Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/19/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/19/05



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Another day of creepy visions and foreboding news! Celeste has her crystals spread out, studying them and she again has horrendous visions. Jack and his loving family appear first as she sees them in a mirror and they appear happy. In seconds, the image changes to flames. Next she sees Nancy and she fears that a mother’s earnest prayers will not be answered. Celeste then has flashbacks of seeing Lexie with Tek and she is terrified that her daughter will make a terrible mistake. “The message is clear,” she says, “a friend must intervene before it’s too late!”

At the clinic, we see Nancy as she says a prayer for Chloe as Craig tries to comfort her and make her believe that everything will be fine. Nancy, however, cannot shake the feeling that something is going to go wrong. That something shows in the form of Nicole who is having a flashback of talking to the doctor about the extreme importance of sterilizing the instruments. Dr. Weiss interrupts her thoughts as he says, I will not allow you in my OR!” He had observed Nicole scrubbing up and demands that she did not f it properly and she must repeat. “I do not want anything to go wrong with my surgery,” he adds.

Craig continues to try and calm Nancy and suddenly she remembers that today is Brady’s birthday. “What a wonderful birthday surprise it would be for him to discover that Chloe is alive!” Nancy rejoices. But Nicole also pops into her head as she thinks about what a schemer Nicole is and the fact that she will do just about anything to keep Brady and Chloe apart.&# 9;“Nancy, you are just making yourself crazy,” Craig tells his wife. “There is nothing that Nicole can do to hurt Chloe.” Little does he know that the surgery is about to begin and Nicole is in there! When Dr. Weiss asks for the scalpel, she hands him the infected one from her pocket. She thinks evilly, “bet that would make Chloe’s skin crawl.”

As Craig continues to comfort Nancy, telling her that Dr. Weiss has the best credentials of all the doctors here, Nancy says, “I just cannot shake the feeling that this surgery is too risky.” And in the OR - the doctor begins, but Nicole suddenly freaks out over the blood and decides she needs to leave - now! Just as she sneaks out the door, the doctor see that something is wrong with the instruments. He stops the surgery ordering that Chloe be sewn up immediately. But he fears that the damage has already been done! Another nurse comments that maybe the antibiotics will help, but Dr. Weiss fears that his patient has already become infected. It is now that they notice “Nurse Baxter” is gone! Nicole runs thru the Waiting Room and Nancy screams, “stop!” She demands to know what is going on and Dr Weiss appears saying, “I am sorry; there was a problem.”

There is a problem with another of our faves today as we switch to Belle and Mimi where Belle is trying to convince her best friend not to turn herself in. Mimi cries, “my mind is made up; if I just go ahead and plead guilty, I’ll go on off to jail and then Rex won’t be as hurt by the whole truth coming out.” She continues, “I hated Jan and I wanted her dead; I may as well have really done it.” Belle is determined not to let her go through with this plan, but Mimi firmly believes that it is better than Rex move on and forget all about her. “I did something terrible and I need to be punished; my happiness just was not meant to be - this is the only was I can protect Rex and it’s by letting him go.” Belle comments, “both our lives are a mess.” Mimi agrees and says, “it is because we both lied; I lied to Rex and you lied to yourself and ended up marrying Philip.” Mimi totally believes that she is getting exactly what she deserves and there is nothing Belle can say to change her mind.

Over at Jack and Jennifer’s house there is a big celebration taking place for both Abby’s birthday and Jack’s homecoming. Alice, Mickey, and Maggie are there also! They are enjoying cake AND Alice’s famous doughnuts. All the celebration seems to bother Maggie a bit as she asks Mickey, “will we ever be that happy again?” as Jack loving carries his young son back upstair. As Abby opens her presents, she cannot wait to tell Chelsea, but then she remembers what Chelsea is facing and becomes guilty. Jennifer comforts her daughter saying, “Billie is there for Chelsea; she promised her parents that she would look out for Chelsea.”

Jack returns and they cut the cake and take pictures. Idle chitchat takes place until Celeste walks in and says, “children are precious; mothers should cherish them before it is too late.” Everyone becomes very quiet as Celeste apologizes for interrupting; she tells them that she is worried about Lexie and asks Jack and Jennifer how to research and investigate somebody. Jennifer wants to know who she is wanting to investigate, but Celeste won’t say. Maggie is slightly unnerved by all this as she remembers that Celeste predicted her own murder. The lights go out in the room as Celeste sees a vision of a skull in the room. She closes her eyes, but when she opens them, everyone is staring at her like she has three heads. She turns to leave, but Maggie rushes over and asks “Celeste, what’s wrong?”

Overseas, out in the desert, we find Shawn and Rex as they discuss their options; Rex is determined to save Philip. Lucas and Brady are still together as Lucas says, “I never did trust Stan.” We see Stan crawling around and muttering, “how in the world did Sami Brady turn into GI Joe!” Although he hates helping Tony, the thought of bringing down Kate makes it totally worthwhile! Rex and Shawn stumble upon Stan and wonder what he is doing there. Lucas is looking thru the scope at the three of them. Brady tells Stan to stay hidden, while he goes to investigate. Stan tries to explain that he escaped and suggests that they continue their search for Philip, claiming he only wants to help them. Brady walks up, saying that he is lying and he has proof. As they argue, and Lucas watches from afar, some of Tony’s goons rush in and capture them. Lucas thinks to himself, “I knew this was a setup and that Stan person is not going to get away with this!” Brady asks Stan if it was a setup, just who he works for, and who he really is! Stan says, “I work for whoever I need to.” Brady goes after him, but one of the goons knocks him out. Lucas says that SOB is going to pay for what he has done, as he takes aim and shoots. Stan goes down!

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