Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/22/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/22/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Everybody begins to put the pieces together today about the mission to rescue Philip. As Mimi and Belle talk, Belle remembers a trunk that Shawn gave her the keys to. It had belonged to his Grandpa Tom and contained all the most important memories in his life. She tells Mimi, "Shawn once told me that if anything ever happened to him, the trunk would be mine; if he has gone off somewhere, that is where he’d leave me a message." While she goes to get the keys, we see the four guys.

Rex has discovered a hitch on the computer - it appears that John Black has discovered that someone has been tapping into the ISA info and is now calling for a full scale investigation. They realize they best leave immediately.

At the penthouse, John is furious as he punches keys on his computer. Kate walks in and asks what’s wrong and he explains that someone has hacked into the ISA mainframe and he is now launching an investigation. Noticing that she becomes very upset, John asks, "Kate, do you know anything about this?" She confesses and John freaks out!

In the meantime, Belle has found a video and it is of Shawn telling her goodbye. He explains how he has to go and rescue Philip, for her, but wants to make sure that she knows how very much he loves her and if something should happen to him, he will meet her in Heaven. He also mentions that Rex, Brady, and Lucas are with him. Both girls know that the men they love are in danger - and the grab their purses and go.

They guys have arrived at the airport and are making the final plans to leave, when they discover that all flights have been stopped from taking off. Thank John for this - as he had the ISA intercept all outbound flights. As he and Kate prepare to go to the airport, Mimi and Belle rush thru the door. Belle begs, "daddy, you’ve got to stop Shawn; he has gone to rescue Philip and he has taken Lucas, Rex, and Brady with him. The four of them head to the airport.

Move to the shabby motel as a Stan-attired Sami is securing her moustache. As he looks in the mirror, he wonders what is next on the agenda for him. He goes to the table and picks up an envelope addressed Sami Brady. Inside the message is written in newspaper clipping code and says: Philip Kiriakis, USMC! Stan is not happy as he knows this mission will be totally dangerous. Soon the phone rings and interrupts a magazine engrossed Stan, and the mystery person tells him to go outside and get what is there. Stan finds a box and brings it back - the box contains a set of military DCU’s. "I can’t do this; it’s too dangerous," Stan tells the person. The reply, "this is the price you pay for revenge."

Poor Philip continues to be tied to his chair and he is still working on loosening himself. It’s been a long time since his captors have contacted them and they are getting antsy. He questions one of the guards, who answers him with a slap up against the head. The second guard comes in and has a message. They walk out, "we have a problem, the count’s castle has gone up in smoke and we have no idea if Bart or Tony escaped as we have heard nothing from them." As they wonder what to do , one notices that Philip has loosened his chains and enters the room and secures him tighter, asking, "where did you think you were going?" After some more deliberation, the two guards decide that they have no protection now and they must dispose of their prisoner - they must kill Philip!

Back at the airport, Lucas decides that he really should call Will and hear his voice one last time, "just in case," he says. Shawn decides this is a good idea, and calls Bo. He gets the voice mail, and then pages his father, "I hope you get this before we leave." When Bo immediately returns his call, Shawn tells his father how much he appreciates the talk up on the roof - how much it meant to him - and how determined he is now to turn his life around. Bo is thrilled that his son has made such a turn around, but comments, "Shawn, is that an airplane I hear in the background; are you at the airport?" Shawn bluffs about the plane flying over the roof and hurries up and tells Bo that he loves him and to tell his mother how much he loves her also.

We see the four of them on the plane as Brady tells them to buckle up, "we are cleared for takeoff?" Wondering just how they are taking off after the clearances were cancelled, the guys look at Brady, "I paid them off; we are leaving now." John and Kate, followed by Belle and Mimi fly thru the front doors of the airport. John flashes his ISA badge and demands to stop the Titan jet right now, only to be told, "I’m sorry sir; the plane is taking off now."

At Salem University Hospital, Billie anxiously awaits word on Chelsea’s surgery. Bo is with her. Patrick is with Hope and he tells her that she is not to blame for the Bensons’ death. Lexie comes out and reports to Bo and Billie that Chelsea is out of surgery, but she has a long recovery ahead of her. Hope walks up to hear this and says, "I will be praying that Chelsea makes a full recovery." Billie unleashes her fury on Hope, screaming that if not for Hope’s insane jealousy, Chelsea might not even be in this situation - and she would not be an orphan. Bo finally has enough and tells Billie, "do not talk to my wife like that." He continues that there is no way of telling whether a few minutes would have made that big a difference or not. He hugs Hope and explains that Billie is just upset over every thing and suggests she get out of there for a while.

Before Hope can leave Patrick walks up and comes to her defense. He tells Billie, "I was there, too - the paramedics and the ambulances got there as quickly as they could." He turns to Bo and lashes out at him about how his gut reaction is to always race to Billie’s aid and this should not be blames on Hope. Bo’s gut reaction to this bit of advice is to charge Patrick, but Hope interrupts the brewing fight. She and Patrick leave. While these four are calming down, Lexie goes to return Abe’s call. We hear her side of the conversation assuring him that she’d be home as quickly as she can and they’d relax and watch a movie..........oops, she realized what she said a bit too late, and backtracks. She promises her husband that they’d listen to music and "what I have in mind doesn’t require your eyes." A forlorn look covers her face as she says, "of course, honey, get some rest; I won’t wake you when I get home."

Patrick and Hope talk as he shows her Abby’s "lamb doll" that he brought to comfort her. He again reassures Hope that she is not to blame and suggests that Hope just leave. Of course, Hope refuses, until she looks back into the lobby and sees Bo hugging Billie. She tells Patrick, "OK, let’s go, let’s get outa here now."

As Billie and Bo talk, she again has memories about visiting her daughter’s grave - when someone comes up and delivers a bag addressed to "Billie Reed." Billie takes it and opens it; inside she finds a teenaged girl’s t shirt - and it is covered in blood. As she turns it over, on the tag is written "Georgia!"

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