Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/5/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/5/05



By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Loft hallway: Mimi arrives home and finds a note that Rex left for her, asking her to meet on the roof. Rex uses the phrase "it's time you got what's coming to you and Mimi fears that Rex meant it in a negative way and that Stan has already told Rex about her abortion.

Pier: Stan anxiously waits for John to arrive so he can give him the next bag full of pills. Stan hides behind a crate as a newly married couple walks onto the pier. The husband surprises his new bride by revealing that he has brought her to the pier, where they first met. Seeing the romantic sight prompts Sami to flash back through her romantic life with Lucas. Sami vows to make everyone else pay for ruining the happiness she could have had with Lucas and Will.

John searches the pier for Stan. John spots Stan from across the pier but Stan has his back turned so he doesn't see John yet.

Chloe's clinic room & outside of Kiriakis mansion: Chloe tries to call Nancy on her cell phone to stop her from telling Brady that she is alive. Nancy looks at the caller ID on her phone and realizing that it is Chloe calling, decides not to answer the phone.

Kiriakis mansion: Nicole and Brady are fooling around on the couch in the living room when the doorbell rings. Nicole urges Brady not to answer it but Brady insists because he ordered pizza. Brady puts Nicole's robe on to answer the door and Nicole teases him about how he looks. Brady answers the door but is shocked to see Nancy standing there. Nicole rushes up to the door, covered only by the couch cushions, to tell Brady to ask the pizza guy for mints and is also shocked to see Nancy there instead.

Chloe's clinic room: Chloe realizes that Nancy isn't answering her phone because she knows that it 's Chloe calling. Chloe decides to call Craig for help.

Kiriakis mansion: Brady explains to Nancy that they thought she was the pizza guy. Nicole excuses herself to be able to put some clothes on. Nancy fears that she's come at a bad time but Brady insists that she come in. Nancy looks around the messy living room and mutters that she got here just in time. Brady asks her to repeat it but she brushes it off. Nancy mentions that she wants to talk to Brady about Chloe but is interrupted by the cell phone ringing. Nancy realizes that the caller is Craig and decides to take the call. Brady leaves her alone to take the call while he gets dressed. Craig tells Nancy that he knows what she is up to and he won't stand for it. Nicole eavesdrops on the conversation from the foyer and wonders what Nancy could have to tell Brady about Chloe.

Loft hallway: Mimi decides that she can't keep the secret much longer and sees a little version of herself in the glass fire extinguisher case. The little version of Mimi identifies herself as Mimi's conscience. Mimi's conscience tries to help Mimi see that she had the abortion because she was scared but that she should have never kept it from Rex. Mimi asks the conscience what will happen if Stan told Rex already and the conscience suggests that Rex could understand but Mimi fears that Rex will only want to kill her.

Pier: John pulls out a small tape recorder and records the basic physical characteristics of Stan. John begins to recognize Stan and wonders where he knows him. Stan looks at the time and fears that John stood him up. Stan's phone beeps and it is a text message from Tony. Stan reads aloud that Tony is asking if John has come yet and Stan types back that he is still waiting for John. Stan remarks that "the boss man has big plans for John and is surprised by John who, now standing behind him, heard every word.

Kiriakis mansion: Nancy tries to plead her case to Craig to no avail. Brady sneaks up behind Nicole and calls her on her eavesdropping. Nicole thinks it's rude that Nancy showed up and interrupted their evening, demanding to know why Nancy has come. Craig repeatedly shoots down Nancy's reasoning for telling Brady about Chloe. Their conversation is interrupted because Craig's pager beeps and he has to go. Craig leaves Nancy with a warning that if she does this, Chloe may never forgive her.

Chloe's clinic room: Chloe decides that she can't take the chance of hoping Craig got through to Nancy and decides that she must find out for herself. Chloe pulls out clothes, including a hooded jacket, to put on and sneaks out of the clinic.

Kiriakis mansion: Nicole complains to Brady that Nancy didn't even call first but Brady points out that Nancy did call; only they were too busy to answer the phone. Nicole is still upset that their evening was ruined. Nicole doesn't like to hear that Brady considers Nancy family, pointing out that if Chloe were still alive, Nancy would be his mother in law. Nicole is angry that Nancy keeps coming to Brady and bringing up Chloe as a painful reminder. Nicole suggests that Nancy is acting like Chloe is still alive.

Loft roof: Mimi decides to face the music and heads up to the roof. She steps onto the roof but at first sees no one and it is dark. Mimi gasps when the lights come on but Rex soon identifies himself. Rex shows Mimi how he has decorated the roof for a romantic evening. Rex uses the knife to cut down a string that releases a shower of confetti on Mimi. Rex then turns on the stereo and Mimi recognizes the music playing as "their song.? Rex explains that he wanted to cheer Mimi up by celebrating their engagement. Mimi notes that the place looks like their favorite Chinese restaurant and Rex explains that he convinced the owner to sell him the Chinese New Year decorations as well as some food to go. Rex announces that he has something to say to Mimi and Mimi announces the same.

