Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/7/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/7/05



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Patrick and Billie appear to be quite cozy with one another as they dance the night away at Alice's Bar. A very unhappy Chelsea looks on, accompanied by Abby. Chelsea is out for revenge as she spikes Billie's drinks. Soon they are caught by Bonnie, who threatens to call Jennifer. Meanwhile, out on the dance floor, Billie is staring at Patrick and he becomes Bo in her mind. When they return to the table for a drink, Billie notices the two girls and tells Patrick that they need to find out why they are at the bar. Patrick volunteers to take the girls home, but Bonnie steps up and announces that she will be taking them home. Chelsea manages to pour some more booze into Billie's drink as Billie and Patrick ride the mechanical bull. Of course, this further infuriates Chelsea and then when Billie wants to dance again, Chelsea is livid. Patrick becomes suspicious and accuses his mother of putting alcohol in her drink, but Bonnie says that she did no such thing - she has only given Billie cranberry juice. Patrick is still concerned that Billie is so relaxed and so eager to dance as they again hit the floor. In just a few minutes Billie asks, "would you like to go somewhere else?"

Billie and Patrick head over to Bo and Hope's house and sneak in - thinking they are upstairs asleep. But they are not - we find Bo and Hope on a boat, and they have just made love and now they remember their days together on the Fancy Face. Hope reminds Bo that "Billie also lived on the Fancy Face with you." This really upsets Bo, "you just had to bring her up," he says to Hope. "Don't you understand that it is you who makes my life complete," Bo adds. Hope sighs and says that she only wishes that Billie could find someone truly good for her and then Bo can quit worrying about her. "Patrick would be good for her," Hope says - but of course, Bo disagrees. He still does not fully trust Patrick. The conversation shifts to the same old conversation they have been having for weeks.

Back at Bo and Hope's house, Billie and Patrick are talking also. Billie asks, "are you sure you don't have feelings for Jen?" He says "no" and then asks her the same question regarding Bo. But Billie answers, "I don't wanta talk about Bo; I just wanta kiss you." She leads the way upstairs. Their party is short lived because Bo and Hope arrive at home and hear a noise upstairs. Bo goes to investigate and when he turns on the lights, he finds the couple. Bo stares at them and says "nice!"

Back at Alice's, Shawn and Rex are talking about the access codes on his computer. Shawn tells Rex that unless he can get Philip back home safely, he will never be able to have a life with Belle. Mimi and Belle chat about Philip and then their conversation turns to Mimi and Rex. "I do not understand how you are going to tell him now, but you have to tell before Jan gets to him,' Belle tells her friend. Mimi says, "I just want to kill Jan." She adds that she doesn't know she can possibly tell him and ruin his happiness.

Our dear Jan is seen loitering outside and is approached by Stan. He tells her, "I can help you make that your enemies suffer if you will join forces with me." But, Jan wants no part of him. When he begins revealing all that he knows, like drugging Shawn, locking him up last summer, torturing Mimi, Jan asks, "how do you know all of this?" She then realizes that this is the man Mimi had a confrontation with.

Back inside, Rex asks Shawn if he is still thinking of trying to rescue Philip. "You know the ISA and the Marines failed to rescue Philip; how do you think that you will succeed?" Belle walks up and tells Shawn that she is going to go check on her dad and as Shawn volunteers to go with her, but she says, "No, Kate would totally flip if I brought you over there." He walks Belle out, and Rex and Mimi decide to leave also. Mimi sees Jan and Stan lurking in the bushes and she tells Rex to go an home, "I am going to hang out here for a while and talk to my mom about planning an engagement party." She thinks to herself, "you two over there are going to get what's coming to you."

After Rex leaves, Mimi goes over to Jan and Stan, but Stan runs away. Jan claims that she did not know who he was, but Mimi says, "you are a liar; you are so dead!" Mimi continues, telling Jan that she is "twisted" and she has really gone too far this time. Jan pushes Mimi and Mimi pushes her right back. Pretty soon they are rolling around on the ground, as Stan stands to the side and enjoys the catfight. Jan chokes Mimi, but Mimi gets away from her. Jan goes after her but falls and hits her head on a big rock. Mimi rushes over to her and sees blood all over her, calling for her to wake up. Stan asks "how perfect is this; gotcha Mimi; I couldn't have done that better myself."

Meanwhile, Rex and Shawn have returned to the loft . Rex goes in to take a shower and Shawn gets on his computer. Rex catches him, but Shawn bluffs, "I was just checking scores." Rex isn't buying this and he says, "look man, if the Marines and ISA couldn't rescue Philip, then you can't either; you are going to just get caught and then Belle will have nobody." Shawn answers, "I love Belle, and I will figure out a way for us to be together until we can get Philip back home."

At John's penthouse, Kate is crying over Philip, but John promises to find him. He has flashbacks of the pier and promises her he is okay now. They kiss, "I just don't know what I would do without you." They talk about how great it is that they are there for one another thru all these hard things. Kate adds that she is so worried about Philip and adds, "I think she is still in love with Shawn." But John thanks that his daughter is a smart girl and had changed her mind about Shawn.

When Belle arrives, she tells them that thanks to Rex, they were all able to watch the failed rescue attempt. Kate becomes irate that Shawn, Hope, and Bo were there with her. She further accused Bell of not being committed to her husband. Belle informs her that Shawn was determined to go and look for Philip himself, but they talked him out of it. Kate answers, "well, maybe he should have." "No,' Belle continues, "it is too dangerous." Kate goes on to accuse Belle of not even caring about her husband, but Belle tells her, "yes, I do care very much about Philip, but it is just too dangerous for Shawn to attempt something like this; he has no training." She adds, "I want Philip back as much as you do, bit I love Shawn too much to lose him." Kate screams out at Belle, "you selfish little bitch," as she slaps her across the face. John walks up at this very moment and asks Kate, "what in the hell are you doing?"

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