Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/19/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/19/05



By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Shawn is anxious to get on with the mission, not wanting to involve a 4th person but Rex and Brady insist that a 4th person is needed to carry out John’s plan. Lucas arrives and Brady asks him to join the rescue mission.

Caroline and Victor’s room at the castle:

Caroline and Victor play yet another round of gin. Caroline jokes about how there isn’t much more to do around here. Just as they decide to play another hand, Victor realizes that he smells smoke. Caroline realizes that the castle is on fire.

Castle Hallway:

Roman, Jack, Cassie, and Marlena try to figure out a way out of the castle. Jack declares that he has come up with a plan. Marlena quips that she hopes that when Tony fell through the floor, he went straight to roast in hell. Jack asks Marlena not to say, “roast.”

Bart calls down to Tony to try and get word on Tony’s condition. There is no answer so Bart deduces that the beam knocked Tony out. Bart fears that Tony won’t be able to live through his ordeal this time to rise from the ashes.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer looks over the job she did decorating the house for Abby’s party. Patrick returns home. Patrick interrupts Jennifer as she goes on about how some of the decorations look too childish to tell her that he has some very bad news.

Accident scene:

Billie assures Chelsea that she will be okay. Billie calls a paramedic over when Chelsea passes out and stops breathing.


Mimi flashes back to Jan’s fall. Mimi asks Tek why he wants to question her about Jan. Belle explains that they are only there to see how Jan is doing. Tek explains that Lexie suggested he talk to her about knowing who would most likely want to hurt Jan. Bonnie spots Mimi standing there delivering balloons and gifts to Jan and advises Mimi to get out of town before Jan can wake up and implicate her.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer fears that the bad news is about Alice but Patrick assures her that it isn’t. Patrick tells Jennifer about Abby and Chelsea being in a car accident and that the other driver was drunk. Patrick tells Jennifer about how he and Billie happened upon the scene and that how the other driver died at the scene. Patrick tells Jennifer that when he left everyone was alive but it’s bad. Jennifer asks Patrick to take her to Abby and assures Patrick that Jack Jr. is with a neighbor upstairs. Patrick and Jennifer rush to the hospital.

Accident scene:

The paramedic decides to stop CPR on Chelsea, deciding that it is too late. Billie refuses to give up and resumes CPR herself. The paramedic tries to get Billie to give up but Billie refuses, feeling that Chelsea is too young to die. Chelsea comes to again and the paramedic is shocked that Billie was able to bring Chelsea back. Billie insists that Chelsea brought herself back because she had the will to live. Lexie arrives on the scene to check Chelsea over. The paramedic tells Lexie about Billie’s heroics. Billie walks over to Mrs. Benson and places her hand on her. Billie is shocked when Mrs. Benson suddenly grabs her hand and wakes up. Mrs. Benson’s eyes go wide as she conveys her fear to Billie. Billie nods her head as a way to assure Mrs. Benson that Chelsea is going to be okay.


Bonnie yells at Mimi for returning to Jan’s room. Bonnie grabs a balloon from Mimi and hands it to a woman passing by. Mimi insists that she is guilty. Bonnie grabs the box of chocolates from Mimi and starts to devour them herself so they won’t be wasted on Jan. Bonnie offers Mimi one but Mimi refuses the offer. Bonnie savors the delicious pleasure of the chocolates, grateful for the chance to enjoy herself in the sort of sinful pleasure that has been absent in her life since Maggie came back. Mimi rolls her eyes. Bonnie notices Mimi’s displeasure and apologizes but stresses that Mimi needs to stop visiting Jan because it looks like the perp always returns to the scene of the crime. Mimi, angered, blurts out that what happened was an accident. Tek overhears Mimi and demands to know the truth.


