Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/2/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/2/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Todayís show begins at the hospital where Hope and Patrick are still talking about Jackís wonderful return home. "I can just imagine her surprise when she first laid eyes on him," Hope says excitedly. But, Patrick only wished that Jack would just believe there was nothing between him and Jennifer. "He needs to realize that Jen and Abby never gave up on him returning back home to them." Which brings Hope to the subject of Bo once again running off with Billie. "I just wish I knew where they are," she tells Patrick.

If Hope only knew, sheíd be freaking out. Inside the hole where they both fell, Billie cries, "ohh my God, Iíve done it again, why canít I ever learn to listen to you?" She is working to revive Bo and she begins to give him mouth to mouth. When he comes around, Billie plants a big kiss on him! "What happened?" After she explains, Bo checks his cell phone, but there is no signal. "Do not panic, Billie, but I am afraid we may be here for a while, Bo solemnly informs her. An attempt to hoist her up on his shoulders and out the trap door proves futile. The whole time Billie whines and apologizes and says that when Georgia is mentiond "my emotions just take over and I cannot help myself." Bo begins to hear a hissing noise and immediately fears snakes, but moments later Billie smells gas!

Back at the hospital, a very worried Hope calls the police and has them begin looking for Boís car. She knows it is just like Billie to have taken him on another of her wild goose chases. Hoping that they have not walked straight into a trap, she laments to Patrick how Billie always plays on Boís emotions to get him to do what she wants. "He is always choosing her over his own family," Hope says, furiously. She adds, "itís always about Bo saving Billie." Later Hope calls the police station and discovers that they have been unable to find out anything.

Across the ocean, Bo and Hopeís son has much more trouble on his hands - trouble his parents cannot even imagine! Lucas, Rex, and Shawn are wondering where they are as they wait for Brady to return. When he does, he announces, "time is running out; we need to move quickly and locate Philip." A contractor named Dan comes over and tells them that all the rest of his buddies were also captured and he knows where the hostages are being held. He takes out a self drawn map and shares with the guys, saying, "the perimeter is wired with explosives, so we have to be very careful." Brady thinks that sending two guys in to create a diversion and then having the other two come in is the way to go. Dan wants to go along, but Brady sends him to the airstrip to wait, and leave if they do not return soon. Brady tells Rex and Lucas to go around to the back, while he and Shawn go in the front. After they split up, Brady and Shawn hear gunfire and hope they arenít too late.

Inside we see Philip and Stami tied together - back to back. Philip continues to ask Stami who "he" is, as Sami has flashbacks of getting the orders for this mission. "Anyhow, we have to work together to get out of here," Phil tells Stan, but Stan says that "help may already be on the way in the form of Shawn and Brady. Philip wonders how this stranger knows Shawn and Brady and Stan tells him that he is "someone who made a deal with the devil and has gotten in over her head." Philip is confused, "are you a woman, because you sure do look like a man." "You do not want to know," Stan says and Philip thinks this man is talking in some kind of code.

Philip then asks Stan what the plan is as he is becoming more and more thirsty and hungry. Stan tries again, "I do not have a plan and I am not who you think I am." Philip doesnít answer and Stan realizes that he has passed out. "Hey, hey buddy, wake up," Stan begs Philip, "do not die on me." As he tries in vain to wake Philip, the guards outside are trying to figure out what to do with them. They walk inside and inform Stan that the only way he is leaving there will be in a body bag. They untie Stan, and point a gun at him, as he begins to beg for his life.

Back at the airport, Roman and Marlena, John and Kate are still gathered, sorting out the pieces. Kate has just dropped the bombshell that she and John are engaged. Flashbacks run thou Marlenaís mind of the scenes Tony made her and Roman watch. Roman finally speaks up saying, "itís obvious the two of you got close." Kate immediately assures him that "everything has changed now that you and Marlena have returned." "Kate and I turned to one another in a time of deep sorrow and sadness," John explains. Marlena tells him that she understands, even though it is hurting her. Kate tells Roman, "in fact, John and I only became engaged tonight." John finally tells all of them that he is very tired and he thinks they should all go home and get some rest. Kate hands him his cane and chastises him for not using it. A teary eyed Marlena says, "Ohh my goodness, thatís right, the last time I saw you, you were strapped to a raft and you could not feel your legs, now just look at how far you have come in your recovery." As John has flashbacks of getting the drugs from Stami, he gives Kate credit for helping him thru the pain and torment.

They all go back to John and Marlenaís pent house where she becomes overcome with emotion as she enters her home for the first time in ages. John says that having his wife home is the best medicine he could ever have, as Kate and Marlena help him to the couch. Marlena looks at the pictures of her family and cries, telling him they are happy tears. Kate and Roman talk about how much they missed each other. John tells Marlena they will have a big welcome home party once they are rested. He has a sharp back pain and Kate rushes over to his aid, as Marlena and Roman watch helplessly. Kate sends Roman upstairs for Johnís pillow. Up there, he sees Kateís night gown on the bed and he remembers when he gave it to her. She was to wear it on their honeymoon night - which they never had. "Well, John, you saw her in it first," Roman says aloud. He adds, "please donít tell me I have lost another woman to John Black," as he goes back downstairs.

Downstairs, Marlena tries to help John, but Kate tells her that he needs his back massaged in a certain way and she begins to do just that. Marlena tells Roman it sure looks as if Kate made herself at home. John asks for some water and Kate runs to get it, but she is stopped by Marlena, who says, "I can take care of my husband from now on." So Roman goes over to Kate and suggests that they go on home to their own house. Kate looks at him as she breaks the news, "I am sorry Roman; I sold your house." This sends Roman over the edge and he tells his wife, "boy, it sure did not take you long to move on, and in - with John." He asks her, "just who will be staying in the penthouse tonight - you or Marlena?"

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