Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/10/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/10/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope are finally at home and Bo is still confused and a bit out of it. Hope goes off to make him some green tea to help rid his body of the poisons left by the gas. Bo lays down on the sofa and promptly falls asleep. Hope looks up the effects of gas inhalation on the internet where she discovers that hallucinations are one. Bo calls out in his sleep, “Billie” and this angers Hope. She says to herself, “Billie is gonna have to work a hell of a lot harder to convince me that Bo has feelings for her.”

In a little while, Bo wakes up, and he tells Hope that he remembers going to the house, and that Billie fell in the hole. “I went in after her and slipped and feel and hit my head. And then you showed up. I cannot figure out why you were there.” “I wasn’t,” Hope tells him. But Bo continues to insist that she was because they made love. Hope tries to break it to him gently; she tells him that when she and Patrick arrived he and Billie were in the throes of making love. Bo denies this, “no Hope, it was you!” Hope breaks down as she explains that Billie tricked him that she knew full well that he thought she was Hope! Hope screams at the husband, “I never want to hear her name said again in this house, furthermore, I never want her to set foot in this house!” Tearfully, she adds, “unless you DID know that it was Billie you were making love to.”

Bo is very upset and attempts to convince Hope that he hates everything he has done to her lately, adding how he keeps tunning out on her, but the bottom line is that he and Billie share a daughter. Hope reminds him of his own children as she breaks the latest news of Shawn’s antics. Still crying, Hope tells him that Shawn has run off on a mission to recuse Philip - and he drug three others with him - Rex, Brady, and Lucas. “If you hadn’t been off on another wild goose chase with Billie, you could have stopped him,” Hope cries out. “Now he is risking his life,” she continues. Bo remembers the phone call at the hospital and tells Hope. He asks her, “are you going to leave me like you threatened to do?” As an answer, she helps him to the couch before he passes out again. In the kitchen, as she gets his tea, she realizes that Bo is still defending helping Billie and she says aloud, “OK Billie - you’ve asked for it - this is war!”

Billie and Patrick are still at the house where she was trapped with Bo. She confesses to Patrick that she knew what she was doing when she let Bo make love to her one last time. Patrick asks her is she is sorry, and she cannot say that she is. Patrick is disbelieving of her actions and says, “but Bo is a married man.” Billie uses the excuse that “Bo used to be my husband; we had a child together.” And now she ants Bo - no matter what! “And if he wants to call me Hope, then so be it!” she adds. They continue to argue about her action and Billie’s phone rings. It was the hospital, and they tell her that she is the only match on a patient they have there. She smiles as she tells Patrick, “my daughter needs me.”

Belle is still over at the penthouse as we again see her discussing the sacred vows of marriage and the fact that she would never break her vows. Cue the guilty four - who glance around the room at one another. Kate has held her tongue longer than thought possible and she unleashes her fury on Belle, “because of Shawn, my three sons lives may be in danger.” John is quick to defend his daughter and Kate makes a quick exit out to the balcony for some air. Roman joins her as Belle talks to her parents. “I understand why Katie is mad, but I am mad also - she tried to replace my mom when we thought she was dead,” Belle cries. John tries to reassure his daughter that he is back with her mother and Kate is back with Roman as he also attempts to explain the love that grew between him and Kate during the worse time of their lives. Belle is relieved to hear her parents are together now and was reluctant to visit him because of Kate. John asks her to try and make things right with Kate, but Belle is unsure if that can happen because of Shawn. Roman comes in and Belle gives him a big hug saying, “thank you, Uncle Roman, for taking care of my mom.” Roman tells Belle that he would always take care of Marlena as he loves her and he also loves Belle. Belle goes out on the lobby and asks Kate if they can talk. But, Kate is not in a very forgiving mood and as Belle tries to explain her feelings for Philip, Kate lashes out at her for marrying her son when she did not even love him. She tells a shaken Belle, “I always knew that Sami was devious, but she is nothing compared to you!” Belle runs back in , with Kate right behind her. Kate claims she knows that Belle wants to be let off the hook for her adultery with Shawn. But Belle insists that she hasn't been unfaithful. Kate says she's still married to Philip while making plans with Shawn, and that's unforgivable. Roman and Marlena glance at one another as their silent language to one another is clear, “we cannot admit to what we did now as nobody will understand.”

Belle runs into her dad’s arms, crying and Marlena has just about had enough of Kate’s mouth. Kate screams at the , “you would be just as upset if it was your son.” Marlena corrects her, “Brady is my stepson, so I can imagine and we are worried sick about all of the boys.” She adds, “Belle is not the kind of person you are accusing her of being and taking out your frustrations on my innocent daughter is not going to help anything.” Infuriated now, Kate spews venom at Marlena, “you have been gone for a long time and you need to realize just who your little girl is.” Both Marlena and Roman warn Kate that she best step back as Belle grabs her mother. They are both in tears now as Belle says, “I have to go; I can’t stay here and be around Kate.” Marlena and Roman walk Belle to the elevator and when they return they find John and Kate back out on the balcony, with Kate still crying and John comforting her. She defends herself saying that she has already experience infidelity and asks John, “what would you do if you found out that your wife had been unfaithful with another man?” Of course, Marlena and John hear her words!

Overseas, we find the guys with Stan. They are accusing him of being a fraud.. Lucas keeps the stranger in his sites as Rex tells Brady that “I want the guy on the defensive to learn more about him.” Lucas vows to himself that he's a goner if he hurts any of them, but he actually seems to remember him from somewhere. Rex tries to stare Stan down as he continues to insist he's who he says he is. Rex begins to question Stan about Philip. Stan plays things up really good, saying them how Philip missed his wife Belle and his family. He can’t stand some ex-boyfriend of hers who supposedly drove his motorcycle through the church's stained glass window, and he wouldn't hesitate to kill him if need be. Of course Shawn gets rather upset about all this. Next Stan taunts Rex saying Philip claimed his friend Rex's girlfriend had some deep dark secret from him. Rex starts shaking him, but Stan goes on about wanting to write a book about all the things Philip said. He adds how Brady lost his singing girlfriend and was making it with his grandfather's widow. Brady raises his gun knowing Philip would never tell a stranger all this crap But, Lucas is still trying to remember who the face belongs to.

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