Lucas can’t believe that Rex, Brady, and Shawn plan to attempt to rescue Philip. Brady and Rex explain that they have a very detailed plan that should work. Shawn takes Lucas’ hesitance as a no answer and Brady, Rex, and Shawn start to walk away. Lucas calls after them to stop, wanting to know where he comes in. Brady tells Lucas about needing a fourth man to enact John’s plan and when Lucas questions John’s agreement for this mission, Rex admits having hacked into John’s computer. Lucas yells at Rex but Brady stands up for Rex by insisting that he felt it fair game for them to use after the ISA turned it down. Rex hands Lucas a paper with an outline of the mission and its objectives. Lucas skims the paper. Lucas wants to know why the ISA shot down the plan if it was so great.

Caroline & Victor’s room:

Victor and Caroline cover up the vent with pillows to try and block the smoke coming into the room. They begin to cough as the room becomes clouded by smoke. Caroline suggests breaking the glass for more air but Victor cautions her not to because of the back draft. Victor watches Caroline continue to cough and choke on the smoke and asks if she is willing to risk the ramifications of breaking the glass. Caroline emphatically nods yes and Victor makes his way to the window. Victor uses a candlestick to break the glass in the window but it only makes the smoke worse. Victor curses the fact that Tony doesn’t even have an emergency alarm in the room and begins to bang on the door for help.

Castle hallway:

Jack yanks down the draperies from the wall and tells Roman, Cassie, and Marlena to wrap draperies around their own shoulders and then make their way through the flames. Roman is worried that the draperies will catch on fire because they are made of cloth but Jack feels that this is their only choice. Jack offers to go first to make sure its safe, covering his body and head with the drape and heads into the flames. Marlena and Cassie watch in shock as Jack screams.

A burning chandelier comes crashing down on Jack, knocking him out.


Bonnie stands by Mimi and glares at her as Mimi talks to Tek. Mimi insists that she knows nothing more than she already told Tek and wants to know why Tek thinks otherwise. Tek brings up how Belle identified the acrylic nail found at the scene as Mimi’s. Mimi insists that it wasn’t her nail and turns to walk away but Tek persists. Mimi insists that she did not attack Jan as she gathers up her coat and the box of chocolates. Tek wants to know why Mimi keeps returning to the hospital and is now bringing gifts. Bonnie rushes up and grabs the box of chocolates to offer one to Tek but Tek turns her down. Bonnie continues to try and get Tek to eat a piece and Tek accuses her of trying to bribe an officer of the law. Bonnie acts shocked at the accusation, claiming that she was only trying to be nice to Tek who works hard all day. Mimi tries to get Bonnie to back off but Bonnie persists by offering Tek a meal at Alice’s. Mimi continues her attempts to get Bonnie to back off. Tek becomes uncomfortable with the conversation and wants to change the subject. Tek asks Mimi why she keeps coming by to see Jan. Mimi claims that while she and Jan aren’t best friends, she does feel bad for Jan. Tek doesn’t believe that Mimi would care about someone who hates her. Mimi tries to explain but Bonnie tries to pull her away. Tek doesn’t let up, suggesting that she tell the truth and save the taxpayers money. Bonnie insists that Mimi doesn’t know anything and Tek wants to hear that from Mimi herself. Mimi starts to defend herself but Bonnie threatens to call Mickey and have Tek and the police department sued. Tek admits to Mimi and Bonnie that they have evidence linking her to Jan’s attack and are close to charging her with attempted murder.

Patrick’s car:

Jennifer is nervous as Patrick drives to the hospital. Jennifer tells Patrick about how she used to cover accidents for the Spectator but never thought she’d actually be living it. Patrick tells Jennifer about his cousin who is now in a wheelchair after being hit by a drunk driver. Jennifer can’t understand why there are still drunk drivers with all the recent publicity and tougher laws. Jennifer begins to cry as she thinks of the drunk driver as a statistic, fearing that Abby will soon become one too. Patrick reaches out and takes Jennifer’s hand.

Accident scene:

Billie helps Mrs. Benson take the oxygen mask off her face as she assures her that Chelsea is going to be fine. Mrs. Benson asks Billie if she has children of her own and Billie tells her about how her daughter is about Chelsea’s age. Mrs. Benson tells Billie that she’s obviously a wonderful mother and Billie tearfully thanks her but tells her to stop talking and relax for Lexie is on her way. Billie puts the oxygen mask back on Mrs. Benson.

