Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/6/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/6/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi and Belle continue to pray for their loved one to come back safely to them. They see another woman there praying and she is wearing a yellow ribbon. “Excuse me,” Belle asks, do you have someone in the war?” She tells them, “yes, my husband.” Mimi and Belle tell her that their boyfriends are over there also. “So is her husband,” Mimi adds, which takes an explanation. The lady tells them, “my husband lost his father in Viet Nam and his mother was forced to raise him all by herself; I just don’t know how couples coped back in the days before cell phones and emails.” She tells the girls that she was in the military when she met her husband, and he cannot wait til he can get home and meet their baby daughter. She returns to pray, as Belle and Mimi talk. Mimi asks, “what would you do if only one of them comes back - either Philip or Shawn? She goes on and on about what would happen if they find Philip, and Shawn tells him that he and Belle are still in love. Finally, they return to the prayer pews and continue praying.

At the penthouse we again see Roman telling Marlena that they have to keep what happened in the castle a secret, but Marlena tells John that there is something she has to tell him. Before she can speak, there is a knock at the door. It is Shawn, Sr. And Will! When they see Roman and Marlena, they stare in a state of shock! Will welcomes his grandmother back home, as Shawn grabs his son. He says, “I just can’t believe that my son and my beautiful daughter in law are alive.” Roman reminds his father that he is now married to Kate, who stands awkwardly, along with John. Shawn Sr. goes on to explain how he nearly had a heart attack whenever Cassie and Jack showed up at the Pub. “Is she ok?” Kate asks, and he assures them that she is; she just fell asleep after explaining the entire story to him.

Roman interrupts and asks if his Pop knows about the DiMera’s and if Cassie told him the rest of the story. Shawn, Sr. Explains that she told him all about the DiMera’s being dead and that he is glad for it. Roman says, “come on over here Pop; there is something else that I need to tell you.” While Roman tried to gently tell his father that his mother was alive, Marlena and Will talk. “Well, I guess the first thing you’ll wanta know is how Mom screwed up any chances of a happy life with me and my dad.” Marlena attempts to reassure her grandson that his mother will come back home and make everything right again for them. Of course, Kate is quick to jump right in there and tell Will that it was not his fault that his mother broke his and his father’s hearts. She adds, “you are better off without your mother anyhow,” but Marlena wants to hear no part of this and says that it is highly uncharacteristic for Sami not to explain. Now she adds, “if Sami said she was innocent, I believe that was probably the truth.” They glance over to see an upset Shawn, who has just learned that Caroline and Victor had been alive, but probably did not make it safely from the castle. As Shawn, Sr cries, Roman feels guilty that he didn’t do more.

Back at the empty house in Ogden, Patrick and Hope look down on a passed out Billie and Bo. They smell gas, and Patrick know he has to go after them. Patrick tosses up a rope made of sheets and instructs Hope to tie it around the radiator. She opens the front door to try and get some air in, and Bo stirs a bit. Seeing Patrick, he tells him to take Hope and get out of there. Patrick ignores Bo and tells Hope to begin pulling as he “walks” the wall with Billie on his back. He brings her on up as she wants to know what happened. Hope is only too happy to inform her that it was another of her wild goose chases, “sound familiar?” she asks. As the ladies jab at one another, Patrick goes back down after Bo. Suddenly he screams up tp Hope that he cannot find a pulse. He tells Bo, “it’s me, Patrick, and I am about to give you mouth to mouth if you do not start breathing.” Bo comes around, as Hope screams down to him that he best behave and do what Patrick tells him. All Bo can say is that he is worried about his Fancy Face, and Hope glares at Billie! Patrick instructs the ladies to start pulling and finally they get Bo out of the death trap. He asks his wife, “how did you get down in the hole?” Hope is totally furious as she suddenly realize exactly what happened! She confronts Billie, “you bitch; you took advantage of this situation to make love with my husband,” Hope says as she punches Billie right smack dac in the face!!

We see Sami in the bunker, again begging for her life. Around the corner walks Tony - dressed in DCU’s . “You are too beautiful to kill, Samantha and you are necessary for my plans,” which causes Sami to slap him! She tells him that she will not do anything to hurt Philip Kiriakis, as he is here fighting for his country. She realizes she'll be paying for her bad deeds for a long time, but this time is not going to watch him starve and torture Philip. Tony orders the guards to give Philip plenty of water and food and not to harm him.

He then orders Sami to do what he says and she'll get revenge and her parents. She reminds him of everything he's done in the past and she wants proof. He holds the proof in his hand and shows her a video of when Marlena and Roman were eating their Chinese feast in the castle. Sami asks when it was taken, saying, “it's not proof they're still alive.” Tony tells her, “it's true, and this was recently, and the sooner you do what he says, the sooner you can be with them. He gives her a gun and her orders. Later he laughs with Bart on the phone about his orders to Sami as he chuckles, “payback is a bitch, and so is Sami Brady.”

We come to our trip of Shawn, Lucas, and Rex looking around, and hitting the ground to avoid a big search light. Lucas sees a scorpion crawling on Shawn and knocks it off and kills it. Lucas laughs, “Will would have loved so see that big thing, but Sami would have been screaming her head off.” As the three of them wait on Brady to come back, they begin talking about their loved ones back home. Rex asks Lucas, “why can’t you just learn from this experience and go and find Sami; if it were Mimi, no matter what she had done, I would try to understand it because I love her!” Lucas is certain that Sami is off plotting her revenge, and just cannot see a way in his heart to forgive her. As he goes off to check the area, Rex and Shawn notice someone coming towards their camp and they hide. We then see the back of a person in full uniform coming toward Rex and Shawn. They order the person to stop as they pull their guns; a look of surprise comes over Rex’s face as he asks, “what in the hell are you doing here?”

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