Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/6/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/6/05



By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Chelsea and Abby continue to spy on Billie and Patrick. They hide under the stereo equipment to keep from being seen as Billie and Patrick walk off. Chelsea is angry that Billie is throwing herself at Patrick. Chelsea flashes back to messing up the music to get Billie and Patrick to stop dancing. Abby hopes that Billie and Patrick will try to kiss again which angers Chelsea. Patrick stops and looks around, having heard Chelsea’s outburst. Abby and Chelsea duck down.

Loft hallway:

Mimi and Rex return from the roof, walking hand in hand. Rex is glad to hear that Mimi enjoyed her surprise but can’t understand why Mimi still looks sad. Mimi flashes back to Stan’s threat at the pier and tells Rex that she feels sad about Philip, Belle, Shawn, and Stan. Rex tries to convince Mimi to get Stan out of her mind. Rex insists that Belle and Shawn are going to be as happy as they are for the rest of their lives and they kiss but Mimi doesn’t look so sure.

Shawn’s living room:

Hope and Bo sit on the couch and watch Belle and Shawn talking. Belle wants Shawn to promise her that he won’t go off on his own to rescue Philip and Shawn points out that he already promised that. Hope walks over to them and insists that Shawn promise again. Shawn begins to protest but Hope insists. Bo steps up to say that he doesn’t see the harm in Rex and Shawn teaming up and using Rex’s computer skills. Hope points out that hacking into secure web sites is illegal and any information they find will prompt Shawn to go off looking for Philip, which will lead to danger. Shawn complains that he is being talked about as if he isn’t standing right there. Bo starts to explain his side but Hope cuts him off, insisting that she knows what his intentions were. Hope accuses Bo of wanting them to lose Shawn.


Abby fears that they’ll be caught by Patrick and grounded. Patrick looks around for the source of the sound and is almost knocked off balance as a cat scurries off. Billie teases Patrick of seeming scared of a little kitty. Billie brings up their decision to attend the “Swing into Spring” dance together and it prompts a discussion of their history of going to dances in high school. Billie admits that she dropped out of high school. Patrick seems understanding and admits that school wasn’t for him either. Billie tells Patrick about how Bo helped her get her G.E.D. Patrick jokes about how he wouldn’t want to relive the high school experience and Chelsea whispers to Abby that going through it once is bad enough. Patrick jokes about how he’s looking forward to getting Billie up to Lookout Point after the dance. Billie pretends to be offended at the suggestion. Patrick extends his arm to Billie and they walk off. Abby insists that Billie and Patrick are hooking up but Chelsea doesn’t want to hear it. Abby tries to convince Chelsea once again that Patrick is not her man and that she doesn’t care who Patrick is involved with, as long as it isn’t Jennifer. Chelsea wants Abby to stick with her and continue to follow Patrick and Billie. Abby reluctantly follows Chelsea as rush after Patrick and Billie.

Shawn’s living room:

Hope forbids Shawn to go after Philip and then turns to Bo to yell at him for encouraging Shawn. Bo points out that Rex and Shawn might actually find something helpful but then turns to Shawn and insists that he agree that any information found go straight to the authorities for them to handle alone. Belle begs Shawn to listen to Bo and Hope for fear that she’ll lose him too and Shawn assures Belle that she won’t lose him. Rex and Mimi walk in. Mimi offers her condolences about the botched rescue mission to Belle. Belle asks about Mimi’s mom, believing that to be the reason that Mimi left earlier and Mimi quickly insists that Bonnie is fine before adding that she and Rex were upstairs on the roof where Rex threw her an engagement party. Hope overhears Mimi talking about being engaged and is shocked that no one told her. Belle apologizes for letting the news slip through the cracks.

Mimi tries to downplay the news but Hope and Belle want to make a big fuss by planning a party. Mimi tries to get them to change their mind until Rex questions her reaction. Mimi quickly changes her feelings and agrees to the party. Hope offers her help with the party to Belle and Bo jokes about how Belle shouldn’t get Hope’s help with the cooking. Shawn promises Hope and Bo that he won’t do anything crazy as they say goodbye.

Outside of Alice’s Bar:

Billie and Patrick arrive at Alice’s Bar. Billie admits that she’s stalling, not wanting to go home to Bo and Hope’s house. Billie wants to make sure that Hope and Bo are already in bed by the time she goes home to avoid a confrontation with Hope. Patrick fears that Billie wanted to come to Alice’s Bar to drink but Billie assures him that she won’t drink. Patrick offers to not drink as well out of respect to Billie. Billie thanks him and they head inside.

Chelsea wants to go inside Alice’s Bar but Abby points out that they are underage and can’t go in because only the bar is open now. Chelsea believes that they can pass for 21 and starts messing with Abby’s hair. Abby yells at Chelsea to stop that. Chelsea insists that this is the only way to keep Patrick away from Billie and Jennifer.