Lexie examines Chelsea as the paramedics put her on a stretcher. Lexie tells the paramedics to keep her warm and not to give her anything to drink. Lexie helps pull the blanket over Chelsea before stepping away.

Billie approaches Lexie to ask about Chelsea. Lexie admits that she is worried about the internal bleeding. Billie is upset that another ambulance wasn’t sent to transport the rest of the victims. Lexie calls Commissioner Gordon to demand two more ambulances to the site.

Billie strokes Chelsea’s hair as she assures her that she’ll be okay. Chelsea laces her fingers with Billie’s fingers as she groggily asks Billie if she is her mommy. Billie looks away as fresh tears spring to her eyes.


Brady grabs the plan back from Lucas as he tells him that the ISA only tabled John’s plan, confident that they’ll give it another look. Shawn worries that by then Philip will be dead. Lucas is worried that the mission is too dangerous but Rex points out that he did a risk assessment of the situation and determined that the mission was doable. Brady tells Lucas that they need him to be the fourth man to make the plan work. Shawn once again starts to turn away in search of another way but Lucas stops him. Lucas asks what will happen to their friends and family if they don’t make it back, specifically mentioning what it’ll do to the women they love.

Caroline & Victor’s room:

Caroline is crawling on the floor, coughing and gasping for air. Victor comes to her with a wet washcloth for her and him that they put over their noses and mouths. Caroline fears that no one is coming for them but Victor urges her not to lose faith for Tony knows that they are there. Caroline begins to get upset as she feels that Tony doesn’t care enough to bother rescuing them. Victor insists that someone will come for them but then adds that even if they don’t, at least they are in this together. Caroline and Victor are both comforted by that.

Castle hallway:

Bart searches the castle corridors for Tony. Bart suddenly remembers Caroline and Victor and decides to evacuate them before they perish. Bart heads for their room.

Roman calls out to Jack but there is no response. Marlena fears that the noise they heard was something falling and knocking Jack unconscious. Roman covers himself with a tapestry and heads into the fire. Marlena turns Cassie to face her as she assures her that they are going to get out of here. Cassie doesn’t believe that her or Marlena truly believe that. Marlena grabs Cassie’s face in her hands and insists that she believes it. They hear another loud crash and call out to Roman to see if he is all right.

Roman’s legs are trapped under a fallen beam but he is still conscious.

Marlena and Cassie scan the flames for signs of Roman.


Bonnie slams down the box of chocolates on the counter, accusing Tek of bluffing about having evidence. Mimi tells Bonnie to cool it and asks to know what evidence Tek has. Tek tells Mimi about finding 9 other acrylic nails that matched the one found in Mimi’s trashcan. Bonnie speaks up to insist that the nails only matched because it coincidentally was the same polish and insists that Mimi was nowhere near Jan when she “tripped” and hit her head. Tek picks up on Bonnie’s use of the word tripped but Bonnie claims that was only an assumption. Tek tells Bonnie and Mimi not to leave town because he is getting a warrant to search Jan’s house for evidence. Tek walks away. Mimi suggests turning herself in, fearing that Tek will find Jan’s diary that will contain incriminating evidence. Mimi flashes back to Jan’s blackmail threat, and then locking Jan in the closet, then confronting Jan after finding the love cage, then back to locking Jan in the closet. Mimi tells Bonnie that if the police find the diary, she’s finished with the police and Rex. Bonnie licks the chocolate off her fingers as she suggests that they go search for the diary before Tek can find it. Bonnie and Mimi rush off for Jan’s house.

Jennifer and Patrick arrive at the hospital. Jennifer asks a nurse about Abby and the nurse checks the computer that reveals that Abby is currently in surgery. Jennifer wants to know how Abby could be in surgery without her consent. The nurse tries to get Jennifer to calm down and sit in the waiting room but Jennifer refuses, demanding to know what is going on with Abby. Jennifer asks to see Lexie and the nurse offers to find out more information for her before leaving. Patrick pulls Jennifer away to try and calm her down. Jennifer threatens to throw her weight around at the hospital to find out how Abby is doing. Patrick sighs and walks away.

