Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/28/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/28/05



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The week of reunions continues. At the airport restaurant where Marlena and Roman are eating, it is announced that they have two special couples there tonight - one celebrating their 50th anniversary and one just became engaged. They ask both couples to stand, but of course Marlena and Roman cannot see John and Kate. But, Roman does think he recognizes someone he knows - and he goes to see. He goes up to the couple who are celebrating their 50th anniversary!

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, in Abby’s room, the celebration continues. Jack is just so happy to be back that he refuses to go home and rest. He wants his wife and daughter to fill him in on everything that has happened and Abby says, "the Red Sox even won the World Series!" Jack gets the cake and starts lighting the candles, and together they all blow them out. Jennifer goes to get plates and forks, while Jack and Abby cheat and use their fingers! After they enjoy the wonderful cake that Alice made Jack says, "it is really wonderful to have your cake and eat it too!"

In another part of the hospital, Hope and Patrick have returned. Hope continues to feel guilty, but Patrick assures her that it is not her fault. Hope just wants to find her husband, so they head for Chelsea’s room. Chelsea is asleep so they go to the lobby - no Bo or Billie there either. Hope laments that her marriage may really be in trouble as Patrick says, "you and Bo will be allright; look at all the other great couples of Salem." "Tom and Alice, John and Marlena, Steve and Kayla, Doug and Julie, Jack and Jennifer," as Hope adds Roman and Marlena. Patrick asks her about Roman and Marlena and she explains that thanks to the DiMera’s, Marlena had thought that Roman was dead and moved on. She goes on to tell him how Billie has tried to ruin their lives. Patrick changes the subject and suggests she call Bo, thinking he may have left her a message. She calls home and his cell phone, but gets no answer at either. She thinks that maybe he left a message on her cell phone, but she left it in Abby’s room. She sees someone in there with them and assuming it is the doctor decides to wait. She is beginning to be certain that Bo has run off with Billie again.

In her room, Abby and Jack joke about how he is never going to leave her again. "I may even go to college with you and be your room mate." Jack continues, "ohh, I missed you and Jack Jr and your mother so bad." Innocently, Abby mentions that Patrick was there for her mom. Jack does not like this at all. Abby explains that her mom came to depend on Patrick, who at this moment is running into Jennifer in the lobby. Hope asks how Abby is doing because she just saw the doctor in there. "Hope, " Jennifer says, "that was not a doctor - that was - - Jack!" Hope cannot believe her ears and asks again; she then hugs Jen and says, "I am so happy for you." Jennifer apologizes to Hope about everything that happened earlier, as Hope questions her about Bo. Jennifer confirms Hope’s suspicions - Bo has indeed left with Billie again! Suddenly Jack comes rushing out of Abby’s room and grabs Patrick and punches him smack dab in the face!

Bo and Billie, in the meantime are waiting outside of a house as Bo tries to convince Billie that they are making a mistake. Billie begins her same tangent about Bo not really caring about their daughter and that Hope is getting to him. Bo defends his wife, but tells Billie that this really seems too much like a set up and he is starting to regret coming here. Billie is not buying; she is convinced that Georgia is in this house and takes off. Bo follows, of course, and kicks open the door, to fund the house seemingly abandoned. A search shows up nothing. As they are leaving, they hear a childs voice in another room crying "Mama." Billie rushes in finds a doll. As she runs over to it, she falls thru a hole in the floor.

Mmi and Belle return to the loft, worried about their men. Belle is also still also upset over what she learned about John and Kate, and how mean and evil Kate is. She tells Mimi, "I used to think that it was Sami, but now I am not so sure." Mimi chimes in that Kate does not want her with Rex and hasn’t kept that a secret. Belle calls Kate an evil, mean bitch and a hypocrite. "How dare she speak to me about my marriage vows?" Belle fumes. After a much deserved rant against Kate, Belle wonders if Shawn will tell Philip the whole truth or wait until they get back home. She so wishes that she had her mother here to talk to and confide in. Both girls agree that their prayers are the same - that the guys all make it home safe and sound as they cannot bear to lose them.

Back to the airport and Roman and Marlena, John and Kate. Security comes up to Roman and tells him that his call will be coming thru momentarily, so they return to the terminal. John and Kate exit the restaurant also, but John discovers he left his cane somewhere, so he backtracks his steps. In the terminal, Marlena sits and waits for Roman to talk to Shane. John comes in thru the door on the other side, and seeing his cane says, "there you are; I will be so glad when I don’t need you anymore." As he walks toward the cane, he sees a woman sitting across the room and she looks so familiar that he stops. "No, it can’t be," he says. At that moment Marlena turns, and glances out as though she senses someone is there and she sees John! They rush into each others arms, both crying. Neither of them can believe it is real. Marlena is holding him tight, as we see Kate come back in saying, "John, what is taking you so long?" She stops dead in her tracks and shakes her head. "No, no - it can’t be - not Marlena." But, she hears Roman’s voice say "Kate"and turns to see him standing there. She is in shock, not believing it is really him. He tells her to just kiss him as both couples are now kissing and hugging. Roman says, "yes I am real - I am here and judging by what I see, we all can pick up exactly where we left off." The two couples have now moved beside one another as John and Kate both talk about how they thought Roman and Marlena were dead. Marlena says they have a lot to explain as Roman agrees, "yes, we do!" A look of terror crosses Marlena’s face as she looks at Roman.

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