Inside of Alice’s Bar:

Billie and Patrick walk up to Bonnie and Bonnie enthusiastically embraces Patrick. Patrick re-introduces Billie to Bonnie, adding that Billie is not only Bo’s ex-wife but also an ISA agent. Billie excuses herself to go to the powder room, mistakenly calling Bonnie “Mrs. Lockhart” to which Bonnie readily corrects her. Billie walks away. Bonnie loudly complains to Patrick about being called the wrong name. Bonnie yells at Patrick for hanging out with Billie because she could put him in jail for the things he’s done in the past.

Shawn’s living room:

Belle looks sad as she rolls a pool ball back and forth against the edge of the pool table. Shawn walks up to put his hands on Belle’s shoulder to comfort her. Rex and Mimi walk up to see if they are okay. Belle is still sad that they weren’t able to find Philip. Rex is amazed that the plan didn’t work, believing that the captors must have had inside information somehow. Shawn asks Rex to get back on the web site and look for more news. Rex sits down at his computer and starts typing but finds nothing new. Rex wants to log off but Shawn wants him to stay connected. Rex explains that the longer he’s logged on he can be traced. Rex looks at the time and realizes that it is getting late and must get to Alice’s Bar before Bonnie closes up. Mimi wants to know why and Rex explains that he must stop off and get his paycheck because they are already five days late on the rent. Mimi offers to go with Rex, suggesting that she can use the time to say hi to Bonnie and Rex picks up on how Mimi supposedly just saw Bonnie earlier. Mimi quickly covers by suggesting that Belle and Shawn join them. Shawn and Belle decide that it would be good to get out.

Inside of Alice’s Bar:

Abby and Chelsea walk into the bar, now with hair and makeup done to look older. Abby spots Patrick as they stand in the corner by the bar and fears that they will be caught. Chelsea complains that a “trashy blonde” is talking to Patrick now and Abby points out that the woman is Patrick’s mother, Bonnie.

Patrick assures Bonnie that Billie knows about his past but Bonnie is still angry that Billie could find out about the more incriminating aspects of Patrick’s past and then tell Jennifer. Bonnie accuses Patrick of being up to something.

Abby and Chelsea inch closer to try and hear Patrick and Bonnie’s conversation. Chelsea tells Abby that she overheard mention of Jennifer. Abby breathes a sigh of relief as she hears Patrick insist to Bonnie that he is not interested in Jennifer romantically.

Bonnie yells at Patrick for choosing Billie over Jennifer because as she believes, Jennifer has more money as a Horton. Patrick tries to convince Bonnie once again that he isn’t interested in Jennifer but Bonnie claims that she is only looking out for him. Bonnie suddenly remembers that Billie is behind Countess Wilhelmina and is also therefore well off financially. Bonnie tells Patrick to go after Billie now. Billie walks up, having overheard her name. Patrick glares at Bonnie as Bonnie grins sheepishly.


Hope trips as she and Bo walk down the stairs to the pier and she and Bo laugh about it. Hope notices the sign about the dance and suggests that they go. Bo agrees. Bo accuses Hope of not wanting to go home and have to deal with Billie. Hope insists that she won’t let Billie keep her out of her own home and Bo is glad to hear that. Hope thanks Bo for talking to Shawn, glad that they saw a glimpse of the old Shawn again. Bo and Hope choose to sit down on the bench and Hope brings up Rex and Mimi’s engagement. Bo talks about how Mimi and her family have turned their lives around. Hope likens Mimi’s situation to Billie and Bo accuses Hope of trying to start another argument.

Hope apologizes for bringing up Billie and wants to change the subject. They decide to continue walking. Bo suddenly spots something in the distance and drags Hope to it.

Alice’s Bar:

Bonnie tells Billie that she was talking to Patrick about Georgia but also adds that she is in a worse situation by being with a man whose wife just came back from the dead and Billie retorts that she’s already had to deal with that. Bonnie hugs Billie. Patrick tries to quiet Bonnie but Bonnie goes on about getting Billie and Patrick together. Patrick suggests that he and Billie get a table and Bonnie offers to send them two beers on the house. Billie quickly requests cranberry juice instead and Patrick asks for club soda. Bonnie leaves to get the drinks.

Belle, Shawn, Rex, and Mimi enter Alice’s Bar. Abby and Chelsea spot them and Abby rushes back to the corner to try and hide. They start to worry when they overhear Belle ask Mimi if whom she sees is really whom she thinks it is.


Bo and Hope step down inside the houseboat as Bo calls out to ask if anyone is around. There is no answer. Hope notes how Bo is a police commander who just broke into a boat but Bo points out that the boat is deserted and is for sale. Bo remarks how the boat looks just like the Fancy Face as they look around. Hope flashes back to when she and Bo first saw that the Fancy Face was for sale and then when Bo surprised her with having bought the boat. Bo flashes back to sailing around the world with Hope and Shawn as a baby. Hope suggests that they buy this boat.

Alice’s Bar:

Belle, Shawn, Rex, and Mimi instead walk over to the tables talking about Patrick being here with Billie. Bonnie walks up and hugs Mimi. Mimi greets Bonnie, pretending that she only just saw her a few moments ago.

