Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/4/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/4/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Today a very mad Hope takes off to Ogden to find her husband She is still furious that their son needs him more than he ever has in his entire life, and Bo is off with Billie. She tells Patrick, who, of course is with her, “my family is falling apart all because of Bo constantly breaking his promises to me and Shawn and running off with Billie.” They arrive in Ogden and find Bo’s car parked next to a house that looks deserted. Both of them are immediately suspicious of a setup, but Hope insists that she has to go find Bo, telling Patrick, “it may be too late already.” Their search proves futile until they go in the kitchen. Hope faintly hears Bo calling out, Patrick flips on a light switch and they are able to see the trapdoor that Bo and Billie fell through.

Bo is still looking at Billie and seeing Hope; Billie continues to pretend to be Hope. Thinking that they may die, she is using this one last chance to be with the man she loves. &# 9;The gas continues to cloud around them until Bo passes out. Billie begs him to come to, telling him, “you have to focus on Georgia and me,” except Bo thinks it is Hope telling him to focus on her and their family. “I’ll always be there for you, Fancy Face,” Bo tells Billie, who even though she knows this is wrong, continues to lead him on. We look up to see Hope and Patrick staring down at Bo and Billie, wrapped in sheets, and in the throes of lovemaking.

In an undisclosed location, we see Bart; he is wearing a white naval uniform, and he is watching what appears to be some soft core porn as he grumbles that he has better stuff than this to the person next to him.........who, of course, is a very alive Tony, wearing a dark naval uniform with a bandage on his forearm. Bart then realizes that they are actually watching Bo Brady and Billie Reed and he is shocked. As Bart apologizes to the Count for losing four of their six prisoners, rambling on in his wacky way, “hey boss, I did catch two outa the six; yeah they couldn’t run too fast, but...” Tony comments that it is allright as they have a contingency plan in the form of Philip Kiriakis and Samantha Brady!

We also discover the whereabouts of Caroline and Victor, and as expected they continue to be prisoners of Tony’s - locked away in some sort a jail cell. Victor asks how Tony can possibly be alive, as Caroline answers, “The Phoenix always rises from the ashes.” Victor remarks that now Tony has them on this “cruise of the damned” as Caroline only rejoices that Roman and the others escaped. “I am happy that my children are safe and with their families.” She is hoping that Roman will finally be able to be happy with Kate and notes that even though Victor has problems with her, she is actually good for her son. Victor, knowing that Caroline made a vow to be faithful to Shawn Sr., wants to know how she can prove to herself that he still loves her. He admires her loyalty, which she makes seem so easy. She says it is not easy, but she already hurt Shawn once and she will not cause that kind of pain again.

At John and Marlena’s penthouse the two couples are still together discussing all the things that Roman and Marlena missed. First in the discussion was the caccellation of Sami’s wedding to Lucas. Kate is quick to explain that on the eve of her wedding, Sami went to a motel where Brandon Walker was staying, and Lucas found her there - in bed with Brandon. Both Marlena and Roman are devastated and worried about Sami, but when they ask where she is, nobody knows anything except that she left a note for Lucas and Will. Roman wants to know if Kate had anything to do with Sami’s being with Brandon and her disappearance. Of course Kate lies and swears to Roman that she kept the promise she made him on their wedding day - to always take care of Sami if anything happened to him. She says that Sami did it herself. She worked hard to help with the wedding, but admits that she is happy it didn’t happen - and John backs her up. Marlena and Roman call Eric, who admits that he also is worried about Sami, but he knows nothing. Roman tells her that he doesn’t know why Sami doesn’t learn that trust and honesty are vital to any relationship and is glad he has that with Kate.

Next they talk about the events surrounding Belle’s wedding to Philip. Kate hatefully informs Marlena that her daughter “suddenly decided she really did love Shawn Brady.” When asked how Philip reacted to this news, Marlena and Roman are told about his current captivity. Roman talks about him and John finding Philip and getting him home, but John tells him that someone beat them to it, as he tells them about Brady, Lucas, Shawn and Rex going off. Kate is in tears when she tells Marlena that a miracle brought Roman back, but she needs another to get her sons back. Marlena cries too and she hugs Kate and tells her she is so sorry. Roman promises to bring them all back home safe, then find Sami and bring her home safe, too.

The discussion turns to John’s injury and his remarkable recovery. Kate comments that much of his motivation came from his great desire to walk Belle down the aisle on her wedding day. Marlena wonders about the excruciating pain he must have been in, “any medication strong enough to help with that kind of pain had to be very addictive,” as John and Kate glance at one another. Neither of them mention John’s problem with drug addiction. He says, “you are all I need,” to Marlena. He tells her that Kate was a “great help” which causes Marlena to recall the video of John and Kate together on the floor - undressing one another. John makes the statement that he knows Marlena would never be unfaithful to him, as Marlena looks very guiltily at Roman.

In a bunker, we see a replay of Stan asking for a blindfold, “don’t you have to give me one? Isn’t there something in the Geneva Conference about that?” he asks, so the guards bring one over and begin to put it on him. But, a part of “his” face disguise comes off in the guard’s hand, and he keeps on removing pieces until we see the real Sami standing there! The guards immediately assume she is a spy, but she tries to convince them that she is “one of them,” although she cannot tell them who she works for. Visions of her stint on death row flash thru Sami’s mind as she begins to try and make a deal with God to spare her life. “Dear God, if you will only save me, I will never plot and scheme again, in fact I will become St. Sami!” She even calls out to her parents - asking her mom and dad to “put in a good word” for her!

Just as the guards get totally fed up with her whining and prepare to shoot her, the phone rings. “Ohh my God, who is it? - the governor?” Sami asks. Not quite - but even better as it it Tony and he tells the guards that Sami is indeed telling the truth about her orders. “She just does not know that they came from me,” he adds. His new instructions are to spare Sami and to keep Phillip alive. When one of the guards calls him Count, Sami goes nutsy, yelling out at Tony, who finally tells the guard to put her on the phone. “Tony,” Sami screams, “why couldn’t you just have stayed dead?” Tony laughs and tells her that if she does as he orders and meets Brady and his bunch - then “I will deliver your parents to you - alive!” Sami is quite skeptical, but Tony reminds her that stranger things have happened in Salem. She finally agrees to do anything wants - as long as she gets to see her parents alive!

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