stupid. She tries to get to the door, but he physically grabs her and stops her. He lets her go and she slaps him hard across the face. She can’t believe this is happening and calls Tony a crazed Stefano-wannabe. She begs Bart to help her stop Tony. But Tony says he feels loyal to Tony because of Stefano, who was always good to him But he thinks that Tony is a bit off as well. Sami begs him for help, talking about how she loves Lucas and Will, and tries to justify herself, saying her motives were good, even though she has done bad things. Bart asks why she didn’t just go after Kate and she says that the only way to her was through her children. She watches through the glass, wondering what Tony is saying to the guys.

Brady demands to know what Tony is up to. Rex is especially shocked, saying, “when Cassie and I lived with you, you took great care of us.” Tony screams, “that was before you became Bradys!” Philip demands to know what this is all about and Tony says “it’s to punish your families for their crimes against the DiMeras." They all think he is crazy for his revenge. Tony suggests that Lucas ask Sami about revenge. Lucas demands to know if she is being held prisoner there too. Tony doesn’t answer him, but taunts them all about their loved ones back at home and they ask how he knows so much about them.

Tony goes to where Sami is and she tells him she wants out, “I will not let you hurt these guys.” Tony asks what is more important to her, those 5 guys or her parents? He shows her a video of Roman and Marlena together after their rescue. Sami breaks down in tears. He tells her that when they came home Marlena went back to John and Kate is with her father, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If she cooperates, her mother and father will be together forever. He promises Sami if she helps, she will get everything she wants. She has flashbacks of her, Lucas and Will talking about being a family. Then she tells Tony NO, “I can’t let you hurt Lucas or the others.” Tony says she made the wrong decision, if she is against him, then she is a prisoner just like the rest of them. He orders Bart to take her away and hold her in maximum security and she is screaming as he hauls her away. Tony goes back to the guys and tells them that their time is running out.

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