Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/17/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/17/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Today, Craig and Nancy are with their daughter as the time for surgery fast approaches. Chloe is asleep and she has a dream in which her mother leads Brady into the room and tells him that she has a wonderful surprise. “You are about to see someone that you thought was gone forever,” Nancy says to Brady, as he sees a young woman in the bed - her face wrapped in bandages and a doctor beginning to cut the bandages away. Soon he sees Chloe and he is amazed - she is not only alive, but every bit as beautiful as she always was. Then suddenly - Chloe’s face changes into a mass of ugly scars and she wakes up screaming. She tells her parents, “I am not having this surgery.” Craig sends Nancy to get the doctor and Chloe tells him about her dream. Craig asks her to wait and talk with the doctor, and after the doctor reassures her she will be fine in surgery - she again agrees to go ahead.

Nicole is still lurking around outside and remembers her conversation with the surgeon who wanted her to sterilize the surgical equipment he just used. She recalls the importance he placed on the sterilization as the patient suffered from a flesh eating virus - and these instruments will be used on Chloe Lane in the morning. “What a perfect break,” Nicole says to herself as she goes to improperly clean the instruments, but she is stopped by another nurse who announces that sterilizing instruments is her job! Nicole thinks on her feet and tells this nurse that the doctor was very upset about these instruments not being sterilized twice and Nicole covered for her and said that she was doing them - even twice to make sure they were really sterile. The other nurse, who comments that she is only a few years from retiring, thanks Nicole and goes to take the instruments to the OR. Nicole is told to go and get Chloe for surgery and she goes in with her face covered with a mask and hopes nobody recognizes her!

Back to Salem - and to the Carver home where Celeste has a nightmare also - she walks into Abe and Lexie’s house and calls out for them - but nobody answers - then Tek joins her and says, “the Carver family does not exist anymore!” In another room, Lexie wakes up to an empty bed. Abe is sitting at the end of the bed and she asks him if he is all right. He starts talking about the fact that he can no longer make love to her and shocks her by asking for a divorce! Lexie is very upset and tries to explain to Abe that there are so many other ways that they can show their love for one another - but he does not want to hear. He gets up and feels his way to the bathroom as Lexie dissolves into tears.

Later we see Lexie carrying a basket of laundry when she hears the doorbell ring. It's Tek, and he says he is there to brief Abe on the Spears investigation. When Celeste enters the room and sees Tek she promptly faints - right in his arms. As Lexie nurses her back to, Tek goes upstairs to talk to Abe. Lexie tells her mother about Abe’s request for a divorce. Celeste tells Lexie about her fears and Lexie starts to break down about her life being in ruins and heads off to do the laundry and get her mind off it. Celeste tells herself that Lexie will be fine if she can get Tek out of her life.

Tek knocks on the bedroom door and Abe sarcastically informs him that another detective was already briefing him. Tek tries to explain he didn't want to stress Abe out and that's why he hadn't told him about the investigation, but Abe makes it perfectly clear that Tek is not welcome. Celeste walks in to overhear Abe muttering about Tek's relationship with his wife. She privately agrees with him. She encourages Abe to fight for her daughter but being blind and impotent he feels weak and incapable of doing so. He asks to be alone to think about it. Celeste leaves and goes back downstair just in time to overhear Tek telling Lexie that he still has feelings for her.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, we find Stami - remembering Tony’s promise not to hurt Philip. She also insists that Tony check on Will back home and make sure that he is ok, so Tony has Bart handle that. Stami also wants Tony to once again promise that he will not hurt any one of them. Brady overhears Stan on the phone and wonders what that was all about. Bart comes to Tony and in forms him that the U. S. Armed Forces are getting closer. Back to out ragtag group of rescuers as the shells are exploding around them from the enemy. Tony only wanta to get the entire group into his trap as he tells Bart, “they won’t know what hit them.” Brady, Rex and Shawn gather together and Brady tells them the journalist has the map. Lucas follows the trio after looking at a picture of Will and Sami. Bart gets a call with a big problem that could ruin their entire plan. The rescuers are surrounded. We see Shawn, Philip and Rex being captured!.

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