Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/20/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/20/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Yesterday as the show ended, Mimi and Bonnie were seen breaking into Janís house, with Tek waiting there for her. As the lights came on, Tek said, "Mimi Lockhart, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Jan Spears." Today, Mimi decides that she may as well tell Tek the truth - the whole truth - and nothing but the truth! Bonnie, of course freaks out, but Mimi is adamant that it is time for the truth to be told. In a shaky voice, she admits to Tek that, "yes, I hate Jan; I even wanted her dead, but I did not try to kill her. We got into a fight; Jan slipped and fell and I ran away." She adds, "Jan was blackmailing me; I had to help keep her and Shawn Brady together, and him away from Belle, or sheíd tell Rex the truth." Tek wonders just what this truth is, and against her motherís insistence, Mimi tells him that she was pregnant last year, and had an abortion, all without ever telling Rex. "Except Jan found out and she did everything she could from then on to make my life miserable." Tek says it sounded like she had motive and Mimi agrees, holding out her hands for him to cuff. But, he tells her that he is not going to arrest her now; he has a sister who got into a similar situation years ago and was not given a chance. "Now, I am going to give you a chance and when Jan wakes up and supports your story you will never be arrested, but if she should die, I have no choice but to arrest you for her murder." Outside Bonnie is happy that Mimi is off the hook, but Mimi realizes she's doomed either way. If Jan lives, she'll lie, and then she'll lose Rex forever when he realizes what she did. Bonnie hugs her daughter.

Outside of the Kiriakis mansion, Stami is lurking in the bushes as Nicole sips her drink. Stami is remembering her conversation with Brady about how he rescued his "whore of a stepmother" and not her mother, and she plans revenge. Startling Nicole, Stan offers his help in making sure that Brady and Ghoul Girl are never reunited! She cannot figure out who this guy is and he explains that he wants to make sure Brady never has the woman he loves. Nicole screams out "Brady loves me," but Stan taunts her that if he knew Chloe was alive then sheíd be worth as much to him as a $2 whore! Nicole slaps Stan, and when he stands up, half his moustache is hanging down in his mouth! Luckily he realizes this before she turns around, and gets "herself" straightened back up. Nicole relents and says that she will do whatever she has to keep Brady. Stan introduces her to Nurse Nicole, explaining that she will make sure that the reconstructive surgery never happens!

Outside of the castle is Marlena and Cassie. Inside Jack is still trying to get Roman to come to. In another room, Carolina and Victor are alive, but Caroline cannot move her legs as they are pinned under some rafters. Bart comes in and Victor begs him to help them. Bart says that he canít, but Victor begs to at least help Caroline. As he begs, Bart realizes how very much Victor loves her and chokes up as he relents and says, "ah the heck with it, come on - letís get this off of her." As these two are escaping, Roman also comes to and he spies a satellite phone which he grabs. Jack helps him outside to the women and they all hug. Roman says, "I am calling an old friend of mine with a plane; weíll be home in Salem by tomorrow. We see Victor and Caroline exit at another side of the castle, rejoicing that they are indeed alive. Inside, Bart digs thru the rubble, calling, "Count, Boss, I know you are here somewhere." He looks down and sees a bloody hand sticking out - wearing the DiMera ring!

Back in Salem, Brady takes Shawn and Rex to Basic Black where they break into the secret panel behind Johnís office where all his ISA equipment is. Rex goes to work hacking into the computer, as Lucas shows up with enough weapons to take down a small town. He has just about anything they could need, including Visaís. Soon Rex is in to the ISA mainframe and they find the file they are searching for. Kate walks in and asks, "what in the hell are you doing?" Brady admits that his dad does not know what they are up to as she proceeds to become ballistic - blaming this whole plan on Shawn. She threatens to call John, but Lucas and Rex both tell her that they will not allow it.

At Salem University Hospital, Lexie reassures a very shaken Jennifer that Abby is alive; "it was Mrs. Benson who did not make it." Jenn rushes to her daughters side as Billie becomes more upset as she is told that Mr. Benson may not survive either. Chelsea asks to see her and wants to know about her parents. With her heart breaking, Billie tells Chelsea that the doctors are working on them, "but Iíll stay with you." Patrick calls Hope, and she and Bo race to the hospital. Hope rushes to be with Jennifer and Abby as Bo talks to Billie. She falls apart in his arms and tells him that she has made a promise to Chelsea that she may not be able to keep as Mrs. Benson died and Mr. Benson is critical. Soon after, Lexie is paged with the awful news that Mr. Benson did not survive either.

She goes to Billie and explains that Chelsea needs surgery and now there is noone to sign for it. Billie asks if she can sign as she promised Chelseaís mother to look after her if anything happened to her. She even said there was an EMT present that heard Mrs. Bensonís request. Lexie goes off the find the EMT and verify this. As Bo and Billie chat, Lexie returns with the paperwork for her to sign, saying that the EMT verified hearing Mrs. Bensonís request. Lexie says the other doctors and her all agree that both parents might have survived had the EMT's gotten there sooner. After she walks away Bo tells Billie he should have called him, he might have been able to expedite their response. Hope walks out about this time, as Billie spits out at Bo, "I did call you; Hope would not let me talk to you." She angrily stares at a suddenly very upset Hope and adds, "if anyone is to blame for Mrs. Bensonís death, it it Hope!"

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