Pier: John demands to know whom Stan is working for but at first Stan denies working for anyone. John repeats his demand and Stan now admits that he is working for someone but has never seen him or her, nor knows his or her name. John assumes that Stan is being paid off but Stan insists he has his own reasons. John asks what they are and Stan taunts John by claiming he is serving the community for their special need. John announces his connection with ISA and plans to take Stan under arrest.

Backyard of Kiriakis mansion: Chloe hides in the shadows as she looks through the back door. Chloe flashes back to their romantic life together. Chloe then spots Nancy and fears that Nancy has already told Brady that she is alive. Kiriakis mansion: Brady tells Nicole she is overreacting and upon realizing that Nancy is done with her phone call, wants to head back into the living room but his cell phone rings. Brady realizes that the caller is the Japanese partner and he heads upstairs to take the call. Nicole heads into the living room and greets Nancy. Nicole demands to know why Nancy came here tonight to talk to Brady about "long-deceased Chloe. Outside, Chloe breathes a sigh of relief to hear that Nancy hasn't told about her yet. Nancy complains to Nicole that she came to see Brady, not her. Nicole tells Nancy to let Brady move on with his life. Nancy tells Nicole that she will never measure up to what Chloe and Brady had. Nicole refers to Chloe as a bunch of ashes in a jar and Nancy gets so upset that she blurts out that Chloe is alive. Nicole is shocked, as is Brady, who was on his way back into the room and overheard the admonition.

Loft roof: Mimi decides to let Rex speak first. Rex pulls out Philip's guitar and explains that he found a song that sums up his feelings for Mimi and begins to sing, "I got you babe. Mimi is moved to tears and Rex rushes to her side to console her, thinking that she's crying because of his poor singing. Mimi assures Rex that his singing was wonderful but not something she deserves. Rex assures Mimi that she deserves all his love and more. Mimi wonders how she can tell Rex the truth.

Pier: Stan acts confident that John won't arrest him because then he will turn John in as one of his clients. John is knocked back, in severe pain. Stan draws up a syringe full of the drug and they struggle as Stan tries to forcibly inject John with it.

Loft roof: Mimi starts to tell Rex her news but Rex stops her because he wants to carve their initials in the door next to all the other great loves. Mimi is touched by the gesture and tries again to talk to Rex but he cuts her off, not wanting anything to spoil the evening. They decide to make out on the lounge chair.

Pier: In the struggle, John realizes that Stan isn't even a man. Stan pulls free and jams the needle into John's thigh. Stan rushes off. Stan stops further down the pier to send a text message to Tony that the mission has been accomplished. John starts to pull out the syringe but then decides to fully inject the drug into his body.

Kiriakis mansion: Brady confronts Nancy but suddenly stops and looks toward the back door where Chloe is hiding. Chloe quickly ducks out of sight as Brady admits that he could smell Chloe's perfume. Nancy spots Chloe behind the door and claims to Brady that it smells like Chloe's perfume because of the flowers blooming outside the door. Brady wants to know what Nancy wanted to say about Chloe and Nancy asks that they talk alone. Brady asks Nicole to leave and Nicole reluctantly steps out into the hall. Nancy covers by explaining to Brady that she was upset to see Brady moving on with Nicole tonight. Nancy quickly comes up with an excuse for being there by claiming that she came to personally invite Brady to an impromptu memorial service for Chloe in the morning. Brady assures Nancy that he will be there. Nancy is moved to tears as she recalls how much Chloe loved Brady.

Chloe breathes a sigh of relief that Brady still doesn't know that she is alive but still intends to let Brady know as soon as she is fully healed. Nancy is ashamed for crying and promises to call Brady in the morning with all the details. Nicole watches Brady walk Nancy out. Alone in the foyer, Nicole gets a call from Stan. Stan only identifies himself as a friend and threatens Nicole that she'll lose Brady forever if she calls the cops. Nicole declares that the only person to come between her and Brady is dead and Stan quips that the dead could walk. Stan tells Nicole not to tell anyone that he called and hangs up.

Outside of Kiriakis mansion: Brady says goodbye to Nancy and heads back inside. Nancy whispers Chloe's name and Chloe comes out of hiding. Chloe is upset that Nancy thought of a second memorial service and Nancy explains that it was the best she could come up with. Nancy refuses to let Brady take up with Nicole while Chloe is still alive. Nancy warns Chloe that she better know what she is doing because it could cost her the man she loves.

Kiriakis mansion: Nicole is visibly unnerved by the phone call. Brady checks on her but Nicole insists that she is fine. Brady steps away to check on the pizza. Nicole remarks that she doesn't know what is going on but isn't getting a good feeling about this.

Outside of Kiriakis mansion:Chloe's cell phone rings and she at first thinks it is Craig but it is really Stan. Stan identifies himself as only a friend who wants to welcome Chloe back to Salem. Chloe asks if she knows him and Stan says no but she will before hanging up. Stan relishes in the fact that the plan is working in his favor.

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