Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/26/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/26/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

At the small clinic where Chloe is having surgery, Nancy sees the nurse attempting to peel off Chloe's name label from the file. Since Nancy is the wife of a Hospital Administrator, she knows things aren’t done that way, plus the nurse seems to have a very bad cough. Nancy approaches her and says, "you should not be here working around patients if you are sick, and furthermore, what are you doing to my daughter’s file?" Nicole thinks fast and begins to sing the praises of Dr. Craig Wesley, "I once heard a speech of his in a class I was taking. I was replacing the color coded label here as it was not the correct one." "Ohh, ok," Nancy says, "my husband always color coded his surgical patients also." Nancy leaves and Nicole calms a bit until a nurse comes in and takes the file from her and admonishes her skills in procedures. Nicole prepares for her part in the upcoming surgery.

Bo and Billie are heading down the road on yet another wild goose chase, which Bo begins to question as they drive along. He knows that he is again in hot water with Hope, but Billie justifies it saying, "it’ll be allright if we are able to locate Georgia." Bo gives her the same old song and dance that we are so tired of hearing, "I cannot keep running out on Hope and my boys." Of course, Billie recites her pat response, "yes, if it was your child by Hope missing, you’d looking everywhere; just go home Bo, and I will go get my own car and go by myself." Her strategy works once again as Bo relents; soon they are sitting in a dark deserted spot, waiting for goodness knows what, as Bo starts to think they just might have been set up.

At the hospital, Abby is awake and her mother explains that she is in critical care "for monitoring only." Mother and daughter share a tender moment as Abby say, "Mom, I love you so much and I am so sorry for the things I have been putting you thru." She then tells her mother about a dream she had - one in which Jack was alive and with them - and they were all a happy family. Abby adds, "in my dream all my wishes came true." Jennifer looks at her precious daughter and tells her, "I had a wish, too - and my wish came true because my little girl is alive and fine."

Mickey and Maggie are at Jennifer’s finishing up the decorations for the party. Jennifer calls her Aunt Maggie to check on Jack, Jr. After Maggie reassures Jen that he is fine, Jen asks, "Aunt Maggie, can I get you to do me a big favor and pack a small overnight bag and bring to the hospital; I am going to spend the night here with Abby." After hanging up, Maggie and Mickey decide being Abby couldn't come to her party - they'll take the party to her. They begin gathering things for Maggie to take to the hospital.

A nurse comes in and says that Chelsea is awake and wants to see Abby. Abby asks if Chelsea knows about her parents yet. Jen rolls Abby into Chelsea's room where she is awake and asks Abby what she knows about her parents. Abby looks at her mother and they pause; Abby begins to speak, only to notice that Chelsea has fallen back to sleep.

Meanwhile, a very happy and weary foursome are preparing to make the final descent into Salem. Jack is doubly excited as he remembers that today is his daughter’s 17th birthday - and he is going to make it home for the party! The pilot calls for everyone to buckle their seatbelts and about that time they hit an air pocket - which throws Jack and Roman around a bit. But, everybody is ok and they strap in for the landing. Roman still has his arms around Marlena as she admits to him that she is scared. He asks her why - and she mentions the small fact that they have been gone from their loved ones for nearly a year now and there is also the small issue of them having made love, which would never would have happened if she’d known they were going home. And if that is not enough, there are the tapes of John and Kate that Tony subjected them to. Roman attempts to reassure her that everything will work out allright, but the pilot interrupts to announce their arrival..Everyone jumps up to look out the windows - not quite believing that they are really there. As they start to disembark, the pilot reminds Roman that there might be a bit of a problem explaining things to customs. Jack announces, "I am going home - now - and nothing is going to stop me." Roman agrees that he and Marlena can handle things here and asks Jack if he’ll drop Cassie off at the pub.

Jack drops Cassie off and arrives home. He opens the door to find...Uncle Mickey, who could not believe his eyes and wanted to know "How??" Jack tells him, "it’s a long story, but in two words, Tony DiMera." He looks around at the decorations and then wonders where his family is. Mickey gently breaks it to him that Abby was in an accident, but she is allright. He gives Jack the keys to his car and sends him to the hospital where Maggie is putting the candles on Abby’s cake. She hears somebody come up behind her and as she looks, she discovers it is Jack. She grabs him in a big bear hug as she also wonders "How?" Jack promises all the details later as Maggie hands him the cake and heads him toward Abby’s door. Inside Abby is telling her mother that she knows her daddy is in heaven and she can talk to him there. Jennifer wants to say a prayer for him. They close their eyes and Jen begins to pray. Jack walks in and hears, "thank you God for watching over Abby, Chelsea and Jack; he was a wonderful husband and father; God, please take care of him."

Back at the airport, Jack and Cassie must have flown thru the terminal cause they walked right past John and Kate, who have been there hoping the plane with their sons on it has returned to Salem. They sit quietly and talk about all that has happened to them in the last year - including their new found love. John grimaces in pain and Kate offers to take him back to the penthouse, but he wants to wait with her to see who's on the mystery plane. Kate thinks he is being gallant; he professes his love for her. Kate cannot return the words and when John asks about it she says, "I have loved you for a long time, but I could not admit it, not even to myself." They both decide that the past is the past and they must move on to the future. John is interrupted while kissing Kate by his cell phone as he gets a message that there is no news on the missing plane and the "cargo." They decide to return to John’s penthouse and work on a new plan, but when John tries to get up he is struck with lightening pains.

Meanwhile, Marlena and Roman are still on the airplane right outside, waiting for the ok to leave. Roman pours them a drink to make their wait go faster as he says "we both will go to our homes very soon now," as an official comes in to tell them they're cleared to deplane. Back inside, Kate has now helped John into a chair and suggests they go home. But, John has something he wants to ask her first. She stops him and says whatever it is can wait, but John insists. He finally says, "are you going to be quiet so that I can propose to you?" Dumbfounded, Kate stutters, "propose what?" John whips a giant diamond out of his pocket and says, "Kate Roberts Brady, will you marry me?" She accepts and they melt into a passionate embrace.

Excited about finally being home, Roman and Marlena step into the same crowded waiting room. Roman said they have to find out where Kate and John are. Both are concerned about how John's health and Kate's fainting tendencies will take their return. They decide to call a cab but realize they don't have any money. They stand there laughing as suddenly they see the couple across the room, kissing. Marlena comments, "ah, look there, the first thing we see when we get home is a happy couple in love." She looks at Roman and adds, "they might be so happy that they will give us a life home!"

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