Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/24/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/24/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Nancy and Craig are at the clinic, looking in on their sleeping daughter. Chloe wakes up and not knowing anything that has happened, say that she is ready to resume her life with Brady. Nancy can barely conceal her tears as Craig breaks the awful news to his daughter. She wants to know exactly what this means and refuses to let Craig sugar-coat things. When she finds out that she may actually be scarred worse than before, she becomes very upset. She cries, “my life is over; my life is over” and begins to struggle for air. Her parents call a nurse who administers a sedative. As she calms, Chloe is relieved she hadn't told Brady she was alive. Craig suggests they call Marlena to help Chloe's mental state of mind. Chloe overhears Marlena's name and she freaks because Marlena is Brady’s stepmom, but they assure her that Marlena is a professional and will not tell Brady.

Over at Marlena’s penthouse, John and Marlena worry about Brady. John mentions Hope and how she's dealing after Bo slept with another woman, betraying his wedding vows. John couldn't handle that. We see a guilty look cross Marlena’s face. There is a knock at the door and it is Nicole. She comes to ask about the guys, and Belle also shows up. Both women learn that the men they love have been recaptured, but John assures them that his connections in the ISA are searching as they speak. Belle tells her parents that on top of everything else, her best friend is in jail! John promises his daughter that he will do whatever he can to help Mimi. Belle leaves and Marlena and John question Nicole about her concern for Brady. She swears that she loves him and that he loves her. She reminds John that she has been loyal to this family, adding, “I was the first to confront you with your drug problem.”

Finally, Nicole is gone and the telephone rings - it is Nancy and she asks Marlena to meet her right now - but she cannot tell a soul. Back in her hospital room, Chloe thanks her father for his honesty and Marlena promptly arrives. Nancy informs her that Chloe is indeed alive and then explains all that has happened. Marlena assures her that as a doctor she cannot tell anyone that Chloe is alive - or share any of the things she confides to her. In Chloe’s room, Craig and Nancy excuse themselves and Chloe asks Marlena if she feels sorry for her. Marlena asks if that's how Chloe feels about herself? Chloe insists that Marlena agree to keep her a secret from others. Craig privately apologizes to Nancy, but he has to get back to his hospital in NYC. Nancy understands.

After leaving the penthouse, Nicole calls the clinic for an update and they won't tell her. Although you can see she's feeling a little remorse about the infection, she's happy she'll be Mrs. Brady Black, not Chloe. Craig and Nancy walk past the nurses desk and Nicole dashes to the nurses station and pulls out Chloe's file for her status. Nancy walks up behind her open mouthed, not believing it's Nicole. She point blank asks her why she doesn't seem surprised to be looking at Chloe's file.

Meanwhile, at the jail, Patrick arrives after the SOS from Bonnie. He asks to see Mimi and the guard lets him in. Patrick tells Mimi he's going to call in some favors and she'll walk out a free woman if she’ll just do what he says. They suggest she jump bail, but Mimi refuses. She knows Rex would find out about the baby she aborted from all the media and it would defeat her purpose of pleading guilty. . Belle arrives and tells Mimi about the bail. Mimi tells Belle she doesn't want to drag this out. Belle breaks down and tells Mimi about the guys being taken hostage. Mimi figures if she's behind bars she can't hurt Rex again. Belle pep talks her into doing this for Rex.

Switch to the desert hideaway, as Sami peers through the door's peephole and Lucas recognizes her eyes. He tells the others and tries to shake open the door and wishes Stan was there as he got them into trouble. The mention of Stan gets him to thinking and remembering as he pieces together that they were Stan's eyes he saw in the peephole. Sami overhears Lucas tell the rest of the guys. He then mentions that he is worried about Will’s safety. But, Sami assures him, to herself, that she'll take care of Will. She adds, “I am thankful if she can't have Lucas, no one else can!”

Later Brady and Lucas chit chat about what they're going to do when they get home. Rex misses Mimi, Shawn starts to talk about Belle, then glances at Philip and says he misses everyone. Philip wants to renew his wedding vows with Belle. Outside Sami mutters that Philip's bride doesn't feel the same way and as for the others, well they aren't going to get home to do anything. The guys figure there will be a ransom plan. Outside Sami is glad Tony promised not to hurt them. She overhears the guards returning and as they load their rifles, one tells the other that he got orders straight from Tony Dimera. All of the hostages will be taken care of tonight. Sami's face pales with panic!

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