Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/18/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/18/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Todayís episode is action packed - from start to end! It is the awesome beginning to a great week! DO NOT miss a days of DAYS this week, and now we begin: At the castle Tony and Bart realize that there is a fire. Tony comes out carrying a knife, as goofy Bart says, "boss, donít slice me!" Tony dismisses the idiot as he is determined that his captives will leave only over his dead body! Switch to the captives; Roman and Jack are still trying to get back in to the room to save Marlena and Cassie, with no success. As Jack goes and grabs an ax, Cassie opens a window before Marlena can stop her. This causes a huge back draft, which blows the door right off the hinges! Roman and Jack get pinned beneath the door, as a guard comes up. He reports to Tony and returns, where Jack is waiting to overtake him. Just as they go to rescue the ladies, Tony and Bart appear. Tony tells Roman, "donít bother saving Marlena and Cassie; you are all going to die." Jack grabs the gun from the guard as Tony says, "that wonít stop me." Jack shoots him in the chest, saying "I have wanted to do that for a long time." Roman grabs Cassie and Marlena from the room as Marlena spits at Tony, "you deserve to suffer!" Tony laughs and tells them that they are not going anywhere! Burning debris is falling all around everyone - Marlena, Jack, Cassie and Roman are screaming when suddenly the floor opens and Tony falls thru!

In Salem, Bo and Hope are having a happy reunion - totally making up from their fights. They decide to order Chinese food and stay in until Hope remembers that today is Abbyís 17th birthday and Jennifer is having a party for her. She tells Bo that they have to be there to support Jen and they decide to enjoy their Chinese food and then head over to Jenís. Meanwhile, Jen is finishing Abbyís cake as she laments the years that have flown by. She spends some time talking to "Jack" about their daughter and we see flashbacks of Abbyís birth. After she writes "Happy Birthday from Mom and Dad" on the cake, she finds the bracelet that Jack made for Abby back on the island. She plans to give it to her tonight, but she wishes that Jack could be there to do it.

Billie and Patrick are driving along, talking about one anotherís loves - she says he loves Jennifer and he says she loves Bo - when suddenly they come upon a horrible car crash. They stop and rush over to add assistance. Soon they are shocked to discover that one of the cars is Chelsea and her parents - - and Abby! Patrick says that Abby is breathing but barely and Billie races to call 911 - only to be told that there is no available units that can be sent right now. In a total panic Billie calls Bo and Hopeís house. When Hope answers, she demands to talk to Bo, saying, "I need him really bad." Hope is amazed that Billie has been only gone a few hours and already has a major emergency in her life. She asks Billie what the problem is, but Billie insists on talking to Bo. Hopeís had enough as she tells Billie that this is ending - now - and she hangs up the phone! Patrick says that help will be there soon, but Billie is upset that Hope would not let her talk to Bo. The medics arrive and report that Abby has some broken bones and maybe some internal bleeding. Chelsea comes to asks about her mom; Billie promises she will be fine. She goes to check on Mrs. Benson who makes Billie promise to take care of her little girl if anything happens to her.

At her house, Hope can still not believe the nerve of Billie as she sits holding the phone; it rings again and Hope screams a haughty hello. But, itís Jennifer, and she immediately asks what Billie has done this time. Hope explains and then tells her cousin that she and Bo will be at her house for the party in a little while. Jen asks her to bring Aliceís cake plate, and Hope asks how she is holding up. Jen tells her about the bracelet Jack made. Hope says, "try not to stress out, me and Bo will be there shortly to help." After she hangs up, Bo comes in with a tray and asks if anyone called while he was gone. She tells him that Jennifer called about the party, but she doesnít mention Billie. They toast their time alone.

Nicole is outside at the Kiriakis mansion remembering what she saw at the hospital. She has this awful vision of going inside to find an excited Brady telling her that Chole is alive; "she has been alive the entire time," he tells her. Her phone rings, and it is Stami - asking, "do you believe me now?" "Stan" steps out from the bushes and Nicole asks him why he wants to help her. We see flashbacks of Sami arguing with Brady, as Stan answers, "I want to see that everybody gets what they deserve." He adds, "we will stay in touch," as he leaves.

Inside we find Brady, Rex, and Shawn going over their plans for the rescue mission. Brady is expressing his doubts when Nicole comes barging in. "I wonít let you do this; it is too dangerous," she announces, seems she overheard the plans! Rex and Shawn are worried about her finding out - but Brady pulls her to the side ans tried to explain what is going on and also promises that he will come back to her. They step into another room as Nicole asks him what if he comes back and discovers he only wants Chloe. Brady tells her that Chloe is dead and gone as he admits that he will always love her but when he returns he has something very important that he wants to talk to Nicole about. Nicole cannot risk waiting and she drops to her knees and proposes to Brady! "This is not the place or the time, but I love you and you are not going to lose me," Brady swears. Nicole sees only one way now - she has to make sure that Chloe remains dead! Brady return to the guys , who are upset that Nicole knows about their planned mission. Brady says she will not be a problem, as Nicole comes in and reassures them the very same thing, even if she does think they are all crazy! She steps into the foyer and calls Stan, who answers, "what can I do for you?" "I need your help," Nicole pleads and Stan agrees to meet her. Inside Brady tells the other guys that they need to take a plane to get in and they really need a fourth partner. "I have someone in mind; I just donít know if she will agree to help...................."

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