Abby and Chelsea are relieved that they weren’t the ones spotted and Abby wants to leave but Chelsea insists on staying.

Bonnie tries to comfort Belle about Philip but instead remarks that Philip will probably never be found now. Shawn speaks up to defend the search effort and Mimi criticizes Bonnie for being insensitive. Rex asks Bonnie for his paycheck and Bonnie agrees to get it for him, first offering them drinks on the house. Everyone orders a soda and Rex offers to get the sodas from the bar. Belle tells Bonnie about the plans for an engagement party and Bonnie starts gushing about how great the party would be to have it at Alice’s Bar. Mimi quickly negates that idea. Bonnie continues to put her foot in her mouth as she tries to get Mimi to agree to the party despite Philip’s capture and unknown fate.

Patrick spots Mimi and excuses himself from Billie to go talk to her. Shawn and Belle approach Billie, both Shawn and Billie unhappy to run into each other. Billie wants to know why Shawn is out with Belle and Shawn cuts her off by claiming that it isn’t any of her business, asking why Billie is here with Patrick. Billie says that she and Patrick are just hanging out, wanting to know why Shawn would care. Shawn says he doesn’t care what Billie does, as long as she stays away from Bo.


Bo reminds Hope that they still have to put Zack through college and Bo reminds Hope that they don’t need a boat to remind them how much they belong together. They kiss. Bo insists that he has his priorities straight and nothing will keep him from Hope and the boys. Hope believes him and they kiss again. Bo wants to help convince Hope even more and passionately kisses her.

Alice’s Bar:

Patrick welcomes Rex into the family. Bonnie wants to talk more about the party but Mimi still is against the idea.

Abby and Chelsea watch Patrick with his family. Abby suggests that Rex and Shawn would be better matches for them but Chelsea points out that they are already taken and she’s not even interested in them. Chelsea tries to plead her case by using Bruce Willis as an example of someone older dating someone in their 20s. Chelsea looks over at the bar and spots Billie’s drink, wondering why Billie only ordered cranberry juice. Abby reminds Chelsea that Billie is an alcoholic. Chelsea is shocked when Abby tells her about Billie getting arrested.

Billie insists to Shawn that she is not after Bo but Shawn doesn’t believe her. Belle tries to get Shawn to relax. Billie stands up as she questions Shawn about being here with Belle but Shawn refuses to explain himself. Belle suggests that Shawn go with Rex to get the drinks and not cause a scene. Shawn agrees and tells Belle to grab them a table. Shawn walks toward the bar. Belle starts to walk away from Billie but Billie gets one last comment in by telling Belle that Philip doesn’t deserve this. Belle agrees and keeps on walking.

Patrick looks over at Billie and then turns back to face Rex. Patrick offers his congratulations again and heads back to Billie. Rex walks up to Shawn and asks if he is okay. Shawn and Rex head over to a table as Shawn asks Rex how he was able to break into the restricted web site. Rex remarks that it was easy.

Mimi and Belle are now sitting at another table. Mimi urges Belle not to let Billie get to her for while she and Shawn will work out, Mimi isn’t so sure that she and Rex will have the same fate. Belle asks if Jan has been threatening again and Mimi tells her about Stan.

Chelsea and Abby watch Patrick and Billie talking at their table. Chelsea sees their interaction as obvious lust but Abby points out that they are only holding hands.

Patrick talks about Billie’s run in with Shawn but Billie doesn’t want to talk about it. A new song starts and Patrick asks Billie to dance. They head out onto the floor and begin to slow dance. Chelsea continues to watch them, determined to put an end to it.


Hope and Bo continue to kiss. Bo starts to take off his shirt but Hope stops him for fear that the owner will come down and catch them. Bo claims he will whip out his badge and pretend that he saw something suspicious down here. Bo takes off Hope’s jacket and leads her into the bedroom, despite her objections. Bo continues his attempt to convince Hope that this is the perfect place for a couple to come to make out and Hope laughs as Bo lays her down on the bed. Hope’s top is flung over the light fixture.

Alice’s Bar:

Patrick and Billie continue to dance closely. Chelsea sneaks a bottle of liquor from behind the bar and adds it to Billie’s drink. Bonnie confronts them.

Shawn and Rex sip their sodas as Shawn grills Rex about his computer hacking abilities. Shawn confirms that Rex has the access codes for the restricted web sites stored on his computer but quickly changes the subject when Rex wants to know why Shawn cares.

Mimi asks for Belle’s advice. Belle tells Mimi to tell Rex the truth before anyone else does. Mimi likens having to break Rex’s heart with her news will be like how Belle will break Philip’s heart with her news. Belle says that right now all she cares about is Philip coming home safe, glad that Shawn gave up on the idea of going over to rescue Philip himself.

Shawn hopes to have with Belle what Rex has with Mimi. Shawn, thinking, says that he now has what he needs to find Philip and bring him home so that he and Belle can be together.

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