Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/12/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/12/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

We begin with Nancy, Brady and Nicole in the church - when the music again starts. As yesterday - there are no vocals. Chloe, who is standing behind the curtain hiding, freaks out, afraid that someone might come back there and investigate - so she begins to sing! "It's about time," Nicole says as Brady gets a strange look on his face. He says, "that is not a recording; that is Chloe singing." At the same time Nancy realizes that her daughter is singing and when Brady walks up to her and questions her, she tells him, "yes, that is Chloe singing; she is here with us today." Brady thinks Nancy is losing it, but Nicole goes off to investigate. Nancy says, "Brady, Chloe is in the other room singing," as the song ends. Chloe hears footsteps and takes off, just as Nicole comes thru the door. Of course, she sees nothing but the antique sound system.

She goes back to where Nancy and Brady are still talking. Brady insists to Nancy that Chloe is dead and she was the one true love of his life. "Well, where does that leave Nicole to fit in?" Nancy wants to know. Nicole joins them and Nancy suggests that they get started. Chloe is now lurking in the shadows in the back as Nancy begins her goodbye to her daughter. She then asks Brady if he wants to say anything. He steps up to the urn and begins, "Chloe, you will always be my soul mate and if I live to be a hundred years old, I will always love you." He reaches into his pocket and removes a ring! He continues, "this was my mother's ring and on her death bed she told my dad that it was to go to my true love; I was unable to give it to you in this life, so I guess I will give it to you in Heaven." He then tells Nancy that he wants to put the ring in the urn and both Nancy and Nicole gasp! Nancy insists that the urn is antique and could break, but Brady continues with the wedding vows and then drops the ring into the urn. Nicole turns to leave at the same time Chloe also goes to leave - and they see one another! Nicole gasps, "NO!"

Back to Bo and Hope's house where we find Bo sleeping on the couch and Hope looking down at him. She turns around and walks back into the kitchen where she starts banging around pots and pans - Bo comes running. They again rehash their argument of last night. Hope insists that Bo hire someone to help Billie find Georgia and then remove himself from the case. Billie tiptoes downstairs to listen to their argument - and of course she is loving every moment of it! Hope argues that Billie has a right to have guests, but Bo thinks that as an employee of the DiMera's, she should not be with Patrick at all. Finally, Hope, totally fed up, insists that Billie find another place to live. In a fit of anger, she slams a frying pan on the burner and Bo thinks it's funny as he says, "well, if you are making breakfast, then you aren't too mad. That winds Hope up as she announces that she ate her breakfast hours ago and slams out the door. Billie comes on into the kitchen and tried to help Bo make breakfast.

Bo starts on his tirade about Patrick, but Billie stops him and tells him that Hope is tight, "you are not comfortable seeing me with any man." Bo admits that, although he does care for her, he does not want to stand by and let her get her heart broken. Billie assures him that there is nothing for him to worry about there, "my only mission is to find my daughter and to get my brother home safely." Bo fills her in on Shawn's crazy idea of going after Philip. "I have to keep an eye on Shawn now, so you are on your own looking for Georgia." Billie moans that she just can't. She goes to hand Bo a plate and slips, ending up in his lap. At that very moment, Hope walks in the door. She comments, "another accident," as she slams the door on her way back out.

Meanwhile, at Jennifer's house, we find a shirtless Patrick, "what in the world happened to your back?' Jennifer asks him. Patrick thinks quickly and said he was working out against the garage door. He and Jennifer have yet another discussion about Abby's horrible behavior as Jennifer remembers one time when her grandmother told her that she would understand all the things they told her when she was a teenager. "Now, I know," she cries. Hope comes in the door and notices Patrick's back as he excuses himself to go for a run. Jennifer tells Hope that he got the scratch working out. "Yeah, with Billie and he got the scratch when they broke the bed in my guest room." Jennifer is shocked and Hope sees a look come over her face. It suddenly hits her, Jennifer has feelings for Patrick! The cousins discuss this fact, as Hope reassures Jennifer that Jack would not want her to spend the rest of her life alone. After Hope leaves, Jennifer questions her true feelings and asks Jack to send her a sign if she it meant to go on with out him. We see Patrick making a phone call as he tells some unknown person, "things are moving faster than I expected; when can I expect the delivery?" Momentarily, he hangs up.

Mimi and Belle are at the hospital, wanting to see Jan. But, Tek has a few questions that he wants to ask Mimi. He mentions that Jan was Mimi's roommate and then he shows her a picture of an acrylic nail - painted pink. He asks Mimi if she has acrylic fingernails and she tells him that she did, but she cut them off. Belle swears she had them on last night and adds, "it's your color, too, Mimi." Mimi, getting exasperated states that many people wear Countess Wilhemenia Pink, and adds that Belle was too preoccupied with Shawn to notice her nails. Tek remarks that they were able to get a DNA sample from the nail and should have an identity soon of the person who tried to kill Jan. Bonnie comes by and hears the "kill Jan" part and runs over, "you mean that little b@tch finally got what was coming to her." Boy - Mimi is drawing blanks with her best friend AND her mother - neither one are any help to her.

Tek and Belle step away as Mimi asks her mother what she's doing at the hospital in her candy striper get up. As Bonnie explains, she notices that Mimi is paying her no attention - and it hits her, "you did it, didn't you?" Before Mimi can answer Tek walks back up and Bonnie jumps right in and gives her daughter an alibi for last night. Tek thanks them and leaves, as the nurses tell them they can see Jan now. Belle goes in, as Mimi says she will be there in a minute. Bonnie wants the truth, and then tells her daughter that she could have gotten an old boyfriend to "take care of the situation" if Mimi had only called her. Mimi says, "Jan was not dead" and a miffed Bonnie adds, "well, she would have been once she went thru the chipper." She hands Mimi a jar of jellybeans and tells her to have some, "they'll calm you down." As Bonnie goes away, it's Belle's turn. "Mimi, you did not cut your nails off last night, did you? Is it your nail they found?"

At the loft, Shawn is still trying to convince Rex to go with him to get Philip. Besides all the other reasons, Rex reminds them that they have no money. Shawn ponders an advance on his grandfather Victor's money, but then gets an idea. "I'll ask Brady for the money." Rex wants to know just why Brady would go along with such a stupid idea and Shawn says because it is for his sister. Rex is still leery and Shawn finally grabs his jacket and announces that he is going alone. "I have to do this for Belle," he announces, " and I know you would do the same thing for Mimi." Rex finally relents and agrees to go along with him and they shake on it.

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