Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/15/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/15/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

We meet up with Stami today - at "his" hotel as he receives a phone call from a mystery caller. "Yeah, I am having a ball getting revenge on everyone, but I gotta tell you, getting in and out of this disguise is a pain in the butt," he tells the caller. The "mystery caller" gives Stan his next assignment, and that is to deal with Nicole.

At the Kiriakis mansion, we find Nicole and she is wondering if Brady will ever forget Chloe. She remembers at the memorial service when she saw Chloe's scarred face, and once again wonders if Chloe could really be alive. As she stands there, Stami a.k.a. Stan joins her. "I am here to get Chloe out of Brady's life permanently," he tells Nicole. He takes Nicole for a drive, assuring her that he is on her side, and referring to Chloe as "ghoul girl" and knowing what she witnessed at the church, he assures her than she can meet her "living nightmare." After dropping her off at the clinic, Stan returns to the motel and laughs saying, "I can use Nicole to get back at both John and Brady," as he remembers John refusing to help Sami. The real Sami says, "screw me and you will pay," as we see both Stan and Sami on the screen.

Inside the clinic, Chloe and Nancy are discussing her upcoming surgery. Nancy is very concerned and says, "I wish you were still a child and I had to consent for you to have this surgery - then I could stop you." But, Chloe is not to be stopped - she believes that this is her only chance of getting Brady back before things with him and Nicole go any further. Nancy reads the disclosure statement that the patient is assuming legal responsibility for death or permanent disfigurement. But this does not deter Chloe, as she takes the signed papers to the desk personally since she doesn't trust Nancy. After taking them, Chole decides to go tell Clara good night and Nancy accompanies her. Now we see Nicole - coming out of the closet where she has been hiding and listening. "Ohh my God; it's true, she is alive," Nicole cries as she knows she will lose Brady to her and she has to take action NOW!

Back at the mansion, Rex and Shawn have came over to see Brady about financing their mission to rescue Philip. Brady explains Victor's money is tied up in probate and wants to know what's going on. When Shawn tells him the plan, he laughs. Shawn tries to convince him to do this for Belle, but Brady is still full of doubts. Later, he goes to talk to his father and finds John lifting weights. Well, he was lifting weights, but he is now rolling around on the floor - kissing Kate, which Brady sees. "Kate, ahh, she is helping me with my therapy," John tells his son as he goes upstairs to shower. While John is gone, Kate tells Brady that she is terribly worried about both John and Philip. Brady decides to just go back home and tells Kate "never mind," whatever he came for can wait.

John comes back downstairs and tells Kate that he is going to get Philip home, one way or another. She worries about John, knowing that she cannot lose him also. But, John offers Kate a very unexpected proposition, telling her, "this is something that I believe you want as much as I do." He continues, "Kate, I want you in my life, will you consider moving in here with me permanently?" He tells her that he knows she needs time to think it over, bit she interrupts him saying, "no, I don't need time, and yes, I will move in here with you." Their happiness is short lived when John sits down at the computer and discovers that the mission to rescue Philip fell through. Meanwhile, Brady returns to the mansion and tells Shawn and Rex that he will finance their rescue - with one condition - he is going with them.

At Jennifer's house, Abby is not happy to find her mother getting rid of Jack's belongings. Jennifer tries to explain to her what a wonderful journalist her father was, and how he can continue to teach - even if he is not here. This is why she is donating pieces of Jack's work to the local university. "But, Mom, I love my dad and he is still alive, see this rabbit's foot - it is proof that he is coming home!" Miracles - Jennifer has flashbacks of her and Jack having a romantic dinner and her tells her "always believe in miracles." Abby reminds her mother of this and they stop fighting. The doorbell rings and it's Chelsea. She and her parents have come to pick up Abby. Chelsea's parents come in to speak to Jennifer and reassure her that they will be supervising the girls and will make sure Abby get home on time. Jennifer agrees to let Abby go even though she's been grounded for breaking curfew last week.

The girls take off for the car as Jennifer thanks Abby's parents for helping her get Abby out of the house so she could decorate for her surprise birthday party. After everyone leaves, she reminisces about birthday celebrations of years gone by and wishes so desperately that Jack could be with them again this year. "I never realized that 'til death do us part' would come this soon," she says aloud to herself. In the car where Abby is - Chelsea's father is driving and suddenly we hear a loud crash............a loud scream...................and silence............

Back to the castle to find Jack all outfitted in a guard's uniform. He is looking for Marlena and Roman - fussing at himself for losing them. Roman and Marlena are not far away - but they continue to hear crying coming from a room. They stumble upon Jack, who says, "we got to get out of here now." But, Roman insists that there is someone in the room crying and it may well be his daughter. "I am not leaving here without her," he says as Marlena agrees. They manage to get in the door - and there she is - Cassie! "Daddy," she screams as she wraps her arms around first Roman and then Marlena.

Roman wants to looks for more prisoners, and somehow a vase is knocked to the floor. As the guys hide, a humble Cassie apologizes to the guard who comes to check on her for breaking the vase. Suddenly, Roman punches him. As the second guard raises a gun, Jack rushes him also. Jack is shot in the struggle. When Roman goes after the shooter, all three guards run off. Jack freaks out at the site of blood, but Marlena assures him that it is only a flesh wound. Cassie is now holding a lighted candle, which she sets on a table. Roman decides that there is no time to search for other prisoners and they need to go. Suddenly the lighted candle catches the drapes on fire and Roman heads everybody out the door - but Cassie insists she has to go back and get her bracelet. She runs in and the door slams shut behind her; Marlena immediately rushes in to get her as she screams. Roman tries to ease Jack down and rescue the women, but the door closes and all we hear as the show ends is the screaming voices of Marlena and Cassie calling out for help.

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