Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/12/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/12/05



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A lot of action today takes place at Salem University Hospital. First off, Billie and Patrick arrive, but in the mean time, Billie has seen a doctor because she is now sporting a cast on her arm The nurse directs them to Chelsea’s room as Billie is confused. She goes to the room and says, “that’s not Georgia; that’s Chelsea Benson; there must be some mistake.” “No,” the nurse explains. It seems that Chelsea has a very rare blood type and they went thru thousands of donors and found Billie. Chelsea must have a transfusion and the nurse asks Billie if she still would like to help. Of course, Billie agrees and the nurse goes off to get the paperwork. Billie tells Patrick that she was hoping “Georgia” was waiting on her here - and that in her own hunt for Georgia, she totally forgot about all the Chelsea is going thru.

From inside the room, Chelsea is softly calling, “Mommy.” Billie’s heart is breaking as she goes off to give the blood Chelsea so badly needs. Afterward, she and Patrick return to Chelsea’s room. She is still quietly calling out for her mama and as Billie looks at her, she tells Patrick, “if I can’t be there for Georgia, I can at least be here for Chelsea.” Patrick is proud of Billie and tells her that she just “may have saved Chelsea’s life.”

Earlier, we saw Tek hug Lexie and ask if she was okay. From behind them they hear Abe say, “I he may be blind, but I am not stupid.” He jumps all over Tek and tel him that he needs to make an arrest in the Jan Spears case and stop wasting the taxpayers money. Tek storms off as Lexie attempts to calm Abe. He tells Lexie that he does not approve of the friendship she has with Tek and wants it to end. He asks her if she told Tek about his “problem.” Lexie says she would never share such an intimate matter with anyone else, that Tek was just asking if she was ok.

Flash over to right outside of Jan’s room where Bonnie is telling Mimi that everything is going to be ok as she has called in the “big guns.” Mickey is on his way down to the hospital, and he is going to represent Mimi. Belle comes in and she and Mimi go in to talk to Jan. Jan mouths the word “toast” and then tells Mimi that she is going to pay, and pay dearly for what she has done. Mimi opens her mouth again - and not realizing that Tek was walking up behind her, tells Jan, “I wish that I HAD killed you.” Tek asks if Mimi would like that last remark to go on record.

As they leave the room, Belle approaches Jan and asks why shw wants to do this to Mimi as she knows Mimi did not try to hurt her. “Jan, you know you fell and hit your head,” Belle reminds her. But Jan can only spew forth venom at Belle, calling her a hypocrite and telling her that she is going to breaks Philip’s heart when he comes home. As Jan is getting more and more upset, she begins to struggle to breathe. Belle begs her to calm down, but she just gets more and more upset as she tells Belle, “if anything happens to Shawn, you will pay!” Suddenly she convulses and then flatlines!

Back outside of Jan’s room, Mickey tells Bonnie that he will represent Mimi, but defending her without having Jan to cross examine will make the case very difficult. Bonnie gives him the “look” and promises to make it worth his while - but Maggie - walks up and objects. She had been enjoying a night alone with Mickey while Bonnie was away, but Bonnie managed to mess that up. The two women exchange words and Maggie finally delivers an ultimatum to Mickey, “it’s time for you to choose between the two of us!” Mickey cannot deal with his “wife” problems right now, as Tek tells him that he is just waiting on a warrant to arrest Mimi. Mimi says, “I’m doomed.” Mickey assures her that if they can get Jan on the stand, he will get the truth out of her. Lexie rushes by, and then Belle runs out of Jan’s room and she tells everybody what’s going on. Mickey tells them if Jan dies, they may never get the truth as Mimi fears she is going to death row. Tek says if Jan dies, he must arrest Mimi. Lexie comes out and tells them she has bad news.

Finally, Lexie is able to get around to examining Jack. He tries to weasel his way out, telling Jennifer that he is fine, but she refers to Abe’s blindness, and does not want to take any chances with Jack’s health. He agrees and tells her that he has a surprise for her when he is finished. Whenever Lexis comes in to examine him, Jack requests that she test him for STD’s at the same time! Later, Lexie informs Jen that all is okay with Jack. Jack tells her he has a surprise for her and blindfolds her and leads her into an exam room, where he has a table set with candles all around and he turns on soft music, explaining that Lexie helped him set it up. Outside the door, we see Lexie put a “Do Not Disturb” sigh on the door! He toasts his family; she is so glad he never gave up on them. They kiss and enjoy their time together. After they eat, he pulls back a curtain to reveal a bed surrounded with dozens of candles and he takes her over to it. Later he gives her one final surprise, a beautiful pendant with two hearts on it.

Somewhere in a foreign country, Tony and Bart are discussing the condition of Philip. Bart remarks that he is almost back to being good as new! Tony is slightly annoyed because Sami has not checked in as he tells Bart, “she is the key to our entire plan.” Bart tells Tony he is worried how Sami will react when she finds out that Lucas is there. Soon, Stan tried to check in and Tony is able to hear a part of the transmission but they are cut off when Shawn comes up and grabs him. They end up in a foxhole as Stan talks about Philip and Belle. Tony tells Bart, “I really hope Sami is able to complete her assignment.”

Inside of his prison cell, Philip struggles to free himself as he again sees a vision of Belle. He tells her, “the last time you came to me, it was to tell me goodbye.” She assures him that this is not her reason for being there now, and in this fantasy, Belle professes her undying love for Philip as they make love. Suddenly she leaves again and Philip realizes he is still strapped to the chair.

In the bunker, Stan and Shawn talk and Shawn mentions the other three guys he is there with - including Lucas. When Stan hears the name Lucas, he freaks out crying, “Lucas is here; here with you?” Shawn answers “yes, Philip is Lucas’s brother, and he is worried about him; he and Will would be crushed if something happens to Philip.” Tony tells Stan that it is time to use the “secret weapon.” Stan pulls out Philip’s dog tags and shows them to Shawn. Now a believer, Shawn asks, “what’s next?” To herself Sami thinks, “Shawn, you just made the biggest mistake of your life.”

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