Accident scene:

Lexie and the paramedics tend to Mr. Benson as Billie comforts Chelsea. Billie identifies herself to Chelsea and assures her that her mom will be fine. Chelsea asks about Abby and Billie tells her that Abby is at the hospital. Chelsea asks about her dad and Billie tells her that Mr. Benson is still in the car but the firemen are doing all they can to get him out. Chelsea begins to get upset about her dad but Billie calms her down. Lexie comes over to put an end to the talking so Chelsea can relax. The other ambulance arrives. Lexie and Billie watch the firefighters pull Mr. Benson from the car, alive but in bad shape. Lexie is furious that help didn’t get there sooner and storms off. Billie curses Hope for hanging up on her, thinking that if anyone dies, it’ll be on Hope’s head. Billie follows the paramedics as they wheel Chelsea into the ambulance. The firefighters continue to work on Mr. Benson.


Lucas asks if the women in their lives know about their plan and Brady admits that Nicole knows. Lucas and Shawn argue about Shawn’s intentions and how Belle would feel about the plan. Lucas asks Shawn and Rex to consider how Belle and Mimi would feel if they didn’t make it back home.

Caroline & Victor’s room:

Bart, now wearing a gas mask, unlocks the door and finds Caroline and Victor passed out on the floor. Bart carries Caroline out into the hallway. Victor starts to come to and Bart helps him up and out into the hallway just as Caroline comes to. Caroline asks Bart if Tony will only lock them up again, referring to him as a fiend. Bart takes off his gas mask, admits that he doesn’t know where Tony is but as soon as he is found, he’ll tattle that Caroline called him a fiend. Bart directs them to follow him on how to get out of the castle.

Castle hallway:

Roman coughs and gasps for air as Marlena and Cassie call out to ask if he is all right. Marlena switches to calling for Jack for help and Jack appears from a panel in the wall behind them. Jack explains that he found a secret passageway out and asks about Roman. Marlena tells him that Roman went looking for him. Jack sends Marlena and Cassie into the secret passageway, promising to search for Roman. Jack dons the tapestry and heads back into the flames. Roman has now become unconscious.

Jan’s house:

Bonnie and Mimi use a flashlight and a credit card to pick the lock on Jan’s back door and let themselves inside. Bonnie shines the flashlight around as they move through the house, trying to think of where Jan would keep her diary. Bonnie asks Mimi where the bedroom is and they hear Tek answer that the bedroom is upstairs. They jump and scream as Tek switches on the light. Tek declares that Mimi is now under arrest for the attempted murder of Jan Spears.


Rex insists that the plan is safe and will work because of his research and having Brady on their side. Lucas explains his side by pointing out that while he and Brady have no women in their lives, he has Will to consider. Brady says that they’ll respect Lucas’ decision not to join them if it is because of Will. Lucas steps away, fighting with the decision. Rex has Shawn show Lucas the topographical map as he explains the route he mapped out. Lucas decides to join the mission and they all join hands.

Outside of the castle:

Cassie and Marlena make it outside the castle. They look back at the door, worried that Jack and Roman won’t make it out. Marlena suggests that they pray for their safety.

Castle hallway:

Jack finds Roman and wakes him up. Roman motions to his leg and Jack lifts the beam up long enough for Roman to pull his leg out. Jack helps Roman get up and the castle starts crumbling down around them.

Bart leads Caroline and Victor the castle doors but calls out when he spots a beam about to fall. Victor looks up just in time to push Caroline out of the way of the falling beam.


Billie and Lexie arrive at the hospital with Chelsea and Mr. and Mrs. Benson. Lexie directs the hospital staff on where to put the patients and follows them into the trauma room. Billie asks God to let Abby be all right.

Billie paces the waiting room until Lexie comes back out of the trauma room. Lexie tells Billie that they lost “her.” Jennifer overhears Lexie and begins to sob as she assumes that Lexie was talking about Abby.

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