Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/11/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/11/05



By Julie
Pictures by Juanita

Jan is in the hospital with a skull fracture. A flashback of her and Mimi fighting is shown where she hits her head on the rock. Tek arrives then to talk to Lexi.

Small talk about Abe begins. Then Lexi proceeds to tell Tek about Jan's condition which is grave as she feels Jan is lucky to be alive.

Mimi is packing her bags as she notices new scratches. She then has a flashback of the fight. She is in turmoil as she is trying to leave quickly when Belle arrives.

Shawn and Rex are going over what it would take to rescue Phillip themselves. Shawn is urging Rex to go, but Rex does not want to go as he knows they lack the training it takes to get to Phillip.

Chloe has a dream of Brady finding her alive; just then, Nicole comes in to ruin the romantic reunion, stating how Chloe's face looks. Chloe awakens to find Nancy getting ready for the memorial service she is doing for Chloe. Nancy says it is Chloe's last chance to tell Brady or she will be a distant memory.

We find Brady at the church, talking out loud to Chloe. He lights a candle in her memory. He states she is the only one he has ever loved. Nicole is in the background and hears this; she is not happy.

As Nancy holds and shows the urn with "Chloe's ashes" in it, she reminds Chloe that she can still tell Brady. It isn't too late. Nancy states that Chloe will not have a chance later if Brady and Nicole get much closer.

Nicole is upset that Nancy is having another memorial service. Brady spots Nicole wondering why she is there as Brady reminds her it for close friends and family. She tells Brady she will leave if he wants her to, but Brady says he would like her to stay.

Brady leaves as Nicole goes to the candle Brady lit. She picks it up and blows it out telling herself she will now get all she deserves.

Tek says he has an eyewitness who says it was a woman that was fighting with Jan. Tek and Lexi continue to talk about the fight. Tek states he found a fake fingernail and will be taking some DNA samples in hopes of finding the attacker. Lexi asks what is next, when Tek states that he will question people that were at Alice's. Lexi interrupts stating that he should stick to people Jan knew. Lexi pleads her case showing Tek Jan's throat. There doesn't appear to be any ruptured vessels that would result from a scream.

Mimi denies she is leaving. Saying she was just packing her winter clothes. Belle has brought coffee and offers some to Mimi. Mimi reluctantly takes a cup. Belle asks where Shawn and Rex are. Just then Belle notices a report on the television which she asks Mimi to turn up.

Rex and Shawn are still arguing over Phillip's situation. Belle calls for them to come in to see the report. As the news cast runs about Jan's attack Mimi looks around nervously and is shocked when she learns Jan may die.

As Nicole is waiting for the service to begin, a sister comes in to ask her if she needs anything. The sister continues to tell Nicole she wasn't aware of any service going on today.

Lexi is still telling Tek about Jan. She then tells Tek to make sure to question Mimi.

Stan (Sami) turns out to be the eyewitness of the fight. He is interviewed during the newscast. Shawn, Belle and Rex talk about what could have happened while Mimi gets up and offers everyone coffee. She accidentally spills the hot coffee on Shawn who spins into flashbacks about that happened during the summer. He remembers everything about Jan and what she had done to him.

Chloe meets up with Nancy at the church. While inside Nicole and Brady are trying to figure out while the service was overlooked. Nancy is upset that Nicole is there. She hands the urn to Brady and tells him that she is going to put a CD of Chloe on. When she goes to that room she finds Chloe there. They talk again about telling Brady.

Tek asks why Mimi. Lexi explains there history. The incident they had in high school with posting naked pictures of Chloe on the internet. She thought they still might be connected.

Shawn tells everyone about the cage, how Jan got him there, and the motorcycle accident. Belle realizes Jan is to blame for what happened and she wouldn't have married Phillip if Shawn was not kidnapped. Even so, Belle still feels sorry for Jan as she has no family or friends. Mimi tries to remind her how horrible Jan was.  Belle insists on visiting her at the hospital.

Mimi reluctantly goes with Belle after Rex convinces her to go. As they get on the elevator, Belle states how she hopes they find out who did this and they get punished.

When Mimi and Belle arrive at the hospital, the nurse informs them that visiting hours are over. Tek is on the phone asking about the DNA information. Just then he spots Mimi as he then goes to asks her what she knows about Jan's situation.

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